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Kanye proves that mental health is more difficult than to talk about their feelings | Instant News

The West, which is known to suffer from bipolar disorder, it was clear during episodes of mania, but that didn’t stop people from becoming public breakdown in funny memes for everyone to laugh about it on the Internet. It was only when his wife made a public statement about his powerlessness in relation to his mental illness, that the tide of public opinion turned from condemnation to something like compassion.

We can all be advocates of mental health when it comes to anxiety and depression and maybe a bit of a good SURR. It is not easy to do – not at all – but we have much more understanding and compassion about them than we were ten years ago. With more complex mental disorders, however, there is still a long way to go.

Bipolar disorder, Schizophrenia, psychosis — these do not have anything like the right amount of awareness attached to them. All too often, the person suffering from the condition in guilt, not of the state itself. The West, with support, hopefully, will be fine. And as for the bipolar sufferer at home, watching the masses to tear him suffer from the condition, which is not their fault?

Another much misunderstood part of the mental health conversation addiction, a double whammy of mental illness that often develops as a way to cope with pre-existing. There is no doubt that I was addicted to alcohol and drugs in particular, as a way to cope with terrible Intrusive thoughts that I experienced from the age of 11, but it was easier for me to talk about those thoughts than it was a faulty coping mechanism that I created in an attempt to cope with them. In the grip of alcoholism, drug addiction and OCD, I behaved badly – but I see now that I was bad, not because I’m a bad person, but because I was terribly harmful.


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Larsa Pippen made a lucrative fashion deal in the middle of Kardashian, Kanye’s drama | Instant News

Larsa Pippen laughed all the way to the bank.

The legendary wife of the NBA, Scottie Pippen, has signed a massive deal with the clothing company PrettyLittleThing in the midst of that rumor he and former BFF Kim Kardashian are hostile.

A representative for the brand confirmed that Pippen, 46, had signed “close to the six-figure social media agreement” which was extended until January 2021. His representative confirmed the agreement, but declined to comment further.

Pippen has often modeled brand clothing on his Instagram page, where he has more than one million followers. Daily Mail is the first to report on the PLT agreement.

This tantalizing performance occurred after the possibility of a shooting star with the Kardashian family.

This week, fans noticed that Kim, Kourtney, and Khloé Kardashian did not follow Pippen on social media. Kim Kanye West’s husband – who is in upheaval of bipolar episodes – Next fanned the fire when he tweeted and deleted “Larsa” without context.

Pippen seemed to convey rumors, sharing the following statement on Instagram: “I woke up this morning with blessings and saw that everyone focused on who I followed and who I didn’t follow on social media. I focus on my children, my new fitness brand Larsapippenfitness, and my relationships in real life. “

He added, “Pray that all people find peace in their own lives and focus on what brings THEM happiness.”

On Thursday, Page Six is ​​exclusively reported that Pippen and Kim are “not close friends.”

Insiders told us that Kim had never followed Pippen on Instagram, while Kourtney hadn’t followed Pippen for some time now.

In the past, Pippen often attended the Kardashian family party, performed at “Keeping Up the the Kardashians” and traveled the world with Kim, 39, and Kourtney, 41.

It is not clear why the Kardashians distanced themselves from Pippen, but given that the star had just landed in the fashion world, he might not need it anymore.


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Kanye West appears at the end of the marriage for Kim Kardashian in bizarre divorce rant | Instant News

Kanye West seems to have ended his marriage to Kim Kardashian emergency divorce rant.

The rapper, 43, reportedly caused an uproar in the family Kardashian, when he dropped the bomb that his wife wanted to have an abortion in the North during a rally of the President last weekend.

Problems for a musician to grow after he sensationally claimed Kim has caused doctors to lock him up and compared his life to a horror movie to get into Twitter firestorm.

The Kardashians have been incredibly concerned about Kanye amid claims that he is in the middle of a serious bipolar episode.

The latter claim Kanye, apparently, to assume that he was trying to divorce with Kim, because she met another rapper meek mill at the hotel.

His tweets have been deleted since they were posted on Monday.

Kanye West appears at the end of the marriage for Kim Kardashian in bizarre divorce rant
(Photo: Getty Images for Met Museum/fashion)

Kanye wrote: “They were trying to fly with 2 doctors 51/50 me.

“I’m trying to divorce Kim met with meek at the Warldorf for “prison reform.”

“I got 200 more to go.

The latter claim Kanye, apparently, to assume that he was trying to divorce with Kim, as she rose to her prison reform and met with meek
(Image: Twitter)

“This lady tweet of the night… Chris Jong UN Lil baby is my favorite rapper, but don’t make a song wit me.”(SIC)

Mirror online has reached out to Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s representatives for further comment.

Kim was silent for flash Kanye over the weekend, but fans were asking her to speak.

The latter claim Kanye, apparently, to assume that he was trying to divorce with Kim, because she met another rapper meek mill at the Waldorf
(Photo: WireImage)

They were a power couple in showbiz scheme for many years.

Lovebirds have been married for six years, starting in 2014.

The rapper, 43, reportedly caused an uproar in the family Kardashian, when he dropped the bomb that his wife wanted to have an abortion in the North during a rally of the President over the weekend
(Photo: Reuters)

They have four children: North, seven, Saint, four in Chicago, two and Psalm one.

There were reports Kanye was already sitting in a safe bunker in his £11.82 million ranch in Wyoming, which he shares with Kim With flash.

Whispers the pair were “at each other” under the castle started surfacing in the beginning isolated on background coronavirus pandemic.

They had a couple on the showbiz scheme for many years
(Image: Ringo Chiu/EPA-EFE/Rex/Shutterstock)

A few weeks later, the pair silenced the rumors about the divorce with the PDA pictures in their house.

Kim was already talking about how her husband did not take medication, but she assured fans that she can handle his episodes.

She said Vogue Magazine last year: “for him, being on medication is not an option, because he just changes who he is.

The pair has silenced split rumors with some embracing snaps
(Photo: Instagram)

“There are so many makes, so he doesn’t go the way he used to.”

Kim added: “We can definitely feel the episodes coming, and we know how to handle them”.

Kanye had previously been hospitalized for “psychiatric emergency” in November 2016.

At the weekend, the rapper with tears in his eyes said, “I almost killed my daughter” as he revealed a heartbreaking conversation about abortion with Kim.

He recalled: “She was crying and for one month two months three months, we talked about it, not having this child. It pills in my hand.”


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Kim Kardashian, Kanye West celebrates her 6th wedding anniversary | Instant News

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West said they would be together “until the end.”

“Keeping Up the the Kardashians” stars, 39, and West, 42, celebrated their sixth wedding anniversary on Sunday and marked the occasion with an emotional post on social media.

“6 years and under; forever to go, “Kardashian wrote a series of old photographs of herself with the West.” Until the end. “

Romantic notes that appear in the middle of the gossip of the stars is “in each other’s throats” during quarantine.

“Kim is getting crazy, because he used to travel. It’s also a lot of time alone with children for him, “a source claimed to The Sun earlier this month. “He is frustrated with Kanye and thinks he is not pulling out family responsibilities. They have been living on the opposite ends of the house to keep things polite.”

The couple has four children: North, 6, Saint, 4, Chicago, 2, and Psalm, 1.


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Inside the luxury house of Meghan Markle & Prince Harry in LA with crystal chandeliers and hot tubs | Instant News

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry living in a luxury house for £ 15 million in Los Angeles owned by Tyler Perry and it looks like they really live in total luxury.

The actor / director said he had given the royal couple a broad foundation, which in an exclusive gated community called the Beverly Ridge Estate.

This Tuscan-style house offers eight bedrooms and 12 bathrooms and was built specifically by Perry after he bought the 22-hectare site in 2004.

They live there with their son Archie and have increased security there by installing a 10 foot high screen behind the property.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have lived in a Los Angeles mansion built specifically by Tyler Perry
(Image: GoffPhotos.com)

It is unknown whether the couple will be there long enough to be redecorated, but Tyler has previously shared many images that show spectacular interiors.

From the best marble bathrooms to luxurious study rooms – it looks like Meghan and Harry will be quite comfortable in their new home.

In one picture, shared by Perry, the star showed off one large living room complete with piano.

The couple and their son Archie will spend the luxury lock in the big house
(Image: SplashNews.com)

To complete the aura of the house showbiz – pictures show the musical legend Stevie Wonder sitting on playing instruments for Perry’s guests.

It was taken during the film star’s 45th birthday party, and showed the high ceilings of the house and luxurious decorations.

Other photos show a luxurious dining room suitable for royalty connected to one of the main living rooms.

This area has large crystal chandeliers and murals painted on the walls.

This large kitchen features a marble work top and intricately carved hoods on the stove.

There is even a blackboard where Meghan and Harry can write notes to each other or to-do lists.

There is even a work space with a large desk, leather chairs and wooden paneled walls where the couple can work.

It is likely that couples will want to use their studies well because they are increasing plans to become financially independent from the royal family after resigning.

To relax, Harry and Meghan can relax in the large hot tub.

The bathroom seems to have been inspired by the Romans with a circular whirlpool tub built into the floor surrounded by four marble plinths.

There are also large chandeliers to add extra luxury.

The house even has a specially built baby room that baby Archie can call herself.

Perry was designed for his son, Aman, with wooden floors and white walls, with blue and white accents.

Outside the house, the couple can enjoy a large pool and sun terrace, while there is a magnificent fountain perched in the middle of the driveway.

This large house offers amazing views of the surrounding area and they can enjoy the sunset on the amazing outdoor terrace.

It is not known whether Harry and Meghan rented a notebook from Perry if they stayed there as assistance.

Whatever the case, it looks like they will enjoy spending the lockdown in a luxurious environment.


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