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According to the FCC declaration, the iPhone 12 model may support reverse charging of future Apple accessories | Instant News

iPhone 11 Pro beats iPhone 12 and 12 Pro in extensive battery life test

Arun Maini shared a new side-by-side iPhone battery life video test on his YouTube channel Mrwhosetheboss today to time the new iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro on a single charge with the same brightness, settings, battery health and usage. All devices are running iOS 14 without a SIM card inserted. In the test, the durability of the iPhone 11 Pro exceeded…


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The iPhone 12 lineup can enable personal hotspots via faster 5GHz Wi-Fi | Instant News

Such as Pointed out by MacRumors contributor Steve Moserwith Confirmed by Aaron Zollo, IPhone 12 series introduced support for personal hotspot network sharing through faster 5GHz Wi-Fi, while the previous iPhone was 2.4GHz Wi-Fi.

All iPhone 12 models enable the “Personal Hotspot” feature of Wi-Fi above 5GHz by default. In the “Settings”> “Personal Hotspot” menu on these devices, there is a new “Maximize Compatibility” switch, which will restore the “Personal Hotspot” to 2.4GHz Wi-Fi when enabled. Apple pointed out that this may be reduced The Internet performance of the device connected to the hotspot.

The combination of iPhone 12 models that support higher speed 5G networks and the higher maximum throughput of 5GHz Wi-Fi paves the way for faster personal hotspots, but tests must be conducted to confirm the exact increase in speed. Keep in mind that although 5GHz Wi-Fi is faster than 2.4GHz Wi-Fi, it has a shorter range, so the speed of the personal hotspot will vary depending on the distance between the bound device and the iPhone.


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The iPhone 12 upgrade interferes with the notification of the COVID-19 contact application, how to solve it | Instant News

some iPhone 12 with iPhone 12 Pro Users in the UK report that their new device is in “NHS COVID-19Contact tracking appTo make it unusable (Via BBC News).

“Unfortunately, you cannot run this application”

Similar errors and problems Reported Contact tracking apps in other regions also use Apple’s Exposure notice API.When transferring the app from an older version, there seems to be an error iPhone use iCloud Backup data transfer. To correct this problem, users in the UK are advised to do the following:

  1. turn on Set value.
  2. select Notice.
  3. Tap Exposure notice.
  4. turn on Allow notification Options.

Users in Other countries You may only need to restart its contact tracking application to re-enable the permission, or follow the same steps above.

The problem seems to be due to iOS not requiring users to enable Allow notification Obtaining permission when transferring to a new device, it is not clear whether this is required. As a result, the contact tracking application cannot enable the Bluetooth-based technology required for its normal operation.

Although simply removing and reinstalling the application seems to solve the problem, it is not recommended.A fresh install will prompt to show the exposure notification again, but this method will erase all the information previously collected by the app, including all the places the user has checked in, so not suggested Unless the initial repair is invalid.

To verify the history of your exposure notification location, go to Settings -> Exposure Notification -> Exposure Log Status -> Exposure Check.

Since ‌iPhone 12‌ and ‌iPhone 12 Pro‌ have not been included in the content of the NHS, it makes things even more confusing. List of compatible devices.

‌IPhone 12‌ and ‌iPhone 12 Pro‌ should actually be able to run England and Wales’ contact tracking software, which uses Apple and Google Exposure Notification API. So far, approximately 18 million Britons have installed the NHS COVID-19 app.

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Apple shared a new “Dark Universe” experiment video on iPhone 12 Pro | Instant News

New photos give better look to iPhone 12 color options

While waiting for the iPhone 12 review embargo to be lifted later today, more photos are circulating under real-world lighting conditions to better view the various colors available. Leaker DuanRui shared white, black, blue, green and (PRODUCT)RED images on Twitter on iPhone 12. Black and white colors are similar to iPhone 11 colors, but other colors…


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iFixit shares complete iPhone 12 and 12 Pro teardown reveals interchangeable displays and batteries | Instant News

Rear Live streaming media teardown The iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro at the beginning of this week, iFixit provide All components of the new device have undergone a more in-depth disassembly, revealing the similarities between the two.

Early tests conducted by iFixit showed that the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro displays are interchangeable and can be used interchangeably, although the maximum brightness levels of the two are slightly different. With the exception of the display screen and no other internal parts, these devices look almost the same.

After removing the iPhone 12’s camera cover, there seems to be a plastic gasket to replace the iPhone 12 Pro’s telephoto lens and LiDAR scanner.

Confirmed that both iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro have the same 2,815mAh battery Earlier this week, And iFixit can also confirm this. In addition, iFixit said that the batteries of the two devices are interchangeable.

The X-ray was provided by Creative Electron and showed almost the same L-shaped logic board, battery and circular magnet array, and MagSafe support was introduced in these two devices.independent Disassembly of Apple MagSafe charger The design shared by iFixit reveals a simple design in which magnets and charging coils surround a small circuit board.

‌The repairability score of iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro is 10 (out of 6 points). iFixit said that many of the components are modular and easy to replace, but the site lamented that Apple continues to use proprietary screws to increase the water resistance of the device, which may complicate the situation. Repairs, and the possibility of damage to the front and rear glass of both devices increases.


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