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Gautam Gambhir Should Lead More Indian Teams: Irfan Pathan | Cricket News | Instant News

Former India allrounder Irfan Pathan assume Gautam GambhirHis skills as captain are underutilized and he should get more opportunities to lead on the international stage. Between 2010 and 2011, Gambhir led India in six ODI. all of which they continue to win. Also read – Sushant Singh Rajput Wants To Be Like Ms. Dhoni: Ankita Lokhande

However, during that phase, Ms. Dhoni is a leader that doesn’t need to be questioned in various formats. Also read – Petition Given at Madras HC Seeking Arrest of Indian Captain Virat Kohli To Promote Online Gambling

Pathan, despite assuming, Gambhir would be a good leader. Also read – I’m a much better athlete than Richard Hadlee, Ian Botham and Imran Khan Put together: Kapil Dev

“I really respect Sourav Ganguly, I really respect captain Rahul Dravid, Anil Kumble and I think Gautam Gambhir should lead the Indian team much better than him,” Pathan said. cricket.com. “He can be a very good leader. I really admire Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma, but that does not mean, I do not admire the quality of Mahendra Singh Dhoni. “

Gambhir proved his belief as a leader who led the Kolkata Knight Riders to win two IPL titles, ending his years of low achievement despite having several superstars among their ranks.

Pathan rejects the notion that he is not a fan of Captain Dhoni because he doesn’t talk much about it.

“People don’t talk much about Rahul Dravid. So, people who don’t talk much about Rahul Dravid, do they not like it? Not. Under his captain, India won 16 ODIs in a row while catching up. Sometimes it’s under the wrapper, “he said.

“As a victorious captain, as a result-oriented captain and the one who gets the results, who has a very good team, it is Mahendra Singh Dhoni,” he added.

During his international career, Pathan played under several captains but he rated Sourav Ganguly above everyone because he gave a chance to some young people and made fans fall in love again with the Indian team.

“He (Ganguly) wants to make sure he builds a team. I remember Yuvraj Singh struggling early in his career for several matches. Ganguly supports it. He knew that if I supported this person, some amazing things could happen in the future and of course they did. Not only Yuvraj, Ganguly also supports young people like Harbhajan Singh and Zaheer Khan, “he said.

Ganguly was handed control of the Indian team after a 2000 match-fixing scandal broke out which ended the career of then captain Mohammed Azharuddin.

“He (Ganguly) built a team when the Indian team was in decline. People don’t like cricket because it is a difficult time for cricket in India. To make people like the Indian cricket team again, an award must be given to Sourav Ganguly. That’s why if we talk about the leader, he is the leader of the players. Ganguly has only one agenda. To ensure the Indian team grows. Nothing else, “Pathan argues.


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Great Pakistan calls Irfan Pathan ‘Wasim Akram from India in the making’ of the 2004 video: Watch | Instant News

India’s former versatile player Irfan Pathan was considered one of the best talents of his generation when he debuted at the age of 19. The action of Pathan’s left arm bowling coupled with his ability to swing the ball with extraordinary, both methods produce comparisons with Pakistan Wasim Akram. Akram is considered one of the best bowlers in cricket and the pioneer of the left arm has taken more than 900 goals in international cricket, making it one of the most successful bowlers in history.

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Irfan Pathan was compared to Wasim Akram from Pakistan in 2004 by the former Pakistan captain

The former Pakistani captain and the current comparison of Prime Minister Imran Khan between the Indian all-rounder Irfan Pathan and his former Wasim Akram in 2004 have done a round on the internet. In the video, the 1992 World Cup-winning skipper compares bowling from the left hand and believes that the 19-year-old player Irfan Pathan was ‘Wasim Akram in the making’. Making frame comparisons with their bowling style, Khan said that both Irfan Pathan and Wasim Akram have remarkable similarities in their bowling style and have similar run-up and arm actions.

Furthermore, Imran Khan said that Irfan Pathan and Wasim Akram and wrist positions were identical when releasing the ball, which helped them swing the ball late and troubled the batsmen. The 1992 World Cup-winning captain said that the only difference was that his team-mate was one yard faster than Pathan, but the versatile Indian player built it because he was only 19 at the time.

While the former Pakistan captain praised Irfan Pathan for his greatness, he also had a stopping international career after making his debut in 2003. The former Kings XI Punjab star last played for India in Tests in 2008, while his last ODI came in 2012.

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Irfan Pathan excelled in the domestic circuit after his national team cruised before announcing his resignation earlier this year, after being unsold in the last three IPL auctions. Pathan was part of India’s 2007 T20 World Cup squad which won and also played in this 2012 edition tournament. He remains the only bowler in cricket history to take a hat-trick in the first test match.

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‘It doesn’t get worse than this’: Kamran Akmal recalls the match-saving advice from Inzamam in the 2006 Karachi Test against India – cricket | Instant News

The 2006 Karachi test between India and Pakistan was mostly remembered among Indian cricket fans because of Irfan Pathan’s hat-trick. The former left arm sailor became the first Indian to take a hat-trick on the first test. Irfan fired Salman Butt, Mohammad Yousuf and Younis Khan to put the hosts under pressure. At one stage, Pakistan staggered on 39/6 before Kamran Akmal the goalkeeper went to the middle and scored a ton to revive the innings. Akmal a ton helped Pakistan put a decent total on the board, and finally the host won the match.

Speaking in an interview with Pakistani broadcaster Sawera Pasha on her Youtube chat show Cric Cast, Akmal recalled how advice from former captain Inzamam-ul-Haq helped him in his plans to strike back at Indian bowling.

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“To be honest, I didn’t have anything in my mind when I went to the middle. I am new and I don’t have much pressure on me. Inzy bhai has a back injury and she is rested from the Test match. Irfan Pathan took a hat-trick in the first match and I sat with Inzy bhai in the dressing room. He continued to shift his position while thinking ‘what’s happening’, “Akmal recalled.

“So, Inzy bhai told me, ‘We, play the way you play against India, and the way you played during your century in Australia. Just play your natural game. Whatever happens, it can’t be worse than this. It can only be better. Just play your natural game, and don’t be stressed, “he added.

“When I reach out to the middle, I cut delivery of RP Singh to the limit through the gap point, it motivates me. When 39/6, and you do a shot like that, you automatically gain confidence. So I just built a small partnership with the oppressors.

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“Razzaq bhai score 47-48 runs (Razzaq score 45) with me. Then Shoaib bhai came, and he scored 49 times (Akhtar scored 45). This partnership helped us get past 240. It was an amazing experience, “Akmal said.

“Even today when I think about it, we are 39/6 and we won the Test. That was an amazing performance. And the way bowlers respond, Asif, Shoiab bhai, Denmark, and Razzaq – and then everyone scores runs in the second half. That is an amazing feeling. It was a chapter that I remembered all my life. It feels incredible that we won the Test series in Pakistan, “batsman added.


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“It’s hard to believe that we defeated India after 39/6 ‘ | Instant News

Pakistan goalkeepers Kamran Akmal has mentioned that it is unbelievable that they can win the Karachi Test match against India, after being reduced to a score of 39 runs for the loss of 6 wickets. The rough hitter has scored centuries of fighting to bring Pakistan out of this precarious situation.

Kamran Akmal shared memories of his exploitation India in the latest issue of the YouTube show Cric player.

Kamran Akmal was first asked about his first century test against India in Mohali, a knock which helped Pakistan to draw a Test match after their backs stick to the wall.

He responded by saying that he had received much from the support he had received from senior players like Inzamam-ul-Haq, Younis Khan and Mohammad Yousuf, despite the confidence he gained after printing a century of ODI in Australia on the previous tour.

“I have benefited a lot from the players I played – Inzi bhai, who is also our captain, we have Younis Khan and Mohammad Yousuf. We also have versatile players like Shahid Afridi and Razzaq bhai on the team, even Shoaib Malik.”

“The confidence I gained after being the first Pakistani goalkeeper to score a century of ODI on a previous tour to Australia helped me a lot. Full appreciation needs to be given to Bob Woolmer, who is our coach and Inzi bhai.”

Kamran Akmal gave a lot of praise for Abdul Razzaq | with whom he has been assembled as a partner managed 184 for the 7th goal to save the Test match.

“That helped me in India. We saved the Test match that was almost lost against India, we were able to withdraw it. I have a partnership with Razzaq bhai. I would say whatever credit I get, the same thing must be done with Razzaq bhai.”

Kamran Akmal highlighted that the knock was even more memorable because he came in a state of trying, with the crowd supporting the home team and the media almost erasing it.

“It was an amazing experience, the first Test match against India and in India. In Mohali, people loved you very much, but once they arrived on the ground, they were with their team.”

“When the fourth day ended, the media said that India would win the game at lunchtime the next morning. So, our effort is to save the match and we have confidence.”

Kamran Akmal was even more excited that tons had come against a powerful Indian attack Anil Kumble, Zaheer Khan and Lakshmipathy Balaji, Pakistani wreckers-in-chief on India’s last tour to their northern neighbors.

“I was playing my natural game and Razzaq bhai kept the other end safe. So we were able to draw the Test match and I scored in my first century.”

“When I think now, I feel very happy that I was performing when the Indian team was at its peak and even we were like that. They have bowlers like Anil Kumble, Zaheer Khan and Balaji who have come to Pakistan and fired our entire team.”

Kamran Akmal also recalled that the drawn Test match finally helped Pakistan in squaring the series against India.

“It’s great that we can draw the Test match against Indian bowling. We continue to draw the series too, that’s the advantage of drawing in the first Test match.”

Kamran Akmal in his century against India in Karachi

Kamran Akmal struck a match-winning century against India at KarachiRP Singh as soon as he arrived at the fold, the stroke gave him enormous confidence.

“As soon as I entered, I cut RP Singh to the limit through a point that gave me a lot of hearts. When it was 39/6 and you played a shot like that, it gave you a lot of confidence. I built a small partnership with its tail.”

Kamran Akmal also spoke of the valuable partnership he had sewn with low-level batsmen, with good contributions from Razzaq and Shoaib Akhtar.

“First with Razzaq bhai, who scored another 40-odd runs there. Shoaib bhai also got 40-odd. With the help of that small partnership, we finally scored more than 240.”

Kamran Akmal said that it was unbelievable that they could win the Test match after being reduced to a score of 39 times for 6 wickets in the first round, and rewarding bowlers for their efforts.

“Even now when I think, it is unbelievable that we won the Test match after becoming 39/6. After that, the way bowlers respond – Asif, Shoaib, Denmark and the all-round appearance of Razzaq bhai.”

Kamran Akmal added that he will never forget these two centuries of Trial against India.

“Everyone scored in the second half, the first 7 batsmen scored in the fifties and Faisal Iqbal scored a century. I will always remember those two rounds, and we also won the Test series in Pakistan.”

Kamran Akmal also reminded fans that this century in the Karachi Test match against an even greater Indian attack consisting of Kumble, Zaheer Khan, RP Singh and Irfan Pathan, who took a hat trick in the first Test match.

“The Indian team is even stronger in Karachi. They have Kumble, Zaheer Khan in separate form from RP Singh and with Irfan Pathan taking a hat-trick in the first match.”

Kamran Akmal played a 113-run knockout in the first round of the Karachi Test in 2006, helping Pakistan recover from a score of 39/6 after Irfan Pathan’s hat-trick to a total of 245 honorable runs. They then won the match with 341 runs.

Kamran Akmal has enjoyed playing against Indian bowling attacks in Test cricket, after scoring 746 runs an average of 43.88. He also scored four of six centuries of trials against arch-rivals Pakistan.

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Mohammad Yousuf told my father ‘pray that I don’t go out to your son’: Irfan Pathan remembers the Karachi Test hat-trick – cricket | Instant News

The former Indian sailor recalls his hat trick against Pakistan in the 2006 Karachi Test. Left arm fortune tellers fired Salman Butt, Younis Khan and Mohammad Yousuf in the first match, but that was not enough to win the match for India. The two previous Tests in Lahore and Faisalabad both ended in a draw, and Irfan’s hat-trick sparked hopes that India would win the Test. But Pakistan bounced back emphatically and won the Test 3 and won the series 1-0.

Speaking in an interview with Sports Tak, Pathan said: “I always feel sad that we lost the Test because we started off well. Sometimes, I hope that if I am blown away from both ends, then I can get Pakistan out early. “

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The 35-year-old then goes on to talk about hat tricks and explains how he plans to fight each of the three Pakistani batsmen. “Every time I use a bowl for left-handed players, I always think that if I bowl outside the stumps it’s OK, but I won’t bowl outside the stumps. Because then the left-handed tennis player gets time to play a shot.

“So, I tried swinging the ball from my leg, but it remained straight. The second ball, I fell outside the stump, apparently. So, I realized there was a lot of help from goal. So, I get the goal in the 3rd or 4th ball, and I feel relieved. Because I always believe that it’s my job to get the first goal, “he said.

“Then came Younis Khan, and he often caused Indian team problems. He used to score a lot of scores against us. I thought, I would put the bowl in front, even if I hit it, I would try and hit the pads. If you see a delivery, I hit it under the knee. Luckily, the bowl was placed exactly where I wanted it, Simon Taufel gave it. Then came Mohammad Yousuf, “he said.

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Pathan cleans Yousuf with an inswinger, who is still considered one of his best goals. “I really feel that the goalpost is the top five sending in my career. Because the ball rotates in the air, because it picks up speed after the ball is thrown. I used a hat-trick before that match, but couldn’t complete the milestone. I was thinking at the time, if that happened, it would happen. But then I thought Mohammad Yousuf was in front of me, “he said.

“Mohammad Yousuf had spoken to my father before the tour, and said that ‘Khan sahab, I want to talk to you’. My father was very respectful, and he spoke openly to everyone, so he said, ‘Yes, tell me’. So Yousuf said, “You pray even though I go out, I don’t go out for your son.” So when I was hattrick, I had that incident come to my mind.

“I knew that I was troubling with the delivery that I did. So, I often exploit him. So I thought, Yousuf was in front of me, the ball was spinning in the air, and the pitch was helping me, so it was a good opportunity to take a hat trick. So, I tried to hit it on the bearing, I didn’t try to hit the stump. I tried to hit it on the bearing, it rotated in the air, and went inside, and hit the stump. That day, whatever I planned, I could do it, “he signed.


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