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2020: what’s emerging in the world of fashion | Instant News

Upcycling is the biggest trend from one year to the next. Also, fashion designers seek local sources and are digital savvy

2020 is the year when big ticket buyers put down $ 594,750 for a plastic crown at the Sotheby’s auction (the crown was worn by the late New York rap icon Notorious BIG). “Forty percent of clients this year are new bidders for Sotheby’s,” Charles Stewart, CEO of Sotheby’s, told Bloomberg. In fact, jewelery sales are booming here and at Christie’s as well, with amazing emeralds and blue diamonds hitting the market. This online convenience has extended to most categories, resulting in a decent presence at the main Instagram Live event (Sabyasachi Mukherjee’s with Bergdorf Goodman in September) and digital fashion week (Shivan & Narresh’s Wilding 20s at Lotus Make-up India Fashion Week in October) ). Some of the trends:

Thrift stores are booming

Instagram savings are when Instagram accounts sell vintage and upcycled fashions. Whether it’s @bombayclosetcleanse, @ carols.shop, or @therelovecloset in Chennai, the pandemic has made it easier for clients to remove their barriers to bringing used clothes and accessories home. Frequent collaborations with fashion-forward women, bargains for Gucci and Jimmy Choos shoes, and charities (with #chennaitaskforce, for example, for the Covid-19 relief effort) sweeten the deal.

Cecilia Morelli from Le Mill

Cecilia Morelli from Le Mill

Instagram Live festive editing

Marielle Wyse of @wyselondon is known for her dazzling velvet and knit dresses. During the Instagram Lives pandemic, she lifted clothes and encouraged feedback from customers and followers. Getting them to book in advance is easy. In their hometown, indie designers and shop owners are also starting to realize that they know their products very well. Le Mill’s Cecilia Morelli recently put together a Christmas gift acceleration guide, featuring home décor and accessories. “Everything I’ll show your boyfriend under ₹ 15,000,” Morelli began, pulling out candles from Bombay Perfumery, festive headbands from World of Style (stock for Prada), bracelets bearing the Balenciaga logo and for husbands, limited edition vases from Ashiesh Shah.

Salvatore Ferragamo x Microsoft

Salvatore Ferragamo x Microsoft

Wearable AR

Is bespoke luxury possible with social distancing? Back in October, Florence-based fashion house Salvatore Ferragamo teamed up with Microsoft and technology partner Hevolus to help clients customize their iconic Tramezza range of shoes. It involves 3D reproduction, from material to color, choosing a Derby or double monk strap among others. Clients can put their initials on the sole or get their name handwritten on the inside of each shoe. With the Microsoft HoloLens 2 smartglass featuring augmented reality for optimal configuration, hopefully this ‘made to size’ technology is a sign of things to come.

Electric Pastels from Amrapali

Electric Pastels from Amrapali

Bold jewelry, candy colors

We’ve been interacting with Zoom a lot in the last few months and the jewelry brand is starting to take notice. The brooch has been introduced for some shining details and the layout and finish turn small, delicate jewelery into bold statements. At Amrapali, a new collection called Electric Pastel has been inspired by Chrome photography, with rose gold and two-tone enamelling in 925 silver.“After 2020, I think we can all use bright and fresh energy, ” said Tarang Arora, Creative Director Amrapali Jewels, added, “We are going into a new decade so let’s make it great.” With weddings minimized and travel plans canceled, maybe there is enough budget to go ‘grand’?

North face x Gucci

North face x Gucci


Collaboration has been steady, but the pandemic sandal must belong to Birkenstock in Arizona – thanks to input from Valentino, Proenza Schouler and Rick Owens. Meanwhile, Crocs also got a chance, with collaborations of Justin Bieber, Bad Bunny, and Post Malone. But if someone plans to return to nature’s activities this season, The North Face x Gucci collaboration will come to a complete halt. The winter jacket popular on North Face gets the most care, and the puffer jacket and windbreak come in a 70s feel. There are sleeping bags and tents as well for the complete experience.

Shivan & Narresh, and a model in their knitwear

Shivan & Narresh, and a model in their knitwear

Resurrection knitting

With travel delays during lock-up many of our designers have been forced to source their threads and raw materials from India. For Shivan & Narresh, who use econyl (cloth made from marine waste) in their swimwear, the organic yarn for their resort wear comes from Bengaluru and Ludhiana. During the pandemic, they set up their own knitting unit, thanks to two secondhand knitting machines that Shivan Bhatiya bought before March. Operated by hand, machines of sizes eight and 12 are used to make thick, smooth looking knits. “It’s a dying art and we only have one operator now, but designers can make this crochet look cool,” explains Bhatiya. With plans to order more of these machines from Germany and Taiwan, they say continuous processes will be a determining factor for the industry. “We are using biodegradable sequins for surface decoration, and are moving towards vegan leather,” says Narresh.

Meissen ZX 10,000 C sneakers and a Millefiori jacket

Meissen ZX 10,000 C sneakers and a Millefiori jacket

Flower power

With Illuminating Yellow (and Ultimate Gray) listed as Pantone colors for 2021, flowers aren’t leaving the mood board any time soon. Adidas Originals and German porcelain brand Meissen feature the ZX 10,000 C sneaker (₹ 16,999). Inspired by a traditional handmade flower vase, the Meissen ZX 10,000 C sneaker is made with a white midsole and a white leather top. The hidden floral design and subtle branding on the sole of this running shoe complete the picture. Another timeless staple for next year is a pero denim jacket with blooming flowers, from the SS 2020 collection. Named Millefiori (‘1,000 flowers’ in Italian), it celebrates the technique of the same name that was originally used to make beads. mosaic bead on glass.

2020: what's emerging in the world of fashion

Watches update

Tom Ford’s Ocean Plastic Watch

Made from 100% marine plastic, Tom Ford is transforming sustainable hand-wear and the emergence of ethical luxury. According to him, the Swiss-made model removes the equivalent of 35 plastic waste bottles from the ocean and is stored in recyclable packaging. With its 40mm round case and black DLC stainless steel screw case, this watch is all the more attractive. Is it waterproof up to 330ft and like the case, the strap is made of marine plastic. On the website for $ 995 (approx. ₹ 73,200).

2020: what's emerging in the world of fashion

The ‘Asymmetric’ Cartier Privé Collection Tank

The Parisian House has revised the 1936 Asymétrique with a contemporary rework. First designed by Cartier in 1936, this watch is unique with its unique design. The new Asymétrique timepiece is available in platinum, pink gold or yellow gold – 100 each in progress. Cartier has also released a skeleton model featuring the new 9623 MC movement amidst bare structures, again, in a limited edition of 100 pieces per model.

2020: what's emerging in the world of fashion

Code 11.59 By Audemars Piguet Grande Sonnerie Carillon Supersonnerie

Code 11.59 Grande Sonnerie is the latest chime watch from Audemars Piguet featuring Supersonnerie technology. The plates for each of the five watches in this very limited series are made by renowned enamelist Anita Porchet. She is also famous because of him Straw enamel work, which got its name from a small decorative gold or silver spangles, or spangles, which are cut individually from sheet metal. The terraces often use antiques spangles in his work, and the ones used for the number plates in Code 11.59 Grande Sonnerie Supersonnerie are all at least a century old. CHF 710,000 (approx. ₹ 5,87,50,800).


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Alison Brie Seeing Justin Bieber Sing About Pasta in Italy | Instant News


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From function to fashion: how Crocs became the IT shoe of 2020 | Instant News


Ashion’s most recent flirt was with a shoe brand that appeared in the Wall Street Journal in 2010 referenced became a “pest” and in the same year ranked 22nd in Time Magazine’s “50 Worst Finds” list.

But loyal Crocs fans never lose hope. Among the legion of the brand’s pupils – Crocerati – are a handful of famous faces, notably Rihanna, Ariana Grande and even the Duchess of Cambridge. back in 2007.

Since their founding in 2002, the plastic clogs that cause the Marmite effect – you love it or you don’t – have enjoyed the ride. The company lost £ 167 million in 2008 and in 2014, announced that it had to close 100 stores amid declining sales.

Fast forward only a few years to 2016 and Crocs their reputation is rehabilitated by none other than Christopher Kane, who put the plastic shoes in to her 2017 spring / summer show. “Crocs are arguably the most comfortable of shoes,” said Scottish-born Kane at the time, “I like them to be a little clumsy and might be considered by some to be ugly. They have a very naive and childish shape, which I especially like when they look so clumsy on the legs. “

“These are very innovative shoes,” the Georgian man the word Backstage after the show, “Light weight, this is a one-piece foam mold and for me this kind of technique and working with this kind of material is very Balenciaga.”

( Christopher Kane’s tie dye, Crocs encrusted with jewels / IMAXTree )

Following their sudden fame on the fashion menu, Crocs managed to gather an impressive cadre of collaborations. Post Malone, Bad Bunny, and more Justin Bieber has all worked with the brand, with Bieber’s pair of yellow canaries selling out in a record 90 minutes.

“I wear Crocs all the time, so designing my own pair comes naturally,” said Bieber Daily Women’s Clothing about the collaboration. “With these Crocs, I’m just focused on making something cool that I want to use.”

Indeed, the numbers prove that the vile is hot right now: searches for Crocs increased 32 percent last month, according to fashion search engine Lyst, which calls them “The Shoes” this season. The company’s revenue for Q3 also increased 36 percent to $ 80 million, compared to the same period a year earlier.

In our new world where comfort is all about, and as we approach the 2.0 lock, it’s definitely a Croc watch.


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The phenomenon of ‘ugly sandals’ attests to the cyclical nature of fashion | Instant News

About a decade ago, Crocs were the cutest.

Dome-shaped foam clogs became a kind of stereotypical fashion banned, shoes W Magazine noted usually reserved for “gardeners, nurses, Mario Batali, and families vacationing at Disney World”.

Time magazine named them on the list 50 worst finds. Facebook groups from 2009 called I Don’t Care How Comfortable Crocs Are, You Look Like A Dumbass has more than 1 million followers.

But Crocs’ fate has turned around.

Now, brands notorious for their ugly enrollment of celebrities like Justin Bieber and Post Malone to collaboration deals and you’ll find them on your feet. many influential Australian fashion identities.

The pandemic has helped – who needs fancy shoes when you never leave the house?

But it is more than that.

The story of not only Crocs but Tevas, Birkenstocks, UGGs and other ever outdated shoe types is truly about cyclic and subversive nature of fashion.

The evolution of the ‘ugly’ shoe

When they were first imported from Germany to the US in the 1960s, Birkenstocks were an odd thing.

They transitioned into trends over the decades, first among the counter-culture types of California and then at Paris Fashion Week 2013, when creative director Celine Phoebe Philo wore them on her models.

Before long, they were in the habit of Vogue’s office.

Birkenstocks have become a must-have summer sandal in recent years.(Reuters: Ina Fassbender)

This reclaimed “badness” has helped many brands.

You can see it on Tevas the cool recently – “some the ugliest sandal known to mankind” but also one of the “hottest products” of last year.

And it’s behind the normcore trend, which celebrates ill-fitting basic denim and the kind of gratuitous white sneakers that Jerry Seinfeld wore in the ’90s.

Nicole Adolphe, head of style at The Iconic, says these kinds of brands have gone from “something you associate with your dad or for around the house to a choice of consumer-driven style-driven footwear.”

“The essence of the evolution of this force is revival of the ugly trend“she said, covering” oversized sneakers, mom-fitting denim [and] flat shape, because consumers rebelled against traditional fashion constructions. “

Our insatiable appetite for different, new and exciting – the internet-accelerated framework of thinking – means that what is even recently considered strange can quickly be embraced, says Icaro Ibanez-Arricivita, lecturer and fashion researcher at Queensland University of Technology.

Two pairs of feet wear matching colorful sandals
Teva sandals have been named by fashion insight company Lyst as one of the “hottest products” of 2019.(Instagram: Tevas)

Part of the appeal is ironic – liking something you don’t like seems subversive and cool – and part of it is generational.

“This is something parents don’t get,” said Mr Ibanez-Arricivita.

This is partly a clever marketing trick

Crocs president, Michelle Poole, told The New York Times recently that the company is collaborating with Post Malone because the brand is also “marmite”, a reference to a British spice that tends to be loathed or defended with gusto.

In this way, he has rejoiced and profited from his outer status.

Last week, when Bieber – another controversial pop star – teased the news of his collaboration with Crocs on social media, the company’s share price was up 12 percent.


Mr Ibanez-Arricivita relates this back to the idea of ​​Karl Lagerfeld at Chanel in 2002 to collaborate with the main H&M road network.

“This the tension between the comfortable and the fashionable, the uncool and the cool … those fine lines, transmitted in the right way, can mean cultural influences [and] it equals a lot of money. “

This also happened with the UGG.

A model stands on the runway in a dress and UGG boots as participants watch and take photos of her
UGG on a runway in Berlin in 2009.(Reuters: Tobias Schwarz)

While it has always had an ingenious image of being comfortable in Australia, and popular with surfers in the US, it was reimagined in the 2000s after being bought out by US company Deckers.

As Deckers claimed in a lawsuit against another shoemaker, “repositioning the brand as a luxury sheepskin line”. It was done in part thanks celebrity endorsements from Leonardo DiCaprio and Sex And The City’s Sarah Jessica Parker.

For Birkenstocks, Celine’s 2013 show saw celebrities like Miley Cyrus embrace the brand, helping to redefine the shoe’s image (although a company executive said in 2015 they “don’t count the next fashion trend”).

There’s an element of locking convenience here

Ms Adolphe said Australians had shifted their purchases this year to account for more time spent at home.

“We’ve seen them get attracted to comfort driven footwear from brands like Birkenstocks, UGGS and the like,” he said.

But while locks play a role, this pivot is mostly just fashion doing what fashion does.


Jessie Webb, 27, from Melbourne, is one of the Millennials who voted for Crocs in 2020.

“I kind of like that they have been disliked in the past, so I wear them for convenience and practicality, I also think they are used as a statement.”

Mr. Ibanez-Arricivita said that beauty and ugliness can be seen; they are not the innate qualities of an object.

“Anything that isn’t cool will eventually become cool. It’s just about when and how.”


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Hailey Bieber looked glamorous in a monochrome blazer when she joined Kendall Jenner during Milan Fashion Week | Instant News

Hailey Bieber exudes charm in a customized monochrome blazer as she steps out in a chic Kendall Jenner during Milan Fashion Week.

They recently made an unusual arrival in the Italian city.

But Hailey Bieber sure makes up for things when she puts on a really glamorous look when stepping out with friends Kendall Jenner during Milan Fashion Week on Saturday.

Model wife Justin Bieber, 23, looks stunning in a tailored monochrome blazer while fellow model Kendall, 24, looks chic in a brown maxi dress.

Stunning: Hailey Bieber, 23, looks absolutely glamorous as she steps out with her best friend Kendall Jenner during Milan Fashion Week on Saturday

Stunning: Hailey Bieber, 23, looks absolutely glamorous as she steps out with her best friend Kendall Jenner during Milan Fashion Week on Saturday

Hailey caught a glimpse of her toned stomach as she wore a little black bralette under the jacket, pairing her look with simple black leggings.

The beauty adds high heels and pointy to her look, while she carries essential items in a Yves Saint Laurent mini handbag.

Hailey, who was holding a cup of coffee, lowered her head as she walked, while most of her face was covered by sunglasses and a black mask.

Looking good: Fellow model Kendall, 24, looked gorgeous in a brown maxi dress which she paired with thick black boots.

Looking good: Fellow model Kendall, 24, looked gorgeous in a brown maxi dress which she paired with thick black boots.

Kendall meanwhile made the look a little simpler, with a plain long-sleeved dress, paired with thick black boots.

She tucked a small black handbag around the crook of her arm, and, like her friend, was covered with a face mask.

Milan Fashion Week is held as a breakthrough for Italy, seven months since the country has faced the devastating effects of the coronavirus.

Already several famous models have been seen in town, with Irina Shayk and Brad Pitt’s girlfriend Nicole Poturalski walking at the BOSS show on Friday.

Fashionista: Hailey catches a glimpse of her toned belly as she wears a little black bralette under the jacket, pairing her look with simple black leggings.

Fashionista: Hailey catches a glimpse of her toned abs as she wears a little black bralette under the jacket, pairing her look with simple black leggings.

Keeping things simple: Kendall tucks a little black handbag in the crook of her arm, and like her friend, is covered with a face mask.

Keeping things simple: Kendall tucks a little black handbag in the crook of her arm, and like her friend, is covered with a face mask.

Kendall’s outing comes after her sister Kylie is unimpressed by the snaps shared by their oldest sister Kim Kardashian.

‘Delete this immediately,’ Kylie, 23, instructed Kim, 39, in the photo comments section, which was taken around 2009 and posted Friday.

In response, Kim cheerfully referred to P Diddy’s penchant for shamelessly cutting celebrities out of his photos.

“Should I Diddy cut you?” Asked Kim.

‘Right,’ Kylie replied.

Setback: Kendall's journey comes after her sister Kim Kardashian shares an epic setback

Setback: Kendall’s journey comes after her sister Kim Kardashian shares an epic setback

Good by me!  Kylie approved the 'Diddy crop' of the photo, allowing her sister to shamelessly remove it from the picture

Good by me! Kylie approved the ‘Diddy crop’ of the photo, allowing her sister to shamelessly remove it from the picture

Fans flooded into the comments section, commenting on how different everyone looked in the flashback photos than they were currently appearing.

All women look completely different, whether it’s because of their young age when the snap was taken or because of the color of their hair.

Kendall gave a cute smile as she posed behind, years before becoming a superstar in the modeling world.

Model in making: A young Kendall wears braces on the throwback that Kim posted

Posing: Photo of Jenner on Instagram

Model in making: A young Kendall wears braces on the throwback that Kim posted



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