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Take a closer look at the first island which became Italy’s Cultural Capital | Instant News

Hidden away in the Bay of Naples is the small island of Procida, which has just been named Italian Capital of Culture for 2022.

This is the first time an island has been awarded the title, since it was founded seven years ago. Procida followed in the footsteps of cities such as Perugia, Palermo and Parma – Italy’s current Cultural Capital.

The receiving city (or, in this case, the island) is becoming a focus for cultural heritage enhancement and tourism development, with many projects and initiatives underway to benefit the region.

There are currently 44 cultural projects planned in Procida, along with a 330 day program, involving 240 artists and eight renewed cultural spaces.

“Procida can be considered a metaphor for many places, many governments, many communities are rediscovering enthusiasm and pride for their territory,” said the island’s mayor, Raimondo Ambrosino.

In the process of applying for the title, Procida presented a vision entitled “la cultura non isola” – which translates to “culture not isolating”. This concept is an important part of being awarded the position of the Capital of Culture, with special resonance in our time.

The vision “is able to convey a poetic message, a cultural vision that reaches from the small reality of an island as a good wish for all of us, for the country, in the months to come,” said the Capital City. Cultural Commission in a statement.

Why was Procida chosen?

The smallest island in the Bay of Naples, often overshadowed by its neighbors – Capri and Ischia – Procida may appear a surprising choice for such a large title.

But, even though it is the least visited of the three islands, Procida is very beautiful with an authentic feel. The island has a population of only about 10,000 people, but covers a total area of ​​only 4 sq km – it feels alive, without being overcrowded.

One of the main reasons Procida was chosen is the richness of the island’s traditional arts, with a myriad of artisan workshops (especially on the Marina Grande).

Procida also has a unique history of its own, with Ancient Greek artifacts from the 16th century BC found all over the island. About 3,000 years later, Charles III of Spain turned Procida into his personal game reserve, before becoming an outpost for the shipbuilding industry.

As a result, the island is architecturally outstanding, with beautifully colorful buildings that capture these distinct historical periods. Today’s visitors can dive offshore in search of impressive underwater archaeological sites.

It’s no surprise, then, that Procida has featured and inspired many great works of art. Elsa Morante’s 1957 novel Arturo’s Island is set in Procida, and the island plays a major role in Alphonse de Lamartine’s legendary novel, Graziella.

For film buffs, you might recognize Elizabeth Taylor / Richard Burton’s Procida from Cleopatra in 1963, where the dome of the island’s church can be seen in the scene where Cleopatra’s barge enters the harbor. Recently, the island has also appeared in The Postman and The Talented Mr. Ripley.

Apart from that, there is also something for nature lovers. It is possible to watch whales off the island, and one of the most important dolphin colonies in the Mediterranean lives in the waters around Procida.

Where is the next Italian Capital of Culture?

After Procida is in the spotlight next year, the baton will be handed over together to Bergamo and Brescia, the two cities affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Parma, in northern Italy, is currently the Capital of Culture – a title the city has held for two years. Usually the post was for one year, but it was decided to extend Parma’s term following the coronavirus crisis.


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Wild weather: Severe thunderstorm warnings issued for parts of South Island, strong winds for central North Island | Instant News

Most of the rain that starts at 7am Monday will be the biggest on the West Coast of the South Island. Image / weatherwatch.co.nz

Severe thunderstorm warnings have been issued tonight for the Canterbury Plains and North Otago, accompanied by heavy rain and hail that are likely to hit the area.

Other parts of the country will be hit by strong winds.

MetService has warned people in the Canterbury Plains and North Otago to be prepared for flash floods around low-lying areas such as rivers, streams or narrow valleys, which can cause slipping. Rainfall is expected to be more than 25mm in some areas.

A front moved eastward across the South Island overnight.

This means that heavy rain can occur with thunderstorms in the Westland region south of Otira, and in Dunedin and North Otago.

Driving conditions will also be dangerous, with surface flooding and poor visibility during heavy rain.

Heavy hail can cause significant damage to crops, orchards, vines, greenhouses and vehicles.

Northwest winds can reach heavy storms from inland Canterbury to Marlborough, Wellington and Wairarapa.

Meanwhile, a storm likely to bring destructive winds and heavy waves centered on New Zealand’s West Coast, prompting warnings for those camping, on foot or on the water.

Weatherwatch.co.nz estimates strong winds “damaging” more than 150 km / h, waves of up to 13 meters, and one meter of snow in the Southern Alps.

There may also be over 200 mm of rain for parts of the West Coast.

Police say they have not issued a specific warning for the storm, but they always urge motorists to drive according to the conditions.

“In wet and windy weather that means slowing down and increasing the distance to follow,” said a spokesman.

Philip Duncan at weatherwatch.co.nz said the storm would be significant.

Weather and wind action today.  Image / weatherwatch.co.nz
Weather and wind action today. Image / weatherwatch.co.nz

“The stormy Southern Ocean weather pattern is temporarily putting the La Nina pattern to one side with two significant lows – one today and the other around Tuesday, Wednesday.

“Sunday’s low, which still hasn’t suppressed some thunderstorms, rain and winds for parts of New Zealand, will actually be tracing out of the country today. So we don’t expect anything too serious today, although it remains up-to-date with possible MetService severe warning no matter where you are. “

Estimated wind speed on Monday evening at 7pm.  Image / weatherwatch.co.nz
Estimated wind speed on Monday evening at 7pm. Image / weatherwatch.co.nz

But the ensuing storm worries Duncan, especially for those venturing outdoors.

“The Tuesday / Wednesday event appears to be the most intense with the epicenter of this hurricane potentially crossing Southland and Otago.”

As a hurricane hits the country with its strong northwest strong winds, it will then be followed by a cool southern turn with heavy rains that will hit the West Coast.

Weather and wind types are expected on Tuesday at 13.00.  Image / weatherwatch.co.nz
Weather and wind types are expected on Tuesday at 13.00. Image / weatherwatch.co.nz

Auckland is expected to cool down but will not experience as violent a storm as the South Island one.

MetService meteorologist Peter Little said southwestern changes that begin on Wednesday through Thursday will bring temperatures down to 10C on the South Island.

Dunedin will drop from 25C today to 15C.

Few say that temperature changes won’t be as dramatic as on the North Island, but people will definitely feel the impact from the southwest.

Auckland will drop from 27C today to 21C on Wednesday, and 20C on Thursday.

Most of the rain that starts at 7am Monday will be the biggest on the West Coast of the South Island.  Image / weatherwatch.co.nz
Most of the rain that starts at 7am Monday will be the biggest on the West Coast of the South Island. Image / weatherwatch.co.nz

Until then, the hot weather will continue. Whangārei and Gisborne can expect temperatures of 30C, Auckland and Tauranga 27C and Hamilton 26C.

In today’s South Island, Kaikoura is a hot spot of 28C. Christchurch and Ashburton are set at 27C.

The front exerts its energies on the South Island, and central New Zealand – Wellington, Wairarapa – is bearing the brunt of strong winds. Bad weather warning has been issued.

-RNZ additional reporting

Wind gusts speed early Monday.  Image / weatherwatch.co.nz
Wind gusts speed early Monday. Image / weatherwatch.co.nz


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Hundreds of Pacific Islands are getting bigger despite global warming | Instant News

New research says hundreds of islands in the Pacific are growing in land size, even as climate-related sea levels threaten the region.

Scientists at the University of Auckland found atolls in Pacific countries in the Marshall Islands and Kiribati, as well as the Maldives archipelago in the Indian Ocean, have grown by 8 percent in the past six decades despite rising sea levels.

They say their research can help climate-prone countries adapt to future global warming.

Scientists are using satellite images of the islands as well as field analysis to track these changes.

Coastal geomorphologist Dr Paul Kench said coral reef sediments were responsible for building the islands.

Dr Kench said in areas where coral reefs were healthy, enough sediment was produced to make the islands grow.

Historical aerial images show how the coastline of Jeh has changed over the decades.(Supplied)

“The majority of the islands in each of these countries have become larger or remain very similar in size,” he said.

“So, you know, one of the great things about this job is that the islands are actually quite physically dynamic.”

Healthy coral reefs are the key to growth

Coastal erosion due to rising sea levels is considered a major threat to many Pacific communities, with some witnessing coastlines receding.

Dr Kench said about 10 percent of the islands captured in the study were getting smaller in size.

Laguna Enewetak in the Marshall Islands with a small boat capsized on the shore.
Many of the islands in the Pacific are low-lying and at risk from rising sea levels.(ABC News: Greg Nelson)

He said a better understanding of which islands are growing and which are experiencing erosion could help Pacific countries adapt to climate change.

“That gives island nations the power to think about adaptation strategies, about where you focus on further development, and you will probably select islands that we can show are really growing in size,” he said.

Dr Kench said more work needs to be done to understand other factors affecting the growth or reduction of Pacific islands.

One of the concerns is the degradation of coral reefs due to global warming.

“Even though we can see healthy sites, and the sediment production that creates the islands is still happening, there should be some concern in locations where coral reef conditions are poor,” he said.

“So we are not suggesting here with any imagination that the island should not be worried.

“I think one of the messages from the work we’re doing is that island outcomes and prognosis will vary widely from site to site.”


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Your weather: Rain to settle across the country | Instant News

New Zealand

MetService National weather: 31 December – 2 January.

Most of the North Island enjoys sunny weather on New Year’s Day but that’s a different story for the South Island, and the rain will spread.

MetService forecaster Aidan Pyselman said the first day of 2021 brought clear skies for much of the North Island, with hotspots reaching 28C at Masterton and Blenheim.

But it was “not lightning southward” with rain and thunderstorms overhead in the Canterbury interior of rolling hills and mountains.

It is estimated that thunderstorms in the area from around Oxford to the south to the Saint Bathans Mountains and Kakanui Mountains could become severe and cause local heavy rains with rainfall rates of 25 to 40mm / hour.

This can cause local flooding. Greetings are also possible.

Heavy rain warnings are also in effect for North Otago, Dunedin and Clutha from Balclutha to the north, from today to 11pm tomorrow.

Tomorrow, rain – some pouring down – will become more common across the country with some thunderstorms and possibly heavy rain.

“Tomorrow will be a pretty active day,” said Pyselman.

The areas affected by the rain will include the central North Island, Coromandel, Waikato and similar places on the South Island.

“It all happened,” he said.

The revelers of Gisborne might escape the bad weather if they were lucky, he said.

“They probably avoided it and then topped the North Island [as well].

“The west coast region might as well get away with not seeing storm activity.”

The North Island is expected to still experience heavy rains on Sunday that will probably be heavy and rumble in the afternoon in the north and east, sunny in the southwest at night.

On the South Island, rain is forecast for Sundays in the south and west and around the Canterbury High Country, easing at night.

Rain is still expected to fall across the country through Monday with some of the monsoons expected in the North Island on Tuesday.


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Kiwi cruise lines want an adventure guide for Antarctic travel | Instant News


The Enderby spirit in the Ross Sea pushes the boundaries of New Zealand’s backyard. Photo / Provided, Heritage Expedition

For adventurers and nature lovers, this can be a dream summer job. A New Zealand cruise company is looking for an outdoor expedition leader to join them on a special Kiwi journey on the most distant Sub-Antarctic islands.

After being granted permission to sail New Zealand’s sole season, cruise company Heritage Expeditions is looking for crew and guides to join them from Fiordland to the Auckland Islands this summer.

“We are looking for extraordinary individuals who have a passion for New Zealand, its wildlife and its story,” said commercial director and expedition leader Aaron Russ.
Applicants will need a sense of adventure and be able to balance multiple responsibilities on Spirit of Enderby’s 50-passenger icebreaker.

“The oceans can be very temperamental – you have to be able to think, and stay on your feet,” explains Aaron. But for those who can afford it, this could be your ticket to one of the most interesting and difficult to reach places on the planet: Antarctica.

Enderby will set sail with a week-long itinerary around Stewart Island and a 13-day trip to the Subantarctic Islands before embarking on a guest expedition to New Zealand’s claim to Antarctica at the Ross Dependency.

Kiwi lovers and hikers can take the opportunity to visit Antarctica.  Photo / Provided, K Ovsyanikova
Kiwi lovers and hikers can take the opportunity to visit Antarctica. Photo / Provided, K Ovsyanikova

The company says knowledge of the area’s history, flora and fauna would be a plus, but it would be suitable for anyone in research, hospitality or adventure travel who is looking for a challenge.

“We are looking for extraordinary individuals who have a passion for New Zealand, its wildlife and its story,” said Aaron.

“New Zealanders are renowned for providing the next level of service with a smile when under pressure, and this is an excellent opportunity to tap into some of the local talent who may be looking for an exciting career change.”

For more information or to submit an application, the company can be contacted via [email protected]

Last month the ship, Spirit of Enderby also known as Professor Khromov was granted entry to New Zealand. The ice-fortified research vessel and its Russian crew were trapped outside New Zealand waters by the country’s cruise ship ban until it was granted special exemptions for the Kiwi-only season in the Southern Ocean.

Now considering the trip, Aaron says this southern itinerary will appeal to Kiwis who have “their wings cut by Covid”, want to “mark a wish list adventure and explore the farthest reaches of our amazing backyard.”

For more New Zealand travel ideas and inspiration, visit newzealand.com

This story was first published in the New Zealand Herald Travel on October 9

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