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Cyber ​​Monday offers give Apple MacBook Pro $300 discount, iPad Pro $70-110 discount, MacBook Air discount $200, etc | Instant News

B&H’s “Network Sunday” promotion is underway, with price cuts for Apple MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iPad Pro and iPad Air 4 models. It is available in stock and can be shipped immediately, saving up to $300.

Internet Sunday Apple Sale

B&H’s latest price cut promotion on Apple devices provides holiday shoppers with triple-digit savings on the standard 16-inch MacBook Pro.just now Special $2,099, This price reduction is based on continuous free and expedited shipping within the United States. Products in stock can be shipped.

Apple’s Intel MacBook Air will also be available on Cyber ​​Monday, with a quad-core 10th-generation Intel Core i5 configuration, 16GB RAM and 256GB SSD now priced at $1,099, with a retail price of $200 off.To activate the transaction, you must make a purchase via the following or our B&H pricing link MacBook Air price guide From a laptop or desktop computer. Sorry, discounts cannot be redeemed in the mobile app at this time.

To get hundreds of Apple deals (with many exclusive discounts), be sure to visit Apple Insider Apple price guide.

Activation instructions

To take advantage of the money saved, you must make purchases in the price link above via a laptop or desktop computer. Sorry, the offer cannot be redeemed in the mobile app at this time.

Apple’s other offers

, Software, etc. Here are some benefits:

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ByteDance gets a 7-day extension to divest TikTok | Instant News

The Trump administration granted TikTok owner ByteDance a 7-day extension order on Wednesday, instructing it to sell the video sharing platform.

According to court documents, Reuters, And now ByteDance until Dev. 4 Sell the US portion of its application to a local company.Previously, President Donald Trump had given ByteDance will divest for another 15 days to divest the application—the period is limited to expiration on Friday, November 27.

A person familiar with the matter reported that ByteDance also proposed a “new proposal” aimed at addressing the concerns of the US government. tell Reuters

TikTok is Currently Negotiations with Walmart and Oracle are still ongoing, and the deal will create a new American company, TikTok Global.

The restrictions separate from the Trump administration’s injunction have also been blocked by the federal court.In November, the Ministry of Commerce ordered the suspension will Effectively prohibit TikTok from waiting for legal development.


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What you need to know about Amazon Sidewalk | Instant News

Amazon is now beginning to roll out its Amazon Sidewalk local network system to American customers. This is what you should know.

the first Announce In September 2019, Sidewalk is a new idea and long-term effort to extend smart home to the entire smart community by using various local network options.

From November 24, Amazon began to send emails to Echo device owners to let them know that Amazon Sidewalk updates are coming soon. Although the system will take some time to build, it is now the first step.

With this in mind, here are some important information users should know about Amazon Sidewalk.

Amazon sidewalk

Basically, Amazon Sidewalk is a new type of wireless network that can make smart home functions more effective. A sidewalk bridge connects to your Wi-Fi network and fundamentally extends the connection range beyond what the router can output. Amazon said that in some cases, the range may be half a mile.

It works by using various communication protocols (such as 900MHz radio signals and Bluetooth low energy) for communication between devices. The system will intelligently switch between these protocols according to the required range and power.

However, these sidewalk networks work differently from home Wi-Fi. The bandwidth in the Sidewalk network is not only open to your own devices, but also to neighbors. It’s a bit like a local mesh network, but all over the community.

Most Amazon device owners have installed sidewalk bridges in their homes. The recent Echo and Ring devices will soon receive wireless updates, which will enable them to act as bridges.

Benefits of Amazon Sidewalk

As mentioned earlier, one of Amazon Sidewalk’s primary goals is to expand the scope of smart home gadgets. In fact, the actual situation may be different, depending on your smart home settings.

For example, even if the sidewalk network is far away from your Wi-Fi router, it can ensure that outdoor security cameras or lights work properly. If the device is connected to a nearby sidewalk bridge instead of trying to connect to a further router, it may also mean a faster connection.

If you happen to drop the Tile device while walking around, it may still be within range of the local sidewalk network-and it will be able to use the neighbor’s sidewalk bandwidth to connect to the appropriate server.

The sidewalk will also make the uploading of equipment faster and easier.Amazon also envisions other uses, such as Amazon pickup If the user’s pet wanders outside the preset range, an alert will be issued to the user.

Are there any disadvantages?

On the one hand, Sidewalk cannot replace the home Wi-Fi network. The bandwidth available on the sidewalk network is very small-Amazon stated that the maximum bandwidth is only 80Kbps and the maximum upper limit is 500MB. Therefore, it is only really useful for low-power devices such as smart locks, security sensors, and Tile Tracker.

Of course, there are also security and privacy issues. If your dog’s collar has a tag that connects to the sidewalk, it means you might send Amazon where, when, and how often each dog walks.Amazon does have one white paper Explains some safety strategies related to sidewalks.

Of course, there is a shared network problem. Although Amazon said it will encrypt all traffic sent through the Sidewalk network, users will not know who or neighbors in a particular network may send how much traffic through that network.

All in all, users will only have marginal control over their local sidewalk network. The user is currently unable to determine which Sidewalk Bridge the compatible device is connected to.

Can I opt out of the sidewalk?

If it is not enabled by default, the shortcomings and hidden dangers of Amazon Sidewalk will not be so urgent. The system opted out instead of opted in.

Once Amazon actually activates the sidewalk, users will see an information splash screen explaining its purpose. There, they can choose to disable it-turn it on by default.

Users can also disable the local network system through the Amazon Alexa application.This option is in Settings>Account Settings> Amazon Sidewalk.

If the user does disable the sidewalk, his device will not be able to connect to his local neighbor network. On the other hand, neighbors will not be able to use their sidewalk bandwidth.


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After developers launch the App Store bypass software, Fortnite gamers hope | Instant News

After the developer launches the software that bypasses the game console, gamers can now play previously unavailable games on Apple devices. app Store And allow users to access PC games on the Safari browser, thereby providing Fort night Back to the iPhone.

After developer Epic Games released an update program to avoid sharing revenue with iPhone manufacturers, Apple withdrew the popular open world game from its online store in mid-August, and the two companies also fell into legal action.

Now, Silicon Valley technology company Nvidia has developed a version of the GEForce Now cloud gaming service that can run on Apple’s browser.

Nvidia said in a blog post on Thursday: “Geforce NOW will be beta testing in iOS Safari starting today.”

“This means that more than 5 million GeForce NOW members can now access the latest experience by launching Safari from an iPhone or iPad.”

The company also promised Fortnite players that they will soon be able to use Apple mobile devices, although the company said there was a “delay”, and Nvidia and Epic finally confirmed a touch-friendly version of the game.

The blog said: “We look forward to providing the cloud streaming Fortnite mobile experience provided by GeForce NOW. Members can find the game on iOS Safari soon.”

Epic and Apple are fighting over whether Apple’s strict control of the App Store and whether its 30% revenue cut constitutes a monopoly. It is not expected to try to resolve the dispute until next year.

Nvidia said that more than 750 PC games are now available on GeForce NOW, and some games will be added every week to expand the library.

Apple did not immediately respond to AFP’s request for comment.




The story was released from a feed from a telecommunications company and has not been modified.

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Apple criticizes Facebook for “ignoring user privacy”, defending delays in new privacy features | Instant News

apple. (Image source: Reuters)

Apple said that the addition of app tracking transparency features on iOS has been delayed to allow developers more time to prepare. The company said the feature will be launched next year.

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Apple has responded to criticisms of its upcoming app tracking transparency (ATT) feature and further criticized Facebook for “ignoring user privacy.” Apple’s senior director of global privacy, Jane Horvath, reiterated in a letter to the ranking digital rights organization (via 9to5Mac) that the company believes that “privacy is a basic human right” and that the ATT function will be developed in the next middle age. . A few days after the coalition of eight citizens and human rights organizations sent an open letter to CEO Tim Cook, the tech giants responded. He expressed “disappointment” that the full implementation of iOS 14’s anti-tracking function was postponed to early 2021. Apple announced in June this year that the ATT feature of iOS 14 will require apps to display pop-up screens before they can enable some form of tracking that is usually required to display personalized ads.

However, this feature has been severely criticized by the Marketing Association, some of which have the support of Facebook and Google, claiming that Apple is using its dominant position in the market to develop its own data collection guidelines. According to reports, Facebook also met with advertising partners to discuss the impact of ATT on market participants. On the other hand, Apple said that advertising that respects privacy is not only possible, but also a basic right. The letter read: “Some companies that have never hoped to implement ATT stated that this policy imposes a unique burden on small businesses by restricting advertising options, but in fact, the current data arms race mainly benefits from having large data sets. Big business.”

In response to criticism from Facebook, Apple said that compared to other companies, it has a different approach to “targeting”. It further added that Facebook not only allows users to be grouped into smaller segments, but also uses online browsing information to push targeted ads. “Facebook executives have made it clear that their intention is to collect as much data as possible between first-party and third-party products in order to develop and use users’ detailed personal data for monetization, while the disregard for user privacy continues to expand. To include more of its products.”

Finally, Apple claimed in a letter to the ranking digital rights organization that it delayed the launch of the ATT function in September to allow developers more time to prepare for the change. The company has not shared more details on its availability.


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