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Germany floats asking the Thai king to appoint a regent for his next visa | Instant News

HAMBURG, Germany – King Maha Vajiralongkorn’s inexplicable preference for living in the southwestern German state of Bavaria is testing Berlin’s longstanding hands-off approach to his near-constant presence, particularly as anti-monarchy sentiment increasingly dominates pro-democracy protests in Thailand.

Thousands of young protesters descended on the German embassy in Bangkok on October 26 and sent a letter personally to Georg Schmidt, the German ambassador, requesting an investigation. Among other things, they wanted to find out whether the king was running Thai state affairs on German soil, which would violate German law, and whether he was responsible for inheritance duties in Germany following his father’s death in October 2016.

Although the monarch has been a hot topic among members of the Bundestag, Germany’s federal parliament, a German official told Nikkei Asia that a student petition from Bangkok alone would not be enough to spark a parliamentary inquiry or debate – a development that is sure to continue. stressful relations between the two countries.

Thai protesters alleged that members of the monarch’s security detail in Germany may be involved in removing criticism of the monarchs living in exile in Laos and Cambodia. There were also questions about whether members of his Bavarian harem were being held there against their will.

The German government has said they have no concrete evidence of any wrongdoing.

In late October, Foreign Minister Heiko Maas said the authorities would “permanently review the incident and act immediately if anything we deemed to be illegal was found.” Maas’ use of the word “treiben” for events above the brow because of its negative connotations and sexual innuendo.

Sevim Dagdelen, deputy leader of the Left party, is one of King Vajiralongkorn’s strongest critics in the Bundestag. He told the Nikkei that the German government should stop accommodating the Thai head of state.

Dagdelen represents his party on the Bundestag’s foreign affairs committee, and in that capacity asked parliamentary researchers to see the validity of this unprecedented situation. A report was finalized on November 18, confirming that the king had stayed in Germany on a personal visa – not a visa for state guests. That puts the problem in a legal gray area.

The researchers concluded that the actions signaled by Maas, including surveillance and administrative fines, would violate international law. The head of state symbolizes the dignity of a country, they say, and therefore enjoys diplomatic immunity – even when traveling on a personal visa.

King Vajiralongkorn has returned to Thailand since early October and is expected to remain there until the end of December. The researchers concluded that serving him with a re-entry ban would amount to the de facto confiscation of his Bavarian villa. Thus, it would be “questioned in humanitarian considerations”.

Regarding the prohibition of running Thai state affairs on German soil, the researchers concluded that the German government could choose to tie up the issuance of a monarch visa on the explicit requirement that he appoint a regent in Thailand to act in his place whenever he is not there. German.

The solution is very unlikely to attract King Vajiralongkorn, whose district part of the constitution was changed after his accession. The changes were controversially branded by the military-appointed legislative assembly after Thailand’s 20th constitution was approved by a national referendum in 2016. The revised constitution only received the necessary royal approval – the king’s signature – in 2017. The changes led to the appointment of regents while he was in office. abroad as an option for the king – and no longer a constitutional requirement.

“The Bundestag research service does not have detailed knowledge of what the Thai monarch is doing in Bavaria,” the research report said. “What is important in this context is the fact that the Thai constitution dated April 6, 2017, was ‘passed down’ … the king’s obligation to assign regents while living abroad is an unnecessary provision,” he said.

Dagdelen of the Left party argues that the lack of a guardian means no doubt the king is handling Thai state affairs from German soil, and that has serious implications given the current Thai political turmoil.

“If the Thai king along with the military junta brutally crush the pro-democracy movement, he should not be granted a visa by the government for a luxurious long-term stay in Germany,” Dagdelen told Nikkei.

He also argued that Berlin should use its influence in Brussels to maintain the ice negotiations between the EU and Thailand for a free trade agreement. Negotiations were postponed in 2014 after the military took control of the country, but in late October both sides confirmed readiness to resume talks soon.

The Thai monarch has drawn considerable adverse publicity in Germany for maintaining a harem in the 21st century, reportedly violating local COVID-19 regulations, possible inheritance tax evasion and touch-and-go maneuvers on his private jet at the small Hamburg airport.

Opposition MPs in Green vegetable and the Left party is lobbying for the monarch’s visa to be reviewed for alleged violations of German visa regulations, and any role he may play in crushing political dissent in his kingdom.

However, lawmakers in Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union remain more comfortable with the longstanding hands-off approach.

“I don’t understand why the issuance of a visa for the Thai monarch should be linked to Thailand’s internal affairs, and I think the foreign ministry has taken a risk,” said Mark Hauptmann, a lawmaker from the ruling Christian Democratic Union. as ‘the hand of Asia,’ says the Nikkei.

“The foreign ministry must remain humble about this issue,” said Hauptmann.


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Surf Excel Daaghon Ka Champion partners with PSL 2020 champion: Karachi Kings | Instant News

KARACHI: Surf Excel Daaghon Ka Champion partners with PSL 2020 champion: Karachi Kings Surf excel provides an interesting challenge for Karachi players during the PSL final – Kon banega Daaghon Ka Champion (Who will be the champion in stain acquisition Among the 3 Karachi players namely Imad Wasim, Iftikhar Ali and Mohammad Amir

Surf Excel is the proud partner of FIRST TIME PSL FINALIST KARACHI KINGS Surf Excel held this exciting competition to determine not only who will be the PSL champion but also the Daaghon Ka Champion. ***


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Opp shouldn’t go against the ban on rallies: Raja Basharat | Instant News

LAHORE: The Raja Basharat Province Law Minister has criticized the opposition’s announcement to hold a rally despite the coronavirus pandemic, saying the opposition itself should recognize its national responsibility and see Prime Minister Imran Khan canceling his own party meeting first.

Raja Basharat made this point speaking to the media during a visit to the Sundas Foundation in Shadman on Friday. He said that the ban on rallies was not for one group but for all. He said that the opposition should not make it a matter of ego but see it in the national interest.

“It is sufficient for the opposition that the steps taken by the NCOC have become part of the decision of the Islamabad High Court,” he added. Raja Basharat said the opposition should step forward proactively and not have to wait for the government to impose the ban. But in fact, when the government makes a decision, that will be implemented, “he added.

He said all citizens must ensure the implementation of the Corona SOP for their own lives and those of others. Meanwhile, the Minister of Home Affairs also expressed his condolences for the death of Allama Khadim Hussain Rizvi and expressed his sincere condolences to his family. He said that the deceased was a high-ranking cleric and very easy security would be provided to those who would come to attend his funeral prayers.


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Qalandars set a low target for Raja | Instant News

KARACHI: Lahore Qalandars set a 135 running target for the Karachi Kings in the 2020 Pakistan Super League (PSL) final here at the National Stadium on Tuesday.

This is the lowest total in PSL final history for a team’s first stroke.

Tamim Iqbal (35) and Fakhar Zaman (27) got off to a good start to allow Lahore Qalandars to add 134-7 on a double track which made it difficult for the batsmen to time the ball.

In response, until story submission, Raja Karachi was 40-1 in the sixth ending with Sharjeel Khan falling for 13 of 12 balls, after hitting two fours.

After choosing to hit first, left-handers Fakhar (27) and Tamim (35) gave Lahore Qalandars running opening positions of 68. But at that stage Raja Karachi turned things around when they took three quick goals in seven deliveries to put the visitors under immense pressure as they trailed 70-3 in 11.1 overs.

Umaid Asif provided the much-needed breakthrough to the King of Karachi when he got rid of Tamim Iqbal who was being held inside by Iftikhar Ahmed. Tamim, a Bangladeshi cricketer, hit one six and fours in his 38-ball.

At the same time, Umaid also knocked out Fakhar, who was also detained by Iftikhar to leave Lahore 69-2 in 10.4 overs. Fakhar made four-fours in a 24-ball feat.

From the first ball above, Imad Wasim won the crucial goal of Mohammad Hafeez (2), which was held by Babar Azam. Hafeez has only four balls to face. Hafeez has been promoted to the batting sequence by captain Sohail Akhtar who used to hit No3 in previous matches.

To score some sprints Samit Patel was promoted but he was canceled out by Arshad Iqbal, having managed only five of eight submissions. And Lahore gasped at 81-4 in the 14th ending.

Arshad then got a crucial goal from Ben Dunk who once again failed to make a major contribution, falling for 11. The Australian left-handed broke one four of 14 deliveries.

In the 19th round, Waqas Maqsood’s left wing eliminated the captain of Lahore Sohail Akhtar who was caught extraordinarily by Sherfane Rutheford. Sohail scored one-four in run-a-ball 14. Lahore is in big trouble at 110-6. In the same waqf, there is Mohammad Faizan (0). Shaheen Afridi then scored 12 instead of four balls with one four, taking Lahore to 134-7.

David Wiese remains out of the run-a-ball 14 with one four.

Fifty Lahore came from 45 balls and 100 from 97 deliveries.

Waqas Maqsood (2-18 in 4), Arshad Iqbal (2-24 in 4) and Umaid Asif (2-18 in 4) were well thrown.

Mohammad Amir remains the most expensive bowling player to have no goal, conceding 38 runs in four over.


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Raja Karachi wins the Covid-affected Pakistan Super League | Instant News

Raja Karachi wins the Covid-affected Pakistan Super League

17 Nov 2020-23: 37

Karachi Kings cricket celebrates with trophies after winning the Pakistan Super League (PSL) Twenty20 cricket final between Karachi Kings and Lahore Qalandars at the National Stadium in Karachi on November 17, 2020. / AFP / Asif HASSAN

Karachi – One of the world’s leading batsmen, Babar Azam took over half a century to help King Karachi win their first Pakistani Super League title with a five-goal win over Lahore Qalandars on Tuesday.

Azam broke the seven limits in 49 63 balls, but it was captain Imad Wasim who reached the winning mark to help the Kings overhaul a modest run of 135 targets in 18.4 overs.

The final – one of the most anticipated in PSL’s short history, given the rivalry between Pakistan’s two biggest cities – failed to live up to the furore as Lahore only managed 134-7 after winning throws and punches in the flat National Stadium. tone.

With Azam, the world’s number two batsman in the international ranking of Twenty20, Karachi’s side proved easy to catch, despite losing three goals from 110-2 to 124-5.

The Kings will take home a glittering trophy plus a $ 500,000 wallet, while Lahore will receive $ 200,000.

The fifth edition of Pakistan’s inaugural Twenty20 league began on February 20, but was abandoned after 30 of its 34 matches after England’s Alex Hales, playing for the Kings, reported symptoms of Covid-19.

It continued on Saturday behind closed doors, with Raja beating Multan Sultan in qualifying while Lahore beat Peshawar Zalmi and Sultan in two eliminators to book a place in the final.

Lahore lost his way after starting with a convincing 68 moves in ten overs, given by Bangladeshi openers Tamim Iqbal (35) and Fakhar Zaman (27).

They lost both and Mohammad Hafeez within seven deliveries with just two runs added, ruining a solid start.

Iqbal scored four limits and six of 38 balls while Zaman had four limits in 24 balls.

The trio of speed Karachi Umaid Asif (2-18), Waqas Maqsood (2-18) and Arshad Iqbal (2-26) dribbled and long lines to keep the flow of the run down and taking the goal.

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