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Trump lifts ban on European and British students – (only) you are welcome | Instant News

US President Donald Trump, First Lady Melania Trump, participates in an event on how to reopen safely … [+] American schools during the Covid-19 pandemic. This comes as Trump announces that European, British, and Irish students holding international student visas in the United States are now exempt from his travel ban on arrivals to Europe. Getty Images International students from Europe, the United Kingdom and Ireland are now exempt from President Trump’s travel ban to the United States. The ban no longer applies to students from these places who already have study visas, the US State Department told Congress last week. “Students traveling from Schengen, the UK and Ireland with valid F-1 and M-1 visas do not need to apply for a national interest exception to travel,” says the Department. state on its website. “Students from these regions who travel on a D-1 can contact the nearest embassy or consulate to request an exception.” Trump’s ban, in effect since March, previously applied to any traveler wishing to visit America from the Schengen area, the United Kingdom, or Ireland. It is if they have spent the last 14 days in one of these countries. Students are now dodging this ban. Who is exempt: F-1 visas or “student visas” are used by foreign nationals to attend school in the United States at different educational levels. M-1 visas are intended for non-university or professional studies. J-1 visas are exchange visas for researchers, teachers and others. These visa holders are not immediately exempt but can apply for one. There are no such waivers announced for students from China, Brazil and Iran who “face similar travel bans,” reports Reuters. “… students from these countries were not included in the US exemptions.” Students also do not wait for interviews at American embassies and consulates. Earlier in July, the United States said it would not allow international students to stay in the country … [+] if all their classes were moved online in the fall due to the coronavirus crisis. It is now decided to abandon this plan, but only authorizes European, Irish and British students. They are now exempt from Trump’s travel ban on arrivals to the EU. Students from China, Brazil and other countries are banned. AFP via Getty Images The move comes days after the Trump administration canceled a controversial plan for online courses only for international students. He is said to have seen tens of thousands of them stripped of their visas and threatened with expulsion. “The reversal occurred amid the legal challenges of large universities and pressures from business and technology companies,” said the report. Are there other exemptions? Yes but not much. Exceptions continue to enter the United States for “purposes related to humanitarian travel, public health response and national security,” the government said. According to the Wall Street Journal and Reuters, a note sent to lawmakers also raised the possibility of extending the exceptions to au pairs and family members of US visa holders. Spouses and children of foreigners with the “H-1B prized for highly skilled workers” may also be exempt, he said. These possible additional exemptions have not yet been announced by the State Department, with the Trump administration gradually reopening international travel. Reciprocity at stake? A traveler is displayed on a monitor while passing a thermal camera test system which … [+] check body temperatures at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), California. The system is tested until September and can report passengers with fever upon arrival. Getty Images The decision to exempt only students for now is an interesting one. Given that the European Union has recommended its members to do the exact same thing. The EU started to lift travel restrictions for tourists and other “non-essential” travelers from 1 July. The list of safe countries to which it has opened its borders was reviewed on July 15. The United States is still not on this list of 13 nations. Two countries have been abandoned due to their Covid-19 epidemiology. The ban on the Americans should be in place for some time. Although it is revised every two weeks. The EU however urges its members to make more exceptions for students, au pairs, highly skilled workers, long-term partners and family members of EU citizens. Only some, including Denmark, have formalized these exceptions. The echo of the exemptions granted to students on both sides of the Atlantic highlights the reciprocity policy in force in these travel bans. The EU has not hidden this (China, for example, has received the green light for travel to Europe, but only if it does the same for Europeans). Travel ban is for everyone Maxence Dellacherie, Harvard graduate student, attends rally in Boston at State House … [+] on July 13 against the visa rules of the ICE which provided for the withdrawal of international students in the United States their visas, the expulsion of many of them and the prevention of others from returning. Now, this plan has been abandoned as Trump announces the lifting of his travel ban in Europe for those from the EU, Britain and Ireland on student visas. Boston Globe via Getty Images Apart from the students, it seems that the travel ban is not avoided for anyone traveling from the Schengen area. Despite Trump’s promise almost two months ago that there would soon be “announcements” about the opening of the United States to travelers from low-risk countries in Europe and elsewhere. For now, Europeans who want to get around Trump’s ban must spend 14 days elsewhere before continuing to America. Many have done so in Serbia, or in other non-Schengen European countries. .

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Former All Blacks coach Steve Hansen insists New Zealand is not indebted to Australia because the future of Super Rugby is formed Rugby Union News | Instant News

Last Updated: 07/12/20 9:13 am

Steve Hansen spent almost 16 years with the All Blacks

Former All Blacks coach Steve Hansen urged New Zealand to be strong in their negotiations with Australia about the future of Super Rugby.

Super Rugby was stopped in March because the COVID-19 pandemic and the future of the southern hemisphere competition are being discussed.

Earlier this week, Australian Rugby (RA) chairman Hamish McLennan said their counterparts in New Zealand were trying to dictate possible trans-Tasman Super Rugby competition requirements, amid reports the NZR was trying to limit the number of Australian teams involved.

Hansen said he felt that New Zealand Rugby must do the best for their rugby players and insisted that they were indebted to Australia.

“Without controversy, we have been guarding Aussies for years,” Hansen told Stuff Media on Sunday.

“And every time we need something from them, especially at a high level, sometimes they disappear.

“Do we owe them something? No. But because we are our nation, and we care more about the game than ourselves, we bend and bend a little.

“I think NZ Rugby is in the mood to have a strong discussion because they only get one chance for that.”

Much of its impact centered on the composition of the Super Rugby of 2021, with both countries reportedly interested in exploring the trans-Tasman competition rather than returning to tournaments involving teams from South Africa and Argentina.

McLennan told Australian media this week that a leaked report stated that the preferred option by NZR was to have only two or three Australian parties in the trans-Tasman competition.

Hansen said what was most important was not to dilute the New Zealand team with more than five teams and to minimize travel for the welfare of the players.

“You have to start with what you want from him? Instead of, ‘OK, we will hold this competition,'” Hansen said.

“It must be truly competitive and produce world-class players. If you let it be facilitated, there is too big a gap between Super Rugby and the rugby test.”


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Former Black captain Kieran Read supports reform requests for the rugby calendar | Rugby Union News | Instant News

By The Associated Press

Last Updated: 06/06/20 8:00 morning

Former Black captain Kieran Read is in action for the Toyota Verblitz during the Japanese Top League season 2020

Former All Blacks captain Kieran Read supports the call for an integrated international rugby season but fears money “coming out of the north” might thwart efforts to create a global calendar.

Read believes international rugby needs to move away from the current schedule which often forces players from both sides to play Test matches out of season, but fears of a richer northern hemisphere may continue to influence how the global calendar is organized.

At present, the Northern Hemisphere team is conducting tests in the Southern Hemisphere in June or July – at the end of their season – and the Southern Hemisphere toured in the North in November and December. The international windows, which fall in the middle of the Super Rugby season or European club season, substantially extend the season for top players.

Re-elected World Rugby Chair Sir Bill Beaumont has promised to work towards a more integrated calendar which provides space for the Six Nations tournament and the Rugby Championship Test and professional competitions in the northern and southern hemisphere.

Sir Bill Beaumont spoke about the potential of the Nation Cup being reincarnated in the ‘Will Greenwood Podcast

Sir Bill Beaumont spoke about the potential of the Nation Cup being reincarnated in the ‘Will Greenwood Podcast

Beaumont is a strong supporter of the world Test championship, although his efforts to build one year ago were stalled by a standoff over promotion-relegation.

Southern hemisphere countries oppose Beaumont’s re-election, supporting the nomination of Argentine Agustin Pichot’s reforms. In part, Beaumont is considered to represent the status quo and is too protective of the Six Nations tournament and the English and French club tournaments. He has made it clear that he will oppose any steps to reschedule the Six Nations, which feature Ireland, France, Italy, Wales, Scotland and England.

Read, who retired from the Rugby Test after last year’s World Cup in Japan and after leading the All Blacks in 52 of 127 tests, hopes an agreement can be reached that will better integrate the global season and give fans more interest.

“I want to see some sort of consistency around the season,” he told the Stuff news website on Tuesday.

“That would be better for everyone involved and especially for the players. So you don’t play outside the season, which shortens your season [and] which means you will not recover well and be ready for next year. “

Read also join many fans in the call for further tours by countries that are playing the test, a step away from the existing competition.

“I think the tour is important for international games,” he said. “The way I see it and the way the game makes money will determine and the money may come out of the north.

“The tour for me is more on the end of the year tour that we have to experience a little. It was the best time for a player and I think the fans might be able to feel it too. When you get a competitive series it certainly makes a pretty good display.”


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