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Armenian officials compared Israel to Nazi Germany amid the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict | Instant News

The Advisor to the Chief of the General Staff of the Armenian Army Vladimir Pogosyan on Thursday compared Israel to Nazi Germany and promised revenge for its support for Azerbaijan in the conflict in the Nagorno-Karabakh region.

“Politicians in Armenia are finally starting to realize what Europe and Israel are, especially Israel. Israel today and Germany in 1933 are the same. The only difference is that I have understood it since the first war,” Podosyan wrote on Facebook.

“We will not forgive anyone, and we will not forget whose hand is covered in Armenian blood. The day will come, and we will take revenge. Israel, Turkey and other countries are building Azerbaijan armies. And what they achieved with it. ? We’ll win! Don’t hesitate about that. “


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Germany has promised to share any viral vaccines with Israel | Instant News

Germany this week said it would share with Israel any coronavirus vaccines it makes in Europe.

German Health Minister Jens Spahn on Sunday notified Israel’s Ambassador to Germany Jeremy Issacharoff about the decision, which comes after a meeting last week between Foreign Minister Gabi Ashkenazi and his German counterpart Heiko Maas in Berlin.

The foreign ministers of Israel, Germany and the United Arab Emirates visit the Holocaust Museum

Foreign Minister Gabi Ashkenazi, left, and his German counterpart met Heiko Maas in Berlin last week

(Photo: AFP)

Although the exact number of vaccinations is unclear, Israel is expected to receive thousands or possibly millions of vaccinations if the initiative is truly successful.

“I thank the German foreign and health ministers for their support to Israel in the fight against the coronavirus,” said Ashkenazi.

“This move symbolizes a special and deep friendship and a warm bond between countries.”

Corona vaccination illustrationCorona vaccination illustration

Coronavirus vaccine

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According to Ashkenazi, receiving the vaccine from Germany “will allow the economy to return to full activity in Israel.”

He added that Ambassador Issacharoff and embassy staff “have played a large role in this important milestone.”

Germany’s decision to supply Israel with a vaccination developed by Europe is conflicting decision created by the European Union Health Safety Committee to supply first only European countries with European vaccinations.

But as one of the major powers in the EU, Germany is able to bypass committee decisions and justify its arrangement with Israel, among other things, with the “close ties” the two countries have.

Anglo-Swedish pharmaceutical giant AstraZeneca has recently continued clinical trials for a vaccine in Japan, UK, Brazil, South Africa and India.


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Australia appointed a new ambassador to Israel | Instant News

Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade

Today I announce the appointment of Mr. Paul Griffiths as Australia’s next Ambassador to Israel.

Australia and Israel have close ties supported by strong historical ties and significant people-to-people ties. Australia’s vibrant and active Jewish community has made a lasting contribution to the warmth of bilateral relations.

Australia maintains diplomatic relations with the newly created State of Israel in 1949. The Australian Embassy in Tel Aviv and the Israeli Embassy in Canberra both opened that year.

Australia and Israel have developed substantial cooperation since then, with recent increased engagement in innovation and technology, and enhanced defense and security relationships. We also have thriving trade and investment relationships, driven by the innovative Australian Landing Pad in Tel Aviv and our Trade and Defense Office in Jerusalem.

Mr Griffiths is a senior career officer in the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT). His last position abroad was Minister-Counselor in Washington and previously served abroad in Jakarta, Manila and Seoul.

In the private sector, Mr Griffiths has worked for Palantir Technologies in London. He holds a Master of International Trade and Finance from Deakin University and a Bachelor of Arts / Bachelor of Laws from the University of Tasmania.

I thank Ambassador Chris Cannan for his contribution to advancing Australia’s interests in Israel since 2017.

/ Public Release. Material in this public release comes from the original organization and may be point-in-time, edited for clarity, style and length. view more here.


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German court rejects Iraqi appeal for murder, rape of Jewish teenagers | Instant News

A German federal court said Tuesday that it had rejected an Iraqi asylum seeker application that was denied his conviction for raping and killing a 14-year-old local Jewish girl.

Ali Bashar was sentenced to life imprisonment by the Wiesbaden state court in July after a four-month trial in a case that sparked tensions about migration.

Roses covered a photo of Susanna Maria Feldman, 14, who was killed in Wiesbaden, Germany

Roses covered a photo of Susanna Maria Feldman, 14, who was killed in Wiesbaden, Germany

(Photo: Associated Press)

The judge, Juergen Bonk, also found the crime to be very severe, which meant that Bashar would not be given parole after 15 years as is usually the case in Germany.

Bashar committed “a cold-blooded murder” and pointed out “no remorse or,” the presiding judge said, adding that during his trial the defendant “did not voice sincere words of remorse”.

Bashar, who was 21 years old at the time of the murder, was convicted of assaulting and killing Susanna Feldman in Wiesbaden in May 2018.

The Iraqi man beat, raped and strangled the schoolboy to death in a wooded area near the railroad tracks on May 23.

The court heard he later sent a fake message from Susanna’s smartphone indicating that he had left for an impromptu trip to Paris. His body was only found on June 6 in a shallow grave covered with leaves, twigs and soil.


Bashar in court

(Photo: AFP)

Bashar and his family suddenly left the house for asylum applicants in Germany after the killings, and he was later arrested by Kurdish forces in Iraq, handed over to German police officers and flown back to Germany.

Bashar is believed to have arrived in Germany in October 2015.

The Federal Court said it canceled Bashar’s appeal in the April 28 ruling. Among other objections to his belief, he argued that his return from Iraq was a “procedural obstacle.”

The Alternative Party for Germany (AfD) and other right-wing groups have captured the brutal murder of 14-year-old Susanna Maria Feldman in their campaign against Chancellor Angela Merkel’s asylum policy.


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Israeli Holocaust in Germany ‘Zoom bombed’ with anti-Semitic slurs – Jewish world – Haaretz – Israel News | Instant News

An online Holocaust Day Commemoration event held by the Israeli embassy in Germany must be suspended after anti-Semitic trolls disrupt the testimony of a Holocaust survivor in what is called an “enlarged bomb.”

The online meeting is part of a series of outreach events for the Jewish and Israeli communities in Germany. In an effort to reach the widest possible audience, the information needed to enter the Zoom event is widely publicized.

After the program opened and Holocaust survivor Zvi Herschel began to tell his story, anonymous participants began displaying photographs of Adolf Hitler and chanting anti-Semitic and pro-Palestinian slogans, according to Jeremy Issacharoff, Israel’s ambassador to German. Pornographic images are also displayed on the screen, he said.

Issacharoff told Haaretz in a telephone interview on Tuesday that the Zoom session was quickly postponed once the disruption began. Shortly after, it was rediscovered in a more rigorous manner, with each person entering must be identified by name, and “proceed in an honorable and dignified manner.”

Issacharoff further said that after the incident, it became clear to the embassy staff that next week the community commemoration planned for Israel’s Remembrance Day should be limited by logging in with a password and cannot be widely publicized.

When the coronavirus pandemic broke out, The Forward reported about the first case “Zoom bomb“The Jewish event, described it as an incident when uninvited participants posted hateful material and graphics in a Zoom video conference.

The incident, said Issacharoff, made him feel sadder than usual at Yom HaShoah.

“When I listened to sirens in Israel on the radio this morning, I felt very sad that after years – 75 years after the Holocaust – someone here could tarnish Shoah’s memory and interfere with the testimony of a survivor,” he said.

Normally, he added, he felt proud to represent Israel in Germany, a country where he had witnessed “so much respect for Shoah’s memories” and rejection of past crimes.

“And now I feel very sad, but I also feel this is the day we have to be strong. This is what ‘Never Again’ means; it is a call for everyday actions that oppose Nazi Nazi thoughts and expressions.


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