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Durbin Discusses Withdrawal of Troops from Germany, Covid-19 Testing with the Minister of Defense | Instant News

Durbin Discusses Withdrawal of Troops from Germany, Testing Covid-19 with the Minister of Defense | RiverBender.com


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Teachers Respect Parents During Teacher Award Week – NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth | Instant News

Parents who are driving by the school to take lunch, it’s a scene that has happened for weeks.

But on Wednesday, there was a little dessert with lunch in the form of a thank you to the parents.

“Every year our parents are looking for us and this year, we thought about it last week, ‘You know what? Let’s turn it over,'” said Ronie Rosales, a kindergarten teacher at Joy James Elementary in Sansom Park.

The teachers are aware of the stress and sacrifice experienced by parents, and say parents are people who are worthy of praise this year.

Parents easily acknowledge their new role as imperfect educators, with struggles to find out mathematics they might not remember.

Instead of just accepting gratitude, most parents return the favor, paying respect to the teachers.

The Drive-thru lunch was transformed into a display of horns, cheers, and a big thank you and back and forth.

“I think it works both ways,” Principal Leigh Ann Turner said. “We learn a lot about home life and how we can support our family, and they learn more about what we do 7-8 hours a day.”

Thank you for staying online when the teachers make the video to send to all parents with more details and words of appreciation.


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World Press Freedom Day is observed | Instant News

ISLAMABAD: World Press Freedom Day was observed in Pakistan and around the world on Sunday with journalists making the determination to continue pursuing missions without being intimidated by rival forces.

The theme for this year’s World Press Freedom Day is “Journalism without Fear or Pleasure” with a sub-theme discussing the safety of journalists and all media workers. It also talks about independent and professional journalism that is free of political and commercial influence and gender equality in all aspects of the media.

World Press Freedom Day is also celebrated throughout Azad Jammu Kashmir with renewed pledges to continue supporting the struggle for the safety and security of human rights for expression and press freedom throughout the world.

The day was especially marked by a unanimous request to world human rights bodies to give full freedom to the press throughout the world especially in areas such as Indian Occupied Kashmir (IOK) where freedom of expression was blocked by the occupation of Indian troops at the point of arms especially for suppress Kashmir’s struggle for the liberation of the motherland from the forced and unlawful Indian government. This year the media in Pakistan and AJK operate under the new and challenging environment created by the spread of COVID-19. Since the spread of the pandemic in the country, two journalists have reportedly died and at least 38 media workers have tested positive.

At the AJK, various media workers’ organizations and press clubs including Jammu Kashmir The Union of Journalists reportedly held a brief meeting to maintain social distance in line with the SOP established in connection with the current COVID-19 to prevent the threat of its spread in various AJK cities, especially as a feature of Freedom Day World Press.

Expressing great concern over the increasing incidence of journalist victimization in India occupied by the Indian occupation forces, these meetings strongly condemned the increased restrictions imposed to suppress media votes at the IOK.

Special ceremonies were held in various parts of Azad Jammu Kashmir under the auspices of various journalist organizations and press clubs to observe the day which gave the press an opportunity to recount their results during previous years.

Pakistan expressed solidarity with the journalist brotherhood at IOK, which continues to face a relentless campaign of harassment and intimidation.

“While paying homage to their extraordinary courage, we also respect the sacrifice of Kashmiri journalists who gave their lives in carrying out their duties. The latest among the martyrs is Shujaat Bukhari in June 2018, “a Foreign Ministry spokesman said in a statement.

He praised Kashmiri journalists for continuing to work with confidence and professionalism, despite the arbitrariness of Indian occupation forces acting with impunity under the Draconian Public Security Act (PSA), the Armed Forces Special Power Act (AFSPA), and the Prevention Act Unlawful Activities (UAPA)).

He said global media watchdogs, Indian and international human rights groups and civil society organizations had expressed deep concern over the unprecedented restrictions on the media, widespread intimidation from Kashmiri journalists, and their precarious working environment.

“It is clear that the BJP-inspired government of RSS was motivated by the sole purpose of hiding prominent human rights violations at IOK and was determined to suppress the independent voices of the media and journalists,” he said.

Meanwhile, Punjab Chief Minister Sardar Usman Buzdar paid a lot of tribute to media services on World Press Freedom Day.

In a message, Usman Buzdar praised that he paid homage to all journalists who gave their lives for freedom of the press, saying the media had played an unforgettable and undeniable role in raising collective awareness in society. He underlined that the promotion of democracy is associated with freedom of the press.

Senate Chairperson Sadiq Sanjrani said during the press community on World Press Freedom Day that the media were an important pillar of the country.

In his message, the Senate Chair said the services provided by the journalist community for the nation and state would always be remembered. He said media workers were carrying out tasks while endangering their lives.


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Uber driver takes food to hospital after nurse says he is hungry | Instant News

Uber driver takes food to hospital after nurse says he is hungry | PEOPLE.com

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President says in favor of tougher locking Headline News | thenews.com.pk | Instant News


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