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First impressions of owners of the new iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 12 Pro Max | Instant News

Today is Friday, November 13, this is the official release date of the product iPhone 12 Mini and iPhone 12 Pro highest iPhone Orders have reached customers, and Apple has begun selling new devices in retail stores.

Picture from MacRumors reader Aqing

We have seen multiple reviews of these two new iPhones from media websites, but now, ordinary customers have the smallest and largest iPhones on hand and have shared their views on the device online. Mcrums forum. For those who are waiting for their new “iPhone” or are considering buying, the impression of ordinary consumers will provide useful insights.

iPhone 12 mini

Mcrums reader Elephant peanut There are many ideas to share. The flat edges form a “welcome deviation” from the round edges, but the design makes the phone look and feel thicker. White is the color of “elegant but cute”, more warm white than cool white.

The size of the display is great. Although I wouldn’t say it is within reach, it is much easier compared to a 5.8-inch iPhone. If your hand is smaller, the weight is lighter and it is easy to get the iphone over your hand.

True Tone seems to be more aggressive than my ‌iPhone‌ 8. Compared with the OLED ‌iPhone‌ X, my 12 Mini is yellowish/greenish when True Tone is turned off, and is obviously yellowish when True Tone is turned on.

Mcrums reader Hubaman Some useful photos of ‌iPhone 12‌ mini are shared in the leather case for those who want to know the appearance of the new leather case.

Mcrums reader Pinchies He said that the size is good and can be typed with one hand, but entering the Control Center still “needs manual shuffling”.The screen is darker than the screen iPhone 11, And not as sharp as expected. Mcrums reader Skyhawk Matthew However, he disagrees with clarity, and said “The color and clarity on the monitor look great.”

Before 2016 iPhone SE owner classification It is said that the ‌iPhone 12‌ mini is both heavy and large, larger than expected, and not as convenient as the SE in terms of chassis size.

Picture from MacRumors reader WRXiceman

Other insights from the owners of ‌iPhone 12‌ mini:

  • It is so small and light, just like air
  • Compared with other products in the ‌iPhone 12‌ series, this notch takes up too much screen
  • Compared with the old iPhone, the sound of the speakers is much better, but the sound is “thin” and less bass than “iPhone 11”
  • The screw on the bottom of the mini does not match the color of the device
  • The display is warmer than the old iPhone
  • ‌IPhone 12‌ mini is almost invisible in your pocket

iPhone 12 Pro Max

Mcrums reader Vengapat9 He returned his “iPhone 12 Pro” due to battery life issues and chose the “iPhone 12 Pro” Max with a larger battery. He said that mobile phones are “big as hell,” “a bit small,” and larger screens display “even better” more information.

Picture via Mcrums Reader Sal09

Mcrums reader Gtg456x Love the larger screen size and say that it “doesn’t look big”.

I have been arguing between Pro and Pro Max. I have used ‌iPhone for X for 3 years, but before that I had a 7 Plus, and have missed the experience of using a large screen in the past few years, but I am worried about the size and weight of the 12 Pro Max. people. Well, 12 Pro Max is here today, I tell you, this is the right decision! After only 30 minutes of use, I watched something on the ‌iPhone‌ X, and my goodness, the screen now looks small. How have I used it for three years? To be honest, it doesn’t seem to be that big yet. It seems to be the same as all the large phones of the past decade.

Mcrums reader Brian Gray That the stability of video recording is “incredible”, and Mcrums reader Luone It means that the speaker quality of ‌iPhone 12 Pro‌ Max is very fast.

Other insights from the owners of ‌iPhone 12 Pro‌ Max:

  • Golden is stunning and elegant
  • Face ID is the same as 11 Pro Max
  • Weight similar to 11 Pro Max
  • It feels stronger and firmer than 11 Pro Max
  • HDR video is amazing, looks very real and full of energy
  • This is huge and it may take a while to get used to

Is there a new ‌iPhone 12‌ mini or ‌iPhone 12 Pro‌ Max? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.make sure Check out our iPhone forum Likewise, people share more ideas on new phones, photos, etc.


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New Zealand and Australia’s first iPhone 12 Mini and iPhone 12 Pro Max orders arrive | Instant News

Is already in Australia, New Zealand and some Asian countries/regions on November 13, which means iPhone 12 Mini and iPhone 12 Pro The Max release date has officially begun.

Due to different time zones, customers in New Zealand and Australia are always the first to use the new device. Those who book on November 6 will get iPhone 12 Pro Max and 12 mini.

InstagramiPhone 12‌ Mini pictures via Instagram

Photos and videos of the new device are on Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, Mcrums Forum etc.

because there’s none Apple Store In New Zealand, Australian customers are the first Apple retail position. In Australia, the available in-store inventory will give us an idea of ​​what we expect in other “Apple Stores” around the world.

Placed iPhone 12 Pro‌ Max orders will not be delivered until December at most, but ‌iPhone 12‌ mini orders will arrive before the end of November. However, those who do not want to wait may prefer to pick up the goods in the store tomorrow.

Following New Zealand and Australia, sales of the iPhone 12 mini and 12 Pro Max will begin in the Middle East, Europe and then North America. Global “Apple Stores” will open around 8:00 a.m. local time to allow customers to pick up reserved devices and make a one-time purchase.

Please make sure to follow MacRumors throughout tomorrow and next week, as we will provide a large number of ‌iPhone 12‌ mini‌ and 12 Pro Max coverage, including hands-on operation and some in-depth camera comparisons.


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Apple executives discuss iPhone 12 and Apple camera design methods | Instant News

iPhone Francesca Sweet, Product Line Manager, and Jon McCormack, VP of Apple Camera Software Engineering, accept a new interview PetaPixel, Providing insights on Apple camera design and development methods. Crucially, the executives explained that Apple views camera technology as a combination of hardware and software.

Interviews revealed that Apple sees the main goal of smartphone photography as allowing users to “stay in the moment, take great photos, and return to what they are doing” without being disturbed by the technology behind it.

McCormack explained that as professional photographers go through the process of fine-tuning and editing photos, Apple is trying to reduce the process to a single action of capturing frames.

McCormack said: “We will copy as much as possible the work done by the photographer in the post.” “There are two aspects to taking photos: exposure and later development methods. We use a lot of computational photography in exposure, but In the later stage, more and more automatic photos are taken for you. The purpose of this is to look more realistic photos to replicate the feeling of real existence.”

He went on to describe how Apple uses machine learning to decompose the scene into natural parts for computational image processing.

“Background, foreground, eyes, lips, hair, skin, clothes, sky. We deal with all these independently through a series of local adjustments, just like in Lightroom,” McCormack continued. “We adjust everything from exposure, contrast, and saturation, and put them together… We understand the appearance of food, and can optimize color and saturation accordingly to be more faithful.

As we all know, the sky is difficult to get right, and Smart HDR 3 allows us to separate the sky and treat it completely independently, and then merge it back to reproduce the actual state more faithfully. “

McCormack explains why Apple chose to join Dolby Vision HDR video ability iPhone 12 queue.

“Apple wants to unravel the entangled HDR industry, and how they are leading this trend with truly outstanding content creation tools. It stems from making HDR videos that are both small and complex because it requires expensive cameras and videos. With the kit, until now, my 15-year-old daughter can create a complete Dolby Vision HDR video. Therefore, there will be more Dolby Vision content around. Now, it is in the interest of the industry to develop more support.”

The executives also discussed ‌iPhone 12‌ and iPhone 12 ProSaid: “The new wide-format camera, improved image fusion algorithm can reduce noise and provide better details.” ‌iPhone 12 Pro‌ Max’s specific camera improvements have also attracted attention:

“With Pro Max, we can expand this feature even further, because the larger sensor allows us to capture more light in a shorter period of time, thereby better freezing motion at night.”

When asked why Apple now only chooses to use the “iPhone 12 Pro” Max to increase the sensor size, McCormack revealed Apple’s view:

He said: “Talking about a particular speed and feed of an image or camera system is not so meaningful to us.” “When creating a camera system, we will consider all these things and then consider what can be done in terms of software. All things… of course you can choose a larger sensor, which has a shape problem, or you can ask from the entire system whether there are other ways to do this. We consider what the goal is, the goal is not to have one We can boast of a larger sensor. The goal is to ask how to take measures to take more beautiful photos under more conditions people are in. It is this idea that brings deep fusion, night mode and temporary image signal processing .”

Read the full interview about Sweet and McCormack at PetaPixel.


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#IPhone12Studio gets a new Twitter hash logo, which may indicate a new Apple Store feature [Update: Now Available] | Instant News

The theme tag #iphone12studio got a new theme logo from Apple.The hashtag may indicate that the new Apple Watch style studio is working on iPhone 12, But it is not clear what it will be used for promotion.

New hashflag, first highlighted by Twitter account @hashflagsio, Is the first time Apple has used it for other purposes than activities.Apple released a logo mark for its upcoming logo Apple events this week, And the company also launched a similar service Logo hash logo For its first two events.

#Iphone12studio hashflag is now active, showing iPhone 12 Pro Max case and aiPhone 12 Pro‌ case Magnetic safety wallet.

After launching Apple Watch Series 5 in 2019, Apple launched Apple Watch Studio On the Apple Store. This feature allows customers to combine different Apple Watch case sizes, surface treatments and straps to create a unique appearance. According to Apple, Apple Watch Studio offers more than 1,000 different watch combinations.

The label’s mockery of the similar “iPhone 12” Studio may indicate that similar features of the “iPhone 12” and its “MagSafe” accessories are coming soon. Apple offers a variety of color-coordinated MagSafe cases and accessories next to theiPhone 12, so Apple may be looking to take advantage of its growing accessory market and allow users to understand the appearance of different combinations.

However, it is strange that Apple has activated hashflag before announcing the new feature.Before Apple’s “Time Flies” event in September, Apple Customize #AppleEvent Twitter hashtag Before announcing the event, thus indicating that the invitation is about to be released. Whether Apple intends to release the #iphone12studio hashflag early is still unknown.

Twitter allows brands to add custom emojis next to tags as a marketing strategy.according to Agency ideas, Twitter hashtags can cost as much as one million dollars, and they are usually used for large events, such as the Super Bowl or holidays.

Update: ‌IPhone 12‌ Studio features are Available now on the Apple Store, Let customers see Different combinations ‌IPhone 12‌ with ‌MagSafe‌ case and accessories.


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Apple reveals how your next iPhone includes 1 game-changing feature | Instant News

The iPhone 12 lacks a very important feature, but Apple has just revealed how next year’s iPhone will include the game-changing features you’ve been waiting for.

In many ways, the iPhone 12 is disappointing (at least to me) because it Does not include the features we really need In today’s world full of coronavirus. In fact, for some people, the lack of Touch ID in Apple’s latest iPhone is a big problem because Face ID cannot be used while wearing a mask.

But now, Apple disclosed how Touch ID might be restored to next year’s iPhone models in the patent filed this week.No need to bring back the physical “home” button-the current Touch ID method on the touch screen iPhone SE-Or use Power button Just like on the new iPad Air, Apple can use infrared light and penetrating display imaging technology, Apple Insider.

This method allows Apple to bring Touch ID back to the “home” button area without having to reintroduce physical buttons on the iPhone.

of patent The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office granted a patent this week called “Shortwave Infrared Optical Imaging Through Electronic Device Displays,” which explains how to perform fingerprint recognition only by using light and working around the display element.

The optical imaging system described by Apple can work by transmitting short-wave infrared light upward. This will interact with your finger and reflect light back based on the ridge that is in contact with the phone screen. The photosensitive element in the same optical imaging system can receive the reflected infrared light and take a part of the fingerprint for analysis. Cool?

The system may be very accurate, and infrared light will not affect the user because it is invisible to the human eye.

The absence of Touch ID on the iPhone 12 is very disappointing, but hopefully the 2021 iPhone 13 will include the game-changing fingerprint recognition technology we have been waiting for. It doesn’t matter whether it is displayed (as described in the patent) or through the power button, but it is interesting to speculate while we wait.


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