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What gaming peripherals should you buy | Instant News

If at any time this year, you find that you have some extra cash, you may be inclined to buy the novelty gaming mice and gaming keyboards that you have been watching for the past few weeks.However, before you click the “Add to Cart” button, let me first introduce whether you true Need those gaming peripherals.

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Does it really matter when you add the word “game” to your keyboard, mouse, headset or monitor? It depends on who you ask. Some professional e-sports players and streamers will say this is true. However, here is a breakdown of some of the more common “gaming peripherals” and whether you really need one.

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gaming Mouse

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One of the cheapest but most controversial decisions: Do you really need a “gaming mouse”?For one of the greatest Pinoy Dota 2 The team all the time, the TNC Pro team from The International 6, the clear answer is: no.

Former TNC captain Jimmy “DeMoN” Ho released photos of his team’s preferred mouse within a few weeks after the iconic TNC vs. OG game, in which the unknown Pinoys eliminated OG and then the four-time Grand Slam winner 2-0 , Located in the bottom row of the game.

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In addition, this is a former League of Legends player who proved that the mouse is just a matter of personal preference.

But if you like FPS CS: Start Either Value, You may need to use a “gaming” mouse. Gaming mice usually have higher dots per linear inch (DPI), which can measure the sensitivity of the mouse. FPS games flourish on high DPI because the player needs faster mouse response when “clicking” on the enemy’s head, and if you are a player who overshoots when reacting, the sensitivity is lower.

Compared with non-gaming mice, other features that gaming mice may provide include additional mappable buttons, better feel, and (depending on whether you like) RGB lighting.

Gaming Headset

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For many people, it’s easy to have a great headset, but for some people, especially considering the price, it’s hard to get a “gaming” headset.

Is it necessary to become a better player? not really. In terms of sound quality, “gaming” headsets are not much different from ordinary headsets. The sound quality of some gaming headsets is even lower than similarly priced headsets used by dedicated audiophiles.

If you need to use a gaming headset, it is actually the included microphone. E-sports games require a lot of teamwork, and having good communication skills is essential to becoming the best team player. (Emphasize team)

In addition to eliminating the need for a microphone, most of the other functions are fancy techniques and can’t really help beginners improve their level. For example, surround sound in gaming headsets is sold in a way that allows players to know where the opponent is from, but it is still not precise enough, and the free Windows Sonic surround sound feature on the desktop can be used to approach the headset.

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Gaming keyboard

Among all gaming peripherals, the keyboard is undoubtedly the most problematic. Gaming keyboards are not much different from regular keyboards.

Almost all gaming keyboards currently on the market are mechanical keyboards. According to different users, their typing feel is better than ordinary membrane keyboards. The only difference between the more expensive keyboard and the entry-level keyboard is the switch, additional functions and media keys, and of course more RGB customization.

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If you are a user who prioritizes gaming over gaming, a high-quality keyboard with preferred key switches can change the rules of the game. If you are just using the keyboard to play games instead of typing, it doesn’t matter what you get.

Nevertheless, if the boom of mechanical keyboards develops a good thing, it is the hobby of custom keyboard making. Having a customized keyboard can make the game and use very personal.

Gaming monitor

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If there is one thing that definitely affects the player’s game, it is the display.

For FPS players, monitors with a higher refresh rate do show a significant improvement. This is because of the speed at which it refreshes the image on the screen and the time it takes for the player to register this information and react. If you want to learn more about refresh rate and FPS, you can check out the technical Youtuber Linus technical tips and its tests with Shroud to understand how refresh rate affects performance.

Higher refresh rate monitors are very expensive, a 144Hz monitor requires approximately 10,000 PHP. If you are a casual player, then this is more of a luxury than a necessity. But for those who want to become professionals, if you have enough cash, you may want to see it as a future upgrade.

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Lots of designs, but is it enough? | Instant News

Microsoft release Surface Laptop Go After three iterations of the success of the Surface laptop, it was released in October this year. Use the “Go” mark to indicate a smaller, cheaper Surface device, just like the ritual Surface Go that flows from the Surface Pro.

There is no doubt that the initial impression of the Surface Laptop Go is good. Open the box and you can see a pile of aluminum, a Microsoft logo with a mirror, and a cool small laptop. But an absolute winner needs more than just appearance.

When I turned on the laptop, the first impression continued. The two-key keyboard and shell attract your attention, while the delicate frame around the screen makes it feel solid but not too heavy, and the slight angle to the bottom of the machine makes it easy to pick up and carry.

The problem is that after the excellent open experience, the first impression of Surface Laptop Go began to fade away in a small but perceptible amount. Viewed in isolation, everyone feels it is a reasonable compromise, but in a round, they all add up to be considered carefully.

Turning on the laptop Go from standing is too much trouble. The case around the screen does not have a small cutout on the base of the laptop, but has a small protrusion of only a few millimeters. You can grab it with your fingers or thumb to help it open. It helps to maintain the clean lines and appearance of the notebook, but it does not win my favor from a practical point of view.

The resolution on the screen is relatively low 1536×1024 pixels. A 4K screen doesn’t make much sense on a 12.4-inch display, especially considering the useful 3:2 ratio of the screen (rather than the media-friendly 16:9), but the screen used here is a bit cramped.

It does have a touch screen, but it should be noted that it does not work with Microsoft’s Surface Pen. Considering the marketing effort to ensure that the Surface Pen is associated with the new Surface device, this is an inexplicable omission in terms of branding. It must be suspected that the technology that allows the accuracy of the Surface Pen has been cancelled to reduce construction costs.

My biggest problem is the keyboard. Using a laptop in any type of low-light environment will cause the white etching of the keys to disappear, while in a darker environment, the gray of the keys disappears. Great, you can touch everything you type; but the second time you need to look down, check punctuation or lose position, and then you come back to “make your best guess”.

Compare the keyboard of the Surface Laptop Go with my Apple wireless keyboard, the Apple keyboard has provided excellent service for years. Even with this picture, you can see the lower contrast of the Surface. Now, in a low-light environment (such as a lecture hall), it is depicted with eyes that do not have AI routines to process low-light images.

This is why a backlit keyboard is really a good idea.

The smaller function keys are almost unrecognizable unless you tilt the screen over them to cast some light on them-and ironically, using the screen light to lower the screen brightness doesn’t confuse me. The only keys that light up are the combined power button and the keys around the fingerprint sensor.

I’m trying to determine if the lack of backlighting is suitable for everyone, or for me. Given that the high-end model is priced at $899 in the United States, this is really a baffling miss.

One of the selling points of the Surface Laptop Go is the price point, which offers the Surface design and outstanding performance that Microsoft calls everyday laptops. The entry-level model at $549 certainly covers design sensitivities, but the specifications… are simply too dated.

If the Surface Laptop Go is a premium product, then why does the minimum specification option using eMMC only have 4 GB RAM and 64 GB storage space? There is not even a decent speed SSD in the basic model, and I would love to see the performance of the entry-level model when it regularly loads Windows 10 and applications that everyone can install immediately.

My review unit is provided by Microsoft and is a high-end consumer model with 8 GB RAM and 256 GB SSD storage. All models are equipped with Intel Core i5-1035G1 processor. The middle model with 8 GB RAM and 128 GB storage is priced at $699, while the price of my review model is $799.

(There is a model with 16 GB of RAM and 256 GB of storage, but this is limited to Microsoft’s business partners).

Although the Surface Laptop Go starts at $549, the lower models are difficult to sell with limited specifications. These specifications will allow you to be almost completely in a web browser that can run on the cloud. At this time, you’d better view a Chromebook with complete specifications.For me, the real starting price of the Laptop Go series is $699, which makes it compatible with Acer Aspire 6, Asus VivoBook 15 and

Any laptop has a compromise, and the Surface Laptop Go must make a lot of effort to reach this price point. It looks and feels like a Surface design; the choice of using a plastic base on the machine worked very well for me, especially because the keyboard chassis and top cover are still aluminum, which contributes to the design.

The keyboard feels good, and I feel comfortable in terms of buttons…but I still can’t overcome the lack of backlit buttons.

The performance-wise Laptop Go is sufficient for daily browsing and documentation tasks. It does have an i5 chip, but the Ice Lake chipset has been replaced, and you can’t really ask for any advanced graphics features with Intel’s UHD graphics-but this is not the purpose of the Surface Laptop Go.

The Surface Laptop Go has a natural competitor… Apple’s 12-inch MacBook. This is a difficult comparison because Apple cancelled the laptop in 2019, but the MacBook for the Go laptop revolves around the same discussion points. It is packaged in style and provides the same experience as the more expensive machines in the portfolio, but lacks touch capabilities and feels more expensive than it should be.

The difference is that MacBook has no other competition-due to macOS, the only hardware in the city is Apple’s hardware. The Surface Laptop Go is not that luxurious. Cheaper machines with the same specifications, and similarly priced machines with higher specifications. I think Microsoft has missed the target of the specification/price department. Where Microsoft really wins is the design and appearance of the Laptop Go.

If you want to rely heavily on the design of small portable laptops, then Microsoft’s Surface Laptop Go is your best choice.

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Disclaimer: Microsoft provided the Surface Laptop Go for review.


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No, iOS 14 widgets are not monitored on your iPhone | Instant News

Conspiracy theories are widespread on social media.In the field of technology, the biggest suggestion in recent years is 5G will kill you (will not).But now Apple and iOS 14 Has acquired its own viral conspiracy theory.

All of this comes from a post on Facebook that has been shared and copied thousands of times, and thousands of likes and reposts have also been shared on Twitter.Post, report 9to5Mac, Claiming the new features of iOS 14 Home screen widget -Especially the Widgetsmith and Color Widgets applications-contains keyloggers that can read everything you type and steal passwords.

Based on all available evidence, these claims appear to have emerged out of thin air, and there is no reason to believe that they have any basis in reality. The widget has no more powerful function than any other iOS application to access data outside of its sandbox. On an iPhone without jailbreak, no application can read what you type in any other application.

Not even possible Third-party keyboard Steal your passwords because iOS prohibits using them in password specific fields.

One of the “signs” of the keylogger described in the viral post is keyboard lag. You may have noticed a similar situation, but this is something Beta testers have been complaining about because any widgets for the two accused apps have been installed very early since iOS 14 was first released in June.

This article originally appeared on Macworld, Sweden. Translated by David Price.


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