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How to trade inventory | Instant News

One of the hottest video game stocks is preparing to release a report next week.

Activision BlizzardThe report will be released on Tuesday and it has risen 39% this year. For comparison, S&P 500 It only rose by 1%.

Todd GordonThe managing director of Ascent Wealth Partners believes that tailwind will push Activision higher.

Gordon said: “Video games are becoming more and more attractive to the aging population; we are slowly starting to resume the production of Hollywood movies; content creators like Netflix are going deep into their content fields. If Hollywood production continues to be suppressed, video game companies’ Demand will increase.” told CNBC”Trading country” Thursday.

Activision produces popular franchises, including “Call of Duty”, “World of Warcraft” and “Overwatch.”

“When we look at the chart here, I like the resistance level we see here, which is around $85…We really like this trend and it brings such benefits, especially in new family homes. , Work from home environment.” Gordon said.

“If you want to own stocks, it’s definitely a good idea to enter the earnings. If you want to trade options, this is what I prepare for you-until September, once a month, buy 82.5 phones and sell 87.5 phones. “Gordon said.

Gordon said that the $5 spread that expires on September 18 would require approximately $1.90, and explained that “the maximum risk is $190, [to] Earn 310 dollars. “

Activision closed at $82.63 on Friday.

Disclosure: Ascent Wealth Partners owns Activision Blizzard.



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Find CEO card details on purchases with trips down 99% | Instant News

A man wears a gas mask as he travels on a flight from Miami to Atlanta in Miami, on April 23, 2020. Chandan Khanna | AFP | Getty Images It’s clear that Americans have slowed their spending drastically because many industries are basically stalled amid a coronavirus pandemic and job loss is on the rise. But the head of the credit card company Discover Financial Services offers a glimpse of how gloomy the picture is now. During an income conference call on Thursday, Discover CEO Roger Hochschild broke the pattern of cardholder spending this month in various categories amid the crisis coronavirus. “So far in April, daily sales have fallen 14% year-on-year,” Hochschild said. “Discretionary spending fell 33%, driven by the travel category, which, although only 8% of cardholder spending, fell 99%, and by retail, which dropped 11%.” Wall Street. “Yes, it’s that bad,” Christopher Harvey, chief equity strategist at Wells Fargo, wrote in a note on Friday citing Hochschild’s comments. “It should not be surprising, but still we are jolted to the conference-call quotation from Discovery Financial’s CEO.” With businesses closing coast to coast to slow the spread of the corona virus, retail sales in the US experienced a record drop last month. Total sales fell 8.7% in March, the biggest decline since the government began tracking the series in 1992. Finding CEO comments about April shows that official figures are likely to get worse. “As long as orders remain at home in place and many businesses remain closed, we expect a weak trend in sales volume to continue and future trends will depend on the speed of recovery,” Hochschild said at a conference call. The travel industry – including airlines, hotels, agents – has reached the most difficult targets because the government issued advice on staying at home, while the incident had to be canceled, in an effort to contain the deadly virus. Air travel has fallen more than 95% because the Covid-19 pandemic is spreading across the US Discover says there has been an increase in spending on food because people meet basic needs, but daily sales are offset by a 60% reduction in spending on petroleum in April. Gas demand is at its lowest level since 1968 because the majority of countries avoid going out in an effort to slow the spread of the corona virus. Discover reported a surprising loss of 25 cents per share for the first quarter versus a profit of $ 2.15 a year ago. Its shares have fallen more than 50% this year. CNBC Michael Bloom contributed to reporting. Subscribe to CNBC PRO for exclusive insight and analysis, and direct work day programming from around the world. .

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ESPO ETF video games are positive in Q1 | Instant News

Game is not going anywhere.

So said Jan van Eck, whose company runs VanEck Vector Video Gaming and eSports ETF (ESPO). Despite the market turmoil in 2020, ESPO has made a meaningful move, rising more than 12% this year and reaching a new 52 week high on Friday.

ETF tracks a basket of companies “involved in developing video games, esports, and related hardware and software,” according to VanEck website.

Ownership is a kind of industrial smorgasbord. They include chip maker shares Nvidia and Advanced Micro Devices, The Chinese internet giant Tencentand video game makers Nintendo, Activision Blizzard and Electronic Arts.

“ETF esports actually went up in the first quarter, believe it or not,” van Eck, who is CEO of Van Eck Associates and VanEck Vector, ETF Trust, told CNBC. “ETF Edge” on Monday.

ESPO recorded a 2% increase for the calendar quarter ending March 31, 2020.

“I hope that’s not what my colleagues did, playing esports all day, but … this is, I think, hopefully, a long-term trend that I think has a longer way to go,” van Eck said.

While most game stock “isn’t exactly cheap now” – the industry leader Take-Two Interactive, which also holds ESPO, is trading at nearly 43 times the profit rate – the data that drives it is impressive, van Eck said.

One ESPO constituency based in Singapore has seen “70 million people come in every day and play sports games on their platforms, and that’s all Asia. That’s not the US,” van Eck said. “So, this is truly a global phenomenon.”

Game related ETFs has survived very well despite a broad market-based decline.



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How to get refunds for trips and other transactions made before Coronavirus | Instant News

Book now or just wait for that question for a summer trip in 2020. halockMaybe a few weeks ago an art performance camp for your children and a white river rafting trip for you and your partner seems like the perfect summer plan. But if you are among more and more workers who have been given pink slips in the last few weeks, your summer now looks very different. On Thursday, 5,245 million more Americans filed claims for unemployment insurance for the first time, according to the Department of Labor. The new submission brought the total crisis to more than 22 million in just four weeks, ending economic expansion plus decades. Economists expect layoffs will continue to increase in the coming weeks because orders staying at home show no sign of being revoked. Under the economic cloud, many consumers have second thoughts about their summer plans. And for good reason: The average summer vacation reaches $ 1,979, according to a survey from bankrate.com, a personal finance site. “Even if you can travel, I don’t think it will make people feel better to go on a vacation they can’t afford,” said certified financial planner Rose Swanger from Advise Financial in Knoxville, Tennessee. “You will come back and feel more guilty than before.” But can you get your money back? It depends. “Everything is negotiable, so it makes sense to talk and see what you can get,” said Ted Rossman, credit card industry analyst with creditcards.com. Experts share tips to help you try to get your money back. travel With more and more people living at home in an effort to “flatten the curve,” the travel industry is in decline. The number of international airline seats is only 23% from the previous year, said ForwardKeys, a data company. When airlines cancel flights or make significant changes to travel plans, they are required to make a refund as soon as possible, the Transportation Department said. .But the airline issued so many refunds for flights that were canceled that asking for your money back because of job loss might fall on deaf ears. However, there are several strategies to pursue. First, just wait. “If you have booked a trip between now and the end of June, you can roll the dice and see if the flight is canceled,” Rossman said. “If the flight is canceled, then you can get your money back.” Most airlines waive their usual change fees for non-refundable tickets, according to the website, The Points Guy. Canceling won’t get a refund, but you will be able to get a voucher to apply to the next trip. Between hotels, food and entertainment, you will still save money to postpone your trip after you get a new job. Remember, you might have to use vouchers on certain dates. Another road that must be taken is travel insurance. Passengers who buy travel insurance with their airlines might be able to get a refund if they meet certain criteria, explained Kasara Barto, a public relations manager for Squaremouth, a site that compares travel insurance policies. “The retirement benefits can reimburse the costs paid in advance, not paid travel costs that can be returned if a traveler has to cancel their trip because of accidental layoffs or termination of employment,” Barto said in an email. Job retirement benefits can reimburse travel expenses that are paid in advance and are non-refundable if a traveler has to cancel their trip due to accidental layoffs or termination of employment. Bartopublic Relations Manager for Squaremouth Polas must be purchased before layoffs, and “most policies require travelers to work for the same employer for a certain period of time too, usually one to three years,” Barto added. Travel cancellation protection that is most offered by credit cards only applies in limited circumstances, such as illness, injury, or death – not due to loss of work. Hotels Depending on whether the hotel that you ordered costs a deposit or not, you may be able to leave without being charged. However, the non-refundable rate is something else. Non-refundable, or prepaid, rooms give you a modest discount in return for paying in advance. This type of stay is tighter and more difficult to get out. But hotels have also begun to relax the cancellation policy, said Christopher Elliott, a journalist and founder of Elliott Advocacy, a non-profit organization that helps consumers resolve their travel disputes. “All the major chains have allowed refunds for non-refundable prices,” Elliott said. For now, hotels have relaxed their cancellation policies until April and parts of May. You might want to wait (and pray) for travel restrictions to continue to apply for a date this summer. In this case, you will get your money back. Insults such as Airbnb and VRBO operate under a different set of policies. With these companies, you are not only dealing with corporate entities, but also mom-and-pop property owners. Airbnb has allowed refunds for stays until May 31. After that, the cancellation policy is up to each host. Vacation Rentals By Owner, or VRBO, leave it to individual owners to decide their own cancellation policy. “But the owner said, ‘My house is still available. You can still come, so I save the money,'” Elliott said. Cruise lines have been devastated by the COVID-19 crisis because several ships have become a source of plague. As a result, several cruise ship companies have suspended travel for the next few weeks. For most people, cruise lines offer a full refund. Some also offer “enhanced value” refunds. You can get the full amount you spent on a cruise for future trips plus additional credit. For example, Norwegian Cruise Line will receive 125% cruise credit for future shipping. Carnival Cruises, meanwhile, will offer you 100% cruise credit and an $ 600 onboard credit per room booked for a trip of at least six days and $ 300 for cruises for up to five days. Summer Camps Summer Camps Most summer camps are operated by small local entities, such as church groups or art schools. There may be more room to get a refund. “In economic times like this, people might be willing to work with people you have laid off,” said Dee Pridgen, a retired professor of consumer law at the University of Wyoming. If you don’t have much luck, try the credit card you used to pay for camp. “Until you pay off your bills, it’s still bank money and they might help you try to get a refund,” Rossman said. Other options: if you pay in installments and have official credit card fees or bank withdrawals, cancel the next one. “You can certainly tell the bank that you revoked your authorization for withdrawal,” Pridgen said. REGISTER: Money 101 is an 8 week learning course for financial freedom, sent weekly to your inbox. CHECK OUT: How checking your coronavirus stimulus can affect your 2020 tax, according to tax experts via Grow with Acorns + CNBC. Disclosure: NBC Universal and Comcast Ventures are investors in Acorns. .

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