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Ahmed Shehzad has no support, said a comparison with Virat Kohli brought pressure Cricket News | Instant News

LAHORE: Pakistani batter Ahmed Shehzad shows that he never got the support needed from his captain or coach in the national team for him to justify the comparison he made with the Indian captain. Virat Kohli.

“Of course, there is pressure due to comparison. We tend to compare two players without focusing on their respective backgrounds. For each player to succeed, it requires support from the coach, captain and cricket board. In short, he needs the confidence to do well. “Shehzad said.

Shehzad last played an international match at Pakistan’s T20I against Sri Lanka in Lahore. It was his first match for Pakistan in more than two years and his final ODI and Test appearance came in 2017. He remains the only Pakistani batsman who has a century in all game formats and an average of 40.91 in the 13 tests he has played. so far. .

“Unless and until a player is given the needed support and a longer rope, his confidence will not increase. Then, they tend to struggle to survive,” he said.

“If you look at Virat’s background, Rohit Sharma, Joe Root, Kane Williamson and Babar AzamThey are also very lucky. Kohli has revealed that he will be excluded from many series but Ms. Dhoni support it. Same is the case with Rohit Sharma. So, faith was instilled in them by Dhoni. ”


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Misbah-Ul-Haq Says Behind Closed Doors Pakistan-English Series Can Raise ‘Depressed’ Fans | Instant News

Misbah-ul-Haq said Pakistan’s prospect of facing Britain behind closed doors was “not ideal” but believed it could provide an indispensable ride for “stressed” cricket lovers.

Coronavirus Outbreak Coverage | Tennis News

Pakistan will begin the three-match Test series against Joe Root’s team at Lord’s on July 30, with three Twenty20 matches also on schedule

The corona virus pandemic made the schedule doubtful, with the British versus West Indies Test series delayed.

The audience is unlikely to be allowed into the venue if and when the cricket returns and although Misbah will be disappointed to see tourists playing in empty places, he believes international action can help lift the gloom.

Pakistan’s head coach and head selectors told Stats Perform: “This is definitely not ideal, you would love to go there and perform in an atmosphere with the audience – they are the most important part of any sport.

“This is not ideal, but if you look at it another way, most people are locked up in their homes and there is no sport happening at the moment.

“They don’t have anything to watch and most COVID-19 news is everywhere and people are depressed. In such situations, if we can start sports, if we can start cricket, at least fans can watch it on TV while sitting at home and they can enjoy it.

“If you look that way, I think if we can do it with the right security barriers and no one is in danger, I think we can go ahead and start somewhere.”

Misbah hopes that Pakistani players are ready to start running when they can get back on the field again.

He said: “I think in this situation, it is more directed at individual responsibilities as professionals; what we can do, how we work.

“We are clearly just trying to communicate with the players that every time we touch the ground again, the basic thing we need is fitness. Obviously if we are fit enough, if we maintain our fitness level, we can regain our form or skills quickly.

“If we lose fitness in this isolation period it will be difficult because once we get back to work, it will be difficult for us to work on skills or fitness. It is important for players to physically and mentally prepare themselves.”


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