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The UK will focus on age groups, not work on Covid-19 vaccine inoculations | Instant News

UK Health Secretary Matt Hancock has revealed that the country has decided to prioritize people by age and not by occupation, according to media reports.

Hancock emphasized that the second phase of vaccine inoculation will follow expert guidelines that will focus on age groups and not on occupational risks.

According to a BBC report, about one in three adults in the UK have received their first injection of the Covid-19 vaccine.

One of Britain’s top medics said the death rate from COVID-19 was lower for teachers than for some other professions.

Britain’s deputy chief medical officer Prof Jonathan Van-Tam said, as quoted in a BBC report, ONS data on the jobs with the highest Covid death rates. This includes restaurant and caterer managers or owners, followed by metalworkers and machine operators, food, beverage and tobacco processing operators, chefs, and taxi and taxi drivers.

Speaking at the coronavirus press conference, Van-Tam added that the male death rate in each of these groups was more than 100 deaths per 1,00,000, compared to 18.4 deaths per 1,00,000 male teachers.

“When we enter the second phase of the vaccine campaign … being in the queue is more important than your position on it,” added Prof. Van-Tam.

The UK government now intends to inject all those over 50 and those with comorbidities before April 15. It has promised to complete phase two – in which all other adults are offered their first dose – by July 31, the BBC report added.

Hancock said, “Thankfully, teachers are no more likely to catch Covid than other members of the population who go to work, and trying to come up with a scheme that prioritizes one group of professionals over another would be tricky to implement. and will not do what we ask JCVI to do … namely ensure that we minimize the number of people who die. “

The government is confident that the next phase of the vaccination program will be critical because it will reduce the pressure on hospitals and more lives can be saved.

Meanwhile, more than 19.1 million people in the UK have received their first shot of the vaccine.


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Australian Coronavirus News: The COVID-19 reduction applies in Victoria, as it is | Instant News

Biden promotes a vaccination program

Meanwhile, above WE, President Joe Biden has praised his administration’s progress in the fight against COVID-19 as the country remains on track to achieve its goals 100 million vaccinations in 100 days.

Speaking during a visit to a large vaccination center in Texas, Biden encouraged Americans to get the shot.

Early in the week, The US passed the 50 million vaccination mark, and Biden said after a difficult year there was real hope that the US was now on the right track.

“This could be America’s great achievement, to be the only country in the world to get 100 million injections in a hundred days, this could unite us as a country to vaccinate America, to protect America, to heal America. And I know we can do this. “


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The British variant could set off another wave of Covid-19 transmission in the US during the spring: Report | Instant News

The coronavirus variant – B.1.1.7 – detected in the UK could trigger another wave of Covid-19 transmission during the spring in the United States, US experts have speculated, CNN reported.

This comes when the World Health Organization, in its latest situation report, states that a variant of concern has been reported from 101 countries in the six WHO regions.

“The increase in B.1.1.7 transmission will definitely prolong the circulation of Covid-19 and make it more difficult to control relative to the non-B.1.1.7 scenario, but I am not sure at this point how much of the B.1.1.7 wave of the spring is expected, ”Trevor Bedford, a scientist who works at the Freud Hutchinson Cancer Research Center tweeted.

Bedford cites several studies in a series of tweets and says that B.1.1.7 will hit 50 percent frequency in the US by the end of March.

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He added the situation will become clear very soon as they continue to track the trajectories of countries such as Denmark and Switzerland.

In an interview with CNN, Bedford said the British variant could produce “more waves” sometime in April or May. He added that the vaccination drivers and Covid-19 protocol could help prevent further transmission.

Dr. Josh Schiffer agrees with Bedford’s speculation. He believes that preventing the “fourth wave altogether” “will be difficult” due to the highly contagious nature of the variant mutations.


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Details of Australia’s coronavirus vaccine launch were announced, including the location of the first injection | Instant News

Some 240 elderly care facilities in nearly 200 cities across the country will be some of the first to launch the Pfizer coronavirus vaccine, said Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt.

The launch will start next Monday, after The first batch of Pfizer doses arrived in Sydney earlier this week.

“It has to start somewhere and it has to finish somewhere, but this is the beginning of the process,” said Hunt.

“The cities cover all of Australia, starting in Alice Springs, in the Northern Territory.

“Here at ACT, cities like Weston and Narrabundah.

“We know that in Tasmania it could be Burnie or Somerset … all of this is on the list, among other things.”

He said there would also be 16 “Pfizer vaccination centers” in hospitals in major cities nationwide.

Mr Hunt said the initial elderly care facilities were carefully selected by health authorities.

“They do it on the basis of country risk and ensure there is diversity between urban and rural areas [areas],” she says.

If you scroll down this article, you can find it complete list of cities that have received the vaccine and every location individual Pfizer hubs.

Health Department boss and former chief medical officer Brendan Murphy said the center was for quarantine workers, whom he described as “the single most high-risk group at present”.

“We believe that vaccinating quarantine and border officers will substantially protect them from transmission, we hope, but certainly from catching symptomatic COVID,” said Professor Murphy.

“It’s our single highest priority in the first few weeks.”

The first phase of a government vaccine launch is called Phase 1a and includes:

  • Border and quarantine workers
  • Front line health workers
  • People living and working in elderly residences and disabled care

The frontline health worker category includes clinical staff in the emergency department, testing laboratory staff, paramedics, respiratory clinic workers, and people working in other testing settings.

A woman wearing a mask receives the coronavirus vaccine
As overseas, health workers will be the first to receive the vaccine.(AP: Stephanie Lecocq)

The Federal Government works directly with nursing home and disability care operators to arrange launch logistics, such as when teams will step in and arrange resident and worker approvals.

Professor Murphy described the coming weeks as an unprecedented logistical challenge, but “a very, very exciting time”.

“There are so many players involved and there is so much planning.”

Professor Murphy said the authorities were “very grateful” to everyone involved who had been asked to “do so much, so fast”.

Both he and Hunt said that there are contingency plans to vaccinate people at risk if needed if there is an outbreak or a COVID-19 hotspot.

“If there is a significant outbreak in a certain part of the city, then we will activate AHPPC meetings and, if they recommend a ring vaccination process for a group of people or an area, then we will do that,” said Professor Murphy. .

See below for a complete list of cities and areas with facilities receiving the vaccine next week:

Pfizer vaccination center:

  • Royal Prince Alfred Hospital (NSW)
  • Westmead Hospital (NSW)
  • Liverpool Hospital (NSW)
  • Monash Clayton Medical Center (VIC)
  • Sunshine Hospital (VIC)
  • Austin Health (VIC)
  • Geelong University Hospital (VIC)
  • Gold Coast University Hospital (QLD)
  • Cairns Hospital (QLD)
  • Princess Alexandra Hospital (QLD)
  • Royal Adelaide Hospital (SA)
  • Flinders Medical Center (SA)
  • Perth Children’s Hospital (WA)
  • Royal Hobart Hospital (TAS)
  • Canberra Hospital (ACT)
  • Royal Darwin Hospital (NT)


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The new COVID variant discovered in the UK could reduce the effectiveness of the vaccine, the government said | Instant News

Health authorities in the UK have identified 38 cases of the novel coronavirus variant that has a key mutation thought to reduce the effectiveness of the vaccine, the UK government said.

Public Health England (PHE) has reported cases spread across the UK.

“There is currently no evidence that this sequence of mutations causes more severe disease or increased transmission,” said PHE medical director Yvonne Doyle in a statement.

The variant, known as B.1.525, has a spike protein mutation E484K, which is also present in the so-called South African variant and is a key mutation discovered so far that can impair vaccine effectiveness.

Variant B.1.525 has also been detected in Nigeria, Denmark and Canada, said PHE.

Simon Clarke, a professor of cellular microbiology at the University of Reading, said this new variant should be a cause for concern.

“We don’t know how good this is yet [new] the variant will spread, but if successful it can be assumed that immunity from any vaccine or previous infection will be blunted, “he told The Guardian.

Britain plans to vaccinate all adults by September

This development occurred as the UK stepped up vaccination efforts.

Two doses of the vaccine could be given to all adults in August or September, aided by the UK’s portfolio approach to buying from several different manufacturers, the interim head of the country’s vaccine task force told Sky News.


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