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The Syrian ISIS terrorist who stabbed a tourist to death in Germany wanted to cut off the tongue of a Christian | Instant News

A Syrian ISIS terrorist accused of stabbing a tourist to death German while under observation of wanting to cut off the tongue of a Christian, it has been brought down.

Abdullah AHH, 20, was arrested on Wednesday for an attack that left Thomas L, 55, and another man, 53, seriously injured in Dresden on October 4.

The terrorist was only released from prison five days earlier after he was jailed for two years and nine months in 2018 at the age of 18.

He arrived in Germany from Aleppo in 2015 as an unaccompanied minor and was granted refugee status in May 2016.

AHH lost this status due to his criminal record in 2019, but cannot be deported due to civil war in his home country.

Syrian ISIS supporter Abdullah AHH (pictured), 20, was arrested after a tourist was stabbed to death and another was seriously injured in the eastern German city of Dresden on October 4.

While living in asylum, terrorists began recruiting for ISIS and threatening Christians, reports PICTURE.

Writing to a Christian, he said: ‘I will slaughter you today. You have a big mouth and I’m going to cut your tongue, you Christian. ‘

He was arrested in 2017 and categorized as a potential threat to public safety, said Saxony state police chief Petric Kleine.

About 600 suspected Islamists fall into this category in Germany, according to authorities.

In the 2018 trial, AHH was proven to have used the ISIS symbol on his Facebook profile and also spread jihad via social networks and called on like-minded people to fight as martyrs against so-called infidels.

A statement on the court ruling reads: ‘The accused has been advocating for jihadist ideology since the start of the summer of 2017, increasingly turning to ISIS and ultimately, as its supporters, fearful of an attempted assassination.

AHH also searched the Internet for instructions on how to build explosives belts, the court heard at the time.

He is reportedly planning to bomb folk festivals including Dresden’s bird meadow or film nights on the shores of the Elbe in 2017.

The Syrian was released from prison, where he had served more than two years for recruiting members to a terrorist organization, just days before the attack.

The victim of the attack in the central city of Dresden was a German man from the western state of Rhine-Westphalia who was on vacation, according to police.

A kitchen knife that investigators believe was linked to the attack was found at the scene with DNA traces on it.

The victims, one aged 53 and the other 55, were German men from the western state of Rhine-Westphalia who were on holiday in Dresden (pictured).  The 55-year-old man died later in hospital

The victims, one aged 53 and the other 55, were German men from the western state of Rhine-Westphalia who were on holiday in Dresden (pictured). The 55-year-old man died later in hospital

In an assessment months before the attack, authorities said it was very likely the man would commit more crimes once released, Kleine said.

He was under surveillance on the day of the attack and two days earlier, Dirk-Martin Christian, head of the Saxony branch of the domestic intelligence agency, said.

Mr Christian added that people who have recently been released from prison are usually not monitored 24 hours a day.

He said: “ We are talking about an intelligence service that is not aiming to prevent harm, but to observe whether the person is moving in a radical environment.

‘The following could happen. The bystanders sat in the car and watched the person. And suddenly he took out his gun.

‘You are in the car and, bitter though it is, should pay attention to it. Observation is not an appropriate tool to prevent such actions. It doesn’t matter if we watch him for 24 or six hours. ‘

Abdullah AHH was charged with murder, attempted murder and dangerous physical damage to the Dresden attacks.


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The widow of the German jihadi rapper was jailed for joining ′ IS ′ | News | DW | Instant News

Hamburg court convicted widow of the German rapper-turned-jihadi, Denis Cuspert to 3 years and 6 months in prison for membership of a terrorist organization abroad. Omaima A. was also found guilty of neglecting her parental duties, possessing illegal firearms and aiding and abetting slavery.

Omaima A. is believed to have traveled to Syria with her three young children in 2015 to join ISIS. He was accused of making a 13 year old Yesidi girl into a slave.

Her ex-husband Denis Cuspert, who is goes by the name Deso Dogg during his rap career, was is believed to have died in Kobane in 2018.

Caught by chance

The 36-year-old was arrested earlier this year After rumors of his presence in Germany spread when a cellphone purportedly belonged to him was found by a war reporter in Syria.

It is unclear how Omaima A. lost her cellphone or whether she left it on purpose when she decided to start a new life in Germany, but it is said to contain about 36 gigabytes of data documenting her life with the “Islamic State” (IS).

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Macron Says Old Belarusian Leader ‘Must Go’ | Instant News

Riot police detain a protester during an opposition rally to protest against the presidential inauguration in Minsk, Belarus, Wednesday, September 23, 2020. Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko has been sworn in for his sixth term at an unannounced inauguration ceremony ahead amid massive protests over weeks of saying that the authoritarian leader’s re-election was rigged. Hundreds of people took to the streets in several cities at night to protest the inauguration. (AP / TUT.by Photo)

France is increasing pressure on long-time Belarusian leader Alexander Lukashenko, with President Emmanuel Macron telling the leading French weekly that “Lukashenko must leave.”

The European Union said Thursday it did not recognize Lukashenko as the president of Belarus because of massive protests by Belarusians who questioned the outcome of last month’s presidential election which Lukashenko claims he won so much. Opposition members and some polling officials in Belarus say the vote was rigged.

Ahead of Monday’s trip to Lithuania and Latvia, Macron was quoted as saying in the Journal du Dimanche newspaper on Sunday as saying it was “clear that Lukashenko had to leave.”

“What is happening in Belarus is a crisis of power, an authoritarian force that cannot accept the logic of democracy and endures violence,” the paper quoted Macron as saying.

In a speech Saturday before the UN General Assembly, Belarus’ foreign minister warned Western countries against meddling or imposing sanctions over the country’s disputed presidential election and government crackdown on protesters.

Thousands of Belarusians have taken part in major rallies since the August 9 elections, which they say were rigged in support of Lukashenko, who has been in power for 26 years and has just taken secret oaths of office for a new term.


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ARMENIA-AZERBAIJAN Clashes in the Caucasus. The Armenian Catholicos interrupts official visits to Italy and the Vatican | Instant News

Azerbaijan bombing in the Marduni region (Karabakh): at least 10 people were killed. Armenia shot down two helicopters and 14 attack drones. Emergency status announced. Turkey’s destabilizing factor. Karekine II’s Message to the Armenians.

Echmiadzin (AsiaNews) – Patriarch Karekine II, the Catholic of all Armenians, based in Echmiadzin, has suspended his official visit to Italy and cut short a meeting scheduled for today with Pope Francis. He said he would return to his homeland to be close to his people at a critical time of this armed aggression.

In the early hours of the morning, the Azerbaijani armed forces broke off the truce and attacked with heavy bombardment near the Nagorno Karabagh Republic, which was mostly populated by Armenians, whose secession from the Soviet Union was not recognized by the international community and which Azerbaijan was fighting against. . After the bloody war of 1991-1993, the two sides signed a ceasefire and started a dialogue to find a solution which was slow to come.

So far, 10 Armenian soldiers from the Marduni (Karabakh) region have fallen asleep in a sudden armed attack launched by Azerbaijan. Armenia has shot down 2 helicopters and 14 attack drones as of this press. The Armenian troops attempted to repel any invasion attempts and territorial advances.

The Echmiadzin Press Office issued a Message from Karekine II to the nation: “Sons and daughters of the Armenian people, this morning, once again violating the ceasefire and their own commitments, the Azerbaijan Armed Forces have crossed offensively across the entire border, bombing unarmed centers in Artsakh [Armenian name of Nagorno Karabagh] including the capital city of Stepanakert. Artsakh, part of our homeland, calls on us once again to defend the rights of our nation, our holy land, our future and our national honor. We urge our people and all political forces to unite, to put aside all opposition in the name of defending the homeland. Currently, when we are visiting Italy where we are supposed to meet our brother whom we love dear Pope Francis of Rome, we immediately stop our visit to reach our homeland. May God protect Artsakh, may he support our brave soldiers and their commanders “.

The Presidencies of the Republic of Karabakh as well as the Republic of Armenia have declared a state of emergency and a general mobilization to deal with Azerbaijan’s aggression.

From Turkey, Azerbaijan’s Shiite ally and supporter, spokesman for President Recep Tayyep Erdogan accused Yerevan in a tweet of attacking “civilian locations” in Azerbaijan without specifying where or when.

This morning, Moscow called on the two sides to immediately implement a “ceasefire” and launch “talks between the warring parties”.

In 2016, ISIS fighters emerged among Azerbaijani fighters who entered the village of Karabakh and carried out massacres, beheadings and mutilations of corpses, in a dangerous precedent of using foreign Islamic terrorists in the Caucasus.

According to the Armenians, Turkey has become a destabilizing force in the East Mediterranean and is involved in armed conflicts in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Cyprus, also threatening Greece and Egypt. In supporting Azerbaijan against Armenia, Turkey today accuses Armenia of being a “threat to the stability of the Caucasus”.

Since this morning, thousands of Armenian volunteers have flocked to the barracks to fight. “Victory will be ours” promised Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinian, urging citizens not to heed unofficial news and not to spread uncertain news on social media. Azerbaijan has silenced all social media in the country except Twitter, which is used by Azerbaijan’s president.

“We pray for peace and we don’t want war. But they forced it on us. And because they want war, they will fight, “said the leader of the Karabakh Republic, Araik Arutyiunian.


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UN: Global Workers Lose $ 3.5 Trillion in Wages Amid Pandemic | Instant News

The coronavirus pandemic is having a bigger impact on jobs than previously feared, the United Nations said on Wednesday, with hundreds of millions of jobs lost and workers suffering a “massive” drop in income.

In a new study, the International Labor Organization (ILO) found that by the midpoint of the year, global working hours had fallen 17.3 percent compared to last December – the equivalent of nearly 500 million full-time jobs.

That is nearly 100 million more jobs equivalent than the figure estimated by the ILO in June, when it was estimated that 14 percent of working hours would be lost by the end of the second three-month period this year.

“The impact has been catastrophic,” ILO chief Guy Ryder told reporters in a virtual briefing, pointing out that global labor income has shrunk by 10.7 percent during the first nine months of this year compared to the same period in 2019.

That translates to an estimated $ 3.5 trillion, or 5.5 percent reduction in total global gross domestic product (GDP), the ILO said.

Since emerging in China late last year, the new coronavirus has killed nearly a million people worldwide from the more than 31 million infected.

In addition to health challenges, lockdowns, travel restrictions and other measures taken to contain the virus have had a devastating effect on jobs and incomes around the world.

The ILO also warned that the outlook for the last three months of 2020 has “deteriorated significantly” since its last report in June.

The organization previously estimated that global working hours would be 4.9 percent lower in the fourth quarter than a year earlier, but said it now expects an 8.6 percent decline, which corresponds to 245 million full-time jobs.

This explains that workers in developing countries and emerging economies, especially those working in informal jobs, are more affected than in the previous crisis.

The ILO also pointed out that although many of the most stringent workplace closures have been relaxed, 94 percent of the world’s workers are in countries where some sort of workplace restriction remains in place.

Dan Sangheon Lee, head of the ILO’s labor policy division, warned that the labor situation could worsen.

If the second wave of infections brings tighter restrictions and new lockdowns, he said, “the impact on the labor market could be comparable to the magnitude we saw in the second quarter of this year”.

Ryder warned those encouraging policymakers to focus on the economy rather than health in response to the pandemic.

“It is very clear … that the capacity and speed of the global economy to emerge from a labor market slump is closely linked to our capacity to contain the pandemic,” he said.

“These two things are very closely related, and we must act on that understanding.”

Meanwhile, the ILO report shows that the labor market crash could be worse without the many fiscal stimulus packages provided by the government.

Without such stimulus efforts – totaling about $ 9.6 trillion globally – global working hours would have shrunk by a full 28 percent in the second quarter, he said.

But he warned that fiscal stimulus was being delivered very unevenly, with low and middle-income countries receiving about $ 982 billion less in overall support than their wealthy counterparts.

Ryder urged international efforts to close the loophole, insisting that “no group, country or region can resolve this crisis alone.”


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