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KMC for all facilities for the Eid procession | Instant News

KARACHI – Karachi administrator Iftikhar Ali Shallwani on Thursday said that Karachi Metropolitan Corporation is in contact with all relevant departments and all facilities will be provided for processions in connection with Eid (Peace Be Upon Him). “I will monitor all arrangements myself and all stakeholders will take part,” the Administrator made this statement while speaking with delegates from the Council of Ahle Sunnat Rabita and Dawat-e-Islami in his office here. The Dawat-e-Islami delegation was led by Muhammad Yaqoob Attari while the coordinator Muhammad Hanif, Owais Raza Attari and Imran Attari were also present at the occasion. The delegation discussed matters relating to the arrangement of the Rabiul Awwal procession and asked the Administrator to complete the arrangement as soon as possible.


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Karachi Frere Hall Gate-2 is open to the public after encroachment is cleared | Instant News

Karachi Metropolitan Corporation has opened Gate no. 2 from Frere Hall to the public after removing encroachment from there.

KMC anti-encroachment department officials removed the iron warehouse installed at the gate on Saturday.

KMC Senior Director Bashir Siddiqui said the operation was carried out at the direction of Karachi Administrator Iftikhar Shallwani.

He said the warehouse had been installed over the past ten years as part of a security measure for the US Consulate General which was previously on Abdullah Haroon Street near the Marriot Hotel. The US Consulate was moved to Mai Kolachi Street in 2010.

In another operation, KMC eliminated encroachment from Songal Nullah in Gulshan-e-Iqbal. It has been four days since KMC started removing illegal buildings from the rainwater drains.

The KMC anti-encroachment team destroyed around 250 illegal houses, shops and other buildings with the help of heavy equipment. Siddiqui said the anti-encroachment team cleared a 1.5-kilometer section of the rainwater channel.

The 50-foot-wide canal has been reduced to only 2-4 feet because of this encroachment, according to the official. He said they would restore the true width of the Songal Nullah.

The operation will continue until all encroachment is removed, Siddiqui added.


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KMC eliminates encroachment in the Eastern and Central Karachi districts | Instant News

The Karachi Metropolitan Corporation’s anti-encroachment department on Tuesday resumed anti-encroachment operations in the city’s Central and Eastern districts.

KMC officials eliminated encroachment in the Nazimabad, Jamshed City and Gulshan-e-Iqbal areas.

They lifted a generator of a wedding hall stored on the road and walkway from the Baloch Colony Bridge to the FTC Bridge at Sharae Faisal in Jamshed City.

A fight broke out between KMC officials and wedding hall staff during the operation. Police arrested three people for obstructing the operation. The KMC anti-encroachment team also removed cabins and strollers from the roadside.

In another operation in Gulshan-e-Iqbal, KMC officials demolished houses built in Songal Nullah in Leemo Goth. They use heavy equipment to destroy illegal buildings built over rainwater channels.

This encroachment limits the flow of waste and rainwater during the rainy season, KMC Senior Director Bashir Siddiqui told SAMAA Digital.

The KMC has been tasked with destroying any type of encroachment built over the rainwater channels, according to the official. The anti-encroachment team has carried out operations in Gujjar Nullah, New Karachi Nullah and Orangi Nullah.

Cabins, wheelbarrows, stab shops, tables, chairs and other soft nuisances were removed during the operation in Nazimabad.

The KMC anti-encroachment department has carried out several operations in Nazimabad, North Nazimabad, North Karachi, New Karachi, Gulshan-e-Iqbal, and Jamshed City over the past two months.

In the Southern District, operations have been carried out in and around Saddar City and Pasar Ratu.


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KMC staff salaries increased by 15 percent | Instant News

KARACHI – The Karachi Metropolitan Corporation Welfare Officers’ Welfare Association has expressed its gratitude to Karachi Mayor Wasim Akhtar for paying a 15 percent salary increase for all KMC officials and employees announced in the 2019-20 annual budget last June. The president of the Jamil Farooqi Association, Secretary General Muhammad Bilal Manzar and other officials said this in a statement on Tuesday. They said that the Mayor of Karachi had consistently struggled and resolved problems in good faith, a 15 percent increase at the time of Eid al-Fitr had doubled the happiness of their employees and families.


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KMC released a fire risk benefit of Rs19.4m | Instant News

Karachi Metropolitan Corporation has released Rs19.4 million as a fire risk benefit for fire department employees.

Karachi Mayor Wasim Akhtar confirmed SAME Digital that allowance has been released. He said the KMC had asked CM Sindh to issue funds for the 15% salary increase announced by the Sindh government in the previous budget.

He said KMC’s revenue collection had stopped due to recent lockdowns. He said the corporation was facing an acute financial crisis.

The Sindh government does not release aid-grants given to KMC every month, which creates problems in paying salaries and pensions to 13,000 KMC employees, Akhtar said.

“Despite repeated intimidations and letters, the Sindh government has not provided funds,” he said.

He said the KMC had also written a letter to Prime Minister Imran Khan seeking a financial package of Rs3.5 billion for pension payments and KMC retirement advances from 2016-20.

Sindh Regional Government Secretary Roshan Ali Shaikh has ruled out allegations of no release of funds to the KMC.

He said the Sindh government was releasing Rs800 million per month as a grant to KMC, which was high compared to funds for other districts in Sindh.

“We have recently released Rs100 million as a special grant to the Abbasi Shaheed KMC Hospital. That was received by KMC two days ago, “said Shaikh.

He said the Sindh government had also spent funds to pay salaries to Karachi Medical and Dental College.

Shaikh said KMC had to increase its source of income.


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