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Tippi Hedren still has a tiger after a bloody attack | Instant News

Before “Tiger King” scratch his way to the status of a household name – there is a tiger queen.

Actress Dakota Johnson has revealed that her 90-year-old grandmother, Tippi Hedren, still has “13 or 14 lions and tigers,” after being downsized from 60 originals.

Yes, this “Birds” star is also a big cat collector. The Hitchcock blonde even starred in lions and tigers in the famous indie film Noel Marshall, Roar, which left 70 people injured, including a black cinematographer and a prominent woman who was cruelly persecuted.

During sometime Interview Friday in England “The Graham Norton Show,” the show host a classic Life magazine photo 1971 Johnson’s mother, actress Melanie Griffith, swam in the family pool with a large lion named Neil.

“This is what it is,” said Johnson, 30, convincing Norton viewers that his mother “has not lost a leg.”

Still, hager Hedren and Marshall is a the bloody part of cinematic legend. “Roar,” starring Hedren, Marshall and Griffith, has been described as a “suicide mission” and “the most disaster-hit film in Hollywood history.”

Hedren recounted in his 1988 memoir how Griffith left the film at one point, saying, “Mother, I don’t want to come out of this with half a face.” However, Griffith finally returned to settings – only to be persecuted by cats so he was in dire need of reconstructive plastic surgery.

Hedren, who divorced Noel Marshall in 1982, later admitted, “amazingly no one was killed.” However, his long-standing interest in advocating big cats made him discover Roar Foundation in 1983, which raised Shambala Preseve for exotic animals in Acton, California.

“Dad is a hole to do that for his family,” Hedren’s former stepdaughter, John Marshall, to The Post in 2015. As a teenager, John agreed to star in his father, stepmother and stepbrother in a strange project that dragged on for 11 years. “It seems like a really cool idea at the start – but it’s dangerous.”

However, Johnson’s “Fifty Shades” franchise star downplays the danger.

“When I was born, they were all in very large compounds and much safer – and it was not as crazy as when they first started,” he told Norton in their virtual chat. “You’re not a lion bait by the pool?” the host responded with a small laugh. “Mmmm, baby, delicious!”


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Netflix is ​​the most reliable streaming service, a new survey event | Instant News

Netflix users have reported fewer service problems compared to other streaming providers during the recent surge in demand. With so many people at home because of concerns about coronavirus and staying at home orders, streaming services get an uptick being used. According to a new survey from J.D. Power, customers when using Netflix report fewer streaming problems than when on Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, Disney + and others.

Back in March when countries around the world began locking, many worried that the high volume of streaming users would be a burden on the system. Netflix, and other streaming giants, even reduce video quality in Europe and elsewhere because higher internet usage is causing slowing internet speeds in many parts of the world. However, this change does not appear to affect U.S. users.

At the end of April, J.D. Power asked 1,232 US adults how their streaming service had worked during a surge in usage. Users report only 0.7 hourly streaming issues on Netflix as opposed to 0.11 on Hulu and Amazon Video Prime. Users also report 0.12 from Disney + and 0.13 from YouTube TV.

The survey also found that the most popular shows were watched by all users on Netflix. Most streaming titles include Netflix being produced Ozark and Tiger King in the top two places with respect. NBC Office taking the third most popular spot and available for streaming on the platform (until moving to Peacock next year).

The survey concluded by asking which service users they would choose if they could only have one and again Netflix gets the top position easily. 54% of those surveyed chose Netflix while 17% chose Amazon Prime Video and 13% chose Hulu. Netflix seems to have secured itself as the main competitor in the streaming war.


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Netflix thinks an epic alien drama will eclipse ‘Tiger King’ in viewers – BGR | Instant News

  • Are you tired? Tiger King however? It was a very successful and large Netflix series that gathered a large audience in the weeks after its launch – around 64 million households, to be precise, Netflix was announced on Tuesday.
  • But even though the series has proven to be a ubiquitous pop culture phenomenon, streamers now predict that other Netflix is ​​hot (Spanish-language drama) Money Theft, about a group of criminals gathered to carry out an epic robbery, will soon surpass Tiger King’s audience in a matter of days.)
  • Visit the BGR homepage for more stories.

I am waiting for this to happen. Tiger King and all the inherent madness will not remain the most watched TV show on Netflix forever, as much as Joe Exotic might expect. We all will not be bored with his adventures that are not peeled and his feud that is almost bloody with Carole Baskin.

In his new quarterly letter To shareholders distributed on Tuesday, Netflix offers an overview of how much (surprisingly) its business has jumped thanks to all of us stuck at home now because of the corona virus, so Netflix added 15.77 large new customers in the first quarter of this year. They are among the new customers who helped make it Tiger King that hit. Meanwhile, the streaming giant also offers some viewer data for some of its latest hit series – like Tiger King, which according to Netflix 64 million households watched in the first four weeks was available on service. For most of that time, this series became one of the hottest Netflix shows, the most watched. However, at the end of this month, there is one more original Netflix – a Spanish-language drama about a group of criminals who gather to commit epic theft – which is projected to reach a greater number of viewers than Tiger King.

Money Theft is a series, the event that is won almost every award that may exist in their home country and which is estimated by Netflix, according to its latest shareholder letter, will have an audience of 65 million households by the end of this month (about 1 million more than Tiger King). This is the trailer for Season 4 of Money Theft, if you haven’t checked it:

Serial, the title in Spanish is La Casa de Papel, has held a place in the ranking of streamers themselves from the Top 10 shows in the US since the day after it was released. At the time of this writing, the ranking is more popular than Office on Netflix.

The event follows a group of bank robbers taken and put together by a character known as a “Professor” with the aim of robbing the Royal Mint and Bank of Spain. It sets the stage for a show that is a thrilling eating experience that can be done compulsively and surely deserves a place on your quarantine surveillance list now. And it is shows like this that help Netflix achieve record performance in the quarter that just ended.

“When people take shelter at home, our hope is that we can help make the experience more bearable by providing a variety of high-quality content for our members,” the new shareholder’s letter said. “While our production has been largely suspended worldwide, we have benefited from a large pipeline of content that is complete and ready to be launched or in post-production when filming stops.”

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Andy is a reporter in Memphis who also contributes to outlets such as Fast Company and The Guardian. When he doesn’t write about technology, he can be found bent over protecting his growing vinyl collection, and taking care of his Whovianism and eating on various TV shows that you might not like.


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Jeff Lowe smeared ‘Tiger King’ Joe Exotic with claims of animal sex recordings | Instant News

The controversial cat wrangler is accused of being involved in a love affair.

As if suspected bonking stuffed animal not bad enough, the opponent plays “Tiger King” Jeff Lowe now claims she found footage of a former flamboyant zoo partner Joe Exotic, 57, and her husband having sex with the real thing. The zoo keeper dropped a strange bomb on Wednesday during a “wild” question and answer session about Reddit.

During Long AMA, a curious Redditor asked the question: “Hey Jeff! I wondered, what (if anything) did you know about Joe Exotic since he was jailed randomly around the park? “

Lowe did not hesitate to continue the increasingly barren media campaign against Exotic (a a Joseph Maldonado-Passage), which was currently serving a 22-year prison sentence for allegedly orchestrating an arbitrary murder plot against rival goalkeeper Carole Baskin, 58, for criticizing the treatment of the tigers, as recorded in the destruction of Netflix’s document, “King of the Tigers.”

“I think the strangest thing we found … was Joe’s flash drive [his ex-husband] and they have sexual relations with animals in the park, “answered the tamer tamer, who cruelly took over Exotic’s Wynnewood Kingdom Exotic Animal Park in Oklahoma. Lowe, 67, added, “thank you for the annoying question.”

Cat wrestler Jeff Lowe conducted a dirty campaign against his former colleague, Joe Exotic
Cat wrestler Jeff Lowe conducted a dirty campaign against his former colleague, Joe Exotic.Courtesy of NETFLIX

Lowe did not respond to The Post’s request to comment on whether accusations of bestiality hold water.

Joe Exotic
Joe Exotic is currently serving 22 years in prison for hatching a murder-for-hire plot and killing five tigers.Instagram

However, the two former colleagues have a turbulent history that began when Exotic demanded Lowe for $ 94 million more than expected to trap him in the murder plot. Since then, Lowe has accused Exotic who is despicable in everything from hiring male escorts to burying the bodies of two protesters at the previous zoo, according to the Sun..

But Exotic wasn’t the only one targeted during Reddit AMA. Lowe himself denied the online conspiracy theory that he was Exotic’s first husband-to-hire husband, Baskin, after social media beans realized he had a resemblance to a photo of his ex-lover:

“If I’m stuck on a desert island with [Baskin]”I’ll take the coconut,” said the insulting cat villain. “I have seen the picture side by side. It looks more like John [Finlay] and Joe [Exotic’s] illegitimate child.”

Baskin himself has faced accusations from online masses, including big names like Kim Kardashian, about the death of her previous husband Jack “Don” Lewis, who disappeared under mysterious circumstances. Exotic throws a wild theory out there that his nemesis feeds Lewis to the tigers, and even shares a video similar to Baskin who throws meat on a big cat.

Joe Exotic is currently serving 22 years in prison for hatching a murder-for-hire plot and killing five tigers.
An exotic husband, Dillon Passage, claims his partner has a radio program in prison that is being worked on.Instagram

The founder of Big Cat Rescue called such talk “the most ridiculous of all lies” in a blog post.

Still, one foil paper guessed on Twitter that all of the above is part of a complicated conspiracy by Baskin and Lowe to take over the zoo.

“Listen to me: Carol’s first husband is the artist ‘Jeff Lowe’. He & Allan [Joe Exotic] kill Don [Jack Lewis, Carol’s missing previous husband]. Carol paid them the money she inherited. A few years later Jeff trapped Joe for Carol, both of them down, covering the years of coercion, they defeated all the Tiger Kings & built the world’s biggest attraction. “

This new wave of fame came soon after the news that Exotic was planning a kind of high-frequency prison. He was reportedly in talks to host a radio show – which he would broadcast despite being behind bars, according to her husband Dillon Passage. “This radio station in the US wants him to have his own radio program from prison,” Passage, 22, said.

Meanwhile, when Lowe is not trash Exotic-talk, he is reported make money from his wild wardrobe. One of her pink-sequined blouse sold for $ 650 on eBay, where the seller was eager: “It was bought directly from Jeff Lowe and left since Joe left the Zoo. This shirt is guaranteed authentic and very rare. “


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‘Tiger King’ Joe Exotic is in talks to do a radio show | Instant News

Joe Exotic is in talks to get a new radio show – which will be broadcast from behind bars, her husband claims this week.

“This radio station in the US wants him to have his own radio program from prison,” star husband of “Tiger King”, Dillon Passage, to Metro UK.

“This is rather surprising,” he said, not giving further details at the station what was involved or what had been achieved in the talks.

Exotic – real name Joe Maldonado-Passage – is serving a 22-year prison sentence to arrange murder-for-hire plots targeting animal rights activist Carole Baskin.

The 57-year-old flamboyant zookeeper recently sparked health fears after he appeared transferred to the medical center in Texas after Oklahoma suffered a coronavirus.

But her 24-year-old husband assured fans, “The test results turned out to be negative again for the virus.”

Still, the move made lovebirds barely able to talk to each other, compared to chatting up to five times a day before health fears.

“I have only been able to talk to him twice in the past two and a half weeks,” Passage told Metro.

“He hopes he can talk more. He doesn’t really get phone call privileges especially because he’s still isolated from coronavirus stuff.”

Exotic is eager to get a new show to embrace the fame gained from the extraordinary success of “Tiger King,” which is broadcast by Netflix’s reality about him.

“I know he really likes attention. He got lots of very good feedback, lots of letters, lots of emails, “Passage told the outlet.

Even has reached President Trump, who to reporters from The Post at the White House briefing that he would “see” a request for forgiveness.


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