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Prime Minister Imran Khan started an olive plantation project in Nowshera | Instant News

An olive plantation campaign has been launched by the federal government in Nowshera.

Prime Minister Imran Khan started the campaign on Monday. He was accompanied by Defense Minister Pervez Khattak, Governor Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Shah Farman, Chief Minister KP Mahmood Khan and Special Assistant for Climate Change Amin Aslam.

7,500 olive trees are planted at the Amangarh plantation site in Nowshera.

The government plans to plant 50 million olive trees in the country. This is part of the 10 billion Tree Tsunami program.

Aslam previously said the program was developed for areas experiencing water shortages and drought.

Food security Pakistan’s biggest challenge: PM Imran Khan

The prime minister said olive groves could help address Pakistan’s food security concerns, which he called the country’s “biggest challenge”.

He also said growing olives could bring foreign exchange into Pakistan.

Talking about the importance of olives, he said the impact of olive production is not only helping KP, but the whole of Pakistan.

“There are times when Pakistan exports wheat,” said PM Khan, adding that this year Pakistan will have to import four million tonnes of wheat.

Likewise, he said, Pakistan must also import sugar.

“We are already importing vegetable oils like ghee and palm oil. Our biggest challenge in the coming days is how we will provide good food and nutrition to our people,” he said.

He then spoke about the challenge of foreign exchange reserves and emphasized the difference in the country’s import and export figures.

The prime minister later said that the 10 billion Tsunami projects will protect our future generations. He urged Pakistani youth to contribute to the project for their own benefit.

Pakistan spends a lot of money on vegetable oil imports which can be reduced by local olive oil production by planting olive trees especially on the west bank of the Sindh River, he said.

Olive oil production can also generate new jobs and thriving businesses in the country.

What is the olive plantation project?

KP MNA Kamran Bangash provided details about the olive plantation campaign on Twitter shortly after Prime Minister Imran Khan launched it.

He said that in a few years, ‘#OliveTreeTsunami’ will bring improvements in various sectors in Pakistan.

He said the project would not only prevent increased land conversion to deserts, but national resources for healthy vegetable oils would also emerge.

“Wildlife will also inevitably develop again and Pakistan’s true biodiversity potential will be harnessed,” wrote MNA.

Olives are the national fruit of the barren KSA & Pakistan will soon become the biggest fruit exporter, he said.

Praising the prime minister, Bangash said PM Khan gave Pakistan a new identity in the world for the best olive groves.


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A crackdown on profiteers and hoarders began | Instant News

The Karachi government on Tuesday initiated a crackdown on profiteers. According to a statement issued by the commissioner’s office, the city government has decided to take firm action against daily profiteers and hoarders.

The commissioner’s office has directed all deputy commissioners to make all-out efforts to enforce the food prices set by the government and the provincial government. Karachi Commissioner Navid Ahmed Shaikh has directed all deputy commissioners to take action every day and show no leniency against profiteers. At the commissioner’s direction, the deputy commissioner has submitted a report on their actions.

According to a report, three dairy shops have been closed and a fine of Rs0.6 million was imposed on 105 shop owners of various commodities, including milk, flour, poultry and groceries. Poultry sellers are subject to a fine of Rs23,6000 while milk sellers are fined Rs227,000.

According to East Deputy Commissioner Mohammad Ali Shah, three dairy shops have been closed and three milk sellers and a flour shopkeeper have been fined for violating government prices. A fine of Rs75,000 has been imposed in the East District. The commissioner said on Tuesday that there is a great need to take effective action to control prices for essential commodities. He warned that stern action would be taken against profiteers and hoarders without leniency.


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Rugby league: New Zealand Soldiers kick off the Nathan Brown era with a promising draw against the Gold Coast Titans in NRL trials | Instant News


Josh Curran of the Warriors scores a try during the NRL trial match against the Titans. Photos / Photosport

It’s best to always be vigilant about the pre-season NRL trials. Coaches and teams always have specific agendas to work with – rather than just grinding results – and it’s advisable not to get carried away about performance, good or bad.

That’s what happened to the Warriors in the past. The excitement following a 48-4 trial win over the Broncos in 2013 was quickly lost when they lost five of their first seven games and there are several other related examples.

But Saturday’s game against The Titans, which ended in a 12-12 draw, was important. It was the first course for Nathan Brown and the seventh new signing, after significant personnel changes in the low season.

It is also their only preseason chance, after last week’s trial against Storm was canceled due to travel restrictions.

Neither team wants to reveal too much – especially when they face each other in the first round of the NRL season – but it’s time for the latest issue of the Warriors to show something up and it’s quite promising.

They showed good speed and energy and had some bright moments in attack, while their defense improved as the match went on, with some great grabs in the second half.

Both squads have been rusty at times, with the Warriors also losing half-organization Chanel Harris-Tavita, out with a quad injury, and hampered by the loss of bitch Wayde Egan, who left with a shoulder injury after just 15 minutes.

Addin Fonua-Blake’s gigantic brace provides good muscle up front, giving an idea of ​​his ability to cross the line of advantage while Ben Murdoch-Masila creates a 40 meter high statue with his first touch after halftime, and the one-two hit by the twin towers could be something to enjoy, if they can also bring discipline in defense.

Perhaps the new player chosen was the former Dragons midfielder, Euan Aitken, who took some powerful punches and displayed a willingness to get involved, as well as the defensive initiative.

Bunty Afoa and Leeson Ah Mau are again welcomed, having barely been seen in 2020 due to injuries. Second rower Bayley Sironen demonstrated his versatility, turning to prostitutes in the second half.

The Titans got their best of the opening quarter, with two attempts in four minutes, to Tino Fa’asuamaleaui and Jarrod Wallace. When he played for Queensland and Storm last season, strong Fa’asuamaleaui was tough to deal with through midfield.

Sean O’Sullivan and Nikorima teamed up well to send Josh Curran across in the 29th minute and the Warriors should have extended their lead before halftime, unable to capitalize on four straight sets on the Titans line.

The Warriors were sharper after halftime and Roger Tuivasa-Sheck’s sharp break sent Jazz Tevaga under the post just before the hour mark.

That shows what is possible when Tuivasa-Sheck gets the ball up front, which is the hope for 2021.

Brown vacated the bench for the last 20 minutes, with several young players gaining playing time. A formidable defensive play from Map Hiku stopped certain attempts from former teammate Patrick Herbert, while the Warriors did very well to withstand the continuing pressure in the final 10 minutes.

Soldier 12 (J Curran, J Tevaga tries; K Nikorima 2 goals)

Titans 12 (T Fa’asuamaleaui, J Wallace tries; J Fogarty 2 goals)

First Half: 6-12


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The KMC plantation campaign will start today | Instant News

Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC) will plant more than 100,000 saplings in a plantation campaign that will start on Wednesday.

KMC administrator Laeeq Ahmed, while reviewing the steps for the campaign inauguration ceremony in Bagh-e-Jinnah on Tuesday, said that more than 100,000 saplings will be planted in different areas of the city to make the city more beautiful. “The people of Karachi appreciate holding the Karachi Marigold Festival. City roads, green lanes and arteries will turn green in the coming days. “.

Administrators said the main guests of the ceremony were Sindh Information Minister and Regional Government Syed Nasir Hussain Shah and more than 500 saplings, including neem and ficus religiosa, would be planted to inaugurate the campaign. Various welfare and social organizations as well as members of civil society are proposing to collaborate with KMC for a plantation campaign to control environmental pollution through plantations.

“Industrial and commercial activities are carried out in big cities throughout the year, therefore it is important to provide a healthy living environment,” he added. The administrator directs DG Parks to ensure maximum community participation in the campaign. He directed it to highlight the places where a plantation was most needed.

“Areas that experience more environmental pollution must receive priority,” he said, adding that the services of a botanist would also be obtained who would select plants according to their needs. The campaign, he said, was not only aimed at plantations, but the care for panting tillers would also be ensured. Ahmed said that providing a healthy environment for communities is the responsibility of KMC and plantations can play an important role in tackling the problems of climate change and pollution.


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Covid 19 coronavirus: $ 350 payment initiated for staff self-isolating pending test results | Instant News


The government launched a new $ 350 payment to help businesses cover staff who need to self-isolate while awaiting test results. Photo / Tania Whyte

A $ 350 payment to employers to pay for workers who need to self-isolate pending an exam but are unable to work from home starts tomorrow.

The new Short-Term No-Show Payments (STAP), announced in December, also support people who have dependents who need to stay at home.

The one-time payment will be available through the Ministry of Social Development and is an extension of the remaining Leave Assistance Scheme.

Workplace Relations Minister Michael Wood said STAP could also be used to cover workers’ sick leave costs if they feel unwell but do not have sick leave.

“We have listened to businesses and workers who say we need a way to support businesses to help workers stay at home if they are tested.”

How does Short Term No-Show Payment work?

If an employee who needs to self-isolate has taken sick leave who is eligible to do so, the employer must use $ 350 to pay the worker’s normal salary or wages.

If a staff member has spent all of their sick leave, the employer should try to add the $ 350 payment to the worker’s normal salary or at least pay the worker the full absence payment.

Workers are not required to exercise any or all of their paid leave entitlements before their employer applies for Short-Term Absence Payments on their behalf.

If the employee’s regular salary is less than or equal to the Short-term Absence Payment, the business must pay the worker the regular salary. Any difference should be used to help pay for other affected staff.

To get paid, businesses must sign a statement that they meet the criteria and businesses can only apply once in a 30 day period for each worker unless medical advice specifies otherwise.

Covid-19 Short-Term No-Show Payments are available for:

• businesses (including registered businesses, sole traders, self-employed persons, registered charities, incorporated societies, non-governmental organizations or post-settlement governance entities) in New Zealand that employ and pay the worker named in their application.

• businesses that employ a variety of jobs, including full-time, part-time, casual, fixed-term contracts.

Businesses can apply on behalf of workers who are unable to work from home and:

• stay at home while waiting for the results of the Covid-19 test.

• Parents or caregivers of dependents who live at home while waiting for their Covid-19 test results.

• A person who has been told to self-isolate by a health worker or doctor because they are a household member or secondary contact while they await test results from close contact.


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