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Canada’s border is still closed to non-essential travel, even if you have been vaccinated | Instant News

The US-Canada border is visible at the Klondike Highway between Alaska and British Columbia on Wednesday, November 26, 2014 afternoon (Creative Commons Photo by James Brooks) Your RV or motorhome can be set up and ready to drive the Alaska Highway, but Canada’s borders remain closed to all except essential travel. And don’t bother to flash your vaccination card. “I think we will all wait patiently until the health situation allows us to relax international border restrictions,” Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said in mid-March. “It will eventually be. But not for today. Kelley Lee, professor of public health at Simon Fraser University in British Columbia, said travel restrictions are likely to remain throughout the summer. She said they protect Canadians from exposure to the higher rate of infection in the United States. “I don’t need to tell you that you [in the U.S.] have had many more cases. You’ve had about 31 million infections, ”said Kelley, Canada Research Chair in Global Health Governance. “We had less than a million.” Even adjusted for the size of the population, Canada has had far fewer cases. The two countries also differ in vaccination rates. The United States vaccinated more of its population, while Canada struggled to secure an adequate supply. Lee said Canada could not allow travel based on vaccine status because there was still so much uncertainty about the vaccine’s impact on transmission. If you’re vaccinated, you’ve reduced your risk of getting sick or dying, she said, but it’s not clear you can’t pass the disease on. “It’s not really possible for the government to just assume that people who have been vaccinated do not pose a risk to others,” Lee said. Canada considers business or school travel essential. The Alaskans of Lower 48 have also been allowed transit through Canada if they can show they are driving north on their way home. Alaskans on essential trips to Canada do not have to self-quarantine, but they must limit their interactions and take the most direct route. .

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New Zealand said it had known that Chinese police were running a visa center in Beijing | Instant News

A pedestrian walks past the New Zealand parliament building known as Beehive in the center of Wellington, New Zealand on July 3, 2017.

David Gray / Reuters

The New Zealand government said it had known early on that a police-owned company was behind a visa processing center in Beijing, an arrangement maintained by Western governments including Canada but criticized as “utterly naive” by a prominent Chinese scholar with foreign influence.

The Beijing visa application center (VAC) used by New Zealand, Canada, the UK, Ireland and other countries is operated by the Beijing Shuangxiong Foreign Services Company, which is owned by the Beijing Public Security Bureau but is under contract with VFS Global. Headquartered in Zurich and Dubai, VFS holds broad contracts to provide the Canadian government with worldwide visa processing services.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said this week he had asked his immigration and procurement minister to ensure the Canadian government could guarantee the security of its visa application system after The Globe and Mail reported police ownership, based on company registrations and Chinese court documents. Beijing Shuangxiong describes itself on China’s National Corporation Credit Information Publicity System as a provider of “contract visa outsourcing services” to New Zealand, Canada, the UK and others.

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But New Zealand, which is a joint Canadian member of the Five Eyes intelligence-sharing alliance, said it had known about police ownership of Beijing Shuangxiong.

Immigration New Zealand (INZ) “was aware from the start that the Beijing Public Security Bureau had a stake in this holding company of FMC, which is a matter of public record,” said John Mitchell, a spokesman for the agency, in a statement. (FMC refers to a facility management company.)

Globe asked the offices of Immigration Minister Marco Mendicino and Minister of Public Services and Procurement Anita Anand, as well as their departments, whether Canada had known this from the start. Mr. Mendicino’s office referred the matter to Public Services. Public Services did not answer the question but said: “Canada is aware of the situation regarding the issue of having subcontractors in the network of visa application centers in China, and is working with Immigration … to review and monitor the situation.”

The Globe also asks why Canada doesn’t disclose the fact that the office is run by the Bureau of Public Security to applicants. Mr Mendicino’s press secretary Alex Cohen said the Immigration department informed the application that “the visa application center is a private company that has a contract with the Canadian Government.”

VFS Global’s involvement in processing Canadian visa applications in Beijing began in 2008. Guy Saint-Jacques, a former diplomat who served as Canada’s envoy to Beijing between 2012 and 2016, said he had no idea that the Beijing Canada visa center had ties to the Chinese police.

In New Zealand, however, government recognition of prior knowledge raises questions.

Realizing that using PSB-owned companies is “very naive,” said Anne-Marie Brady, a New Zealand specialist on the Chinese Communist Party’s domestic and foreign policy who is a global partner at the Wilson Center.

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“I have had several people contacting me in recent years who have raised concerns about New Zealand visa processing in Beijing, saying they don’t feel safe and have somehow been infiltrated by the CCP,” the Chinese Communist Party said. People like Tibet have told him of unexpected hostility when applying for a visa to New Zealand.

Ownership of a visa center by the police means “anyone who has ever spoken out against the CCP, or has been jailed and tried to leave the country will be subject to PSB and prevented from leaving,” said Prof Brady.

He called it “very scary news for the Chinese New Zealand community”.

Beijing Shuangxiong is not the only option for foreign countries seeking visa application services in Beijing. At least two other companies in the city provide such services to foreign countries, including Beijing Dongfang Tianxiao Entry-Exit Service and Beijing Ballino Investment Consulting Co Ltd. Ballino is owned by the Ministry of Public Security.

Dongfang is owned by several individual shareholders, a Shanghai industrial company and the state-owned tourism arm of the CITIC Group. Dongfang provides visa services for Germany, Australia, Norway, Sweden and others.

Democratic countries have an obligation to look seriously at alternatives to Chinese police-owned enterprises, said Robert Potter, a cybersecurity consultant in Australia who has worked as an adviser to the Canadian government. If there’s a visa center “just down the road that doesn’t have a lot of spies in it, wouldn’t due diligence tell you it’s a better option?” Mr Potter asked.

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Mr Mitchell, however, said he understands “the companies that partner with VFS are companies that were told by the Chinese authorities they should use them.” New Immigration Zealand is “not worried” that Beijing Shuangxiong may provide access to classified information by China’s security services. “There is no access to secret INZ data or systems, or any influence on visa decision making,” he said.

“Complete application forms submitted at the VAC will be digitized, encrypted and sent to INZ via a secure portal operated by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment,” said Mitchell. In addition, he said, “the VAC does not handle applications for residence and humanitarian visas, which are sent directly to INZ in New Zealand.”

The Canadian government also said applications in Beijing and elsewhere were handled “in accordance with Canadian privacy laws” and service providers promised not to interfere with visa applications. “As stipulated in the contract, VAC is expressly prohibited from providing visa-related advice to applicants or from making any type of decision regarding their application,” said Department of Citizenship and Immigration spokesman Rémi Larivière.

VFS spokesman Peter Brun said the Chinese companies he worked with were “managed by VFS Global and we ensure they operate fully in accordance with all VFS Global security processes and protocols, and comply with the Canadian government’s visa application process and data protection requirements, which are regularly audited. by the Canadian government. “

“The local individuals or companies who have shares in FMC that you describe do not have access to visa application data and have no influence on the integrity of the visa application process as determined by the client governments we serve,” he said.

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Canada cracking down on international travel | Instant News

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has announced tougher rules for travelers. (Photo by Dave Chan / AFP) (Photo by DAVE CHAN / AFP via Getty Images) AFP via Getty Images Canada is imposing much stricter restrictions on travelers in order to thwart new, more contagious variants of the novel coronavirus. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau kindly asked, cajoled, implored and pleaded with Canadians to stay home and avoid all travel. But he was unable to prevent people from fleeing the cold to sunny places. Although the Canadian government has a travel advisory in place against non-essential travel, there is no law preventing anyone from leaving the country. Ten days ago, Trudeau warned Canadians that a foreign travel ban could come in at any time and without warning. He noted that while people have the right to travel, the government has the right to impose sanctions on those who endanger others. Today, he stuck to that warning. Trudeau told reporters at a press conference that his country’s major airlines – Air Canada, WestJet, Sunwing and Air Transat – have agreed to suspend all flights to Mexico and the Caribbean until April 30 for fight the spread of Covid-19. Trudeau said that starting next week, all arriving international flights will land at one of four airports: Vancouver, Toronto, Calgary and Montreal. Arriving passengers will undergo a mandatory Covid-19 PCR test at the airport and then need to be quarantined in a hotel. “Travelers will then have to wait up to three days at an approved hotel for their test results, at their own expense, which is expected to be over $ 2,000,” Trudeau said. This hefty estimate includes the cost of the hotel stay, the Covid-19 test, food, and the additional cost for safety and health measures designated hotels will need to take. Canada already requires anyone entering the country to self-isolate for 14 days and present a negative Covid-19 test taken within three days of arrival. The new requirement for hotel quarantine at traveler’s expense is intended to discourage Canadians from vacationing abroad. Travelers who receive positive test results will need to self-quarantine at designated government facilities to ensure that they are not carrying any of the Covid-19 variants from the UK, South Africa or the Brazil. Entering Canada by car will also be more difficult. “We will also require, in the coming weeks, that non-essential travelers test negative before entering the land border with the United States,” Trudeau said. “And we are working to meet additional testing requirements for land travel.” READ MORE .

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Biden told Merkel that he wanted to revitalize the German alliance | Instant News

President Joe Biden told German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Monday that he wants to revitalize the transatlantic alliance with Germany, a relationship that has been strained under former President Donald Trump.

The new president has made a series of calls to foreign counterparts in recent days as part of his efforts to readjust US relations around the world after four years of Trump’s more “America First”-oriented policy.

The White House said in a statement that Biden conveyed that he views the US partnership with NATO and the European Union “as the foundation of our collective security and shared democratic values.”

Trump and Merkel’s relationship started icy cold and remained cold throughout Trump’s tenure.

After meeting Trump in 2017, Merkel said Europe can no longer be completely dependent on its allies and must become more independent.

After the 2018 NATO summit, Trump asked his members to devote at least 4% of their GDP to military spending and took aim at Merkel, who she accuses of paying Russia “billions of dollars in gas and energy” while failing to meet her country’s needs. commitment to spend at least 2% of GDP on defense.

Steffen Seibert, a spokesman for the German government, said in a statement calling for Merkel to welcome Biden’s decision on the first day of his presidency to rejoin the World Health Organization and the Paris climate agreement. Trump has withdrawn the US from international health agencies and climate deals signed by nearly every country to limit global warming.

Merkel has spoken positively election of Biden.

Last week, the chancellor said that “there is much broader political overlap with President Biden” than with Trump. But Merkel warns that not everything will go smoothly – in line with her long track record of keeping public expectations low.

“There will be differences of opinion with the Biden government as well,” he said.

One issue that is likely to continue to be debated is the German-Russian gas pipeline project, the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, which will carry Russian gas to Germany under the Baltic Sea. It faces bipartisan opposition in Washington.

Neither party mentioned the project in their statements about the leadership’s calling.

Biden also spoke with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, President of France Emmanuel Macron and Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

Merkel invited Biden to visit Germany as soon as the pandemic situation allowed, Seibert said.

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How To Evaluate Politicians on Fashion Magazine Covers? | Instant News

US Vice President-elect Kamala Harris is rumored to have created February closing from iconic fashion magazines Mode. Seemingly one of the highest achievements in the world of style, this rule does not come carefree. Like all covers in the past, Harris also drew a reaction. When the news about him Mode Once her appearance was revealed, social media users waste no time pointing out that a politician – no less the upcoming Vice President of the United States – has no business on the cover of fashion. Others have taken the road to denounce the publication itself, calling it for allegedly washing the skin of black Indian-American politicians. You can read more about that here.

In the context of Harris, who wears slender pantsuits paired with comfortable sneakers over him election campaign following in the footsteps of last year, fashion is not an entirely new topic. For its suave and fresh choice of styles that fall into the dress-up and comfortable fashion categories, ‘Madam Vice President’ has been praised around the world. So clearly, the importance of her fashion persona is not an entirely new discourse. What then became the basis of the debate around him Mode Closing? Why is the audience annoyed by the presence of a politician in one of the mainstays of the fashion industry? Besides, does the fashion magazine itself quite fit Harris’s style on the cover?

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Politicians on the Cover of Fashion: Is It Inappropriate?

One of the main arguments that led the discussion around Harris’ Mode the cover is that dipping his feet into the influence of the fashion industry jeopardizes the sobriety of being a leading head of state. Moreover, people who have been elected. In my opinion, whoever is elected by the public to power immediately becomes a public figure. And a public figure is always seen as something more than just a profession. Every politician – including Harris and those before him – has been scrutinized end-to-end, from the inside out, from every angle outside the political sphere. So, if the public itself violates the ‘sanctity’ of professional peace of mind in politics, will it really matter if the professionals themselves take part in it later?

Harris, beyond measure, was the first person in politics to appear on the cover of an entertainment or fashion magazine. Former US President Barack Obama appeared on cover from InStyle in 2020. His wife, Michelle Obama (who is not a politician but still sticks to her heart) has graced the covers of many fashion and women’s magazines in the past. Including Mode. Several times. Justin Trudeau has appeared on GQ. Recently, Congressman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez also appeared on the cover Vanity Fair.

Does a politician then really have to limit themselves to four serious political corners in order to hold control over the people? If the public has seen them through multi-colored glasses, then why a double standard prohibiting them from going beyond politics? Do we need that facade, as long as elected leaders fulfill their administrative roles with due diligence?

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What’s the Argument Against Kamala Harris’ Fashion Mag Cover?

Another, perhaps more valid, dispute around the cover is that it appears to have underestimated Harris’s now famous style. As a woman in politics, she has defied mainstream ‘femininity’ norms, opting for comfortable clothing over fancy and pretty clothes. Being a woman of color and multiple descent in one of the highest seats in the nation’s (arguably) most powerful, Harris has set high benchmarks in what women today are capable of achieving. Add to that her accessible (but graceful) fashion sense, and it sends a message to little girls everywhere that no dream is too big. If Kamala Harris can do it, so can you.

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Against that backdrop, featuring Harris in bland (I don’t think even fit) clothing and almost too basic couture in an attempt to capture his sense of style seems sloppy to some. Isn’t this the same publication whose property is Cover of Harry Styles dress last year collectively crushed many toxic male masculinity standards?

The random pink satin strewn on the background also greatly contributes to the idea that people are on Mode didn’t try hard to come up with a cover featuring US’s first female VP a landmark one. In comparison, Obama Mode blankets, although very poorly airbrushed, always emit more magnetism. Primarily, I would say, because the design was focused on the one and only, said loud and clear that she was a woman at the time.

And if that’s not enough, one journalist has pointed out that this circulated cover isn’t even approved by Harris’s team. For all of this and more, Mode editor Anna Wintour and her team drew criticism. Maybe it should be.

There is no reason politicians making the fashion wave should be stigmatized or viewed as anything less than their peers, as long as professional duties are not ruled out. And as far as the question of public appearances promoting narcissism is concerned, well … we can all agree that this is largely the domain of male politicians.

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