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Italian Aircraft Manufacturer Develops Craft Just To Transport COVID-19 Vaccine | Instant News

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Photo: Tecnam

Tecnam, an Italian aeronautics company that produces aircraft parts for other manufacturers and also develops its own light aircraft, has engineered small aircraft with the aim of transporting the COVID-19 vaccine by air.

The COVID-19 vaccine must be stored and transported in very cold temperatures -70 ° C ± 10 ° C, according to Pfizer. Once thawed, the vaccine can be stored on 2-8 ° C for five days before rotting. Maintaining those cold temperatures has been one of the many challenges getting a vaccine out to the public, so Tecnam is working with Italian freezer manufacturer Desmon to find a solution to the problem.

Together, they have added a cooling system to Tecnam’s The 11-seat P2012 mini plane contains the special equipment needed for vaccine transport. The passenger seats have been removed to create a cargo version featuring the so-called ‘ultra-freezer.’ With it, Tecnam – named P2012 TravelCare – can carry up to 115,000 doses of the COVID-19 vaccine per trip.


Photo: Tecnam

And because of its size, TravelCare has a lot more flexibility when it comes to where it lands. Tecnam says it can take advantage of dirt, grass or gravel runways that are dangerous to larger aircraft, and can arrive much faster than a delivery van or truck. It also prevents a lot of vaccine transfers, which scientists have warned.

From Tecnam, here are some other specifications:

  • Can maintain -86 ° C during transportation
  • Can maintain -65 ° C for 10-12 hours after system is unplugged for further distribution
  • Cand reduce distribution costs to just $ 0.005 per dose, per hour of flight
  • Can land with runway less than 1,850 feet
  • Can reduce delays in vaccine transport

Tecnam is no stranger to retrofitting its engines to handle a variety of tasks. So far, they have planes designed for medical evacuation, aerial surveillance and aerial photography. The addition of vaccine transport is another notch and an inspiration for other light craft makers to get on the same boat.


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Porsche Boxster 25 years edition has excellent wheels | Instant News

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image: Porsche

To celebrate the anniversary of the original Boxster’s release in 1996, Porsche launched a new special edition “Boxster 25 Years” model. Only 1,250 examples will be built, each based on the current GTS 4.0 model. This means a 394-horsepower 4-liter flat six-cylinder engine, and 0-60 is as low as 3.8 seconds. It can be used with PDK or 6-speed gearboxes, but each one will be equipped with a set of exquisite simple five-spoke bronze wheels.

Porsche calls this bronzer Neodyme, and it is used in many places throughout the special edition model. In addition to the wheels, it will also be used for the front grille, side air intakes and all exterior signs of the car. It is described as a “bronze-like shiny brown” and contrasts with any of the three available colors. GT silver metal, dark black metal and Carrara white metal.

If there is a choice, I will choose black. Especially considering that the inside and top of these Boxsters will be blood red for 25 years. Oh yes, that’s great. You can choose black for the interior and top, but this is only for the coward.


image: Porsche

It has been a while since Porsche built a wheel like this.It doesn’t take a lot for the wheels to really pop out, but there are only two shades of colorte is one way to do this. The 718 Boxster GTS 4.0 is already an extractable shape, so no complicated fancy wheel design is required. This flat five-spoke is very low-key. When the spoke touches the rim, it only needs to be opened a little bit.

The work of this designer is absolutely amazing.

If you need one of these things, please contact your Porsche dealer as soon as possible, as they only have 1,250 vehicles that can last forever.However, it’s not cheap, because 25 years started in $98,600 plus Shipping fee is $ 1,350. Consider the “standard” 718 The Boxster GTS 4.0 starts at US$88,900. This anniversary package is indeed a premium price, but the wheels alone are worth it.


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This Jaguar XJS launched a series of powerful events | Instant News

This is V12 Jaguar XJS. You may have seen it before.It may have rusted in the auto repair shop, Or disappear gradually in the alley on the other side of town.But this is different because Without it, one of the greatest stories in racing would not have happened.

Every year, Jalopnik’s most popular member-well, this year is me-brings you the best Group C and GT1 cars of the 1980s and 1990s. We even did a rally theme for Group B. But for some reason, we have never discussed all the most successful racing formulas.This is a clumsy title Group AIt is worth celebrating.

Tom Walkinshaw or TWR of Tom Walkinshaw Racing is in the lead. If you don’t understand the story of this car at its most sensory level, you shouldn’t understand it. You need to see it tearing apart around one of the greatest tracks in the world, faster than ever.This is 1985 James Hardy 1000, now better known as Bathurst 1000, is a panoramic view of Mt. in Australia. It is usually the domain of Ford and Holdens, but in 1985, Tom Walkinshaw performed in this clumsy big idiot. From his perspective, it is not easy:

For TWR and XJS, this is not the first big success.The team has participate 1982 European Touring Car Championship When the series was switched to the Group A certification rules, it was won by the end of that year. Tom won the series in 1984, and by 1985 he had made history in Bathurst.

I roll the clock back to that point Group A TWR XJS.Because of the four-speed gearbox, it has three times the number of cylinders than gears, and Tom Wokingshaw had to compete with a 3,100-pound car and a 375-horsepower car on major European tracks. concert tourcarRacing.net. When Tom won the Bathurst Award, he had at least five speeds.

I mean, Luxury cars Beating the competition on terrible roads is great in itself. But there is more to this car. Tom Wokingshaw’s XJS Is his first With the partnership with Jaguar, it has developed from the Group A station wagon enterprise to a complete Group C prototype program. Just a few years later, TWR led Jaguar to a full victory in the 24 Hours of Le Mans, from XJS to XJR-9.

This success has two interesting effects.The first is that it may single-handedly cover up Aston Martin’s chance to return to Le Mans glory and become an orphan Promising AMR-1 prototype. Ford supervised the Jaguars and Aston at the time, and only set aside budget for one of them.You can say jaguarSuccess killed any chance of Aston’s glory.

More importantly, TWR Tigers In the end, the racing series they participated in completely lost its vitality, and the Jaguars also participated in motorsports. When Group C died, TWR persisted and gave the later XJR-14 as MXR-01 to Mazda for one year, and then gave it to itself. XJR-14 used to be the final evolution of the Jaguar sports car project that started with XJS in Group A. TWR WSC-95.There is a Porsche six-cylinder behind Contrary to the excellent large Jaguar V12, the car won the Le Mans championship for two consecutive years in 1996 and 1997.

Can we really attribute the three victories in the 24 Hours of Le Mans to another race?The whole procedure of the nufacturer? I mean, if you just look at the facts, it seems too much. But when you see this car and hear it running, I think you both know that there is nothing you can’t do.


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How to get the Quadra Turbo-R of Cyberpunk 2077 in Forza Horizon 4 | Instant News


Screenshots: Microsoft Studio/Jalopnik

Yes Cyberpunk 2077 What’s good? I don’t know, I haven’t played it yet!All i know is The car is neat, If you are more interested in this aspect of the experience than anything else, here is the good news: you can now drive the game’s hero car 2058 Quadra Turbo-R V-Tech Forza Motorsport: Horizon 4 starting today.

Turbo-R V-Tech joined Quartz Regalia Final Fantasy XV And the warthog from Halo Such as Forza Motorsport: Horizon 4 The third drivable vehicle in the game world.Available for free at Forza Motorsport: Horizon 4 With the latest update, you can get it by defeating LaRacer in the _:Nightcity.exe:_point-to-point Street Scene event in Edinburgh.


Screenshots: Microsoft Studio/Jalopnik

Typically, Turbo-R is Presumably The twin-turbocharged V8 produces 607 horsepower and transmits this power to all four wheels.These specifications have been saved in power Similarly, although the weight of the car in the two races is different.in power, It sells for 2,756 pounds, and Cyberpunk, We were told it weighed 1,450…thing.

If the unit should also be a pound, that would make the Turbo-R about 500 pounds lighter than the modern top Le Mans prototype. If the unit is kilograms, it is equivalent to about 3,200 pounds-certainly a more credible figure by modern standards, although who said 40 years later they will use advanced foreign materials to make sports cars.

Anyway, if I don’t discuss the Turbo-R numbers, I think this car is really good Forza Motorsport: Horizon 4.All-wheel drive car power Often it is already very docile, and there are quite a few grips without any modification. In the performance index of the game, it ranks 890, ranking first in the S level. I want to say that it definitely feels more than similar rear-wheel drive supercars.


Screenshots: Microsoft Studio/Jalopnik

Interestingly, the sound is nothing unusual-you might expect peculiar digital spinning and hissing sounds, but in the end Turbo-R will roar and roar like a turbocharged V8 sports car.

Overall, the quality of the Turbo-R model Forza Motorsport: Horizon 4 impressive.Although the old car models in the franchise often suffer from inaccuracy and lack of detail, because they will continue to power In the game, the new members of the series often look great, and Turbo-R is no exception.

Illustration of the article titled

Screenshots: Microsoft Studio/Jalopnik

Due to the lack of a rear bumper, most of the bottom surface of the Turbo-R engine is exposed. Forza Motorsport: Horizon 4 It is obviously handled carefully. All panels of the vehicle, including sliding doors and floor, can be opened in Forzavista mode. I like the jungle-style pattern of the seat fabric and the free red digital readings, some of which will be updated in real time while you are driving.The only obvious omission is that Turbo-R is power It seems that the windshield head-up display is missing, like a car is Cyberpunk.

Ultimately, if you dig Cyberpunk 2077 Cars, but less games, go to Turbo-R Forza Motorsport: Horizon 4. In doing this, you may be able to attract your friends and have your own dream racing dream race with Warthog and Regalia.


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Mysterious Disease F1 Drivers At Eifel Grand Prix Confirmed To Be COVID-19 | Instant News

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Photo: Rudy Caressing (Getty Images)

Just before Saturday’s qualifying session at the Eifel Grand Prix, Racing Point racer Lance Stroll withdrew from the event, citing the mysterious illness he noted at the time was not COVID-19. Now, two weeks later, the Canadian racer admits that, despite the negative test before the race weekend, he did catch COVID.

Racing Point noted that Stroll felt unwell after the Russian Grand Prix but did not test positive for the coronavirus prior to the race at the Nurburgring. Indeed, team boss Otmar Szafnauer confirmed it was some kind of stomach ache and Stroll had just lost fluids after spending the night in the toilet.

However, new reports say otherwise.

On Wednesday, Lance Stroll announced via Instagram and Twitter that he had indeed tested positive for COVID-19 after flying to his home in Switzerland over the Eifel GP weekend. He admitted to having tested negative on the track and only tested positive after arriving at his home, where he was then isolated for 10 days. He said he had tested negative.

Stroll’s father and part-owner of the team, Lawrence Stroll, also tested positive for COVID-19.

However, a recent report has raised more criticism of the situation. After Stroll started feeling sick at the Eifel Grand Prix, he contacted his personal doctor by phone, Motorsport report. By telephone, doctors said Stroll did not have the coronavirus, but that the diagnosis was not confirmed by tests until Stroll had flown home.

F1 has implemented a fairly strict protocol when compared to other racing series. Everyone in the paddock is tested before COVID-19 before entering for the weekend, and they are asked to stay inside their bubble to prevent contact with people who may be sick. A temperature check is performed whenever someone enters the paddock.

As we noted a few weeks ago, some drivers are very unhappy with the protocol at Russian Grand Prix. Russia does not force people to wear masks, and F1 drivers make contact with many people in their hotels without revealing their cover.

Szafnauer defended his team’s response:

She had stomach aches, and she had them consistently. And one thing Lance did was call his doctor. So what should I do? Well? So instead of listening to Otmar, he called his doctor. I’m not a doctor.

He’s Lance’s personal doctor in Switzerland … it was a phone call. And it’s the same person Lance saw after Russia. So, you know, she had a stomachache after Russia, we tested her a few times. Lance went and saw a doctor in Switzerland, it was his calling.

Looking back is great, but let’s not forget, he tested the negatives before the event. He tested negative twice post-Russia. The symptoms are there post-Russian.

Now he’s had a test on Sunday, and it’s positive, yeah, you can look back. But you have to remember at that time, with the information we had, it was not necessary. It doesn’t even cross my mind: do the test.

He also noted that he tested everyone at the factory twice a week to make sure no one was sick.

The other people in the paddock were harsh in their criticism. McLaren’s CEO, Zak Brown, said, “I know [Stroll’s] doctors don’t think the test is positive; maybe come to think of it, it should be different. Don’t know who the doctor is. Don’t know if it’s Dr. Mallya, Dr. Seuss, maybe it’s Dr. Dre. Maybe next time, we should test if anyone has any symptoms because we know how dangerous this is. “

At this point, more testing can be done by all teams, along with a face-to-face consultation with a doctor who can make a health evaluation based on physical symptoms and tests, not what someone reports.

Stroll has tested negative ahead of this weekend’s Grand Prix and is ready to race.


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