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The car wash worker crashed the Italian footballer’s Ferrari 812 Superfast while returning to the car | Instant News

This is the work of Ferris Bueller Vacation When the car cleaner rode the Ferrari of Genoa Football Club goalkeeper Federico Marchetti (Federico Marchetti) so fast that it was destroyed for later use.According to a report ESPNFederico has sent his Ferrari to a car wash in Italy for care, where a worker drove so fast that he ran into other parked cars.

After washing the car, the car was driven to the Genoa training base when the incident occurred. Fortunately, no one was injured, but according to reports, the red Ferrari 812 Superfast worth 300,000 euros can accelerate from zero to 60mph in three seconds, its front opening was opened and the suspension was damaged. ESPN.

Federico had also played for Lazio and the Italian national team before, so naturally he was not satisfied with the news. However, the player posted a selfie on Instagram three days ago to express his gratitude. No one was injured in the incident. He wrote in the headline that the most important news is that no lives were harmed in an event that could have gotten worse.

When the incident occurred, the 37-year-old player from Genoa was practicing with his teammates.Video posted on Facebook Page MWLsport-Motori shows the condition of the car after the accident. The front of the red Ferrari is open and sunken.

Presumably, the cause of the accident was the excessive throttle dose, which caused the driver to crash the car into five other parked cars and eventually fall into the guardrail, thus losing control.

The Ferrari 812 Superfast is powered by an aspirated 6.5-liter V-12 and a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission, capable of generating 789 horses and 530 ft pounds of power. With such powerful power, this car can reach a top speed of 211 mph.


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PM Imran Khan uploaded a 1989 photo on Instagram | Instant News

Photo via Instagram

Prime Minister Imran Khan on Wednesday shared a photo of himself from 1989 on Instragam to wow his fans.

In the photo, the prime minister is seen wearing a gray sweater paired with black trousers and matching Derby shoes.

For the pose, he is seen sitting on a raised concrete platform, leaning against a pillar. He looked directly at the camera and smiled a little.

As usual, the photo was an instant hit, garnering over 118,000 likes within hours of being posted.

“My handsome PM. We love you very much,” wrote one user.

“You are a great leader !! I admire you,” another fan chimed in.

“Masha Allah, always the best,” commented the third follower.


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Cardi B, Kylie Jenner Silence as COVID Ruin Nova Fashion | Instant News

A The California distribution center for Fashion Nova – the Instagram-friendly clothing brand promoted by Kylie Jenner, Khloe Kardashian, and Cardi B – reported 203 cases of COVID-19 in the past two weeks, making it the third largest an ongoing outbreak throughout Los Angeles County.

ultra-fast modeThe company’s warehouse in Santa Fe Springs, California, is located just behind the Palmdale location of defense technology firm Northrop Grumman, which reported 334 cases, and the Smithfield location, which reported 569, according to the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health COVID-19 database.

The Los Angeles County Department of Public Health did not immediately comment on whether there had been any hospitalizations or deaths linked to the outbreak. But the outbreak appears to be growing – as of January 7, the company had reported 166 cases, meaning the number had increased by 37 positive tests over the weekend.

Fashion Nova did not respond to a request for comment.

The 15 year old company, started in Los Angeles in 2006, made a name for itself with its low-cost club attire. The brand has found its niche on the internet in recent years, especially on Instagram where it has more than 10 million followers. 2017, Women’s Wear Daily reported that the company was alongside Gucci and Louis Vuitton among the most sought-after fashion companies this year. CEO Richard Saghian told outlets that the company grew 600 percent that year.

A major part of the company’s marketing strategy is the “Ambassador” program, or partnerships with multi-following influencers who tag companies in online posts. Kylie Jenner, Khloe Kardashian, Cardi B, Saweetie, Megan Thee Stallion, and Amber Rose all regularly post photos in the company’s signature skinny outfit. On their website, Fashion Nova lists 75 Ambassadors, including Cassie, Young Miami of City Girls, and Teyana Taylor. Of the 30 largest Ambassadors contacted by The Daily Beast, none responded to comment on the outbreak.

Cardi B, which has a personal line with a company called Party with Cardi, has been instrumental in strengthening the popularity of Fashion Nova. The rapper mentions the company in the lyrics and mixes the brand’s dress into his wardrobe, alongside Balenciaga shoes and other high-priced items. In December, Cardi B – a former proponent of universal health care – issued documents apology to have a big unmasked Thanksgiving gathering. He then took the heat again afterwards share photos of an equally large and socially inseparable birthday party for her husband, Offset. (Kylie and the Kardashians have taken away a lot of liberty too, including 40th birthday party for Kim Kardashian.)

During this time of COVID-19, they asked us to work knowing that there were 10 people who tested positive for COVID-19 and that was counting for several weeks.

In May, a user on job recruitment site Indeed.com wrote one star review from the Santa Fe Springs warehouse. “During this time of COVID-19, “The user, who claims to be an” Inventory Associate “and the current employee writes,”they asked us to work knowing there are 10 people who have tested positive for Covid -19 and that continues to grow every weeks. “

In 2019, a federal Department of Labor investigation found that the brand’s clothes had been illegally sewn by low-paid workers. The investigation, which began in 2016, found that factories affiliated with Fashion Nova owed a combined $ 3.8 million in return wages to hundreds of workers, according to The New York Times.

A source told me Time that the tailors at some of these Los Angeles-based stores, who frequently exploited undocumented labor, were paid as little as $ 2.77 per hour. Fashion Nova’s general counsel denied these claims.


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The “misconfiguration” of the Chinese company SocialArks exposed more than 400GB of 214 million social media users | Instant News

The “misconfiguration” of the Chinese company SocialArks exposed more than 400GB of 214 million social media users (
Screenshot of Pxhere official website

More than 400GB of mixed private and public profile data provided by 214 million Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and other social media users from around the world have recently been exposed to the Internet. This even includes certain details of social media influencers and celebrities from the United States and elsewhere.

Social media user data breach

According to one ThreatPost articlesThe current leak stems from a misconfigured ElasticSearch database owned by SocialArks, a Chinese social media management company, which allegedly contains personally identifiable information or PII from Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and other platforms. Security detective researcher.

According to the researchers, during routine IP address checks on potentially insecure databases, even without password protection or simple encryption, the server is actually still publicly available. It contains 318 million records in total.

Chinese company hosted by Tencent

SocialArks’ own data management platform is dedicated to programmatic advertising and marketing. It also claims to be a special cross-border social media management company dedicated to solving some of the current problems in brand building, marketing and social customer management in China’s foreign trade industry.

It is said that the most affected server is hosted by Tencent and subdivided into certain indexes to be able to store data obtained from each social media source. This allows researchers to study the data more deeply.

Data leakage of millions of users

A kind Security Detective’s blog post Point out that their research team was able to determine the metrics of leaked data “scraped” from certain social media platforms. Then, it was also considered unethical and violated the terms of service of Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram.

It is said that a total of abandoned analyzers include approximately 11,651,162 Instagram profiles, 66,117,839 LinkedIn profiles, and even 81,551,567 Facebook profiles. There are also 55,300,000 Facebook files in the Facebook archives, which were deleted only a few hours after the previous open server was first discovered.

The public profile data includes some profile pictures, biographies, location settings, total number of followers, contact information, such as email and phone numbers, follower numbers, frequently used tags, number of comments, company names, and even employment positions and many more.

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Is social media safe?

Jack Mannimo, CEO of nVisium, issued a statement to ThreatPost stating that social media data captured for marketing purposes will inevitably contain a lot of sensitive information. It is also said that through the use of social media, for each specific privacy-conscious person. It is also said that more and more people are sharing some private details about their private lives publicly.

Someone later said that in order for people to protect themselves, public access to their personal data and social media assets should be restricted. They then said that people should be wise about what they post online and should be cautious about granting permission to certain applications that may abuse, abuse or even steal user information.

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Facebook was ordered to pay a fine of nearly $ 5 million for copying Italian apps | Instant News

An appeals court in Milan on Tuesday ordered tech giant Facebook to pay 3.8 million euros ($ 4.7 million) for copying an app created by an Italian company.

A judge in Milan found that Facebook had copied a “Nearby” feature created by Italian software company Business Competence for its app “Faround,” Reuters. report. This app uses geolocation to notify users of nearby restaurants, clubs and shops.

The court’s decision on Tuesday upheld the 2019 ruling, Reuters noted, and increased the amount of damage from an initial 350,000 euros to 3.8 million.

A Facebook spokesperson told Reuters, “We have accepted the court’s decision and are examining it closely.”

The Hill has contacted Facebook for further comment regarding the court’s decision.

In 2019, Facebook pay the reported $ 5 billion settlement in a deal with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to close an investigation into the Cambridge Analytica data scandal. The fine was denounced by lawmakers as being too lenient for the company.

Facebook is currently facing a threatening lawsuit from the US government force it to break up. The social media website, which also owns Instagram, has been accused of making acquisitions to reduce competition and worsen the quality of options for consumers.

The FTC and 48 state and territory attorneys general have proposed forcing the tech giant to give up assets such as Instagram and Whatsapp.


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