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Racing: $ 800,000 long distance bid for the best mare in the New Zealand Blood Stock Annual Sale in Karaka | Instant News


Te Akau spent $ 800,000 securing the Zoustar foal. Photo / Trish Dunell

International shoppers were absent from the Annual New Zealand Blood Stock Sale in Karaka this week, but Te Akau principal, David Ellis, made sure the global taste remained the same.

The lead buyer was given instructions to buy the best foal in the complex by Coolmore School Principal John Magnier, and he believes he did just that when securing Lot 94, Zoustar foal from Scintillula’s Group 1 players, from Pencarrow’s $ 800,000 Stud Book 1 draft.

Te Akau has trained for a global racial powerhouse in the past, but Ellis says this is the first time Magnier has purchased a pup in partnership with Ellis’s New Zealand operations.

“John Magnier, owner of Coolmore Stud, said he wanted to support Karaka this year and he wanted to take part in my best game,” said Ellis.

“He got a big share in zoustar horses with Te Akau because we thought he was the best horse in sales.”

Coolmore Stud stands the father of Group 1 Fastnet Rock producer, and Ellis said Magnier was impressed by the actions of his six-time Group 1 winning daughter, Avantage, who was coached by Te Akau’s Jamie Richards.

“I think the Magnier family is very impressed with the work we’ve done with Avantage, who won more Group 1 races than any other Fastnet Rock,” said Ellis.

A further international flavor will be added to the foal’s holdings, with Ellis confirming the Hong Kong client will take a 50 percent stake.

“We are very proud to have one of Te Akau’s best clients, from Hong Kong, take a 50 percent stake in filly.

“There’s only a quarter left and it’s going to sell out really fast.”

Even though the foal proved popular and topped $ 800,000, Ellis was ready to extend further to secure it.

“It’s rare that you see a foal in Karaka with a pedigree and an athlete as good as her.

“We thought we had to pay $ 1 million to buy him. We thought he would be the foal that sold the most, and we were very happy to get him for $ 800,000. He is a good foal like the one we bought.”

Pencarrow Stud manager Leon Casey said the foal was getting a lot of attention and he was anticipating a good result.

“She is a top-class mare in every way. We got a lot of interest from a lot of good judges, including many New Zealand players as underbidders.

“She is a beautiful type. You can see Zoustar’s quality and Galileo’s strength. Her quality and depth are high.

“Sir Peter [Vela, Pencarrow Stud principal] ready to offer the best we have. He doesn’t hold anything back because he has faith in the market. What he’s doing is for the good of the industry and not just for Pencarrow. “

– NZ Racing Desk


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Libya Political Dialogue Forum – Statement by France, Germany, Italy, Great Britain and the United States (21 January 2021) | Instant News

The governments of France, Germany, Italy, Great Britain and the United States welcomed the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum (LPDF) vote in favor of a new interim executive authority election mechanism, which will guide Libya to national elections on December 24. , 2021. This is an important step towards the unity of Libya. The LPDF decision affirms the clear demands of the Libyan people that it is time for a change in the status quo. We urge all Libyan parties to act promptly and in good faith to complete adoption through the LPDF of a united and inclusive government. As participants in the Berlin Conference process and international partner Libya, we will give our full support to the LPDF’s efforts.

We also welcome the appointment of the UN Secretary General Ján Kubiš as the Secretary General’s Special Envoy for Libya, and the appointment of Raisedon Zenenga as UNSMIL Coordinator and Georgette Gagnon as Resident Coordinator and Humanitarian Coordinator, and we will fully support them in their important role. We express our continued thanks to Acting UN Special Representative, Stephanie Williams, for her unwavering leadership in UN mediation until Mr Kubiš took up his position.

One year after the Berlin Conference, we underlined the important role of the international community in supporting a political solution in Libya as well as our ongoing partnerships with members of the Berlin Process. We remind members of the Berlin Process of the solemn commitment we all made at the summit one year ago, strengthened by UNSCR 2510. In particular, we must continue to support the ceasefire, restore full respect to the UN arms embargo, and end foreign poisoning. interference that undermines the aspirations of all Libyans to re-establish their sovereignty and choose their future peacefully through national elections. It is imperative that all Libyan and international actors support steps towards the full implementation of the Libyan ceasefire agreement signed on 23 October last year, including the immediate opening of coastal roads and the removal of all foreign fighters and mercenaries.


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Gordon Food Service spotted a Chattanooga retail store | Instant News

The selection of grocery stores in downtown Chattanooga may expand beyond the proposed Food City.

Gordon Food Service is looking for a 26,000-square-foot space at 1817 Broad St., said Chattanooga developer John Wise.

“It would be a great addition to that part of the city center,” he said.

Gordon Food Service bills itself as North America’s largest private, family-run food service distribution company with operations in the US and Canada. Serving restaurants, hotels, stadiums, entertainment venues, hospitals, senior facilities, universities, schools and catering,

But the Michigan-based company also operates more than 170 Gordon’s Food Service Store locations, which is the retail division of the business.

“It looks like a normal grocery store,” said Wise.

The site that looked at the unit was the space behind where the Pizza Bros restaurant is on Broad Street, he said.

“We have to go through a licensing process,” said Wise.

A Gordon Food Service official declined to comment on Friday.

But Wise says Gordon’s Food Service could be a part of what is described as a little Western Village. It is part of the downtown area of ​​ML King Boulevard and Pine Street with hotels, restaurants and other new businesses that have become destinations for locals and travelers alike.

Wise, who owns the Pizza Bros building and others between Broad and Chestnut avenues in the area, said he would open another bar and restaurant called Whiskey Cowgirl. It would have a country music theme and a large outdoor entertainment area with a pool, he said.

Also, the developer said he was eyeing a multi-purpose building near 20th Street adjacent to where he was opening a new apartment building, The Henry Lofts near Finley Stadium, a few years ago. Wise also built a Southside Social bar, grill and bowling alley at Chestnut.

Wise estimates that the area could have a $ 45 million investment when all are built.

Wise said Gordon Food Service was a big company moving further south.

In Tennessee, the company already operates stores in Knoxville, Murfreesboro, and Cool Springs and Goodlettsville around Nashville.

According to the company’s website, its retail store offers a wide variety of goods, including meat, beverages, dairy, frozen food, poultry, product suppliers and cleaners.

At 26,000 square feet, such a location would be about half the size of Food City’s proposed 1305 Broad St. on 5.7 hectares of land that over the years housed the Carter Distributing Co. warehouse

Food City Project, which will include both residential and commercial components, is expected to be submitted to the city’s Form-Based Code Committee for consideration in February.

Earlier this week, the committee considered potential signs for Gordon’s Food Service and gave partial approval to requests.

Forbes magazine in 2019 said Gordon Food Service was the 22nd largest private venture in the United States, with its biggest competitor, US Food and Sysco.

Forbes put Gordon’s annual income for the year ended October 2019 at $ 15.5 billion.

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US condemns digital tax Italy, India, Turkey, does not issue tariffs, Telecom News, ET Telecom | Instant News

Washington: The United States on Wednesday criticized the taxes imposed on technology companies by Italy, India and Turkey, but held back from hitting those countries with punitive tariffs.

That US Trade Representative (USTR) said the Digital Services Tax adopted by the three countries “discriminates against US companies, inconsistent with applicable principles international taxation, and burdens or restricts US trade. “

However, “USTR is not taking any specific action in light of the current findings, but will continue to evaluate all available options.”

The decision was taken on the same day that a 25 percent tariff on $ 1.3 billion worth of French goods, including cosmetics and handbags by high-profile brands, will go into effect in retaliation for tech firms targeting the country’s taxes.

France has yet to back down from its plans to tax online giants including Google, Amazon, Facebook and Apple.

France and other European countries imposed levies after intense public pressure to make US multinationals pay a larger share of their income in taxes in the countries in which they operate.


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Do you need a vaccine to fly? | Instant News

As the first people get the COVID-19 vaccine, many wonder if you need a vaccine to fly. For example, airlines did not initially need a face mask to fly in the early weeks of the pandemic. Will airlines be faster to impose a vaccine for flying in 2021? Traveling RN Taylor Reed (right) receives a Covid-19 vaccination from Martin Luther King Jr. … [+] (MLK) Community Hospital on January 6, 2021 in the Willowbrook neighborhood of Los Angeles, California. – Deep in a southern Los Angeles hospital, a row of elderly Hispanic men in induced comas lay hooked up to ventilators, as nurses dressed in space suit-like respirators checked their sound monitors in the eerie silence . The intensive care unit in one of the city’s poorest neighborhoods is well used to death, but with Los Angeles now in the midst of the Covid pandemic in the United States, doctors say they don’t have never seen anything of this magnitude. (Photo by Patrick T. FALLON / AFP) (Photo by PATRICK T. FALLON / AFP via Getty Images) AFP via Getty Images Will you need a coronavirus vaccine to fly? With the COVID-19 vaccine not yet widely available, airlines do not require proof of vaccination to fly. However, some airlines and countries indicate that vaccination is necessary for the future. Will it only be necessary for international travel, domestic travel, or both? Time will tell, but current statements indicate that the vaccine will have to travel abroad first. As the first recipients started receiving the doses at the end of 2020, it may take several months before we see the need for a vaccine as a requirement to fly commercial. The American public might also have a clearer idea once the Biden-Harris administration takes control of the White House on January 20, 2021. As President Trump launched Operation Warp Speed ​​to deliver the vaccine in record time , the new administration will oversee most of the country’s deployment. . Travel vaccines required Although the COVID-19 vaccine is not yet required to fly, some high-risk countries require specific immunizations to enter the country. For example, it is common for many countries in Latin America, Asia and Africa to require the vaccine against yellow fever. International students and those traveling for a specific reason may also need routine vaccines. Tetanus, typhoid, and hepatitis A may also be necessary vaccines for some destinations. Once the COVID vaccine becomes widely available, countries may require proof of vaccination to enter it. CDC Vaccine Deployment Schedule As vaccine supply is limited, CDC is currently proposing a phased deployment schedule. The first groups of people to receive the vaccine are: First responders Health care workers Residents of long-term care facilities People 75 years of age and over The second phase of deployment prioritizes vaccine for high-risk adults, Kindergarten to Grade 12 teachers and critical hazard workers and critical industries. Finally, adults and children at low risk can receive the vaccine. Each state and country in the United States has its own deployment schedule. However, many people can expect to receive the vaccine by the end of 2021. Airlines may demand a COVID vaccine So far, Qantas is the first airline to firmly claim that proof of vaccination is required for international flights. Qantas CEO Alan Joyce called the vaccine a “necessity” once it becomes widely available in a CNN interview in November 2020. Statements from other airlines, including Korean Air and Delta Air Lines , indicate that a vaccine will ultimately be a prerequisite. It remains to be seen whether governments will require a vaccine to enter the country or whether individual airlines will first adopt new policies. Passengers may be more willing to fly once a generalized vaccine is available as a way to boost “herd immunity”. But from a public opinion perspective, airlines can wait to apply a travel vaccine for domestic and international travel once the destination government makes vaccination mandatory. Immunity passport Governments and international organizations such as the World Health Organization are already developing solutions to reopen travel abroad. The main solution is an immunity passport. Israel Green Passport Israel is the first country to announce an immunity passport. Citizens can receive a “green passport” after receiving the COVID-19 vaccine. This special passport may lift the quarantine restrictions upon direct contact with an infected person. Pass holders can also access cultural events and restaurants. The Israeli vaccine requires two injections to get the full dosage. Travelers qualify for the pass after getting the second shot. IATA Travel Pass The International Air Travel Association (IATA) is developing the IATA Travel Pass. This pass allows travelers to upload their vaccination history and other travel essentials to the pass. Airlines and countries can quickly see if the traveler has the necessary vaccines. Travelers can also use the IATA Health Pass to find nearby vaccine providers and destination testing requirements. CLEAR Health Pass Another immunity passport in preparation is the CLEAR Health Pass. Frequent travelers can already use CLEAR to avoid long pre-airport security lines. Or they can also use it to enter public places such as qualifying stadiums and museums. The Health Pass can integrate the current expedited security benefits with a medical examination. How to Fly Until a Vaccine Arrives Until the vaccine is widely available (and needed to fly), airlines are developing ways to protect the health of passengers. There are several options airlines and governments are implementing to boost business and leisure travel while providing peace of mind. Pre-travel testing Now that coronavirus diagnostic testing is more common, airlines are starting to require pre-travel testing on more routes. For domestic travel within the United States, flying to Hawaii was the first test case. In fall 2020, Hawaii launched its pre-travel testing program to allow leisure travelers to waive the 14-day quarantine. Airlines have partnered with test labs to offer self-contained at-home kits and rapid tests at the airport. Passengers pay the test fee, but a negative result means no quarantine period. Depending on the destination, passengers may also need to install a contact tracing app or stay in a “resort bubble”. These requirements are more likely when visiting foreign countries. Travel corridors for international flights Prior to the pandemic, international travel was a primary source of income for many commercial airlines. As global hotspots continually change, airlines are launching “travel lanes”. These corridors are between major international airports where a destination may have a mandatory quarantine. Delta Air Lines is testing a travel corridor between Atlanta and Rome. Eligible flyers must meet these conditions to travel: Traveling for an essential reason such as work, family or school Have a negative COVID PCR test from 72 hours before departure (or take a rapid test at the airport) Observe social distancing and contact tracing guidelines at destination These flights allow the mandatory quarantine to be lifted at destination. Americans can forgo the period of self-isolation which can be up to 14 days in Europe. Without these travel lanes, international flights remain difficult, even for essential travel. These travel corridors can extend to non-essential time travel. However, non-essential international travel may not return to a certain level of normality before the vaccine arrives. Travel for Essential Reasons The Christmas and New Years holidays saw the highest number of daily TSA checks since airlines began cutting routes at the start of the pandemic. Traveler confidence appears to be improving thanks to more widespread testing and more robust contact tracing. While passengers most often traveled for leisure and to see their families, flying only when necessary may be a good practice. Flying for essential reasons means passengers are less likely to need to self-quarantine upon arrival. States located primarily in the northeast and west of the United States have mandatory quarantines for tourists and returning residents. Summary Air passengers do not yet need a coronavirus vaccine to travel on the plane. But governments will likely need this vaccine for travelers soon. Until then, airlines and governments increasingly require pre-travel diagnostic testing to minimize the spread. Related Articles:.

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