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KMC established the Karachi cemetery management committee | Instant News

Karachi Metropolitan Corporation has formed six management committees to improve burial conditions in the city.

This managing committee includes KMC officials and members of social welfare organizations.

In the first phase, the committee will work at Sakhi Hasan, Muhammad Shah, Essa Nagri, Model Colony, Jalan Tariq and Al-Noor cemetery.

Karachi administrator Laeeq Ahmed said the sole purpose of setting up the cemetery committee was to improve their conditions.

The organizing committee will pay close attention to the installation of street lights, the expansion of graves, the condition of the graves, the issuance of burial certificates, burial charges, and the construction of internal roads.

This will be a gradual process, the Karachi administrator added.

There are 203 graves in Karachi. Of them, 89 are public graves, 25 belong to different communities, 50 are unregistered and 39 are registered with the KMC.

Of the 39 graves registered with KMC, 11 are in the Tengah district, two are in the East district, 13 are in the West district, nine are in the Malir district and four are in the Korangi district.


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‘Establishment of City of Health to be a gift to citizens’ – Pakistan | Instant News

KARACHI: Karachi admini-strator Laeeq Ahmed said Wednesday that establishing a Health City on 34 hectares of land adjacent to the Manghopir Leprosy Hospital would be a great gift for Karachi residents.

“Civil society and welfare organizations are working with Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC) on this noble cause. There is a shortage of medical facilities given the growing population. There is still a lot of work to be done in the health sector, “said the Administrator conveying this view during a speech at the meeting on the formation of the Healthy City Manghopir in his office here.

Senior Coordination Director of Khalid Khan, Senior Director of Medical Services Dr Abdul Hameed Jamani, Medical Superintendent of Leprosy Hospital Dr Asif Usman, Senior Manager of Al-Khidmat Manzar Alam, Zafar Abbas from JDC, Yousuf Lakhani from Sailani Welfare, President of Karachi Masood Nawab Renal Disease Association , Rehan Yaseen from Alamgir Welfare Trust, Dr Wasim Khan from SIUT, Director of Faizan Global Foundation Rizwan Ahmed, Former Director of Senior Medical Services Dr Muhammad Ali Abbasi, representatives from Indus Hospital and others were also present.

Appreciating the efforts of the welfare organizations working in the city, Karachi Administrators said KMC owns 34 hectares of valuable land in Manghopir which they want to save from land grabbers and use to serve suffering humanity. He said that a comprehensive care center could be established and welfare organizations would provide their full support to KMC. Needs are increasing day by day and it is time that wherever resources and space are available, it should be used to set up a health center.

Ahmed asked welfare organizations for recommendations, adding that the same would be included by the KMC. This project will be carried out permanently, he said, adding that the Leprosy Hospital had millions of rupiah worth of machines, equipment and laboratories but unfortunately these facilities were not functioning.

The administrator asked the welfare organization to come and set up a diagnostic center. “This is a great need from the people in that area,” he added.

During the meeting it was decided that representatives from social and welfare organizations as well as experts would visit the Leprosy Hospital in Manghopir and after that a Memorandum of Understanding would be signed so that all matters could be regulated according to laws and regulations. “This will prove to be a long-term project,” he vowed.

The Karachi administrator directs the Senior Director Medical Services and MS of the Leprosy Hospital to provide full cooperation and all kinds of facilities to all social and welfare organizations working in this regard. He said that this was a great opportunity for the charity to collaborate with KMC to establish a large health city in Manghopir and make it the largest health city in Karachi with everything from gynecology to surgery.

Ahmed also called on welfare organizations to advance areas in which they have expertise and create a framework of their choice, adding that KMC would welcome and carry out any good offers for the betterment of Karachi residents. During the meeting, representatives from various welfare agencies informed about the facilities provided by their organizations and assured the Administrator that they would play their part in this project designed for the welfare of these citizens.

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KMC advises consumers to pay MUCT arrears to get a 25pc discount | Instant News

KARACHI – Karachi administrator Laeeq Ahmed on Tuesday appealed to City Utility Fee Tax (MUCT) consumers to ensure early payment of their arrears to take advantage of the 25 percent discount on lump sum payments through December 31, 2021.

“The purpose of giving this discount is to make it easier for residents to pay MUCT arrears and facilitate residents and utilize the funds generated to improve the city’s basic infrastructure,” said Ahmed, Tuesday.

The administrator is of the view that like any other source of income, MUCT is also an important source of recovery for KMC and all possible facilities are provided for residential and industrial area customers given the importance of MUCT.

He said that the KMC is a central civic body and therefore collaborates with all stakeholders for the progress and development of the city.

“Everyone who lives and does business in Karachi has a responsibility to support the city government. KMC provides municipal services, fire brigades, and medical and recreational facilities for residents. Responsibilities also include maintenance of roads and arteries, maintenance of street lights, and renovation of parks, “he said, adding that all the work was done by KMC with the resources and cooperation of various organizations.

Ahmed said every possible strategy was implemented to lift the city, adding that the MUCT system and the method of sending invoices to customers were also simplified so that customers were not deterred from paying for them.

He said that if any citizen experienced difficulties in paying the city’s utility fees, he should immediately contact the relevant department to remove any kind of barrier. The administrator said that the City Utility Fee department has been directed to cooperate fully with consumers.

He said that the timely payment of municipal utility fees is in the interests of citizens as they can contribute to the improvement of the city. Ahmed added, with community cooperation it will be possible to provide better local government services in various regions.

“Civil society and social organizations are already active in this regard and are working on a number of projects in collaboration with various social and welfare organizations,” he said.


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KMC is doubling its workforce on the Karachi rainwater channel | Instant News

Karachi Metropolitan Corporation has increased the number of anti-encroachment teams in Gujjar and Orangi nullahs in Karachi. This aims to accelerate the elimination of encroachment from rainwater channels.

Twelve KMC teams are working on both channels. Six teams are working on three different locations along Gujjar nullah. These locations are Chuna Depot near Liaquatabad no 4, Shafiq Mor to Bangali Para and Landi Kotal.

Six KMC teams work along Orangi nullah near Chaman Cinema, Safaid Chowk and Pak Colony.

KMC has strengthened its anti-encroachment team to quickly remove encroachment from rainwater channels, KMC Senior Director Bashir Siddiqui told SAMAA Digital.

“We have doubled the anti-encroachment team in Gujjar and Orangi nullahs,” he said. “There are six teams working on both channels but now there are 12 teams.”

KMC has also marked encroachment along Gulistan-e-Zafar nullah. It lies behind Masjid-e-Roomi in the Pakistan Employees Cooperative Housing Society.

The marking of the unauthorized sections of the bungalows at Gulistan-e-Zafar nullah has been continued for several days. The process is expected to be completed by Wednesday.

Nearly 30 of the bungalows in Gulistan-e-Zafar have an additional section of the rainwater channel, according to Siddiqui. This encroachment blocks the flow of rainwater, which has accumulated in Sharae Faisal.

KMC has issued a notice to the bungalow owners, the official said. They had built a garage, a servant’s quarters and a kitchen in the rainwater drain, he explained.

KMC Senior Director Katchi Abadi Mazhar Khan said the process of marking the parts of the encroached bungalow had been continued. Authorities want to clear a distance of 20 feet on either side of Gulistan-e-Zafar nullah, he said.

KMC has completed a survey in this regard, added Khan.


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CM orders clearance of KMC, DMC nullahs | Instant News


Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah directed the Department of Local Government on Friday to draw up a detailed plan to clear the 555 nullah in Karachi under the same rehabilitation model adopted for cleaning Mehmoodabad nullah, Gujjar nullah and other natural rainwater channels.

Of the nullah to be cleared, 41 are under the jurisdiction of Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC) and 514 under municipal municipal enterprises (DMC).

Chairing the Provincial Coordination and Implementation Committee meeting, Murad said, “The model adopted to clear Mehmoodabad and Gujjar nullahs is a complete package, in which not only encroachment along the nullahs has been removed, but affected people are also compensated and roads are built in along the embankment of the rainwater channel. “

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He stressed that the same model needs to be applied to clearing the KMC and DMC ‘nullah so that the urban flood problem can be resolved for good.

In addition, the meeting was informed that the anti-encroachment movement along Mehmoodabad nullah began on January 4, 2021 and encroachment along 7.5 kilometers on both sides of the nullah had been cleared. A total of 59 checks had to be given to the affected people as compensation and of those, 49 have been distributed, meeting participants were further informed.

Explaining the meeting, Karachi commissioner Naveed Ahmed Shaikh said of the 514 nullah under the DMC, the cleanup of 298 had started.

According to him, cleaning the Nullah DMC would cost around Rs430 million and from KMC’s resources, the DMC would utilize Rs119 million for this purpose.

“We need another Rs316 million,” he said.

At that time, CM directed the Regional Government Minister Sindh Syed Nasir Hussain Shah to apply for a disbursement of funds.

Meanwhile, NED University of Engineering and Technology, Dr Sarosh Lodhi informed at the meeting that a detailed survey report on the Manzoor Colony nullah and its distributors, Gujjar nullah and its distributors as well as the Orangi nullah has been submitted and another report on the 25 nullah is being prepared.

He said the Hub’s sewer had 37 intercept structures and suggested that its width be expanded from the existing 10 feet to 25 feet to meet the expected flow.

Likewise, he said, the Essa Nagri drainage has 68 tapping structures and it has also been proposed to widen the beds. He added that because the Madina Colony drain has 103 wiretaps, he not only proposed widening the beds, but also maintaining them.

The VC further recommends the Moach Goth channel plating, which has 76 wiretap buildings, the Haroonabad channel, which has 26 wiretaps, and the Pitcher nullah, which has 30 wiretaps.

“Covering this nullah will solve the problem of hydraulic access,” he said.

Dr Lodhi, recalling that Saadi City was inundated during heavy rains last year when rainwater overflowed on the Super Highway, suggested building a nullah in the area to dump excess water from Saadi City into the Lyari River.

At that time, CM directed the Department of Local Government to draw up a detailed plan for restructuring the nullahs, as suggested by Dr. Lodhi.

Gujjar nullah

In addition, from the meeting it was informed that a survey revealed that 3,957 buildings had been moved along Gujjar nullah, which stretches for 12.6 kilometers.

The elimination of soft encroachment along the nullah was carried out between February 8, 2021 and February 18, 2021, and efforts to remove the remaining structures have been carried out since February 19, the meeting said.

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Of the 3,957 checks that will be distributed to people affected by the drive, 3,587 have been cashed and the remainder also given away.

Orangi nullah

Regarding the Orangi nullah, it was informed from the meeting that 1,103 had been identified for displacement along the embankment in the West District which was up to six kilometers long.

While soft encroachment has been cleared up, another relocation of buildings began this month. There are 193 buildings along the 1.6 km length of the nullah in the Keamari district.

Under the resettlement support initiative, compensation checks are distributed among affected people, the meeting said.


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