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UK regulators end fraud investigation into BAT | Local | Instant News

“BAT is pleased that the SFO has closed its investigation and the SFO has not taken any further action on this matter. BAT remains committed to the highest standards in conducting its business,” the company said.

It is unclear the status of the investigation by two US regulators whether BAT is in breach of international sanctions, the manufacturer said in its 2019 financial reports.

The regulators are the US Department of Justice and the Office of State Assets Control, a financial intelligence and enforcement agency within the US Treasury. The list of affected countries has not been disclosed.

“The group is cooperating with the investigations of the authorities,” BAT said in October of a US investigation. “The potential fines, penalties or other consequences at this time cannot be assessed.”

“It is not yet possible to identify a time scale on which this problem might be resolved,” he said.

On Friday, BAT said in a statement that “we are continuing to cooperate with the US authorities regarding their sanctions investigation. There are no further updates at this time.”

Campaign for Tobacco-Free Children, a US anti-tobacco advocacy group, has urged regulators and the US Justice and Securities and Exchange Commission Congress to carry out their own investigations into BAT relating to the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.


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Investigations into Sindh NAB officials for supporting a corruption defendant | Instant News

KARACHI: The Authority of the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) has taken notice of three NAB Karachi officials for allegedly supporting Sindh government officials accused of multimillion-rupee corruption, and have initiated investigations and disciplinary proceedings against them.

According to official documentary evidence available with ‘The News’, disciplinary proceedings have begun against three NAB Karachi officers, including two deputy directors Abdul Fateh and Imdad Ali Palijo, and deputy assistant director, Parkash. The NAB source informed ‘The News’ that the defendant was found responsible for supporting Sindh Culture Ministry officials, who were accused of corruption, by manipulating obligations and misusing case evidence.

Referring to the ‘disciplinary proceedings’ against Parkash, the former investigative officer against the Managing Director, Sindh Tourism Department, Roshan Ali Kanasro, and other officers, an official letter has been written asking the two directors that because they are both case officers in the investigation. and they have carried out raids in three different places and several items and documents were confiscated from there. It added that as case officers and part of the joint investigation team (CIT), the two officials did not supervise and guide the investigating officers to discard the matter in the SOP and instructions.

The letter concluded that as a result of the diversion, the confiscated valuables and sensitive documents remained unattended for quite a long time, saying that the competent authority, DG HR, had taken the irregularities seriously and ordered to initiate an official investigation. against them. The two officers were directed to provide written answers along with supporting documents and legal justification for actions taken by CIT to determine the fate of the confiscated goods and documents.

For an official version of the matter, ‘The News’ contacted the spokesperson for NAB, Nawazish Ali Asim, who replied that there had been no investigation into any official under the National Accountability Ordinance (NAO). Despite repeatedly mentioning that the question was about disciplinary proceedings, not investigations under the NAO statute, the spokesperson answered the same.

It is important to mention that in 2019, two NAB officials, Sarvesh Sheikh, deputy director, and Shakir Ali, deputy assistant director, have also been laid off from their jobs for involvement in corruption and abuses.


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Karachi: Investigations reveal the defendant was released on bail involved in funding ISIS – Pakistan | Instant News

Published in 12 January 2021 5:00 p.m.

Karachi: Investigations reveal the defendants were released on bail for involvement in ISIS funding

KARACHI (Dunya News) – The Counter-Terrorism Department has registered a case regarding funding for the ISIS terrorist organization from Karachi. The defendant was released on bail due to lack of evidence.

Omar bin Khalid was arrested in December 2020 from Tariq Street in Karachi, said the Counter-Terrorism Department (CTD) source. However, because there was no evidence against the defendant, he was released on bail against a personal guarantee.

Sources said that two cell phones were seized from the possession of defendant Omar bin Khalid and sent for forensics. The digital forensic report found evidence against the accused and his accomplices. The defendants Junaid’s accomplice, Zia and Owais were also named in the case.

Investigations revealed shockingly that the defendants were in contact with ISIS terrorists and their families in Syria and Pakistan.

The defendant used to fund ISIS in various ways. Funding is used for terrorist activities in Syria and possibly Pakistan.
CTD officials hope that the defendant will be tried soon.


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Police investigate after a police car slip video emerged online | Instant News

New Zealand

Police investigate after a video of a police car burning appeared online. Video / Provided

A police investigation is underway after a video of a police car appearing to have deliberately slipped in front of the crowd surfaced online.

In the video, the police car is driven in reverse before turning around on screeching tires and then accelerating as the crowd cheers on the driver.

“The police are aware of the video circulating on social media showing a police car driving inappropriately,” said a police spokesman.

Police investigate after a video of a police car burning appeared online. Video / Provided

“The behavior shown in the video is unprofessional and does not meet the standards expected of our staff.”

The video has been widely shared online via Facebook and other community chat groups.

The spokesman said police would work to identify and speak to those involved.

Someone who witnessed the incident said it happened at a meeting of a male racer near Hamilton.

Late last year, police launched a two-day operation targeting antisocial road users in Wellington.

Ten cars were seized after complaints about road racing causing frenzy, road damage and chaos.

The district road police manager, Superintendent Wade Jennings, said he hoped the operation would reassure locals and business owners.

“We intend to continue targeting this behavior and there is more work to be done,” Jennings said last month.

“We know there are car lovers who meet and socialize without being involved in this kind of activity.

“We will focus on the small minority who pay little attention to road safety and the communities that are affected by their behavior.”


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2021 for Great Britain – From the COVID vaccine and the economic downturn, to Brexit and Biden | Instant News

The effects of the pandemic have been so pervasive that every political and social issue facing Britain has become involved with it.

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This article is part of a series – Future Pandemics in 2021 and beyond.

While foolish for anyone to predict the future, it seems pretty certain that for Great Britain 2021 and beyond will be difficult. Such a future is quite certain because of the immediate consequences and further evolution of things that started happening in 2020 and a few years earlier. Improper handling of the COVID-19 pandemic and Brexit colliding. Instead of the overwhelming sense of relief many in the United States may feel, the beginning of 2021 is likely to be chaotic in Britain.

The effects of the pandemic have been so pervasive that every political and social issue facing Britain has become involved with it. While the lesson for 2020 is that there is a real possibility that something unpredictable or unknown can have a dramatic impact, several known and interrelated issues will significantly impact life in Britain in 2021 and beyond. Key issues include Brexit, the continued health effects of COVID, the economy, internal politics of devolution, and President Biden.

COVID-19 – vaccines and investigations

More than 64,000 people have died from COVID-related causes, and by mid-December, most of Great Britain will be locked again due to a sharp increase in infections and deaths. What is different during this third cycle of blackouts is the vaccine. On 8 December, the UK started its biggest vaccination program in the history of the country. It began administering vaccines to people aged 80 or older, long-term facility care workers, and medical personnel who were at high risk of exposure. This is a significant achievement for the UK, and researchers, the health care system and politicians are no exception. At least they would be able to say that despite the mishandling of the early months and the spread of infection, Britain was the first to give a vaccine to its people. Vaccines, as far as we know, neither prevents infection nor does it prevent further transmission. What it does effectively is prevent serious illness and the death of those who are infected. And the very valuable thing a vaccine will do is blunt any potential analysis or criticism from an official COVID investigation. There is little doubt that there will a question, but we can expect to hear over and over again, ‘we’re doing the best we can,’ and ‘we’re helping produce and deliver vaccines.’


Vaccines, no matter the actual details of what they actually do and don’t do, provide much-needed oxygen for the economy to restart. A strange thing has happened in England as in any other country. While the economy has contracted badly, it’s not done as badly as it should be. It is global equity market has soared. And it is likely that as the UK government will continue to support wherever it is needed, equity markets will continue to move up. The dark side of the peculiar COVID economy, of course, is rising unemployment and severely reduced income. Child malnutrition increases, which also means that child development tends to slow down more generally, increasing inequality among groups of children as well as between social groups for years to come. Those who have the resources to get through 2020, or perhaps, even benefit from the boom in the equity market, are the winners of this pandemic. As 2021 begins to unfold, increasing deprivation and social inequality will become more visible. This means that once things start opening up again, people will start opening up see the effect one another.


January 31st 2020 is supposed to be a big day of celebration for the British Prime Minister and most of the UK population. It was the day Britain officially left the European Union. Indeed, it was reported that the main reason Prime Minister Johnson did not attend some of the emergency meetings regarding the pandemic that was taking place in January was that he was so focused on the landmark Brexit events. UK and EU agree there will be 11 months for negotiations new rules for dealing with each other – “trade deals.” And, it has been said that one of the reasons the UK is responding so badly to the pandemic is because the entire civil service and political leadership is focused on ‘Getting Brexit Done’.

Towards the December 31 deadline, it’s already there disagree with the EU. This is not a situation where last-minute negotiations will lead to an agreement; the number of problems is too great, and too interrelated. This will have enormous consequences in all sectors, for the government, and the daily lives of most people. Two places where people will feel the impact are at the grocery store and on their holidays. At the very least, some meals will be more expensive. And a getaway to a warm climate or a weekend trip to Europe’s major cities will be far from smooth. In fact, EU countries can make it difficult for visitors from the UK given its COVID situation.


During 2020, the Scotsman will be outraged whenever the international media reports how badly Britain is responding to COVID. Much self-government or devolution between different countries means they have implemented different policies, with different results. That Scottish expresses pride in acting more quickly and implementing policies that appear to have reduced the pandemic to date. In contrast, most of the deaths occurred in the UK. Apart from countries, the pandemic has also increased tensions between the Center and cities and other large metropolitan areas. For example, requiring increased restrictions in certain cities and regions due to increased infections while not providing further financial support to the region seems unfair and increasingly burdensome local governments. 2021 is sure to see more of these issues of intra-national governance and devolution, and perhaps increase hatred against the center and the ruling party.

President Biden

The momentum behind Brexit and rising anti-EU sentiment in the UK is seen to some extent amplified by Trump’s rise in the US. Indeed, there is clear evidence that individuals are spearheading the movement to leave the EU related to Trump and his reign. And many of the methods used in US elections to elect Trump are also used used on Brexit Choose. There are also many comparisons between Johnson and Trump. That the election of Joe Biden immediately change what the UK can do in many domains including Brexit, the COVID response, devolution and so on. Biden will aim to build multilateralism again, trying to isolate some of the rising authoritarian powers, and aiming to contain China. And this may mean that Britain will have to follow in Biden’s footsteps. Following in the US footsteps will become commonplace for British people. What will be new is that the black Americans who get Biden elected will make the connection that Britain played a fundamental role in creating their predicament. I predict the photo with Kamala Harris, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry will go viral.


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