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Upper Canada 5 the temperature hot spots on Wednesday were all in BC. | Instant News

Five high temperature in Canada on Wednesday was recorded in British Columbia.

First place was a tie with both Osoyoos and the Warfield posting high 37.1 K. then went to Litton with a large 36.7 degree, the Ashcroft in a maximum of 36.3 C, followed by Kamloops with a high 35.6 C.

Experts call for child safety around open Windows as the weather heats up

Experts call for child safety around open Windows as the weather heats up

Global BC meteorologist mark Madryga says more heat on the way Thursday, as expected record.

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The southern interior will see temperatures rise into the mid to upper 30’s years, says Madryga and moisture contained in the air of the Fraser valley will feel as hot as 39 C per day.

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Okanagan forecast: air temperature in Canada to blow up the field with the heat

Madryga says South stream Thursday there is the potential for late-day lightning in the South-Western interior.

Lightning could also continue on Friday, and on the South coast it will be a better day, as marine air moves in from the rain.

Heat warning issued for the Okanagan Valley

Heat warning issued for the Okanagan Valley

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CF Snowbird broke down near Kamloops during the BC stop on a cross-Canada tour | Instant News

A plane with a Canadian Jetbirds forces demonstration jet team crashed in Kamloops, BC, on Sunday.

Dana Hings told Global News that he was at home, watching Snowbirds when he heard the collision.

“We thought it broke the sound barrier and we came to the deck and we saw smoke, so we ran closer,” he said.

“I’m a retired nurse, so naturally I went to the backyard and there was a woman, she was on the plane and she was dead.”

Hings said other aircraft passengers were able to issue and land on the nearest roof.


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Mike Trafford, who lives near the airport, told Global News that the plane had just taken off when an error occurred.

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Canadian Snowbirds pilot was unharmed after removing from the plane at the Atlanta air show

The aircraft rolled the barrel, and shortly after the barrel roll there was a spark and the pilot ejected, “he said.

“Then the plane dived and immediately fell down.”

The video from the location appears to show two people who got off the jet before falling.

The BC Ambulance Service said it received a call around 11:30 am and deployed several units, both land and air.

One patient was taken to hospital by a land ambulance, but the condition was not yet clear.

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The Royal Canadian Air Force confirmed that a snow bird had descended “around Kamloops.”

“This is a developing situation. Our number one priority right now is to determine the status of our personnel, community and emergency support personnel, “RCAF said in a statement.

“If necessary, more information will be available.”

Trafford said the plane crashed into a residential area, on Glenview Avenue, near Crestline Street.

I just hope everyone is fine. I hope, you know, whatever happens and the pilot is fine and whoever is in the house is fine. “

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The Snowbirds made a flight across the interior of BC as part of their cross-Canadian tour, dubbed Operation Inspiration, to inspire enthusiasm during the COVID-19 pandemic.

About an hour before the accident, the team posted on Twitter that his flight plans were interrupted by rain and low visibility.

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