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The Karachi couple won the internet for feeding the poor in Valima | Instant News

A husband and wife feed a poor person somewhere in Karachi after getting married. Photo: Twitter

KARACHI: A newlywed couple makes it simple by feeding the poor for their Valima ceremony. Needless to say, they won the internet for their charity act.

The photo of a married couple feeding the poor to celebrate their wedding went viral on social media, where they were seen offering biryani of a large size. daigs to the needy.

“A newly married couple wanted to organize Daawat e Walima in dastarkhua form too. And they did it this way !,” tweeted one user named Azhar Khan.

In one of the three photos tweeted, the husband is seen staring at the camera as his wife is busy serving biryani. In another picture, many people can be seen sitting on the “dastarkhwan”, waiting for food.

The couple received much praise and adulation on Twitter for their charity work.

Some on Twitter appreciated how the couple chose to celebrate their wedding in a modest way rather than opting for a relatively lavish wedding.

Others are happy that the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) were applied in feeding the poor and needy at weddings.

Weddings in Pakistan are usually an expensive affair, with many people spending millions on wedding dresses, wedding halls and meals.


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Free food available at several points | Local | Instant News

The Jackson County Library System staff compiled and shared a list of local food distribution points that were underway, along with some details about them:

Innovative Charity offers a drive-through food pantry on Wednesdays from 10am to noon. You must be a resident of Jackson County and stand in line during the day. If you receive food stamps or SSI, you are automatically eligible to receive free meals. If not, the distribution will be based on your income and the number of people in your household. Applying for food is as easy as filling out one application per year based on the USDA income level; ID is not required. Innovative Charities located at 1994 Hwy. 71 South in Marianna. You can call them at 850-573-5526 or visit their website at www.innovativecharities.org.

St. Episcopal Church Luke offers a soup kitchen on Tuesdays from 9am to 11am. You must be a resident of Jackson County to receive food. Families can receive food once a month. St. Luke’s is located at 4362 Lafayette Street in Marianna. You can call them at 850-482-2431 or visit their website at www.stlukesmarianna.org/foodpantry.

Chipola Family MinistryPublic kitchen opening hours are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 9am to noon, or for the first 32 people, whichever comes first. To receive food, you must sign your name and the city where you live. Chipola Family Services is located at 3004 Hwy. 71 North in Marianna. You can call them at 850-482-6407.


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My brother-in-law smoked marijuana, drank liquor, and played video games. My in-laws pay the mortgage. What happened after they left? | Instant News

My sister-in-law is over 40 years old, and she has health problems. She also suffers from largely undiagnosed mental health issues due to her refusal to see anyone, and she basically does nothing but smoke marijuana, drink booze, and play video games.

Right now his parents are paying his mortgage, which I believe is on their behalf, and I assume they pay all the bills. Her father looked after her home and helped with food and “necessities.” I’m assuming they either paid for his medical bills, or left him unpaid.

This year, my elderly father-in-law is experiencing health fears. My mother-in-law also has several health problems, although none of them are life threatening. I’m afraid my brother-in-law, with his quiet lifestyle, might also face additional health problems as he gets older.

I told my wife that they should discuss the plantation plans openly with us. He agreed, but the topic was always put aside with them. Her family didn’t like to talk about death or money at all. What we get the most from them is that they are all split in half.

I thought it was a good plan on paper, but I saw two big problems. First, there was a house that could not simply be divided in half without being sold, which my wife or brother did not want to do. It paid off.

The Moneyist:My wife and I have 3 children. I also have 3 children from a previous marriage. How are we supposed to divide our house among these 6 kids?

Maybe in a decade or so, my wife can pay for half of the house and potentially buy it, but that poses a second problem. Her sister couldn’t manage her own life now, and I knew what would happen if several hundred thousand dollars were dropped into her lap.

Neither my wife nor I wanted him to become homeless, but I was worried that I would be responsible for taking care of my brother-in-law. I am sure he will fall into poverty after his parents leave if nobody intervenes. At the same time, if they just left the money, he would throw it away or maybe be taken by the debt collector.

My wife and I are rich and can manage money well. Ideally, we could manage the trust for him to make sure the bills are paid so he doesn’t become homeless or starve. Obviously, this is a sensitive topic coming from son-in-law, especially with in-laws who are nervous about death and money.

I don’t want to reverse the bill for this guy when his parents are gone.

Any advice will be good.

Responsible Son-in-Law

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Dear son-in-law,

Sounds like a combination of mental health problems and addiction. Sometimes, one can lead to another. Helping your brother-in-law may require family intervention rather than financial intervention. It would involve the whole family taking the baton and telling him one by one that they love him, and they want him to get back up, and receive the help he needs.

Depression has increased among middle-aged American men over the past decade. Baby boomers, born between 1946 and 1964, face a greater risk of depression, according to the 2015 Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index survey. In the US, 14% of baby boomers are treated for depression. That’s much higher than the national average of 11%, double the millennial percentage.

It can also lead to more serious health problems. Research has shown that being overweight or obese is associated with a higher risk of premature death than a healthier body weight – and that risk increases with weight gain. More than a quarter of American adults define themselves as obese, but the obesity rate is actually closer to a third of the population.

The Moneyist: My friend’s dad buried $ 50K in the backyard for his grandson. My friend has 2 kids, but her extravagant brother doesn’t have any. Should they split it?

Your in-laws could look for options to ensure that your brother-in-law is taken care of after they’re gone, and someone with mental health problems and addictions who also lack life skills won’t be able to handle their own finances very well, especially at once. They can make provisions in their wish to include the proceeds from the sale of their home under a special needs trust with income.

This may require a second intervention, which forces your in-laws to face the fact that their son faces a long road to recovery and, if he is unwilling or unable to get better, they will have to adjust themselves. plantation plan accordingly. This could involve making appointments with your in-laws, and financial planners and real estate attorneys to discuss the matter.

There are many organizations that can help your parents, including the National Alliance On Mental Illness and the National Council for Behavioral Health. Your sister-in-law may also benefit from some type of rehabilitation or recovery program. Administration of Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Helpline also offers crisis counseling for people affected by the pandemic.

You ultimately cannot force your brother-in-law or sister-in-law to seek the help they need and, perhaps through a moment of grace, admit that they need to face an unpleasant or difficult truth. You can do the best you can. But you are not ultimately responsible for other people’s lives, although it can be difficult to watch this situation worsen over time.

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Urban Fashion Brand Avodgy Breaks the Print with Universal Style at Affordable Prices & New “Freedom BLM” Collection – Press Release | Instant News

Fashion conscious, social conscious and community conscious Avodgy is a new brand that is working hard to do things in a more powerful and exciting way. Without sacrificing style.

Streetwear meets high fashion. That’s quite interesting. Add in an attractive price point compared to their competitors and a vision that includes staying loyal to the community, and that’s enough to get you really excited. What’s more, you will be involved with the progress of research on cancer and learning disabilities, as a portion of each sale is donated to these causes. That’s the basis of the new urban fashion brand Avodgy which will become very popular and the subject of many conversations in the world of fashion and on the streets. To make eyes more open, Avodgy recently celebrated not only their soft-launch but also the debut of the Freedom BLM Collection. A message that definitely needs to get across, and Avodgy is here to help. Expect to familiarize yourself with the “crossed out” Avodgy logo sooner rather than later.

“Our ‘Crossed Out’ logo can mean two things to many people which are contradictory interpretations, distraction and unification,” commented a spokesperson for the brand. “Game interruption, too long, quality fashion has been out of reach of anyone who is not rich, and we are tired of people going broke looking rich. Unity is that we are entering the streetwear game with a line that is for people with a high fashion concept as well. You can be from anywhere and be anyone and still find something to wear at Avodgy! “

This brand is the product of two powerful forces coming together, the visionary Lisa Ward and COO Jamil Bey who combined her DoKRoC with a project to help shape Avodgy.

The Freedom BLM collection features hoodies and long sleeve t-shirts. The design features the word boxing in distinct shades of black and the word Freedom crossed out Style in red, symbolizing lives that are unfairly lost over the years. Avodgy really wanted the design to have meaning to the BLM movement, and it represented strength, determination and most importantly respect for black culture.

Along with the BLM hoodie, the second design available flashes the brand’s motto, “Style Is Universal, Either You’re IN or OUT”. Also available in a long sleeve t-shirt version This design is for everyone who is unique and different says they are not going anywhere. If we are not unique, we will live in a non-artistic world, and that’s BORING.

Lastly, for now, is the Timely Avodgy / DoKRoC Fashion Mask that can be worn with anything and helps those who wear it and those around them better protected.

Avodgy is currently available in its online shop from 1/4/2021 or, for those in the Wilmington, DE area, at Gallery 302 in Christiana Mall – where a selection of custom fit from Avodgy is exclusively displayed.

For more information or to order visit www.avodgy.com

Media Contact
Company name: Avodgy Collection / DoCRoC
Contact person: Lisa Ward & Jamil Bey
Email: Send an email
Country: United States of America
Website: www.avodgy.com


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NORAD and Google continue to track Santa Claus as he sends gifts around the world | Regional | Instant News

Santa Claus hasn’t let the pandemic stop him from sending gifts around the world, and NORAD and Google are watching him once again this year.

Twitter NORAD Tracks Santa said Thursday morning conditions in the Arctic suggested good weather for Santa.

Twitter posted a position update for Mr. Claus of the world, tweeted early in the morning to us in the US that he made one of his first stops at Provideniya, Russia before enjoying warmer weather in the Marshall Islands not long after.

You can follow the NORAD tracker their website right here, or by checking Twitter for updates here. You can too use Google Santa Tracker here.


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