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Kashmore ASI appoints police training officers in Karachi | Instant News

The Sindh government has appointed Kashmore ASI training officer Muhammad Bakhsh Burriro at the police training branch in Karachi.

She and her daughter played a key role in arresting one of the gang rapists and rescuing a four year old girl. The girl and her mother were taken hostage by three men who lured her mother there with promises of work of Rs40,000.

Three men then raped her for two weeks before telling her to go to Karachi and bring them another woman. They took her son hostage and raped him too.

Two suspects were identified as Rafiq Malak and Khairullah Bugti. Malak was initially arrested and then shot dead by his gang. Bugti is arrested.

According to the police, Burriro will train police recruits to take to the field.

Earlier this month, Police Inspector General Sindh Mushtaq Mahar arranged a ceremony at Karachi Central Police Station to honor Baksh’s breast milk and called him to be given a civil award.

IG Mahar said that ASI and her daughter work without thinking about their own lives. She announced a Rs2 million reward for him.


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Three TTP militants were arrested in karachi | Instant News

Three terrorists were arrested on Sunday in the Gulshan-e-Maymar area during a joint Karachi Police and Rangers operation, according to law enforcement agencies.

According to a spokesperson for the Sindh Rangers, the terrorists belonged to the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) splinter group led by Qari Sa’ad Bilal alias Hummayun.

The suspected terrorists have been identified as Yaseen alias Qari, Ikramullah and Muhammad Khalid alias Mansoor.

The trio recently returned from Afghanistan and confessed that they planned to carry out a terrorist attack in the metropolis, a spokeswoman for the Sindh Rangers said.

He added that one of the suspected terrorists, Yaseen, had previously carried out several subversive activities in Swat, while Muhammad Khalid had long been a close associate of Yaseen.

Forest rangers have handed over the three terrorist suspects to the police so that legal action can be initiated against them.

Earlier this month, the Sindh Rangers announced the launch of a mobile app in Karachi to create an intelligence network and provide citizens with emergency access to control rooms.


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Four more Karachi policemen are infected with COVID-19 | Instant News

KARACHI: Four Karachi Police officers have been infected by the new coronavirus, ARY News reported on Thursday.

Four police officers stationed at the Mubeena City police station have contracted COVID-19, the police department said in a statement. The infected police have quarantined them in their home.

The overall tally of infected police officers and other personnel is 3435, while 3378 policemen have been recovered and returned to their homes, police said.

Nineteen police, including officers, were martyred while on duty during the COVID-19 pandemic, according to police.

“Currently 38 officers and personnel have undergone medical treatment,” the department said.

Pakistan has reported 2,547 new cases of COVID-19 and 18 deaths from the virus in the past 24 hours, ARY News reported on Thursday.

In the past 24 hours, over 18 people died from the disease, bringing the national death toll to 7,248. What’s more, 886 patients have recovered from the virus over the past 24 hours.

According to the National Command and Operation Center (NCOC), with the country’s new addition of infections, the current national number of cases stands at 3,65,927, whereas, active cases stands at 32,005.

The positive rate has risen to 6.9 percent in Pakistan, while 1,535 patients are in critical condition.




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The prime suspect was arrested in the murder case of Mufti Abdullah: CTD | Instant News

The prime suspect in the murder case of Karachi cleric Mufti Abdullah was arrested by police in raids on Sunday.

The suspect has been identified as Haris alias Farhan. He has confessed to the crime, CTD personnel said during a press conference late Sunday.

Mufti Abdullah first attacked on November 1 shortly after leading the prayer.

According to police, they have found evidence that the attack was funded by the Indian intelligence agency RAW. “The attackers were paid through hawala-hundi,” said a police officer.

Karachi CTD chief Umar Shahid said the attackers were paid Rs300,000. The gang behind the attack operates from Dubai. It was run by a man named Zahid Umar.

“Umar went to Dubai via Iran,” the official said, adding that he was reportedly supplying weapons to people pretending to be deliverymen.

On November 11, another suspect, who was arrested from the crime scene, retracted his previous statement. He initially said he shot scholars for money.

In hers new statement, he said he rescheduled the cleric for five days before shooting him, adding that he was paid through a foreign account for the murder.

IG Sindh has noticed the killings and ordered an investigation.


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Karachi police help themselves to catch hashish | Instant News



They confiscated 40kg of marijuana but reported only 6kg

Reporting |
television – Posted: Nov 3, 2020 | Last Updated: 37 minutes ago

Posted: Nov 3, 2020 | Last Updated: 37 minutes ago

Five policemen were arrested for stealing drugs confiscated from the Jackson Karachi area on Monday.

According to Jackson SHO, officers confiscated 40 kg of marijuana from a pedicab driver but the amount was falsified at the FIR.

“They registered the FIR which stated that only six kilograms of hash were confiscated and the rest was kept by themselves,” he said. “During the interrogation, the rickshaw driver revealed the true amount of the drug while admitting the crime.”

After that, an investigation was carried out. The remaining drugs were found at the officer’s house. Police have been arrested and suspended.

An FIR has been registered for them.


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