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Sikes: Remember, you still have to be careful in the kitchen. | Food-and-cooking | Instant News

Right ahead – dangerous blunt knife. You have to push hard so you slip frequently. The cuts followed and the bad. Keep your knife sharp and stored safely. Don’t throw it in the drawer.

Get good, heavy cooking utensils. The hot light pan is uneven and can easily burn the user.

Be careful with the temperature of your water heater. Yes, it has control. Don’t set it too high. Use your food thermometer regularly. This is the best way to make sure your food is cooked safely to eat.

Food can also be dangerous. Freezers can really trick us. How about chicken breast pockets or burger buns that have pretty grill marks? They’re ripe and ready – right? Unless the label says done, it is not. Ready-to-cook food should be treated as raw for food safety.

Thaw frozen food in the refrigerator if possible. Last night did it for everything but the big stuff. If not, put the package tightly closed in cold water in the sink. Let the water run a little into the bowl and your food will thaw faster than you think.

Take what you need from the bag and put the bag back in the freezer on the spot. Do not defrost and refreeze food. Put what you took out in the bag to defrost. Don’t put shrimp or anything in the water directly.

A microwave oven can be a handy tool. They can be used for cooking and defrosting – just like raw food. Most of us don’t clean the interior as often as we should. Yes, the door too. Use a cleanser. Don’t let it become a bacteria box.


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Sikes: I have a different approach to this year’s list Food | Instant News

Wednesdays are supposed to center on vegetables. Again, this doesn’t have to be a vegetarian dish, but it sure can.

There are weekends and times for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. My plan is to have a Saturday or Sunday dinner featuring fish or seafood dishes. There is plenty of time to shop around to make it happen.

Want to try the grill come play one of those nights. Sometimes, I crave for my favorite Friday night roast chicken.

Weekend lunch becomes a new canvas. Things that may not work at dinner can happen later. Plus, special wishes can be satisfied. Of course, I need to take the time to prepare those things on the dish list I want to eat. It looks like my new list will be fun to come up with.

The people in my class are always asking for a list of things. This month there are several requests for certain items. That’s important, and I will make it happen for our class in 2021.

What I want to share with you now is a list of places I recommend that you try as you fulfill your vacation-giving choices. Quality kitchen and countertop fixtures can be found at Sur La Table and Williams-Sonoma. Their website is very friendly.

My favorite stop is Yummy Bazaar. There are many interesting foods to be found. Food52 is another one. La Tienda and Dolceterra are great too. The Spice House is a great find.


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Sikes: ‘Ordinary time can turn into fun time’ | Food | Instant News

With a substantial lunch and work-filled afternoons, a humble dinner seems like a good fit. Classic alfredos are the perfect choice. We used fresh fettuccine, butter, garlic, cream and Parmesan. Just need a sprinkling of parsley to serve.

Friday is also a busy day. More Christmas things to do. In fact, quite a few fridges we robbed of for lunch. To our delight, there are Brunswick Stew containers ready to be heated and eaten. That’s what we do and serve it with a thick slice of rustic bread.

That evening we attacked the perfect eggplant from Parkway Farmers Market. I tried a different approach to Parmigiana treatment which was easy and had some success. I’ll share it with you soon. We have a bottle of Cabernet from Seven Hills in the Columbia Valley, Oregon. Good killer.

Saturday’s lunch comes after some food shopping to prepare for this upcoming Sunday class. We make a crispy po-boy – Italian style. Salami and Prosciutto together with provolone and Switzerland in the middle. Roasted tomatoes and red chilies. Mayo and Dijon. Really good and a great lunch.

The lamb ribs are a hit on the weekends. Soft and juicy to perfection on the grill with garlic and rosemary. We serve it with sauteed pepper and mushrooms. In keeping with the timing of the celebration, the Caymus Cabernet was just right. Lots of fruit and energy for ribs.


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