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“Final Fantasy VIII Remake” Review – I dreamt that I am a mobile port – TouchArcade | Instant News

Square Enix made some delicious salads to transplant its Final fantasy The game has been a long time. About 11 years have passed since the first two games of the series were launched on iOS, and as the years passed, other years followed. in 2011, Final Fantasy 3. in 2012, Final Fantasy 4. In 2013 and 2014, the fifth and sixth games arrived, which brought us to the edge of the PlayStation era in the series. In 2015, an important moment arrived: Final Fantasy 7 Here comes, although the changes made are less than the previous iOS version. Indeed, it feels like running in an emulator, but it’s still cool to see such a huge game playing on our small screen.

According to this model, think Final Fantasy 8 Will arrive in 2016.Ok we Have done get Final fantasy The game that year, but this is an impressive port Final Fantasy 9. Unlike previous games, this feels like a rebuild for the hardware.Maybe that prohibited Final Fantasy 8? At the time, I thought we would see the eighth competition coming in 2017.Instead, we got the original title Final Fantasy Dimension 2. Well, maybe in 2018?No, that ultimately is Final Fantasy 15 Pocket Edition. Oh, I get it! 2019 is the 20th anniversary Final Fantasy 8! Square Enix, you cunning puppy. But no, there was no such luck on mobile phones that year.it Have done come other platform. Maybe only a little behind on mobile devices?

2020 has passed and there is nothing left. Friends, I will be with you. I thought Square Enix would not do this for any reason. Then last week, I was checking the new version in the App Store, and, Final Fantasy 8 Remake (US$20.99) Sit there. Oh, okay. It’s better to be late than never, right?I want to know how long we have to wait Final Fantasy 10? Another question of time. A year and a half ago, when it was running on Nintendo Switch, I had already experienced this remake, so this run in the mobile version is more like checking how it transitioned than anything else.

So let’s start this part immediately. Final Fantasy 8 Remake More like Final Fantasy 7 Mobile ratio Final Fantasy 9 I’m afraid to move. Basically, it feels like the game is running in an emulator shell. You have a button overlay, and all operations are done through these virtual buttons. The pause button displays a menu with some functions you can adjust, including cheating, the color and opacity of the control overlay, and the choice of analog joystick or eight-way dpad for virtual motion. There is an auto-save function, well, that’s it.

Not that this is a bad Thing, but after the extra care, I do feel a little overwhelmed Final Fantasy 9.The layout of the virtual buttons also makes Final Fantasy 8Certain elements are awkward. Squall’s blade includes a well-timed R2 press to cause additional damage. It’s a trivial matter when it’s on the shoulder button, but it’s not very intuitive when it’s on the virtual button in the corner of the screen. Whenever the shoulder button works, this method will show its shortcomings. Currently, you have no choice but to deal with it. Things like controllers and iCloud support are clearly under development, but as of now, you have to use some careless touch controls.

Otherwise, this port works well. In fact, on the smaller screens of most mobile devices, the significant difference between high-resolution characters and the background is much smaller.It looks good and works well, somewhere in between Final Fantasy 7Basically untouched visual effects, Final Fantasy 9Extensive work.If you are with Final Fantasy 7Especially the mobile version, you may be satisfied Final Fantasy 8 Remake. Considering the asking price, I hope Square Enix can handle it better when it is released, regardless of the update plan.

Go beyond the port quality of the game itself, Final Fantasy 8 For many reasons, he has become one of the scum of the series. Like other scum (Final Fantasy 2 with Final Fantasy 13), it is easy to understand its reputation and love the game. It made some decisions based on its own plot that I didn’t really care about, but for most people, Final fantasy game. The cast is smaller than the part that sandwiches it, and their more solid nature (there is no one like Kate Sith or Quinner in this respect) eventually pushed many character works into pure adult drama. In the first half of the game, the protagonist is deliberately annoying, which is an aspect of the plot and usually not suitable for people.

However, perhaps more troublesome than its plot is its unusual mechanical properties. Final Fantasy 8 There are actually a lot of interesting and weird systems, but they don’t explain the best way to use them.Worse, if you try to play this game like everyone else Final fantasy In the game, you will have the most unpleasant time. The level of the enemy is directly proportional to the level of your team, so increasing the level can actually bite you on the hind limbs. You can use summoning often, but there are many better ways to cause damage without sitting on an animation that cannot be skipped. There is a great card game here, you might want to ignore it, but its rewards are very useful.

You can forcefully break through levels, although it may not be as easy as other games in the series.But true happiness Final Fantasy 8 Make full use of its mechanisms (especially the connection system that can improve statistics) and break things on your knees. You should avoid upgrading as much as possible, but don’t worry too much about it. As long as you are using and abusing the connection system, everything is fine for you. Oh, don’t ignore any party member. You may even need the things you least like at a very inconvenient time. Trust me.

I am hovering here in the tips of similar guides, but there is a reason for this.I used to hate Final Fantasy 8. The characters bother me. The twists and turns of one of the big plots are stupid to me. The development of some roles is impossible. However, the background behind all this and the reason these things irritate me more than usual may be that I can’t understand the mechanics of the game. Once I knew that conventional tactics were not the best way to proceed and I had to play the game in a game rather than my own way, then I eventually fell in love with it.It takes a while to enjoy work Final Fantasy 8 Appropriately. I’m not sure if this is a good thing, but if you are setting foot for the first time, it is definitely something you should know.

Final Fantasy 8 Remake Spent a lot of time on the mobile platform. This port is not the best port, but it is sufficient. Of course, if you have done well enough, you should be able to enjoy the game as it is. Now, whether the game meets your taste is another matter entirely. This is a strange duck, but for some reason it has a loyal following. If you are open to JRPG and wander off the beaten track in more than one way (and not always in a good way), then you might become a fan yourself.I am not sure if this is the correct follow-up measure Final Fantasy 7A great success, but there is still a lot to be loved Final Fantasy 8The unique charm.


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According to reports, Tencent has developed the “Apex Legends” mobile phone – TouchArcade under the supervision of Respawn | Instant News

The popular free battle royale game from EA and Respawn Entertainment Apex Legend It has been confirmed for use on mobile devices for some time, but there are few details about the actual mobile version.The latest news is Set to soft start last year. Apex Legends with Nextendo Switch version Finally dated, I think we will hear about the mobile version soon.Today from IGN India revealed Apex Legend Under the supervision of Respawn Entertainment, Tencent is developing products suitable for mobile devices. Apex Legend The report also stated that the product will also be launched in the third quarter of this year.See how Apex Legend Enter the mobile field, and whether it has cross-platform support on both PC and console versions, or will it eventually become its own thing PUBG mobile phone.Also a possibility Apex Legend With mobile devices, you can unlock things in PC and console games. This is what we recently included in Nintendo’s Animal Crossing: New Horizons By obtaining reward items Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp.Watching Apex Legend The trailer below:

Regarding expectations for device support, Apex Legend It is said that the phone used for mobile devices requires an A11 Bionic or higher chip, which means it will run on iPhone 8 and higher, while the Android version requires Snapdragon 625 and higher to play games. Apex Legend It is very popular on consoles and PC platforms, and recently appeared on Steam even before the Nintendo Switch release date. Hope EA announces the window for the following products: Apex Legend It can be used on mobile devices in the near future, but I expect that once the Nintendo Switch game is launched for a while, everything on mobile devices will start to scroll.There is no doubt that many portable game fans will play Apex Legend Nintendo Switch will be released on March 9.Do you play Apex Legend Regularly on any other system?

[Source: IGN India]


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“Genshin Impact” Ganyu story mission and banner ads will start tomorrow, and the game trailer will be released – TouchArcade | Instant News

The last big Yuan Zhen shock (free) The update brings a new map expansion and more other features. Read it here.Over the weekend, miHoYo revealed Yuan Zhen shock Available for iOS, Android, PS4, PS5 (via backward compatibility), and the PC will start to provide Ganyu with new story missions and banners later tomorrow. This news appears at the same time as the full display of the Ganyu character display trailer that you can watch below. Ganyu’s story search title is “Sinae Unicornis Chapter” and it will be permanently available from tomorrow; Ganyu’s tagline “Adrift in the Harbour” will continue from tomorrow until February 2.Watching Yuan Zhen shock The trailer for Ganyu English is as follows:

play Yuan Zhen shock In the Sinae Unicornis chapter, you must be at an adventure level of 40 or higher, and have completed the first chapter of Archon Quest: Act Three-New Star Enters.We grant Yuan Zhen shock our Best games of 2020 Since its launch, I am very happy to see it continue to evolve on mobile and other platforms.If you are interested in checking Yuan Zhen shock You can download it to the iOS App Store Here And Google Play for Android Here free. The PC version is available on the official website Here. It is less than 12GB on the PC.If you want to play on different platforms, please read This one.Our selection Yuan Zhen shock As our Game of the week When it was released.Have you played Yuan Zhen shock Regularly since release?


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Mario Kart Tour (Mario Kart Tour) is now online through the 2021 New Year Tour – TouchArcade | Instant News

Mario Kart Tourof (free) Ever had Theme tourism activities, New features, And more releases since the game was released for free on iOS and Android. In the most recent major update (version 2.6.0), Mario Kart Tour Got Automatic mode Allows you to watch the driver automatically participate in the course competition and take a screenshot for sharing.Today at Mario Kart Tour Has started to Mario Kart Tour New Year 2021 journey. This event will last until January 12th or 13th, depending on your time zone.Rainbow Road plays an important role in the trailer Mario Kart Tour And a trip to the New Year in 2021. Watch the event trailer below, which shows Lakitu, Pauline, and more of the upcoming Rosalina Tour.

It will be interesting to see what Nintendo brings Mario Kart Tour In 2021, unless there are new tourist activities.The game already has one Paid subscription. If you have not checked out, Mario Kart Tour Available for free app Store with Google Play.be sure View topics in our forum For more discussion Mario Kart Tour.Share your friend code here Our friend code thread for Mario Kart Tour.How do you find multiplayer games in Mario Kart Tour What game do you want to join in 2021?


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Magical Adventure RPG’Genshin Impact’ has been launched on iOS, Android, PS4 and PC – TouchArcade | Instant News

Yuan Zhen shock A magical RPG game from miHoYo with excellent visual effects. It has been working on multiple platforms including mobile devices, Nintendo Switch and PS4 for some time. Its pre-orders have been released recently, and the game can be downloaded as a pre-load from last night. These servers have been enabled on iOS, Android, PS4 and PC a few hours ago. The Nintendo Switch version will be released in the future. Such as Detailed before, Yuan Zhen shock Including single player and multiplayer games, including cross-platform support. There will be no cross-upgrades between PS4 and other platforms, but PS4 players will be able to play online with other platforms. Watching Yuan Zhen shock The following version 1.0 game trailer:

I originally wanted to play it on iPhone 11 and sync it to PS4, but this is impossible. PS4 version has Exclusive game content Also on iOS, after downloading the initial version from the App Store, you need to download about 4GB of data from the game, so please keep this in mind. The background download works well for me. If you are interested in checking out, you can download Yuan Zhen shock On the iOS App Store Here And Google Play for Android Here free. The PC version is available on the official website Here. It is less than 12GB on the PC. Have you tried any closed beta versions so far? Are you looking forward to Yuan Zhen shock?


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