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Actor Ertugrul fell in love with Islamabad | Instant News

Celal Al, who plays Abdul Rehman Alp, is part of the Turkish delegation visiting Pakistan.

The actor held meetings with Prime Minister Imran Khan, federal minister and Pakistani actors Humayun Saeed, Adnan Siddiqui and Imran Abbas during his visit.

The actor was quite impressed by the hospitality of the Pakistani people and the natural beauty of his capital city.

Celal has shared photos of his tour on his Instagram story.

On Thursday, he posted a photo of the city with the caption “Islamabad, you are a beautiful city.” He closed his post with the hashtag “PakTurkZindabad”.


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PM Imran Khan will inaugurate a technology park in Islamabad today | Instant News

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan has inaugurated a technology park in the federal capital Islamabad, ARY News reported on Friday

Following the creation of the country’s first Special Technology Zone Authority (STZA), Prime Minister Imran Khan inaugurated a technology park in the federal capital Islamabad today.

In his remarks, PM Khan said that the establishment of the STZ would generate jobs at home, while Pakistanis abroad could also benefit from the STZ authority.

He said the government would provide maximum assistance to solve problems faced by the special technology area authorities.

Earlier, PM Imran Khan chaired the first session of the Special Zone Technology Authority (STZA) where the prime minister himself chaired his board of governors. During the session, the authorities approved a plan to lay down a network of technology zones across the country.

Amer Ahmed Hashmi said in a statement that the prime minister launched a game-changer project as a target set to expand the country’s IT exports to $ 15 billion. He added that the government will bring top information technology (IT) companies to the country.

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Hashmi detailed, the government has provided tax incentives to IT companies for a period of 10 years in addition to deciding to establish mini-tech cities.

It can be noted that Amer Ahmed Hashmi has been appointed chairman of the Special Technology Zone Authority (STZA) which was created after the issuance of a regulation by President Arif Alvi in ​​December last year.

Earlier on December 9, Prime Minister Imran Khan had inaugurated the country first National Science and Technology Park at the National University of Sciences & Technology (NUST).

Pakistan’s first National Science and Technology Park was established around NUST and is hailed as the country’s largest innovation and research ecosystem.

The high-tech IT Park hosts more than forty companies, including startups, Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), and technology giants, Radio Pakistan reported. The park will serve as a launch pad for the country’s leading researchers, innovators and entrepreneurs.




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PDM is determined to free Pak from the illegitimate government of Imran Khan Fazl-ANI | Instant News

Islamabad [Pakistan], January 2 (ANI): Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) chairman Maulana Fazlur Rehman said on Friday that the opposition movement would no longer be aimed solely at the government led by Prime Minister Imran Khan but also “its supporters”.
The head of the opposition alliance said the split within the PDM was a media campaign and added that the PDM was more determined to get rid of Imran Khan’s state and its illegitimate government.
Dawn reported that after the opposition meeting of PDM leaders in Raiwind, Rehman said it was decided after detailed discussion that the opposition would participate in the upcoming by-election but there had been no decision to take part in the Senate elections.
“In principle, we are not against the election of any institution but there is time to go [Senate polls], he said, adding that the final decision would be taken at the next PDM meeting with due observance of the prevailing conditions, as quoted by Fajar.
“The PDM has come out stronger than ever and more determined than ever to free the country from this illegitimate government,” the PDM chairman said, adding that all PDM constituent parties had reported at today’s meeting that the resignation of “all” opposition lawmakers had achieved their party leadership, according to the December 31st given for this purpose by the alliance, as reported by Dawn.
“So one of the targets has been achieved today,” he said while emphasizing that the government has one month to step down.
Rehman said if the prime minister refuses to step down on January 31, the PDM leadership will announce a long trip to Islamabad and decide on a date.
“It will also decide whether the long march should go to Islamabad or Rawalpindi,” added Rehman. Rawalpindi is a metonym for Pakistan Army headquarters.
“We agree that the government has taken the entire system hostage by turning Pakistan into a deep state. Imran Khan is a pawn [and] those who rigged it and imposed it on the nation, we want to explain it [to them that] we blame the establishment and the military leadership for this, “said the PDM chief.
He continued: “The direction of our criticism now will be clearly aimed at them (the establishment). It is now for them to decide whether they will stick their claws even more into Pakistani politics or step back and move towards their constitutional responsibilities.”
The PDM chief said that the alliance regards the army “as our army” and that it respects all the generals. “But when these defense forces interfere in politics to carry out their professional duties, it creates confusion.”
“All parties agree that the direction of the movement is not only at the pawns but also towards its supporters,” he said further.

He announced that the alliance would stage a demonstration in front of the Pakistan Election Commission office in Islamabad on January 19, while similar protests were planned to be held in front of the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) headquarters as well.
According to Dawn, Rehman said that all opposition members summoned by the NAB had appeared before, but said that “this proved to be not accountability but revenge”.

The PDM has demanded the resignation of Prime Minister Imran Khan until January 31 and in the case of rejection of this request, the front has announced rallies against the government. (ANI)

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Witness: PM Imran breaking bread with the residents of Panagah | Instant News


Prime Minister Imran Khan on Friday inaugurated a Arrow (shelter) in Tarnol to provide free food and shelter for desperate people in the federal capital, Islamabad.

Accompanied by the PM’s Special Assistant for Poverty Alleviation Dr Sania Nishtar, Managing Director of Pakistan Baitul Mal and Senator Faisal Javed, the prime minister cut the ribbon to officially open the facility.

That Arrow initiatives very close to the heart of the prime minister that were launched early in his term in office.

The prime minister spent the first night of the New Year with the poor at the facility. He joins the beneficiaries at dinner and interacts with them.

It is the fifth facility in the federal capital that is run according to established standards to ensure quality and serve the poor with dignity.

The 100-bed facility has been built in collaboration between PBM and the Turkish Ministry of Culture.

On Arrow, 10 beds have been assigned for the women.

PM Imran questioned them about their livelihood conditions and assured them that as a consequence of the government’s economic policies, employment opportunities would increase in the near future.

Earlier in the day, the prime minister had also announced that as a New Year’s resolution, he would carry out a project to ensure no one goes to sleep hungry across the country.

The prime minister also visited the EZ Shifa telehealth kiosk set up in Arrow to provide free health checkups to people and consult with 500 doctors from around the world.


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Sindhis, Balochs will lose his job because Pakistan International Airlines headquarters move to Islamabad | Instant News

01 Jan 2021 03:02 IS

Islamabad [Pakistan], January 1 (ANI): With Pakistan International airline (PIA) implemented its decision to cut its existing workforce in half and move the national airline headquarters from Karachi to Islamabad at the end of January but current and former officials saw the whole development as a move to sack the maximum number of staff especially those living in Sindh and Balochistan.
In fact, PIA requires Parliament’s approval for relocation. But employees consider the decision to be politically motivated by Imran Khan’s government. This is clear enough even when the country’s top spy agency is being used as a tool to silence dissenting voices.
Employees said that management has moved about 800 employees from all groups to Islamabad from Karachi and, because of this, most of the Sindhi and Urdu-speaking employees chose the Voluntary Separation Scheme (VSS) instead of going to a city that was much more expensive than Karachi, as reported by Dawn.
CEO of PIA Retired Marshal Arshad Malik, who was supported by Pakistan The Tehreek-i-Insaf government has so far fired more than 900 people on disciplinary grounds for their alleged involvement in corruption, false titles and other charges.
Meanwhile, PIA Officers Association Secretary General Safdar Anjum claimed the only reason behind the relocation decision was Air Marshal Malik and his fellow advisers, whom he brought from Pakistan The Air Force, as representative, has homes and families in it Islamabad.
“Whatever the intentions, one thing is clear that the anti-worker move makes Prime Minister Imran Khan and PTI very unpopular,” said a senior PIA official.
According to Dawn, PIA is moving forward with plans to cut its existing workforce in half and move the national airline’s headquarters from Karachi to Islamabad at the end of January although it required Parliament approval to do so.
Representatives of employees, officers, pilots and engineers advised that none of them be taken over by management before and after deciding to move the airline’s headquarters and hubs to Islamabad from Karachi and added that management cannot shift headquarters without the approval of the parliament which must change Pakistan International airline Corporation (PIAC) (Conversion) Act, 2016.
Section 7 (2) of the PIAC Act reads: “The head office of the Company and its subsidiaries conducting air transportation business will be in Karachi.”
“There is no single valid reason to justify moving from either the headquarters or the airline’s hub from Karachi to Islamabad, “said Safdar Anjum, Secretary General of the PIA Officers Association, as quoted by Dawn, who opposed the management led by retired Air Marshal Arshad Malik (CEO).

“Karachi is a unique place where the entire PIA network of organizations is located within a two-three kilometer area. It has the Ispahani Hangar, a complete engineering system. It would be wise to close the hangar, outsource some other work and provide engineering to PAF just to relocate the head office to Islamabad? “He asked.
PIA management has rejected all allegations and called it politically motivated.
“PIA has moved its operational and supporting offices to Islamabad due to inherent shifts in travel demographics. Previously, the majority of PIA’s traffic originating from Karachi was the country’s largest trading center and city but now Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and its surrounding areas account for a large proportion of the workforce in the Gulf countries and adjacent areas Northeast GT Road and AJK contribute maximum traffic to Europe, Britain and the Far East, ”said PIA spokesman Abdullah Hafeez Khan, as quoted by Dawn.
“So it is only natural that PIA, to target this segment, should increase its presence in the north. With the increase in operations, the demand for manpower has also increased. It is now impossible to keep the workforce concentrated in Karachi while operating from the north,” he added.
Moreover, the decision has political implications, such as Pakistan People’s Party chairman Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari promised to include PIA workers in the opposition’s anti-government campaign. The PPP-supported Community Union is the CBA (Collective Bargaining Agency) in PIA but many of its opponents have accused the CBA of not doing what it should have done, namely to protect workers’ interests and instead its leaders have been showered with assistance by incumbent management.
The Air League, a workers’ body associated with Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz, called relocation headquarters to Islamabad an “undemocratic and anti-people”.
Another broad consequence of moving headquarters is that local residents will be affected, Pakistan The Air Line Pilots Association (Palpa) said local residents would lose their jobs because most of the employees were unable to leave Karachi.
Dawn further reported that PIA currently has 14,500 employees and in early December, PIA introduced the Voluntary Separation Scheme (VSS) with a target of laying off 3,500 workers.
“Employees have experienced tremendous stress by posting to Islamabad“in the shortest possible time so they can take advantage of the VSS,” said a Palpa spokesman. Mr Anjum from the Officers’ Association and spokesman for Palpa said VSS was not a new scheme as it was offered twice during different administrations.
“Nobody can refuse a pension scheme as long as it remains voluntary,” said Anjum, adding: “But VSS is not voluntary because employees are harassed and intimidated.”
“An atmosphere of fear and fear has been created so that employees have opted out out of fear of the VSS; this includes selective leakage of documents, Mandatory Separation Schemes, forced transfers, relocation of headquarters, lowering of basic rights and benefits, and so on – called performance-based profiles, leading to on employee layoffs, “said a Palpa spokesperson. (ANI)


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