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Stay still, time travel | Local News | Instant News

The distance is often marked by time shifts, travel several miles west and you eventually enter a new time zone. Cross the state line from Georgia to Alabama, you leave the Eastern time zone and switch to the Central time zone. By simply crossing the state line in Alabama, you “regain” an hour. Keep traveling west, the hours are rolling back. Drive to California and the Pacific time zone; when it’s 1 p.m. over there, it’s 4 p.m. in Georgia. The kilometers traveled east or west change over time, which seems to add to the distance traveled. Switching between time zones represents real-time time travel, but there is another type of time travel, which represents an equally large leap in distance without having to travel at all. If you’ve ever changed your sleep schedule or moved from shift to shift, you’ve probably walked that great distance without changing your address.In my youth, my wilder days, my single days, I was a night owl. Then it was not uncommon for my head to hit the pillow at around the same time I now get out of bed. I knew how the streets of Valdosta looked in the middle of the night. At Waffle House, I was on a first name basis with the late night crew. I could tell a person what was open during the wee hours of the morning. And I knew a lot of other late night people, my old friends who were night owls too, and I lived that way for years. Then I changed my time zone. There hasn’t been a major change, but the change has been cataclysmic. I still lived in County Lowndes and worked for the newspaper, but got married, became a father, my beloved closed late-night hangout. The night owl who walked around slept or at least stayed closer to home. And slowly, I went from a late night reveler to an early riser. It looked like a different world, when in fact it was the same world, the same city, in a different time. I had made a personal time zone change without physically traveling a foot. But even this type of time change can be related to distance. Usually a change in personal time zone has something to do with a change in his life. A person gets married, or a couple has children, or you get older and priorities change, or you just can’t get through the night like you once could, or you start a new job with a different schedule. at night, many of the same lifestyle changes also apply, except that a person is now forced to become a night owl because they have come of age and are single, or divorced, or sleeping differently, or can’t sleep in Often since my time zone has changed, it’s like I’ve moved to another city. It’s like going to sleep in Georgia at 5 a.m. and waking up in California at 5 a.m. Time has passed on the map and the clock says you haven’t moved a foot. It’s just that you wake up now the moment you fell asleep once. But it looks like a different place, not necessarily better or worse, but different. I rarely see my old night owl friends, but when we do meet it seems a lot of their time zones and lives have changed too. You see it from a different perspective. The curve of the road you knew at 3 a.m. is still the same curve at 9 a.m., but it isn’t because it’s different, the time has changed, your outlook has changed. Your destinations are as different as your arrival and departure times, but the personal time zone change is as vast as the miles. The distance cannot be bridged by simply returning east at the time you knew it, as everything has changed and the faces are no longer so familiar in the nightlight glow. Dawn is no longer the end of a day but the beginning. Yet in the world of time zones, the sun always sets and rises, and it’s still 5 a.m. somewhere. Dean Poling is an editor at the Valdosta Daily Times. .

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Swiss- Robots in schools: new teaching methods on the horizon? | Instant News

(MENAFN – Swissinfo) The pandemic is forcing us to rethink everything, even the way we teach. What if robots were the future of education?

This content is published March 1, 2021 – 15:39 March 1, 2021 – 15:39 Sara Ibrahim

Writing about the impact of new technologies on society: are we aware of the ongoing revolution and its consequences? Hobbies: thinking freely. Habit: asking too many questions.

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Christian Raaflaub

Radio, TV and online journalist.

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Thymio, Lexi, Elias, Pepper, Nao, Anastasia, Kaspar: they can become your child’s new classmates. They are industrious but not competitive, they know a lot but are not arrogant, they learn from others while helping them learn. But instead of being children of flesh and blood, they have metal hearts and electronic brains. They are robots and are mainly used in education and schools.

According to forecasts, the market for educational robots is set to expand significantly in the coming years. External link. The increasing demand for collaborative robots in education and industry could also echo in the creation of new jobs.

In addition, the Covid-19 pandemic and school closures could significantly drive the long-term development of the educational robotics market.

But what’s so special about this smart machine? Robots in schools and universities can act as responsive mentors and assist students and teachers through more interactive teaching that encourages sociability rather than isolation. The robot can be a developed physical, social and emotional interface in such a way that it can read children’s facial expressions External links.




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Rugby league: New Zealand Soldiers kick off the Nathan Brown era with a promising draw against the Gold Coast Titans in NRL trials | Instant News


Josh Curran of the Warriors scores a try during the NRL trial match against the Titans. Photos / Photosport

It’s best to always be vigilant about the pre-season NRL trials. Coaches and teams always have specific agendas to work with – rather than just grinding results – and it’s advisable not to get carried away about performance, good or bad.

That’s what happened to the Warriors in the past. The excitement following a 48-4 trial win over the Broncos in 2013 was quickly lost when they lost five of their first seven games and there are several other related examples.

But Saturday’s game against The Titans, which ended in a 12-12 draw, was important. It was the first course for Nathan Brown and the seventh new signing, after significant personnel changes in the low season.

It is also their only preseason chance, after last week’s trial against Storm was canceled due to travel restrictions.

Neither team wants to reveal too much – especially when they face each other in the first round of the NRL season – but it’s time for the latest issue of the Warriors to show something up and it’s quite promising.

They showed good speed and energy and had some bright moments in attack, while their defense improved as the match went on, with some great grabs in the second half.

Both squads have been rusty at times, with the Warriors also losing half-organization Chanel Harris-Tavita, out with a quad injury, and hampered by the loss of bitch Wayde Egan, who left with a shoulder injury after just 15 minutes.

Addin Fonua-Blake’s gigantic brace provides good muscle up front, giving an idea of ​​his ability to cross the line of advantage while Ben Murdoch-Masila creates a 40 meter high statue with his first touch after halftime, and the one-two hit by the twin towers could be something to enjoy, if they can also bring discipline in defense.

Perhaps the new player chosen was the former Dragons midfielder, Euan Aitken, who took some powerful punches and displayed a willingness to get involved, as well as the defensive initiative.

Bunty Afoa and Leeson Ah Mau are again welcomed, having barely been seen in 2020 due to injuries. Second rower Bayley Sironen demonstrated his versatility, turning to prostitutes in the second half.

The Titans got their best of the opening quarter, with two attempts in four minutes, to Tino Fa’asuamaleaui and Jarrod Wallace. When he played for Queensland and Storm last season, strong Fa’asuamaleaui was tough to deal with through midfield.

Sean O’Sullivan and Nikorima teamed up well to send Josh Curran across in the 29th minute and the Warriors should have extended their lead before halftime, unable to capitalize on four straight sets on the Titans line.

The Warriors were sharper after halftime and Roger Tuivasa-Sheck’s sharp break sent Jazz Tevaga under the post just before the hour mark.

That shows what is possible when Tuivasa-Sheck gets the ball up front, which is the hope for 2021.

Brown vacated the bench for the last 20 minutes, with several young players gaining playing time. A formidable defensive play from Map Hiku stopped certain attempts from former teammate Patrick Herbert, while the Warriors did very well to withstand the continuing pressure in the final 10 minutes.

Soldier 12 (J Curran, J Tevaga tries; K Nikorima 2 goals)

Titans 12 (T Fa’asuamaleaui, J Wallace tries; J Fogarty 2 goals)

First Half: 6-12


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Switzerland – The former minister’s ransom statement caught the attention of prosecutors | Instant News

(MENAFN – Swissinfo) Swiss federal prosecutors are examining whether a former government minister violated an official secret act by claiming that Switzerland had paid a ransom for the hostages.

This content is published on 26 February 2021 – 15:53 ​​26 February 2021 – 15:53 ​​swissinfo.ch/mga

Moritz Leuenberger, who served in the cabinet between 1995 and 2010, recently told the NZZ am Sonntag newspaper that “if the hostages have been released, payments may have been made”.

Switzerland’s official position is not to pay to release the hostages and Leuenberger has denied his remarks, blaming the newspapers for the clumsy words.

But the Office of the Prosecutor General (OAG) has confirmed to Swiss news agency Keystone-SDA that they are considering prosecution. The OAG has sought advice from the Ministry of Justice on whether to take criminal action.

Leuenberger gave an External Link media interview on February 6, which focused on themes lying on the political and personal realms. His comments immediately drew criticism.

He later said that no ransom payment had ever been made in the government during his tenure. ‘But sometimes it can be assumed that something may have flowed through another channel. However, the government denies this. I think it’s a legitimate lie. And that’s my main message. ‘




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Switzerland- Are nuclear weapons really prohibited? | Instant News

(MENAFN – Swissinfo) In January nuclear weapons were banned by international treaties. But the treaty doesn’t apply to any nuclear powers, because none of them signed it. So is nuclear really prohibited?

This content is published on 23 February 2021 – 10:00 23 February 2021 – 10:00 Imogen Foulkes

Imogen Foulkes reports from Geneva for SWI swissinfo.ch as well as the BBC.

More on the author

In this episode, Imogen Foulkes speaks with Cordula Droege of the International Committee of the Red Cross, Beatrice Fihn of the International Campaign for the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons, and Elaine Whyte Gomez, ambassador from Costa Rica, who directed the agreement through the United Nations.

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With unilateralism increasing in global politics, Switzerland finds it more difficult to interpret its neutrality.


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