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Mario stands out in the leaked Super Mario World Genie | Instant News

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image: Nintendo/Mobygames/Kotaku

In addition to excellent jumping ability, the main feature of Mario is his hat.He has been wearing that thing ever since Donkey Kong. However, another small part of Nintendo’s ongoing leaks shows that the iconic red cap does not always stick to the plumber’s head. Super Mario World.

Nintendo Subway, Is an excellent resource to follow Nintendo’s leaks, and recently shared some early content Super Mario World A genie depicting Mario without a hat.Very like Luigi Asuka, Unused pilot inside Star Fox 2 Prototype, and Really cool smoking toad, These hatless Mario graphics have never seen the light…Until now.

Although very interesting from a development point of view, if these sprites are included in the final game, they will also change the course of Mario’s history. Super Mario 64, Six years after publishing Super Mario World, Is the first game in the main series, introducing Mario (Mario) lost the game mechanic hat.This will continue Super Mario Sunshine, If the enemy steals his headgear, he will suffer continuous damage.

Of course, this is not a shocking discovery in itself, but it does show that Nintendo’s constant leaks are crucial to clarify and preserve the profound secrets of video game history.Maybe it was created for the unused hatless Mario sprite Super Mario World Eventually grow into Super Mario 64 with Super Mario Sunshine. Say it again, maybe not! However, with each new leak, we can get a more comprehensive understanding of how these games were created, and maybe even iterated in previous developments.


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The next update of Gears 5 allows you to recast Marcus Fenix ​​as Dave Bautista | Instant News

Marcus Fenix ​​on the left hand and Dave Bautista on the right.

Marcus Fenix ​​on the left hand and Dave Bautista on the right.
Screenshots: Xbox Games Studio/Alliance

Back in the summer of 2019, the Internet was prompting former wrestler Dave Bautista to appear in the recently announced show war machine the film. Bautista said on Twitter last year that he has “Tried everythingIn the movie.But the upcoming update will at least have his wrestling character Batista appear in Gear 5.

IGN Yes Gear 5 Developer Alliance Regarding ongoing changes and improvements Gear 5 Its next version. These changes sound great and include online PVP at 120 fps, cutscenes at 60 fps, new game + mode and faster loading time. There is also a feature that will allow players to replace the original Marcus Fenix ​​model and sound with a digital Bautista.

This is not his first time Gear 5. Last year, in response to all fans wanting him to join the movie, he was added as a multiplayer skin. Now, assuming the player chooses this option, he will replace Marcus Fenix ​​in the campaign. (this is not Spiderman In the PS5 scene If you choose this option, you can play the entire game like Bautista, with re-recorded dialogue.

Zoë Curnoe, chief producer Gear 5, This is about the exchange:

Curnoe said: “He ran a fan campaign on Twitter to compete for stars who are well-known in movie concepts and similar topics, but this is a great way to deliver this content to fans.” “Of course, when they do for multiplayer games When skinning, he was very excited about participating in the game. I think it’s natural to do this during the campaign. You can say, well, the fans and him said they want Batista to become Marcus, so let We are truly achieving this goal.”

Rod Fergusson posted earlier today Directing Bautista as Marcus Fenix ​​was the last thing he did in “League” Before he left the studio in April And join Blizzard, supervise Diablo Franchise.

Kosaku Microsoft has been contacted to clarify this update and whether Bautista will be the only feature in the next generation, or whether it will also be available on Xbox One.

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How to capture the legendary bird in the new DLC of Pokémon Sword and Shield | Instant News

articuno zapdos moltres in Pokémon sword and shield crested tundra dlc

Screenshots: Nintendo/Otaku

Pokémon Sword with shieldThe latest DLC, Crown Tundra, Land the legendary Pokémon army on you. You will most likely meet yourself for the first time within a few minutes, and most of the main plots involve legendary Pokémon tracing back several generations. Longtime fans will be happy to hear the mixed version of Moltres, Zapdos and Articuno appear. It rules. The only problem? Finding the three birds was totally painful.

Crown Tundra In many ways, it’s a tribute to certain aspects of previous games. Bring back and mix function From the old version yellow. But some resurrection functions are not very good.Remember how to go back gold with silver, Catch the legendary beasts-Leku, Ntuy and Water Village-and wander around the map until you happen to find them?came back Crown TundraThe legendary bird, yes, it still sucks.

You met Moltres and the company relatively early Crown TundraThe main plot. peony, Basically the M of your DLC 007, briefly introduces you to three myths related to the nominal crown tundra. The third one is about birds, which is your concern. You will eventually be sent to Dyna Tree Hill, where you will trigger a cutscene that introduces the three legendary birds, after which they will fly into the sunset. (Before the narrative tells you, I haven’t checked if going to Dyna Tree Hill will activate this event. If you really want to capture Articuno, it’s worth riding a bike and checking the situation. You might come up empty-handed, but , You have to go there anyway, and you will get a location for fast travel.)

In Galal, the legendary bird is different from the three birds you have dedicated to memory for the past two and a half years. They are still part of the flight type, but each has a new secondary type, Moltres replaces darkness with fire, Zapdos replaces combat with lightning, and Articuno replaces psychics with ice. Once they flew away, they began a difficult stroll.

If you played gold Either silver, You know what will happen. In short, you have to walk around-a lot ofUntil I met these beasts. However, there are some improvements that make this task less tedious than the infamous Game Boy Color games of the late 90s. on the one hand, Crown Tundra Tell you straightforwardly where each bird is.Location is written in classic font Pokemon-riddle’s statement should be very easy to decipher, but it is spelled in simple English as:

  • Articuno is in Crown Tundra.
  • Moltres is located on the Isle of Armor.
  • Zapdos is roaming in the wilderness of Galar.

It is not completely geographical, but at least more specific than “I don’t know, have you tried to see it anywhere?”

For the other because sword with shield It is a three-dimensional game that allows Pokémon to roam freely around the world, and you can actually see birds from a distance. example:

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Screenshots: Nintendo/Otaku

Once you have caught your eye, you must chase it literally. (If you haven’t polished your bike yet, be sure to talk to a Watt merchant in the wilderness.) Eventually, the bird will stop and you can wait for it to attack you, or you can press the fingertip of your left hand Press the bicycle bell. If another wild Pokémon bothers you, don’t worry. You and the legendary bird will kiss at the same place you were before.

It sounds simple, but every note is a little weird. Zapdos runs along the ground in an ostrich style. Molt will fly over water and land. Articuno uses its dazzling new spiritual power to create two clones of itself. I found Articuno in trouble; sometimes, I would stroll into one of the birds and all three would mysteriously disappear, forcing me to start the whole process from the beginning​​. Finally, when I practiced patience and stood firmly, my luck turned around. When hunting, please avoid trouble and try the same method on the first try.

In any case, when you catch your favorite bird (Articuno or bust), there is definitely one thing you should do. Since these Pokémon are one of the most annoying games in the game, using one of your precious master balls will not feel inside.You will receive a bonus early Crown TundraAnyway the story.


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The latest expansion of Pokémon Sword and Shield multiplies legendary Pokémon | Instant News

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Screenshots: Nintendo/Otaku

I shot Suicune in ten minutes Crown Tundra,the second part Pokémon Sword with shieldAn extended pass issued for Nintendo Switch late at night. Everyone knows what Pikachu is, but Suicune is another mascot of the series, even though it is underrated.Although extensions are not afraid to introduce some new features, the appearance of time-tested classics (such as Suicune) is just a small and shining sign that Crown Tundra Capture what makes Pokemon awesome

The dog facing Swarovski is long and famous Pokemon History, first appeared in gold with silver As one of the three legendary beasts in Yamato region.In 2003, it was Pokémon Colosseum, This is unfair GameCube role-playing game. Recently, it returned as one of the outstanding fighters in Pokémon-themed boxing, Smallpox competition.

Personally, Suicune is one of my favorite Pokémon, although not because of any combat abilities. Of course, its defense and special defense are very good, but Suicine’s speed is a bit slow. In my preference, its flexible movement is hindered by moderate offensive data. I just like its appearance. So elegant, so magnificent. I will give my first Pokémon an opportunity to stroke the mane (and, if I’m lucky, maybe put that huge face crystal nose on my nose).

in Crown Tundra,versus Previous expansion Armor Island, Your Pokémon Can follow you throughout the world.You have been able to let Pokémon follow you Pokemon Game; famously Pokémon Yellow I gave you a Pikachu, just like Ash Ketchum’s trusted Pikachu in the show, he hates to enter Pokéball.However, these features are the best in these aspects sword with shield Expansion, Pokémon is done with magnificent 3D instead of tiny pixelated sprites. No matter which Pokémon you go to the party first, it will follow you like a longing puppy. You might guess what happened next:

Pokemon Sword and Shield Crest Tundra Expansion

Screenshots: Nintendo/Otaku

However, this feature is not always effective:

suicune and pokemon sword shield tundra dlc bike

Screenshots: Nintendo/Otaku

like Armor Island, Crown Tundra Take you to the previously inaccessible part of the Galar area. As with this extension, you will first go to Wedgehurst Railway Station, where the station attendant will enthusiastically guide you to the southbound train to the nominal Crown Tundra.After boarding the destination, the classic Pokemon Fashion, you will be attacked by the Pokémon coach-in this case, A guy named peony, Traveling with his daughter, for some reason, every word will wink at you.After the battle, yoYou learned that Mudan’s daughter uses rounds to distract her so that she can escape her father’s domineering presence and even More classic Pokemon Fashion, embark on your own adventure. Peony sets off, and then you enter the tundra.

Crown TundraThe cold wild area has been a veritable hotbed of Pokémon for generations. After just a few hours (most of the time spent in the sprint in the main picture), I saw a Frostwolf, three Swablu, two Tyrantum, three Tyrunt, one Gible, one Druddigon, half a dozen Aerodactyl, a Metagross (I tried to capture but failed), a Metang, three Beldum, and more Nidoran. Longtai series fans will not be happy to hear Zubat and Golbat, and again, they are everywhere.

but Crown Tundra Not everything in the past. There are also some shiny new features. For example, I didn’t catch Suicune by traditional methods: hit it in the tall grass to make it fall asleep, carefully lower its health, and drop 19 oversized balls in the hope that someone could do it before hitting the ball. To this point. The sleep is gone.I captured Suicune in “Dynmax Adventure”, which is a new serial combat format Crown Tundra.

Once you catch up with Peony again, you can start your first Dynamax adventure. For plot reasons, you cannot use any Pokémon. Instead, you only need to borrow a Pokémon from a randomly generated roster. You are paired with three other trainers, and they only borrowed one Pokémon. (You can play this mode collaboratively online, but the game will guide you to team up with the computer-controlled allies of the tutorial.) Once your team is locked, you will enter a dungeon with branch paths. At each intersection, you can vote for one of the few courts, each with a different Pokémon type. No matter which dark room you end up using, you will use that type of Dynamax Pokémon. (When you are playing alone, the only vote is to vote.) If you defeat a Pokémon, you can choose to capture it and exchange your rented Pokémon or move on. At the end of Dynamax Adventure, you can permanently hold one of the Pokémon caught along the way.

The last room of each Dynamax Adventure is the location of a powerful Pokémon. As far as I know, I was lucky to finally get Suicune, my favorite.Obviously, other legendary Pokémon, including the fire-type Endi and the lightning-type Leku, the water gold with silver, Can also be displayed. I look forward to catching them one day. I am also eager to see other legends appear. But there is no urgent motivation to motivate me.already Crown Tundra Gave me half of the legendary Pokémon.

Once you have completed your first Dynamax Adventure, you will visit a town (named Freezington appropriately) that will serve as your base for the rest of your expansion. You will learn the details of some stories, which are related to another god king, emperor, Pokémon Pokémon, and have been given a three-tier mission. One is for you to explore a long-lost temple in search of a long dormant giant. (I haven’t touched this task branch yet, but probably these three come from ruby with sapphire. ) You can also find three legendary birds-Zapdos, Moltres and Articuno from the first-generation game. The third is about capturing that god emperor Pokémon, a psychological ruminant on ice called Calyrex.

I have captured Calyrex and he has reached level 80, which should let you know Crown TundraThe difficulty factor. (It took a dozen super balls and five KOed Pokémon. In a very long shot, I threw a friend’s ball and used the classic technique of repeatedly tapping A-while spinning the D-pad crazy.) I also Articuno was tracked and captured.

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Screenshots: Nintendo/Otaku

Pokemon In the case of combining the past and the present, pushing the envelope without rewriting the language, it exerts its greatest power. Crown Tundra This is the tee. Just look at the legendary bird: it is clear that the three birds are still partially flying, but their other main types have changed. Mortres is now in a dark state, Zapdos is in a fighting state, and Atticuno is in a mental state. Their design has also been updated to reflect these changes.

Those of us who have played Pokemon The appearance of these iconic birds has been imprinted for decades from the very beginning.One of the better recent innovations Pokemon The game has introduced Pokémon targeting specific regions. In hindsight, this creative choice was simple. The lives of creatures in the real world vary from place to place.Why shouldn’t it be Pokemon world? In the past few mainline games, it has been interesting to see these reimagined Pokémon (even if some results, Like Galarian Slowking, It’s horrible). Seeing these birds-the three most recognizable Pokémon of all time-accept the mixing process, should at least cause some thinking from super fans. If you ask me, I think they are great.

In my first few hours Crown Tundra, This is a careful consideration of a mixture of old and new, just like these new legendary birds. Embarking on a Dynamax adventure is an explosion, but so is exploring a safari park of beloved beasts and getting the job done in the old-fashioned way. (One day, I will give it to you, Metagross.) I can do this in this kind of extension, at least in the early days, which is a treat. I am happy to see whether the balance can be maintained in all other ways.

No, I haven’t seen those Galarian Slowking. I hope i never.

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The Eternal Doom Patch adds a hidden reference to the popular VTuber | Instant News

The illustration of the article titled iDoom Eternal/i Patch adds a hidden reference to the popular VTuber

Screenshots: id Software/Bethesda/Kotaku, illustration: living

Kolon There are many things. She is a cute anime girl. She is a dog. She is one of the most popular VTubers, A subset of YouTube personality With whom to stream Avatar-On the Internet.Now she is an Easter egg Eternal doom.

Apply the latest Eternal doom Patch, players can find a unique new secret Press the chainsaw button four times (Square on PlayStation 4, X on Xbox One, and C on PC) and click on the game’s “Runes” menu.This brings a slightly changed version Eternal doom The logo, now displayed as “Doug Eternity“, referring to Korone and her fan base.

Recently, Korone has attracted attention to the stream She can speak english Struggling Super Mario Bros, But a few months ago, she swept YouTube in a 2016 show doom Reboot. The game’s excessive use of violence and cute, c-humorous avatars combine to produce some amazing compilations, many of which are called “Doog Slayer” by Cologne because of their cunning canine-tooth appearance.

I don’t want to like this, but if Korone can’t help but smile every time he uses BFG-9000 in the warehouse, damn it doom Or made a mistake Super Mario Bros Very like Those ones Protect the animals cross Starting earlier this year, there is something special about conflating cuteness with brutality.


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