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Need fashion help? Altamont woman came to the rescue. | Local News | Instant News

ALTAMONT – Making a great first impression can be a valuable asset when interviewing for a new job or creating a new positive image.

Kate Beals, a native Brazilian who moved to Altamont this year, has years of formal knowledge and training in the fashion industry. She recently launched Kate Beals Fashion, offering her services as a consultant and personal stylist to local residents.

Beals moved to Altamont in March to marry Realtor Grant Beals Century 21 Reality Concepts of Effingham.

“Coming to Altamont gave me new opportunities to be happy,” said Kate Beals. “I left my whole life in another country – and coming here is a blessing.”

Kate Beals has three children Diovani, 21, and Leonardo, 22, who live in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and Kamilla, 30, who plays volleyball in Portugal.

Beals spent 4 1/2 years at the Sigbol Fashion Institute, majoring in Fashion Design, and studied Fashion Journalism in Escola Sao Paulo.

When Beals started his professional career in the fashion industry 25 years ago, he was a freelance journalist in Brazil who wrote articles for fashion magazines and newspapers. She also worked at a department store selling certain high-quality clothing brands before launching her own personal consulting business.

Beals grew up in Sao Paulo, Brazil. His father was a driver and his mother worked as a tailor.

“She has her own studio, where she makes her dresses,” Beals said. “I grew up amidst silk and embroidery.”

Beals said she loves to see how happy people are when her mother makes clothes for them.

“This has allowed me to understand that people have different bodies and not everyone can look good in the same clothes,” said Beals. “I help people find out what clothes are right for them.”

Beals has a five-step system for evaluating what clothes would look good on someone. He said the most important thing was the first conversation he had with a client.

“I interviewed someone to understand the places they visited and the things they liked,” said Beals. “In this interview with this client, I observed his physical type, what his job is, the places he frequents. After that, through colorimetry, we found a suitable color for her skin tone. “

After determining colorimetry, he visited his client’s home to organize their wardrobes, removing clothes unsuitable for the person.

He then goes to a shop with a client and finds clothes that best fit the person. Beals helps women and men find the right clothing solutions.

“I would then become a personal shopper,” said Beals. “Choosing the right clothes is important. I found what was right for the person. “

Beals said wearing the right clothes can also improve a person’s mentality.

For example, she said women stayed home after having children and looked in the mirror thinking that they would never look great again. There is no reason for someone to stay home and feel depressed. They may just be wearing the wrong combination of clothes, he said.

“Sometimes people are just embarrassed by their appearance and think their image is not good,” said Beals. “Some people think fashion is not important … Yes, it is.”

“I like to make people more confident,” said Beals. “It may be. I am very happy to see people happy. “

Beals also has experience as a business consultant. During one consultation, he made a presentation to a group of employees at a bank on how to present himself to the public.

“Sometimes business owners worry about their image,” said Beals. Here’s what I can help you with.

“I help employees understand what types of make-up are good for work and what clothes are right for,” says Beals. “I can help with the company dress code.”

She said some employees come in with too much makeup and sometimes wear the wrong color. Beals said the company he works for in Brazil asked him to teach the correct dress code because businesses weren’t sure how to discuss dress code issues with their employees. She can make a presentation to the sales staff explaining the importance of wearing appropriate clothing that makes them more confident at work and helps them sell more products.

Beals says another service she provides is helping someone looking for their first job choose the right wardrobe option. He said the school would hire him to give presentations to students on how making a good impression by wearing appropriate clothing could help land a job.

“The first impression is the most important,” said Beals. “Those first 15 seconds leave a good or bad impression. If you wear the wrong clothes, there are no second chances. “

She says good clothes and the right grooming are essential to making a good first impression.

“It makes a big difference,” said Beals.

Beals has a Facebook page for his business: facebook.com/katebealsfashion.


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