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The Food Dance Cafe appears to have the potential to permanently close its doors due to the pandemic | Instant News

KALAMAZOO, Mich. – No word on when indoor dining will reopen in Michigan, bars and restaurants exist continue to feel the pain.

Food Dance Cafe is a favorite restaurant for many in Kalamazoo, and although the owner is saddened by the thought of closing its doors for good, the aftermath of the pandemic has made him consider his options.

“It’s very expensive to open and close, and very costly to staff,” said Julie Stanley, Owner & Executive Chef of Food Dance Cafe.

After 26 years, the Food Dance Cafe in Kalamazoo may be closed forever due to the pandemic.

Owner and executive chef Julie Stanley said closings and openings cost them many times financially, even with the help of PPP loans.

“If we don’t have PPP money, then we will never open it. It does hold on for now, but that’s all. Now it’s gone. Yes, you can file again but all that helps, “said Stanley.

With an 11,000 square foot building and a large kitchen, this restaurant can’t take it home every day like other businesses because of the way they prepare food from scratch.

“How much inventory can you keep? How can you change your product? How can you do what you need to do? It’s really hard,” said Stanley.

According to a survey conducted by the Michigan Restaurant and Lodging Association5,600 or 33% of restaurateurs said they were unlikely to be in business in six months. Food Dance Cafe said they could be one of those restaurants.

“It’s devastating. I just don’t know what else to do … it’s a huge death and a constant process. As with all deaths, it’s never as I thought we would end. It’s out of our control, that’s what happens. , “said Stanley.

All restaurants in Michigan are currently closed for indoor dining until at least January 15. There was no indication from the state whether they would extend the order.

Food Dance Cafe is currently evaluating over the next month or so to determine whether they will re-open or close the doors for good.

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