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Leaker Jon Prosser claims iPhone 12 and new iPad will launch in October | Instant News

Lick Jon Proser, In predicting Apple’s plan, his track record is somewhat complicated, Say today That new iPhone 12 The model and the new iPad will be launched in October.

Various rumors indicate that some or all of the “iPhone 12” models that will be available this year will be released later than normal. Apple usually releases a new iPhone in September, but problems caused by the global health crisis have caused manufacturing delays.

Just today, Qualcomm hinted at one of its 5G partners Wait and see “Slight” startup delay, which most likely refers to Apple’s statement. Apple plans to use Qualcomm’s 5G chips in all 2020 new products iPhone Role model.

So far, we are not sure about the delay time of the iPhone, but Apple may launch new devices in September, and then release them, just like the iPhone. iPhone XR In 2018. October is a relatively safe guess, because Qualcomm (Qualcomm) suggested that the delay will not be too long, and other rumors also point to October launch.

Prosser did not provide information on IPad The model will be refreshed, but rumors suggest iPad Pro Products with mini-LED displays are under development, although most information indicates that the product’s release has been postponed to 2021.

“IPad Pro” was Refreshed this year, But Apple has not updated iPad mini, iPad Air, Or Low cost iPad, So all of these may be subject to minor improvements.

There are some specific rumors that Apple is working hard 11-inch iPad Air Full screen display and bottom display Contact ID, If accurate, it will be the most significant “iPad” update.

Prosser has Accurate prediction Some of Apple’s release plans, but he also shared incorrect information, such as suggesting that Apple plans to rename ‌iPhone‌ to “iPhoneOS”. Provide false pictures Similar to AirPower’s wireless charging pad. Some of his statements are also a little weird, such as the suggestion that Apple is studying Jobs. Traditional Apple Glasses Take the glasses worn by Jobs as a model.

Earlier this week, Prosser said that Apple Will start a new one iMac In August.


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iPad Air with Touch ID under the screen and 12-inch MacBook ARM at work, says leaker – BGR | Instant News

  • A leaker said Apple would launch many new products, unlike anything it had ever made.
  • iPad Air with a Touch ID sensor below the screen and ARM MacBook 12-inc are among the new products that Apple said will be made this year.
  • Leaker offers accurate information about several products that Apple launched in 2020, including the new iPad Pro series and iPhone SE.
  • Visit the BGR homepage for more stories.

Apple works on several devices unlike what was made before, an anonymous leaker said. That MacBook ARM which is featured in various other reports, is one of them. That is the MacBook uses a special version of Apple’s A-series chip that powers the iPhone and iPad. Some people have long theorized that an increasingly powerful A-series processor can be used on a Mac, and it seems we’re almost there. Leaker also said that Apple will launch a new iPad Air design, a tablet that will display the Touch ID fingerprint sensor under the screen, which will be Apple’s first, because the company avoids this special type of technology on its devices so far.

Early rumors of the iPhone X say cell phones will have fingerprint sensors under the screen, a technology Apple has been learning for years. But as we got closer to the actual launch of the phone, it became clear that there would not be any Touch ID button on all screen devices. All iPhones that follow, except for the iPhone SE this year, display the same design, complete with Face ID function.

The iPad Pro is next to lose the fingerprint sensor, because the tablet gets a design change in 2018. iPad Pro gets an all-screen design, slim profile, Face ID support, and USB-C connectivity.
Fast forward to today, and the Chinese leaker who uses the name @ L0vetodream on Twitter has some details about Apple’s upcoming products. MacRumors the word leaker has a “fairly accurate track record,” and most tweets seem to suggest this person has access to Apple sources. Either that or someone just making it up based on other leaks.

Leaker was the first to mention Apple’s so-called AirPods X headphones, the report said, long before Jon Prosser did. In mid-March, @L0vetodream also posted additional details about some products that were not announced.

This Tweet seems to list all Apple products that might enter the store this year:

He said the iPad Air will feature a mini-LED screen and an all-screen design without a stand. To be fair, iPads with Face ID don’t have notches, they have bigger bezels. Leaker says there is no Face ID on the device, but it will display the Touch ID sensor at the bottom of the screen.

In a more cryptic tweet, the person said Apple also developed their own controller:

In the following days, leaker said that all four iPhone 12 phones could support 5G and that the navy blue option was being considered for the handset.

Then, he said the iMac would be postponed:

On Sunday, leakers said that Apple’s A14 chip which will drive the iPhone 12 series will also be delayed.

There’s a lot of information to open here, and we need time to see if any of this information comes out.

However, MacRumors shows that leaker reveals some key details of the iPhone SE before other leakers, including the launch window, storage capacity, and color. That person also knew the iPad Pro 2020 would be launched in the third week of March, apparently.

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