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Time testing relations: Hindu editorials on India-Russia relations | Instant News

India and Russia must ensure their relationship is not strained by changing realities

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov’s visit to Delhi this week saw him and Foreign Minister S. Jaishankar reaffirm traditional India-Russia relations, but there are signs that ties are being tested. Mr Lavrov’s trip is to make preparations for Russian President Vladimir Putin’s upcoming visit for the annual summit – it was postponed last year due to the coronavirus pandemic. On the bilateral side, the two sides appear to be making progress on strategic cooperation, cooperation in the fields of energy, nuclear and space, and talks on a free trade agreement with the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU). More deals were also discussed on military-technical cooperation for the joint production of Russian-made Indian weapons, with Mr Lavrov highlighting Russia as the only partner supplying India’s “cutting-edge military technology”. While neither side was referring to the upcoming $ 5 billion delivery of S-400 missile defense systems directly, they reaffirmed their commitment to their defense partnership, as well as avenues for more investment in connectivity including the International North-South Transport Corridor and Chennai- Vladivostok East Maritime Corridor. Their area of ​​difference in world views seems to have emerged during their public speech, which was preceded by Mr. Jaishankar on the “balanced nature” of international relations. Mr Lavrov’s praise for Russia-China relations was clearly not accepted by Jaishankar. While he repeatedly refers to India’s “Indo-Pacific” strategy, Mr Lavrov prefers a more continental reference to the “Asia-Pacific” region. Lavrov’s indirect derisive reference to the Quad as “Asian NATO” is significant, although he says both sides agree that a military alliance in Asia is discouraged and counterproductive. In Afghanistan too, Russia’s push to bring the Taliban into power-sharing arrangements in Kabul appears to run counter to India’s consistent push for a “democratic Afghanistan”.

Despite these differences, it was the optics from Mr Lavrov’s brief visit that sparked the impression that New Delhi and Moscow were not on the same page as usual; it does not include a meeting with Prime Minister Narendra Modi, like never before. The absence of a meeting at the highest level seemed more of a focus, as Mr Modi met US Special Envoy John Kerry only a day later, and at the next stop, in Islamabad, Mr Lavrov was received by Prime Minister Imran Khan and the Commander of the Pakistan Army, Bajwa. This is Mr Lavrov’s first visit to Pakistan in nine years, and is a clear message about strengthening ties. Unlike 2012, Lavrov said this time that Russia was ready to strengthen Pakistan’s counterterrorism efforts with a supply of “relevant equipment”, which would be a surprise in Delhi. While India and Russia have managed to overcome their differences, even the deep, traditional and time-tested relationship of the kind they have shared for decades cannot be taken for granted, and both sides must move quickly, if they are to dispel the idea. that the bond is under any stress.


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PTI MPA Kareem Gabool quit the assembly chair | Instant News


Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) MPA Kareem Gabool resigned from the PS-100 provincial assembly seat over what appeared to be ‘unresolved grievances’ from representatives of the provincial party and district leadership.

Gabool previously made headlines two days before the March 3 Senate election when he did announced not to elect a PTI candidate.

In his resignation addressed to the Leader of the Opposition in the Sindh Assembly Haleem Adil Sheikh, Gabool emphasized that, “On every floor of the party, I always speak my vote there. My constituency (PS-100) (NA-242) MNA Tuan Saif Ur Rehman always ignored me and the people in my constituency and he always did whatever he wanted for the people’s development work.

“Because of that, I followed party policy. Several times, I recorded my statements to parliament. I personally, [a] many times, it was informed to the Governor of Sindh Mr Imran Ismail, President of Karachi Mr Khurram Sher Zaman, GS Karachi Mr Saeed Afridi and Leader of Parliament Mr Bilal Ghaffar [about the situation].

“Still, no one has taken action on my statement at all. Therefore, for the benefit of the nation and their request, I am [am] I myself gave my resignation as a member of the Sindh Provincial Assembly, PS-100. “

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However, according to sources at PTI, Gabool’s resignation was a tactic of pressure and nothing else.

“He has to resign too [the] the parliamentary leader of the party or speaker Sindh Assembly. There is no point in sending his resignation to the opposition leader, “said a senior PTI leader The Express Tribune.

Pre-Senate election failure

In a video message on March 1, Gabool announced that he would not vote for party candidates, saying that “some candidates were given tickets in exchange for money”. He also said that the country’s constitution allows him to choose any candidate.

The next day, on March 2, Sindh The assembly turned into a battleground after lawmakers from the PTI and the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) got into a physical scuffle over the development.

Gabool finally ‘on hold‘by his own party members from the meeting place and taken away from the scene by car.

MPA PTI elected from the PS-100 Karachi East-II constituency in the 2018 general election.

A copy of the resignation is available with The Express Tribune


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The corrupt elements have banded together to evade punishment: PM | Instant News


Prime Minister Imran Khan said on Sunday that a small minority of corrupt elements had banded together to evade the passage of the law.

“The government cannot fight the mafia alone. We cannot fight corruption without support from the courts,” he added.

The prime minister’s remarks came as he responded to live callers during a telephone session.

He responded to residents’ calls on that number 051-9224900.

“We have asked Nawaz Sharif to hand over the bail but the court sent him abroad,” the prime minister said.

He noted that those who plundered the country were showered with flower petals following their sentences from the NAB court.

“People like us struggle to bring such elements under the law,” he stressed.

“We need to change the collective mindset to end corruption Pakistan once and for all. “

PM Imran further said that Pakistan’s struggle is for the rule of law.

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Regarding the third wave Covid-19, The Prime Minister ruled out a complete lockdown, but ensured certain restrictions.

Noting that people were “prowling around without fear,” he was afraid it would put pressure on the hospital.

When talking to other callers, he said that the sugar price increase could not be separated from the corruption practices of the sugar mafia.

Responding to callers regarding the increasing incidence of child sexual abuse, he said, “This is a direct result of increasing immodesty in any country. Obscenity always impacts society.”

“Islam sets the rules for modesty for a reason,” he stressed.

He urged filmmakers to pay attention to this issue and develop some content to counter the threat.

To another question, the prime minister said, “jump the mafia is the biggest scourge of this country. Such a mafia colludes with the government to fulfill its design. “

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“We managed to free Rs450 billion worth of land from these elements.”

The prime minister made it clear that he would not take any steps to normalize relations with India unless India withdrew from revoking the autonomous status of occupied Kashmir.

“Trust me, I will never take any action that will damage Kashmir,” he stressed.

Answering a caller, he said, “I will take action to ensure that essential commodities are within reach of the masses during Ramadan.”

Earlier, in February, the prime minister interacted with the public by telephone to raise their concerns.

It was the first direct telephone interaction between PM Imran and the general public since he became head of government in 2018.


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PM Imran wishes the Christian community a ‘Happy Easter’ | Instant News


Prime Minister Imran Khan congratulated the Christian community on the occasion of Easter, on Sunday.

“May all our Christians celebrate Easter,” the prime minister said in a Twitter post.

The annual Easter Festival marks the resurrection of Jesus Christ and the culmination of 40 days of borrowing – a time of fasting, reflection and spiritual renewal for the Christian community.

In the same year that he came to power, PM Imran assured the public that the government would protect “at all costs” all the rights guaranteed to them by the Pakistani Constitution.

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In a meeting with community representatives, he stated that the constitution gives equal rights to all citizens regardless of caste, color or creed.

The prime minister assured that the government will continue to protect the rights of minorities and ensure equal opportunities to participate in national life.

He also acknowledges and appreciates non-Muslim community services, especially Christians in various fields including education, health and social welfare.

PM Imran stressed the need to promote interfaith harmony and work hand in hand for the development and prosperity of the country.


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Work is ongoing on a battle to develop the Miyawaki forest in Islamabad | Instant News

Islamabad: The Capital Development Authority has successfully implemented the Miyawaki Forest project and the first phase of work on various sites has been completed previously.

Official records show that early work was carried out in Fatima Jinnah Park and sector I-10 where thousands of local plants were planted according to the techniques adopted to develop Miyawaki forest.

It is believed that the currently planted Miyawaki forests will grow in the next two to four years

years but they will turn into dense forest in ten years.

Civil service staff workers are also trained in this particular technique which is quite new in Pakistan. Prime Minister Imran Khan is interested in developing Miyawaki

forests to reach the target of planting ten billion trees across the country.

The climate change ministry has expanded its cooperation on plant species selection as it needs to rely on local species rather than alien and invasive species that can adversely affect the natural environment and the health of urban residents.


According to the CDA’s Environmental Directorate, “The core principle of the Miyawaki method is the creation of a multi-layered community consisting of tall trees, medium to short trees, and lower weeds that function together as the entire forest ecosystem.”

“This allows Miyawaki forest to have nearly 30 times the surface area of ​​a single-layered lawn and garden, ideally creating a forest 30 times denser than normal,” he said.

CDA Environment Director General Naveed Khan Tareen said green spaces not only improve the quality of urban environments but also increase local resilience and promote sustainable lifestyles with an impact on the health and well-being of residents.

“Work on the Miyawaki forest is ongoing and we will expand it in twenty locations as part of efforts to increase green cover in the city,” he said.


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