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Shahbaz’s mistreatment in prison reflects Imran’s personality: Marriyum | Instant News

LAHORE: PML-N Information Secretary Marriyum Aurangzeb said the mistreatment of party president Shahbaz Sharif in prison reflected the superficial personality of ‘elected’ Prime Minister Imran Khan.

In a statement Wednesday, Marriyum said Shahbaz’s treatment in Lakhpat City was a reflection of Imran’s sadness, suffering, fear, hopelessness and frustration after the successful success of the Gujranwala public gathering. This single public meeting is enough to expose the prime minister. He said, “Imran doesn’t care about the worst inflation, unemployment and a ruined economy because all he cares about is Kot Lakhpat. He does not bother giving medicines, sugar and flour to the public because he is too busy looking for ways to mentally and physically torture the PML-N head.


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Malaysian flight attendants who smuggled heroin into Australia were jailed for more than nine years | Instant News

A Malaysian flight attendant who uses her underwear to smuggle millions of dollars worth of heroin into Australia for an international drug syndicate will spend nearly a decade in prison.

Zailee Zainal, 40, wept today when she was jailed for nine years and six months for her role in a sophisticated operation, which was captured by the Australian Border Force in 2019.

But while imprisoning him this morning, District Court Judge Michael Cahill said the mother of three, who is likely to be deported at the end of her term, deserved leniency.

“There is a place to exercise mercy in handing down sentences,” said the judge.

“You feel that you have no other choice but to commit a crime.

“You desperately want to raise money to pay for the surgery your daughter needs to improve her quality of life.”

The court heard that Zainal, who worked for Malaysian airline Malindo Air, was recruited by a drug syndicate when he learned that he was eager to pay for his daughter’s piling medical bills.

After withdrawing his mortgage, Zainal began selling brownies and Tupperware to make ends meet.

But when that failed, he asked the airlines to make a donation on his behalf.

“After the email, someone I thought was a friend approached me as a carrier,” said Zainal.

“I was vulnerable and at that moment willing to do anything.”

Zainal smuggled more than 4 kilograms of heroin into Australia hidden in her bra and underwear.(Provided)

The court heard that Zainal was undergoing training for the role, learning how to speak in code and walking confidently with the package between his legs.

Between October 2018 and January 2019, he made a total of eight trips and smuggled over 4 kilograms of heroin, with a street value of around $ 3 million.

The court heard that when he landed in Australia he would go to a hotel where the heroin was exchanged for cash in the toilet.

Zainal only earned $ 6,500 for the operation that landed him in prison.

Heroin is referred to in the code as a ‘ticket’ and is about 70 to 80 percent pure.

The authorities managed to intercept five packages of heroin.

Zainal attends a Narcotics Anonymous meeting in prison

When he was arrested, Zainal made a full confession but told investigators he thought he was carrying marijuana.

“I know it is medicine, but I deny it and try to believe it is not,” said Zainal.

“If I had known it was heroin, I wouldn’t have done it in the first place.”

A gloved hand holds the 'Australian Border Force' sign over the heroin ball in the evidence bag on several scales.
The heroin is referred to as a “ticket” by the smuggling operation.(Provided)

The court heard that since he went to prison, Zainal, who does not drink or use drugs, has attended Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous to understand the effects of drugs.

Zainal’s detention while awaiting sentence in Australia has had a major impact on his family.

Her husband, who is also a flight attendant, has been unable to work since the start of the global pandemic.

The court heard her children call her in prison where she helped them with homeschooling.

Judge Cahill said Zainal was “very sorry” and had written a letter of apology.

“You are very unlikely to offend you again,” he said.

Zainal will be eligible for parole in about three years with the time he has served.


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The right place is prison: Shibli | Instant News

ISLAMABAD: In a tacit reference to opposition politicians, Information Minister Shibli Faraz Sunday said the right place was a prison and the masses had chosen the PTI to take power to complete the task.

Speaking at a press conference here, he said former prime minister and PML-N Quaid Muhammad Nawaz Sharif had brought opposition politics to a stalemate.

The minister said the PML-N was misleading the masses and pursuing a narrative that had nothing to do with reality.

“They are not doing anything for the country, except pursuing anti-people policies. They signed expensive energy contracts with foreign companies which led to hikes in gas and electricity tariffs,” said Shibli.

He said the PML-N was deliberately damaging the country’s economy to create obstacles for the next government.

The minister asked Nawaz Sharif to tell how he made assets and how he took the money abroad.

He said Imran Khan was effectively raising the Kashmir issue whereas Nawaz Sharif did not take the name Kulbhushan Jadhav and blackmailed Pakistan and its institutions.

“Nawaz Sharif has never had a smooth working relationship with military commanders and courts and he is accused of theft and financial crimes,” he said.

Faraz noted that Nawaz Sharif has dictatorial tendencies and his party is now divided.

Supremo PML-N must submit to the law and face cases against him, the minister said.

He said the government was trying to enforce a court ruling on Nawaz Sharif and sent him an arrest warrant through the Pakistan High Commission in London.

“Nawaz was convicted and went to London on bail,” he added.

Shibli said the former prime minister sat in a multibillion-rupee apartment in London and made speeches to create uncertainty and instability in the country and he did not want the economy to improve.

“Opposition to his statement must not be detrimental to projects of national interest,” he said, adding that the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) was pursuing opposition who took personal advantage by relaxing rules and regulations and using every opportunity to commit corruption.

“A case was filed against the opposition for corruption,” he added.

The minister said the opposition was using people to return to power.

“The opposition is divided and if its members withdraw from the assembly, their resignation will be accepted and a bye election will be held,” he continued.

He said the opposition first challenged the legislation related to the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) and then formed an alliance to create instability.

Highlighting the country’s economy, he said the PTI government inherited a $ 20 billion current account deficit and a debt of Rs 30 trillion.

He said the PTI government had reserved Rs2.9tr in the budget to pay interest on loans taken out by the previous regime.

He said the PML-N government spent $ 23 billion to control the dollar’s value artificially.

The minister said the country’s exports and remittances were on an upward path and foreign reserves were now in a comfort zone.

He said FBR had collected around IDR1 trillion in taxes this quarter, which was above the target.

Speaking about the opposition statement on the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, he said, “CPEC is a reflection of the historic friendship between Islamabad and Beijing. The opposition should refrain from damaging the brotherly relations between the two countries by engaging in politics on the CPEC project. “

Faraz said the current government was committed to completing the CPEC project at the earliest.

He said when people knocked the opposition out of power in elections, landmines were left behind to the detriment of the PTI government.

The minister said Ishaq Dar kept the dollar low by spending $ 23 billion and then he went abroad on the plane of then prime minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi.

The last government was unable to increase exports in the last five years and damaged the industry. When the PTI government arrived, the challenge was to repay the loan and pay for expensive imports of palm oil, crude oil and pulses, the minister said.

“Our exports and remittances are increasing, as people trust Imran Khan’s honest and sincere leadership and the government meets the revenue collection target of Rs1 trillion,” he explained.

Shibli said the reason for the increase in fuel prices was that international prices were not under the government’s control.

He said the PTI government had to pay capacity payments and circular debt because the previous agreement was expensive.


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The Under-Earth comic set in the underground of Melbourne imagines a dystopian post-capitalist Australia | Instant News

In July 2016, while waiting for his return flight at LAX airport, Chris Gooch began designing Delforge – a part colony of exile, part of an underground landfill, in Melbourne’s coming.

It is a place where shoplifters and murderers travel deep beneath the surface of the earth to toil in caves that emit toxic trash can juice, scavenging waste for money; street vendors hawking vintage iPods and cheap Nintendo 64 game consoles.

This fictional dystopia is at the heart of Gooch’s second graphic novel, Under-Earth: a three-part prison robbery thriller, which he describes as “two stories about people who struggle only to do the best they can and have the lives and friendships they have. could be in a state where every decision they make – good and bad – is morally compromised “.

Gooch said the actions of Under-Earth characters were always at someone else’s expense.(Provided: Chris Gooch)

There are deadly and skilled thieves, Ele and Zoe, who do dangerous jobs for the criminal lords of The Map King – including infiltrating The Spire, a brutal monolith, to extract the warden’s precious Titan Arum factory. And then there’s Malcolm, a big, stoic loner who carries the fresh-faced prisoner Reece under his wing.

Gooch said the oppressive post-capitalist world of science fiction Under-Earth was “a loose metaphor for the way we live our lives.”

Under-Earth parts 1, 2 and 3 are available now as single color riso print edition and will be published collectively as a full color print edition in October, by indie US publishers Top Shelf Production.

In the scene illustration, a WWI gas mask wearing a guard jumps through the glass and attacks another guard holding a rifle.
Gooch cites Akira’s cyberpunk manga visuals as a big influence, especially his depiction of the action.(Provided: Chris Gooch)

Under Earth is the second of three Australian graphic novels to be released this year by Top Shelf, along with Pat Grant’s work climate crisis epic The Grot (out this month) and Campbell Whyte’s follow-up to Eisner’s nominated future fantasy Home Time (coming out in October).

Perth-born illustrator and comic maker Whyte says that through a fantastic world of fiction, he and his Australian colleagues are describing “what we see as urgent and vital and important” as part of “the reality of our lives”.

Black, white, and brown illustration of cave terrain with ruins of tall buildings surrounding black towers and helicopters.
Under-Earth is supported by Creative Victoria, and features iconic Melbourne sites such as St. Flinders Station.(Provided: Chris Gooch)

An existential abyss

The speech balloon reads NEXT and hovers over the human with one eye closed.  Behind him was a long line of prisons in striped uniforms.
Gooch said because Under-Earth paired sci-fi with prison genre fiction, it didn’t need to be taken seriously or as if it was going to happen.(Provided: Chris Gooch)

Like the Under-Earth character, Gooch feels he is on “the brink of an existential abyss where everything is torn and damaged permanently because the way we live and the systems that control us are set up to operate.”

A young man with short dark brown hair and a black t-shirt poses against an unfocused green background, lit by natural light.
Chris Gooch is a graphic novelist, comic artist, and former comic editor for The Suburban Review.(Provided: Gabriel Clark)

Overconsumption was on the minds of the Melbourne cartoonist during the three and a half years of writing Under-Earth. During this period, China announced it would ban imports of foreign waste from the US, Japan and Australia, and the Australian Government continues to grapple with a solution to it waste crisis.

It is very difficult, Gooch said, to walk around and not be surrounded by objects that will end up in a landfill. He cites the trash compactor scene in Star Wars: A New Hope (Episode IV) as Under-Earth’s main inspiration.

The Under-Earth characters’ actions, dialogue, and lack of dialogue represent aspects of Gooch and his closest and dearest. He said the fictional prisoner talked about “what we want from each other and how we don’t often communicate properly”.

Black and white pictorial image of two patched men facing off to fight in the boulder battle pit arena.
At 576 pages, Under-Earth is Gooch’s longest running work, and it took him a year and a half to draw.(Provided: Chris Gooch)
The scene depicts two small figures facing each other in a circular rocky battle arena filled with onlookers in prison uniforms.
After finishing his slice-of-life graphic novel Bottled, Gooch was excited to work on a story with backstroke and action scenes.(Provided: Chris Gooch)

Gooch likens the inner world of the stubborn Chinese-Australian villain Malcolm to the Marvel superhero The Hulk, and describes him as “sad, lonely, and deliberately isolating yourself – especially in a way that allows you to free yourself from the responsibilities you have to face and help people. the people around you. “

In the end, Malcolm is betrayed by Reece and sold to criminal kingpin Delforge, and forced to fight his fellow inmates to death as part of an illegal gladiator style battle ring.

Gooch said, “If I am any character, I am Ele”, which he describes as “lost and fixated on the past”.

The Malaysian-Australian character holds onto his hopes of escaping Delforge by listening to music – a relic of the outside world – and gazing at the only star in the darkness of the cave above Delforge (rumored to be a distant gap in the sun’s rays from the free world above the ground).

In B&W, the yellow pictorial scene of 2 women hiding behind a pillar as masked guards with rifles and plants run past corpses in the lobby.
Gooch says rather than writing character biographies, he prefers to let characters develop and find their voice as he draws them.(Provided: Chris Gooch)

Gooch said that Ele’s storyline is “about making peace with the limitations of the world and giving in to the false utopia she tries to return to the outside world, and trying to make a living and be happy in the life she has.”

Shame Australian people

In the illustration of b&W and yellow, a group of people in striped prison uniforms watch WWI masked guards with sticks raised across the city landscape.
Perth comic artist Campbell Whyte says the Australian works that excite him the most are related to land and place issues.(Provided: Chris Gooch)

Under-Earth begins with a scene showing how Delforge’s new inmate is inducted into a perforated landfill. After their hiatus, they are violently thrown out of an aerial helicopter by guards wielding assault rifles wearing World War I gas masks. Below, a pile of mountainous trash is all that broke their fall.

Three horizontal panels show a black and white illustration of a man in striped prisoner clothing falling on a black background.
Gooch said his goal with Under-Earth was to create cinematic comics.(Provided: Chris Gooch)

Gooch said that while he could not do “justice for the suffering people suffer” offshore detentionDelforge guards, violence and faceless faces refer to “how badly our country treats those detained concentration camp“.

Illustration of shirtless bald man with back tattoo crawling up the hill of corpse in striped prison uniform.
Gooch started designing Under-Earth with thumbnails instead of scripts because he wanted the images to lead the story.(Provided: Chris Gooch)

Sci-fi and fantastic fiction “hint at a deeper truth about the human condition and experience,” Whyte said.

Under-Earth will be published by Penguin Random House on October 20.


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5 years in prison for using unofficial Pak maps | Instant News

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan has been empowered to appoint a Surveyor General of Pakistan, in accordance with the amendments incorporated in the Surveying and Mapping Act, 2014, recently passed by a joint session of Parliament.

Previously, this authority was held by the federal government. A number of amendments have transferred different powers and functions to the “concerned division” (meaning ministry of defense) of the federal government.

Following the amendment, Section 3 (2) states that for efficient administration of the Survey of Pakistan, there will be a Surveyor General of Pakistan, who will be appointed by the prime minister and there will be other officials and staff who may be appointed by the prime minister in a prescribed manner.

An insert has been added to Section 20, which says any individual, firm, organization or department involved in printing, displaying, distributing, using or distributing an untrue and unofficial version of the map of Pakistan or any part of Pakistan in hard or digital form shall be subject to imprisonment for a period extendable to five years or a fine of five million rupees or both.

An addendum has been made to Section 16 which states that no one may print, display, distribute, use or distribute incorrect and unofficial versions of the map of Pakistan or any part of Pakistan in printed or digital form. All individuals, companies, organizations or departments should have their maps checked and cleaned of the Pakistan Survey before they are used, published, disseminated or circulated.

The amendment to Section 16 (2) states that no maps and confidential data may be used by foreign consultants, firms, organizations without the prior written approval of the relevant divisions. Previously, this power rests with the federal government.

Section 11 (1) has also been amended. Now it reads: “Survey Pakistan will use, insert, print or publish Pakistan map or atlas, establish and adopt geodetic, vertical and gravimetric datum at the national level. This datum will be adopted in all national survey and mapping activities, including those carried out by the Pakistani armed forces and the Geological Survey of Pakistan ”.

According to the modification in Part 2, the national coordinate system means the coordinate system of an aircraft notified by the prime minister (previously notified by the federal government).

Similar amendments were made in Section 6, replacing the federal government with the prime minister. It said the Pakistan Survey would inform the prime minister of practices to be followed in geospatial data production as well as survey and mapping practices and as the case may be in gathering and disseminating the type of information required for geographic information. system (GIS).

Survey of Pakistan will “prepare geospatial data, remote sensing, and geographic information system applications from all countries at various scales as recommended by the prime minister and provide this service as storage work for specific regions with predefined specifications for provinces, districts. and local government and other clients from the public and private sector ”.

This will construct child maps at various scales as required by the division concerned. It will perform other functions which the “related division” may assign.

Likewise, the word “federal government” has been replaced by “related division” in Section 13, which deals with joint surveying and mapping and geospatial data production work with foreign companies.

The original section said no work related to surveying and mapping, collection and production of geospatial data in Pakistan may be undertaken by individuals, private companies or government organizations working with foreign companies or firms or non-governmental organizations unless there is prior written approval. obtained from the federal government, observe the channels as needed.

Likewise, following amendments, Section 18 reads: “No one may destroy, destroy or remove the survey mark or seize or occupy land used for the permanent survey mark. In the case of a mark set on personal property, compensation must be paid by the ‘related division’ under the applicable law. “

In the same pattern, Section 19 (1) has been changed. It said the “related divisions” would form a National Naming Authority of no more than ten members and would be chaired by the Surveyor General of Pakistan.

An addition has been made to Part 3, which says Survey Pakistan will serve as a technical department for all activities involving surveying, mapping, geographic information systems or remote sensing and geospatial information technology in Pakistan.

In Section 23, the word ‘federal government’ is also replaced by ‘related division’. The provision says ‘the division concerned’ can establish the rules for carrying out the purposes of this Act.


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