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IPP scam investigation can take 6 months: Sh Rasheed | Instant News

LAHORE – Pakistan Railways Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmad said that an investigation into IPP fraud could take five to six months because the investigative commission had not been established,

Speaking at a press conference at PR headquarters on Saturday, he said that India could try to hatch a conspiracy against Pakistan, adding that brutality in Indian-occupied Kashmir was on the rise. He condemned the atrocities committed against Muslims in various parts of India.

However, he said, “It would be a big mistake for Indian prime minister Narendra Modi if he ever underestimated Pakistan”. For a question, Sheikh Rashid said, “Credit is given to Prime Minister Imran Khan and his cabinet which shows imports of illegal drugs from India.”

The minister said that Pakistan’s role would become more prominent in the region after the coronavirus pandemic because of changing global scenarios and also world politics.

He assured the country that Prime Minister Imran Khan would never set aside the perpetrators of crimes involved in any fraud, adding that he (PM) would never set aside the perpetrators of sugar and flour fraud after the declaration of a forensic investigation report. In this context, he said that the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) would focus on bringing looters from every political party to justice without discrimination.

He said that PML (N) leader Shehbaz Sharif once again wanted to escape, but this time he was unable to do so because he failed to answer NAB’s questions about illegal assets.

For questions about the investigation commission to investigate IPP fraud, he said that it could take five to six months because the investigative commission had not been formed.

He said that Train Pak is ready to start railroad operations with 30 trains and the federal government has also agreed to the resumption of railroad operations, but some provinces have doubts about it so that the resumption of rail services has been delayed.

“We operated 142 trains before they were locked, but now we are ready to continue operations with 30 trains initially in the first phase,” he added.

For other questions, he said that decisive action against the senior officer concerned, not junior staff, would be taken in the event of a train accident in the future.

He said that the railroad would install electricity meters from the Lahore Electric Supply Company (LESCO) in the railroad colonies until December 30, adding that it would benefit workers and trains.

The minister said that the PR had decided to reduce shipping costs by 10 percent for the transportation of coal, fertilizer, cement and other products because the sales tax rate had been reduced. He added that the cost of shipping Rs 5,000 per container wagon would be reduced after this decision.


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The corrupt elements behind IPP, sugar, wheat crisis to face prison: Sh Rasheed | Instant News

ISLAMABAD: Railroad Minister Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed on Sunday said elements involved in the sugar and wheat crisis could face jail after Eid.

He expressed this view when talking to private TV channels. The minister said some important personalities behind the IPP scandal could also be sent behind bars after the investigation is over.

Commenting on PTI politics, he said people had great hopes of the current leadership and if the PTI leadership failed to push all the main corrupt elements behind bars, he (Imran Khan) could be faced with various challenges in the political field. For questions about Zardai and Nawaz Sharif, he said the two leaders had lost popularity with the masses because of their involvement in corruption cases.


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