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Apple Arcade’s ‘Eternal Classics’ category Gives New Appeal to Old Games | Instant News

Apple launched its much-awaited Arcade subscription gaming service for its smartphones, tablets and computers in September 2019, and has slowly added new games to the list since then. Now, Apple is making some changes to how Arcade is set up for the first time. At Rs. 99 per month in India or Rs. 999 per year, Apple Arcade is competitively priced and more affordable than in other countries. The latest roster expansion is giving new life to Apple Arcade, and introducing two new categories.

With 30 new games added earlier this month, there were major changes to the platform. Unlike the original and exclusive games introduced Apple Arcade So far, the latest expansion offers two new categories for games —Timeless Classics and App Store Greats.

The former brings familiar games in a new look and feel to Apple devices, while the latter adds well-known premium games to the Arcade list at no additional cost on top of the subscription fee. I took a closer look at some of these new games, including Really Bad Chess +, Monument Valley +, NBA 2K21 Arcade Edition, and Star Trek: Legends, and talked to the developers behind these titles.

Really Bad Chess + changes the way you play Chess

Chess has recently gotten a huge boost in mainstream interest thanks to the limited Netflix series Gambit Queen. However, this may seem a little daunting to beginners, especially given the importance of openings, and the mind games that come into play in competitive Chess. That’s where Really Bad Chess + comes in, offering a brand-new and utterly outrageous version of the game.

Really Bad Chess + is the Arcade version of Zack Gage Really Bad Chess, which was released in 2016 on iOS. The new version is completely unlocked, with no in-app purchases or restrictions, but works the same way as the original. “There are pawns randomly generated on the board, all fairness between competitors is removed, and there is no room for traditional learning or unveiling,” said Zach Gage, the developer behind Really Bad Chess +.

You start with what looks like an advantage in terms of the pieces you want, but the game soon finds ways to reverse that advantage or exploit your weakness. The graphics are simple, with a focus on gameplay. “It’s obviously inspired by Chess, but it’s not real Chess either,” said Gage of the game he’s developed.

Really Bad Chess + is part of the Timeless Classics collection, which also includes a variety of other simple casual games based on Sudoku, Word Search, Checkers, Solitaire, and many more. And if you want to play chess well, Apple Arcade has one too Chess – Play and Learn + available in the collection too.

Monument Valley + brings back perspective-based puzzle solving

The second new collection is the App Store Greats, and one of the main titles is Monument Valley +. As with Really Bad Chess +, the Arcade version is completely unlocked with all levels and extensions available for immediate play. “Even though we made Monument Valley 2 free to play last year, the original Monument Valley remained a premium game. This new version brings the game into Apple Arcade’s subscription model, ”said Maria Sayans, CEO of Ustwo Games, developer of the series.

Ustwo Games has collaborated with Apple Arcade in the past as well, and was released Alba: Wildlife Adventure on the platform in December 2020. However, Monument Valley remains one of the most iconic games ever for a mobile platform, and adds tremendous value to customers who may not have played this perspective-based puzzle solver from 2014.

Big franchises get new Apple Arcade games

While Apple Arcade games are usually standalone titles, recent expansions have added several familiar names and franchises to the list. Among the most interesting new games are NBA 2K21 Arcade Edition, which is the mobile version of the popular basketball game for high-end consoles and PCs. This is one of the most significant cross-platform titles to get the Arcade version, suggesting that more of such games are in the works.

Fans of the Star Trek universe are also getting something in the latest expansion, with Star Trek: Legends. While the game doesn’t follow and won’t affect the Star Trek canon, it still has enough familiarity and material for fans of the franchise, according to Amir Lotan, Creative Director at Tilting Point, the developer behind the game.

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Apple donates $1 to every Apple Pay transaction to celebrate Earth Day | Instant News

Apple announced plans on Wednesday to celebrate Earth Day. Apple Pay Long-term benefit from the donation plan of the International Conservation Organization, a partner of environmental protection initiatives.

Apple said in an email to Apple Pay users that it will donate $1 to Conservation International through its various stores, including Apple.com, Apple Store applications and physical Apple Stores. The promotion period is live broadcast and lasts until April 22.

The International Conservation Organization, established in 1987, is an organization dedicated to protecting the environment through field investigations and cooperation with companies. According to this email, the organization has helped protect more than 6 million square kilometers of land and sea in more than 70 countries.

Apple previously launched the “Earth Day” initiative in cooperation with the International Fund for Conservation of Nature In 2018, Pledged to donate to each device submitted through the Apple GiveBack program.The two also collaborated on a project to protect Colombians mangrove forest with Protect Kenyan grasslands In 2019.

Today’s email also includes links to sustainable businesses that sell products and services through the App Store, as well as links to “A year when the earth changed“This is an Apple TV+ exclusive report detailing the rise of nature during the coronavirus lockdown. This film is narrated by David Attenborough.

Apple regularly celebrates Earth Day through special events, donations to environmental organizations, and green business initiatives. The company’s retail stores usually change the logo to green to commemorate the occasion.


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Apple is preparing to launch a new random product serial number before the “spring loading” event | Instant News

Apple makes a sudden security change to its chips in the fall of 2020

According to Apple support documents, Apple made unusual in-production hardware changes to the A12, A13, and S5 processors in its devices in the fall of 2020 to update the secure storage components. According to the Apple support page discovered by Twitter user Andrew Pantyukhin, Apple changed the Secure Enclave for many products in the fall of 2020: Note: A12, A13, S4 and S5 products…


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Assuming that “iPhone 13 Pro” presents a smaller notch and a thicker case | Instant News

A report on Tuesday claimed to have the internal information of Apple’s flagship iPhone product that is expected to be launched in 2021, saying that the upcoming mobile phone series will have a larger “notch” and a slightly thicker chassis than TrueDepth. iPhone 12 Pro.

Citing unnamed sources, 91 mobile phones Report expected “iPhone 13 Professional Edition devices will carry over Follow iPhone 12 Last year’s series.

The rendering provided by the site shows a familiar device with flat sides, a “bump” rear camera, and a thin-bezel display. The only change seems to be the smaller TrueDepth notch when the headset is relocated. So-called”iPhone 13“Leak Earlier today.

Previous rumors indicate that Apple will move small speaker units to key imaging devices such as front-facing color and infrared cameras, thereby pushing audio components further to the top of the iPhone.

The phone is said to be 0.2mm thicker than the iPhone 12 Pro. This is a change from website speculation, which may be to accommodate a larger battery.Analyst’s previous report Ming-Chi Kuo note Apple plans to migrate to space-saving products LCP soft board battery By 2021, although it is not clear how the new technology will affect battery size.

91 mobile phones It is relatively new for Apple Rumor Games and lacks important records in predicting the details of future devices.In other words, the publication does provide Accurate information Around 2020 iPad Air.


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“Full load” expectations: no secrets or hidden messages in Apple event invitations | Instant News

Apple officially announced a new product event, which has caused some fanatical fans to release magnifying glasses and tin foil hats again, desperately looking for clues hidden in the event invitation. These clues simply do not exist and have never appeared.

For an example of the types of “hidden” messages you can find in Apple event invitations, let’s go back to October 2010, when Apple invited members of the press to attend Its “Back to Mac” campaign. At the time, Apple had not announced the name of its next major version. Mac OS X, But the invitation clearly spread it out, peeking at the lion behind the rotating Apple logo.

Calling it “secret” or “hidden” is absurd-the invitation is as subtle as a sledgehammer. Sure enough, Mac OS X 10.7 Lion was released on October 20, 2010, Sherlock Holmes does not need to completely get rid of the Victorian La-Z-Boy figure.

If you still keep drinking, you can take a look at the Macworld 2008 invitation letter, With the slogan “There is something in the air”. Apple will continue to announce the first MacBook Air At the exhibition, but the invitation letter only uses the thin font and the top of the Apple logo, unless you have a product with “Air” in the product name, there is nothing hidden or particularly insightful about the upcoming hardware. Your event bingo card.

Dating back to October 2001, the first iPod release invitation was accompanied by a slogan: “Reminder: It’s not a Mac.” Similarly, it is not completely hidden or secret when it is clearly reminded for you. That is just an ordinary trailer.

Apple likes to use funny word games to cause buzz to laugh at what it will display at the event, but Apple is smart enough not to go beyond this range. Inviting fans to detect with hidden information will make rumors, speculations and expectations out of control. Moreover, Apple is not interested in over-hype incidents, it just disappointed them in the end.

Lift the veil of the first generation IPad In January 2010. The invitation letter says: “Come and see our latest work”, With a white Apple logo on it, splashed with paint. There are rumors that it is clear that Apple will announce a tablet computer (the invitation letter basically confirms this), but speculation about the invitation letter is still crazy, and fans are trying to find something that doesn’t exist.

A popular theory is Picked up Los Angeles Times And other major news media: The splash of paint may hint at the product name of the upcoming tablet: “Apple Canvas”. Do not. That’s far away.

Or consider Apple’s September 2015 event, iPhone mobile phone Was announced.This Cheeky invitation: “Hey Siri, give us a hint” Lead people to speculate on Apple’s Siri voice assistant May be overhauled. Siri did play a role in the event-even on battery power, the iPhone 6s series allows the always-on “Hey Siri”, while the new Apple TV With Siri integration function. But this is not the fantasy makeover that some people get from the invitation, and Siri is certainly not the focus of the speech.

Last September, Apple issued an invitation to participate in the event The slogan “Time Flies” written on it, Obvious Apple WatchThe timing device will be the highlight of this event, as Covid-related delays delayed the launch of the new iPhone to October. The answer is right before our eyes, but there are still crazy guesses.

You will find that in this case, the “Time Flies” event invitation does have a Little secret -Click the logo on Apple’s website on the updated iPhone or iPad, allowing users to view the logo in augmented reality. That’s it. There is no big revelation, no deeper mystery.

That didn’t stop The internet From the suggestion The “hidden clues” in the invitation may suggest new clues ARKit Features announced at the event, or features that have long been rumored by the company Augmented reality headset The veil can be lifted. After all, the time-of-flight sensor on the new camera improves AR technology, and the slogan “time flies” may imply this. There is still no such announcement.

Apple event invitations are fun and smart, but they are not meant to be a mysterious box with deep and secret secrets about the meaning of life, let alone the next iPad. Most of what you see is what you get. Leave your detective expenses in the escape room.

For the event next week on April 20th, Called “spring loaded” The invitation contains colorful swashes in the shape of the Apple logo-you might use Apple pencil On the iPad. The waveform is also spring-like. get it? “Spring-loaded”? Very smart, that’s all.

In other words, don’t expect to have Apple headphones or Apple Pogo Stick.


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