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Waiting for justice | Instant News

When it comes to promises of successive Pakistani governments to reform our hugely inefficient criminal justice system, action will speak louder than words. All regimes and leaders have at one point or another pledged to ensure that ordinary citizens have easy access to legal avenues. Their possessions have come and gone, but justice – if one could call it that – remains available only to the privileged few.

Last week, Prime Minister Imran Khan once again stressed that reforming the criminal justice system was his administration’s top priority. “That’s the most important sector, that’s why we want to carry out reforms,” ​​he said. “We want to dispel the impression that crime is paid for by ensuring justice for all, especially the poor and underprivileged.”

At face value, the sentiment is definitely glorious. But so tired are we as a society today that until such talk is translated into concrete action, mere words remain meaningless. The cynical mind, above all, couldn’t help but wonder if such routine scripts were traced to fend off flaws elsewhere. Whereas on the topic of justice and reform, if the government really wants to get rid of such skepticism, then the government must also be accountable to itself in an exemplary way, especially when a party with the word ‘justice’ in its name is leading. And while that may not deter the opposition from criticism, it will undoubtedly weaken their argument of ‘political victimization’.

Returning to the problem at hand, we hope that Prime Minister Imran and his government will seriously follow up in implementing the reforms that have been long needed. One also hopes that they actually translate into a justice system that is accessible to ordinary citizens and easier for them to navigate. After all, all of our leaders – government and opposition – need to realize that empty rhetoric will no longer stop it. Outside the justice system, there are many areas where we continue to fall behind if we don’t have to. Actual action will go a long way toward restoring confidence that Pakistanis are lost and continue to be lost to our leadership.

Published in The Express Tribune, January 25th, 2021.

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The government provides the resources to improve the criminal justice system: PM Imran Khan | Instant News

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan said Thursday that the criminal justice system is very important and the backbone of government, and the work on this must be ascertained by priority.

He observed this while chairing high-level meetings on reforms in the criminal justice system and implementation of Civil Procedure Codes in the province and Islamabad.

“If we look at the history of the nations of the world, only nations that are able to develop have brought a strong and organized justice system to provide justice to the people. The previous government took advantage of violations of the law by destroying the system, “he said.

The prime minister explained that the government will provide all the necessary resources to improve the system based on priorities, set goals in this regard, and ensure a timely completion. The meeting was attended by Minister of Law Farogh Naseem, Attorney General Khalid Javed Khan, Minister of Law of Punjab Raja Basharat, Minister of Law Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Sultan Muhammad Khan and related senior officials.

During the meeting, the prime minister was told that in order to formulate a comprehensive strategy for the reform process, a separate task force was formed identifying 13 areas, whose recommendations were ready to be implemented.

These 13 areas include case registration, arrest and FIR systems, modernization and computerization of police stations, transfer of funds directly to police stations and giving the status of chief accountant to police stations, investigation systems, reinforcement, improvement of challan systems, establishment of independent prosecutions, reducing pressure at the courts by demanding prosecutions according to the nature of the case, simplifying and expediting trial processes, computerizing court records, and strengthening the parole system.

Meanwhile, the prime minister also chairs the weekly meeting of the National Coordinating Committee for Housing, Construction and Development here. The FBR chairman assessed the tax incentive package meeting, compared the increase in registrations in construction projects by the FBR Portal and Builders and Developers and informed that construction activities across the country, especially in Punjab have witnessed a significant increase.

Pakistan New Housing Authority Chairman Lt. Gen. (right) Anwar Ali Haider explains to the Surveyor General of Pakistan his performance in providing data in the area of ​​digitizing land records. The provincial heads’ secretaries provided detailed directions on the steps to be taken to provide their respective provincial data regarding digitizing land registration.

Imran Khan stressed the importance of providing data in the context of digitizing land registries, and said that digitization would lead to better planning in the construction sector and significant improvements in suppressing the occupation mafia.

Emphasizing the importance of multi-storey construction and protection of green areas in the federal capital, Imran Khan directed special attention to protection of green areas in construction projects. Imran Khan also chaired a review meeting on the progress of the Ravi Urban Development Project, the Central Business District Project and the relocation of Walton Airport.

The meeting recognized progress on the proposed law on environmental protection in the Ravi City project. The meeting was also given a detailed description of the significant progress made in the performance of the three groups formed in relation to land acquisition, land development and zoning in the project.

Expressing satisfaction with the great interest of leading international investment companies in the Ravi City project and the significant progress made in terms of the agreement, Imran Khan said that given the importance of this large project, not only will investment opportunities be created but also the public will have access to international standard housing facilities. .

Meanwhile, Imran Khan said administrative reforms must be implemented in a timely manner to provide assistance to society and legal action against corrupt elements must be ensured because there is no difference between rich and poor in a welfare state.


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Hundreds of suspected members of Italy’s most powerful mafia network face ‘maximum trial’ in Calabria | Instant News

The defendant in the trial will watch the trial from inside a cage which is prohibited. Photo / Getty Images

The largest mafia trial in more than 30 years is set to begin, as more than 350 mafia suspects and their collaborators face trial in a large custom-built courtroom in southern Italy.

On trial will be a member of the ‘Ndrangheta, a network of clans based in Calabria, at the toe of the Italian boot.

It is considered the most powerful of the Italian mafia organizations, having surpassed Sicily’s more famous Cosa Nostra.

“It is the most dangerous and exists on every continent,” said Nicola Gratteri, a leading prosecutor at the trial who has lived under police protection for 30 years.

“And it’s the richest because it has a virtual monopoly on the import of cocaine into Europe,” he told AFP, guarded by three plainclothes police officers wearing black balaclavas to hide their identities.

The maxi assembly will be held in a large room in Lamezia Terme in Calabria.  Photo / Getty Images
The maxi assembly will be held in a large room in Lamezia Terme in Calabria. Photo / Getty Images

Drug trafficking generates’ Ndrangheta around € 50 billion euros a year. The network is also notorious for its brutality – last week it claimed that a businesswoman from Calabria was killed and fed pork in 2016 after refusing to sell her land to a man with ‘Ndrangheta connections.

Defendant Mafiosi faces charges ranging from murder and attempted murder to drug trafficking, money laundering and extortion.

Also on trial are accountants, lawyers, civil servants and politicians suspected of working with mafia bosses. More than 900 prosecution witnesses will be summoned in the trial which will involve 400 lawyers.

It is the largest mass trial since the 1980s, when a similar judicial marathon held in Palermo dealt a crushing blow to the Cosa Nostra mafia in Sicily.

The trial process, which is expected to last at least two years, will take place in a fortified courthouse in an industrial area outside the city of Lamezia Terme in Calabria.

The members of the mafia on trial came from a clan in the city of Vibo Valentia, and did not include the powerful godfather based in the southern city of Reggio Calabria.

Ndrangheta boss Luigi Mancuso's guess.  Photo / Telegraph Media Group
Ndrangheta boss Luigi Mancuso’s guess. Photo / Telegraph Media Group

One of the most prominent figures on trial is Luigi Mancuso, who is suspected of continuing to run drug trafficking operations despite spending most of his adult life behind bars.

“I think the impact of the trial will be limited because it doesn’t target the most important person, apart from Mancuso,” said Anna Sergi, an expert on Italian mafia at Essex University.

“He is the youngest of 11 children, a very charismatic figure. He is considered the leader of the sect,” he told the British Telegraph. “He’s a major player in the drug trafficking and creating connections all over Europe, especially in Germany.”

‘Ndrangheta – a name that comes from a Greek word meaning “society of respectable people” – has so far only “spread” in Britain, said Prof Sergi.

“They use the London banking system to launder money from all over Europe but they don’t have as much physical presence in the UK as in other countries.”

Gratteri, the prosecutor, has deep knowledge of ‘Ndrangheta – as a boy he went to school with the children of the mafia bosses. “I understand their criminal philosophy, their reasons,” he said.

After seeing the corrupt influence of the masses in his home area, he said he had vowed to do something about it when he grew up.

Many of the defendants were arrested during a series of coordinated pre-dawn raids in Italy, Germany, Switzerland and Bulgaria in December 2019.

At one of the raided properties, police find a piece of paper with details of a secret blood oath to be sworn by new recruits’ Ndrangheta, laden with esoteric references to swords and white horses.

The raids were raids carried out by members of the police, some of whom were equipped with night-vision goggles, as well as soldiers from the Army parachute regiment and elite tactical units carried by helicopters.

– Telegraph Media Group


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Rugby: New Zealand rugby is in talks with private equity firm Silver Lake on a grand deal | Instant News

The All Blacks haka. Photos / Photosport

New Zealand Rugby negotiations with US private equity firm Silver Lake are advancing, with reports suggesting a minority stake of up to 15 percent could be sold immediately.

That Heralds first revealed NZ Rugby’s important negotiations with Silver Lake last May.

With the realization that the NZ Rugby financial model can no longer rely solely on the All Blacks to fund the game, a high-ranking NZ Rugby source explains how private investment can be made.

“You will set up an NZ Rugby subsidiary and get investment into the company in some form of partnership,” the source told Heralds in May. “You put commercial assets into the company – whether it’s a combination with Sanzaar partners and something like Super Rugby in its reincarnation, or the Rugby Championship.

“We have to get an income stream and we can’t afford to finance it ourselves.

“Of course at the Super Rugby level, our financial model is under great pressure, both the competition and our team. We are too undercapitalized. That’s a critical area.”

Follow Herald reporting, stating that negotiations with Silver Lake and other private investment firms will resume once the Super Rugby future has a solid blueprint, Sky News UK now suggests 15 per cent of the shares could be sold.

The NZ Rugby entity is temporarily valued at US $ 2 billion ($ 2.79 billion NZD).

All Blacks during the national anthem.  Photos / Photosport
All Blacks during the national anthem. Photos / Photosport

Together with Silver Lake, Bruin Sports Capital is also believed to have negotiated with NZ Rugby.

The developments come as Luxembourg-based CVC Capital Partners prepares to finalize a £ 365 million agreement for 14.5 percent of the Six Nations’ commercial rights, with a five-year deal to be confirmed later this month.

In 2018, CVC took 27 per cent ownership in the Premier League of English club rugby.

While Sky News UK reports the NZ Rugby deal could be completed by the end of the month, the Herald understands it may take up to three months to finalize the details.

In an interview with Heralds Last November, while disclosing $ 40 million in cash reserves due to the impact of Covid-19, NZ Rugby chief executive Mark Robinson confirmed talks with private investment firms were advancing over commercial rights.

“We are open to looking for partners who might invest in Rugby New Zealand,” said Robinson.

“We are only at that early stage, but obviously there is a lot of work being done around the world on that.

“It’s only right for us because we try to do our best for the game and try to explore all the avenues we investigate like this.”

Silver Lake is one of the world’s leading technology investors with a company portfolio of $ US75 billion.

Its partnership with New Zealand Rugby is likely to focus on building its digital and media rights, including broadcasting, reflecting a similar approach from City Football Group – owner of Manchester City.

Silver Lake was also part of the consortium that controlled UFC, the Mixed Martial Arts franchise, in 2016.


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Canadian fashion mogul Peter Nygard applied for bail two weeks after his arrest | Instant News

WINNIPEG – Canadian fashion magnate Peter Nygard has applied for bail two weeks after his arrest in Winnipeg under the Extradition Act following his charges in the United States on charges that he used his influence to trafficking women and girls for sex.

A bail application is filed on Thursday and will be heard at the Manitoba Court of Queen’s Bench at 10 a.m. on January 6, 2021.

He faces nine charges in the Southern District of New York, including conspiracy to blackmail, sex trafficking of minors, conspiracy to engage in sex trafficking, and two counts of transportation for the purpose of prostitution.

Nygard, 79, resigned from his company in February after the FBI and New York City police raided his New York headquarters.

She has been accused by 57 women in a class action suit of rape, sexual harassment and human trafficking, who were arrested this summer, and two of Nygard’s sons filed separate suits against their father claiming they were statutory raped on his direction when they were teenagers.

Through his representatives, Nygard denied the claims in both lawsuits. (CTV, Canadian Press)

This report by The Canadian Press was first published on December 31, 2020


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