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Sony plans to increase its efforts to bring PlayStation series products to the iPhone | Instant News

Sony hopes to expand its mobile game workload and publish a job advertisement, indicating its intention to enable many PlayStation franchises to be played on it iPhone And the future iPad.

jobs advertising Looking for someone to serve as the “Head of Sony Interactive Entertainment PlayStation Studios” in California. The list states that the candidate will “lead all aspects of game development, from consoles and PCs to mobile and real-time services”, but the focus is on “successfully adapting the development of PlayStation’s most popular mobile game.”

The successful applicant will also be responsible for “building and expanding the mobile leader team” and will serve as the “head of the new business unit of PlayStation Studios.”

Judging from the job advertisement, Sony is eager to accelerate the development of its mobile games, but it may take some time to appear. European games Report roadmap The mobile business roadmap will last three to five years.

The PlayStation Mobile release tag already exists and works, and has produced some mobile games, including “Run Sackboy! Run!” with “Unknown: Fortune Hunter” among them. It has also served as the publisher of certain PC ports of PlayStation games, including “Horizon: Zero Dawn” and “Everyone Struggles for Running”.

Sony used to have an important position in the field of mobile games, such as the Xperia Play smartphone and its handheld game consoles PlayStation Portable and PS Vita. You can also use the following devices to play PlayStation games on your iPhone or iPad: Remote playback application Stream from the console over the network.

Sony is also rereading the path that Nintendo has already taken. In 2017, Nintendo began to release iPhone games based on major franchises, such as “Super Mario Run” and “Fire Emblem Heroes.” Well received By the public.


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How can the new 2021 iPad Pro truly become “Pro”? | Instant News

With the new iPad professionals There are rumors that it will be released soon, and “iPadOS 15” is expected to follow closely at WWDC 2021. AppleInsider has listed a large number of hardware and software updates that may bring desires to professional users.

Apart from these upgrades, there are not many other ways of rumor. However, this is the list we would like to see.

Improved external monitor support

in order to IPad In order to grow into a true PC replacement, it will need to allow users to dock and connect to a larger external display.right now iPad operating system Having gained strong mouse/trackpad and keyboard support, the next step is to implement native resolution on the external display.

What needs to be clear is that iPadOS currently provides support for external displays, but the ratio of its display to the iPad itself is 4:3. When the app supports content on the iPad (for example, when playing a video), the content on the iPad will expand to the entire screen, but otherwise, the iPad experience on the external screen is limited to the reverse letterbox view.

As far as we know, there are no technical limitations on this. This only makes sense when the iPad is a pure touch interface and requires the user to interact with the tablet itself. But now almost all Bluetooth mice or touchpads can be connected to the iPad, and the need to use the iPad’s display is reduced, and the external display should be able to be expanded to display the entire operating system natively.

Of course, this requires developers to do some work, and developers need to design their applications to scale to different screen sizes and sizes (the most famous are 16:9 and 16:10 aspect ratios).

However, if iOS and iPadOS applications are running on this machine Mac computer with Apple Silicon, Probably has inspired developers to write code for their applications to get more display sizes. The external display support of the iPad Pro is very suitable.

Better multitasking

We do not imagine developing for you, but to provide an imaginary concept of how multitasking can work better on the iPad Pro. We just say that the current system is not it.

Apple needs to return to the drawing board again and reconsider the iPadOS multitasking system. Currently, it is clumsy and impractical, and certainly not intuitive. It also considers touch in the design, so it is not suitable for mouse and keyboard input.

The process of opening and closing a second application (especially an application that may not be in the docking station) is clearly a sign of improvement. For users who like to use iPad Pro in portrait mode, it is best to place two apps vertically.

Regarding when iPadOS closes the application in the background, the background application refresh is still a mystery. For professional users, it is best to have control over the applications running in the background, perhaps turning the application switcher into a less switcher, and more display the actual content that is running and using RAM.

No additional gestures or movements are required to display the application dock. Apple should add an option to always show the docking station.

Professional users should also have the ability to delete the “home page” from the bottom of the screen. Yes, we know where to swipe the card to return home.

Real professional application

You will notice that most of the content we list here are software limitations. This is because the iPad hardware is powerful and well-designed. But in terms of software, it feels like Apple hasn’t gotten rid of the training road.

One way to change is to bring true professional applications to the iPad Pro.Apple should have a complete, native and touch-friendly version Xcode, Final Cut Pro X, Logic Pro X, Motion, Compressor and MainStage.

Let them all cross-buy Mac App Store And the iPadOS App Store, allowing professional users on the Mac to migrate to the iPad Pro and use it as its main computer for trial.

Apple can’t force third-party developers to make their iPadOS applications as powerful as Macs, but Apple can lead by example and showcase the iPad Pro as a truly professional-grade application destination.

Switch to Apple Silicon, and availability of the iPad app Apple system, Because the streamlined application for the touch screen was migrated to the Mac with minimal changes, causing criticism. This criticism is fair, but it must be remembered that the transition to Apple Silicon is not one-way, it also makes it easier for Mac applications to enter the iPad.

More powerful file system and “file” applications

“Files” app IOS iPadOS is a step in the right direction, but it is severely lacking compared to the Finder on the Mac.

On the one hand, it is an off-road vehicle. Sometimes seemingly basic operations (such as copying files from one location and pasting them into another folder) will completely crash the system, especially when managing a large number of files.

Viewing options, marking, and file sorting also lack features available on the Mac. Why can’t I access media files such as photos and music through the file system?

The documentation is a good start-when it was released with iPadOS 13 in 2019. Professional users need more functionality and reliability.

Extended keyboard and shortcut support

Power users on the Mac often rely on keyboard shortcuts to quickly access certain functions. However, everyone’s use cases are different, which is why macOS has provided powerful system-wide support for custom keyboard shortcuts for many years, configurable for specific applications or all applications.

iPadOS lags far behind macOS in this respect, which is logical for professional users. If these shortcuts can be extended beyond the native OS functions and allow third-party application functions, you can get extra points.

Maybe Apple can integrate this feature into its Shortcuts app, which already provides strong support for third-party apps. By adding the ability to create keyboard commands to call shortcuts, Apple can greatly expand the advanced user support in iPadOS.

Undoubtedly, this is because Apple has added support for widgets to the application next to the application icon. iPhone last year. The strange thing is that although the iPad Pro has more power and a larger display, it has not yet received this feature.

This may be more of the iPadOS upgrade than the iPad exclusive upgrade, but in any case, it is on our wish list.

Apple Watch integration

In addition to being able to unlock the Mac, Apple Watch The integration is mainly related to the iPhone. With all Apple hardware now running Apple Silicon and the same base code, it makes sense to start tearing down these walls and letting the Apple Watch interact with the iPad.

When your iPad Pro is within the effective range, it is great to be able to receive notifications from the iPad Pro on your watch. Users may set different notifications on their iPhone and iPad, but both notifications can be received when the iPad is within the effective range.

We also want to be able to set up, customize, and manage Apple Watch from the iPad, so introducing the “Apple Watch” application from the iPhone is another logical choice.

What do you want to see?

Obviously, we are only discussing the next development direction of the iPad. We haven’t even studied the long-term features of the Mac, such as multi-user support, and there are no rumors about adding Thunderbolt ports to iPad Pro models. We are curious about your idea that the iPad Pro will become a more professional computer alternative.Let us know in the comments or on Twitter @appleinsider.


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LG exits “very competitive” smartphone business | Instant News

LG will close its entire mobile business unit on July 31 and focus on components, connected devices and smart homes.

As expected Loss of US$4.4 billion LG announced in 2020 that it will abandon the smartphone market. In addition to being described as “inventory of certain existing models,” all LG smartphones will stop selling after July 31.

The company said: “LG Electronics (LG) announced that it will close its mobile business unit.” In a statement. “The decision was approved by its board of directors earlier today.”

It continued: “LG’s strategic decision to withdraw from the highly competitive mobile phone industry will allow the company to focus its resources on growth areas such as electric vehicle components, connected devices, smart homes, robotics, artificial intelligence and business-to-business solutions and platforms. and service.”

Since the establishment of the company, rumors about the closure have been increasing It is said to have failed Find buyers for the business department. It is not clear how this shutdown will affect LG’s provision of smartphone technology to Apple, and the official announcement only indirectly solves this problem.

It said: “Looking forward, LG will continue to use its mobile expertise to develop mobility-related technologies, such as 6G, to help further enhance its competitiveness in other business areas.” “Twenty years of LG’s mobile business operations The core technology developed in China will also be retained and applied to existing and future products.”

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Tim Cook may leave Apple in the next ten years | Instant News

Apple CEO Tim Cook He said that he does not expect to stay in the company in the next ten years, but currently has no plans to resign.

in Extensive interview with New York Times Apple’s Tim Cook writer Kara Swisher declined to talk about succession planning, but did talk about how long he might continue to lead the company.

Cook is entering his tenth year as CEO of Apple. Her podcast interview, Swishert explicitly asked if he would stay for another ten years.

“In another ten years?” Cook said. “Probably not. But I can tell you that I feel good now, and the date is not far away. But another ten years is a long time-maybe not another ten.”

Swisher asked him what plans he had after he left, and what to do if Apple supported him.

He said: “I don’t have a clue, because I love this company so much, it’s hard to imagine life without it.” “So I don’t know until I’m not here. Because I think I will run so fast that I will never really think about it again until I stop running. Does it make sense?”

Cook’s tenth anniversary as CEO is in August.During the co-founder period, he did run Apple for a while Steve JobsDisease.but he Permanent takeover Started on August 24, 2011.

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Defend Apple’s iPhone leather wallet with MagSafe | Instant News

As a lean wallet fan, the idea of ​​abandoning my wallet altogether has been attracted for some time.Although I have not lived in a utopian era without a wallet, Apple often compares the iPhone leather wallet with Magnetic control safety Although you may have heard voices from critics, it is still great.

I have been using Apple’s MagSafe wallet and iPhone 12 Pro And Apple’s official MagSafe silicon protective case, because they were all launched last fall. Depending on the thickness of your card, it can hold two or three (in my case, driver’s license, credit card and New York City MetroCard). Since switching to the Apple MagSafe wallet, I have also picked up the money holder when I needed cash.

It is priced at $59, which is more expensive in terms of wallets (among all official iPhone accessories), but the manufacturer’s suggested retail price is not high. For example, I saw a lot of advertisements about Ridge wallets on TV. The Ridge wallet is a thin, pocket-friendly product with a starting price of $85.

It is made of “European tanned leather and finished leather”, available in four colors (I chose “saddle brown”), with a few cards, and affixed to your back iPhone 12.

If I replace the paper-thin MetroCard with a third full-thickness card, it will be difficult to push the card upwards. Therefore, since the release, I have used two cards by default without any problems.

Since its launch, I have seen many complaints about Apple leather wallets, iMore Decide it As “more a collector’s item rather than an essential accessory”, and Mcrums Initially announced “A mess” in front of the commenter Change his mind. It can be said that if this is an accessory or wallet from any other company, there will not be much criticism, let alone a re-evaluation.

According to your personal preference, MagSafe wallet can be used with or without iPhone case.

I will not try to convince you that you should or should not use the Apple MagSafe wallet, because everyone has different needs, and the product seems to serve specific users who really like minimalist wallets. plus, We have reviewed. Instead, I will refute some of the main criticisms of the product:

Of course, it doesn’t have a lot of cards or cash

Apple’s main interest is to sell you iPhone (and Apple Watch) and let you use Apple Card Or other credit card through Apple Pay.in case Tim Cook If Co. and Co. had their druts, you wouldn’t use physical cards at all, but we still live in a world that requires cards (and cash in some cases).

Apple splits the difference evenly by providing a wallet that can hold several cards but no cash, which is intended to be used with Apple Pay.

Using MagSafe wallet will seriously reduce your carrying capacity.

Using MagSafe wallet will seriously reduce your carrying capacity.

Consider, Apple Card provides users with 2% cash back in click-to-pay transactions using Apple Pay, but only provides users with 1% cash back in purchases using physical titanium cards. Apple did its best to use titanium credit cards and cancelled the incentive to use it because it hopes to use NFC-based payment methods through the Apple Pay specification.

Not surprisingly, the company is interested in offering you a behemoth the size of a wallet that hangs on your phone.

The magnet is good and works well

I have watched some videos and complained that MagSafe wallets cannot be directly connected, and users will take pictures of them on the back of the phone at will, and show that it does not have a magical alignment method. To me, this seems to be a weird complaint-do they randomly jab the plugs and ports together?

Another complaint is that the magnet is not strong enough and the wallet has fallen off. I admit that I don’t wear skinny jeans, but I haven’t encountered this problem yet.

After connecting, the wallet is perfectly aligned with the back of the iPhone.

After connecting, the wallet is perfectly aligned with the back of the iPhone.

When I pushed the wallet and put it back on purpose, it was safer to put it on the iPhone 12’s Apple silicone protective case, presumably because the material of the protective case creates greater friction. Just connect it to a bare iPhone 12 (with a sleek metal back cover) and its wallet becomes easier, but I never took it off when I took it out of my pocket.

I think this is a “be careful” because a stronger magnet may make it difficult to remove your wallet from your iPhone, which is not suitable when trying to pay for dinner.

The material is good and it looks good

As I said, it is made from “European tanned leather”. Based on the description alone, I am surprised that Apple does not charge $99.

Apple’s expensive accessories have always been the best choice for critics

Finally, the criticism of the official iPhone leather wallet is more about Apple than the product itself. A $60 leather wallet compatible only with the latest iPhone models is an ambitious plan for a large company the size of Apple, and the products in its vast product line are fairly small and irrelevant.

Meaningless crying and gnashing of teeth are nothing new-seeing the $700 wheel on the Mac Pro, the Apple price of $1,000 Pro Display XDROr $10,000 in gold Apple Watch Version. At least in those cases, we are talking about optional accessories with prices in the three-digit, four-digit, and five-digit range.

In this case, Hue and Cries surpassed a $60 wallet. This wallet can indeed deliver on its promise, and the price is no different from other small leather wallets.


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