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Minecraft’s caves and cliffs are divided into two, partially delayed | Instant News

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Citing the ambitious nature of changing the game world and the current state of the real world, Mojang announced today It is splitting my worldThe cave and cliff are updated into two parts. The first part will be released as planned this summer, and will be released during the holiday in the second half of the year.

One of the most popular updates my world Historically, Caves & Cliffs will change the way the world is generated in the game, adding new cave biomes, appropriate mountains, and various new building blocks.This update was announced in October last year my world Live 2020 is scheduled to be released in the summer of 2021.

According to today’s announcement, Caves & Cliffs has been divided into two parts.first part FAQs attached He said that these include “cute and interesting mobs, cool items and new neighborhoods,” which will arrive this summer. The second part will be released during the 2021 holiday period and it will include a huge change in generations, which gives Caves & Cliffs a new name.

It sounds more like the updated meat happened at the end of the year, and there are some shiny new things midway to make players happy. As long as I can fulfill the promised goat and a, I will be fine.


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Automata’s broken Steam version finally gets an update | Instant News

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Neil: Automata The original PC version on Steam suffered various damages to the point that Fans must do their own patch. Now, four years after the release,And only a few months after the less exhausting version was released on the Microsoft Store-The developer will update it eventually.

We don’t know when it will be fixed, or what these fixes will actually include, but we do know that “the Steam version of NieR: Automata upgrade patch is currently under development” because this is the game’s official Twitter. The account will say this.

I think being four years late is better than nothing.



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Outskirts can’t rest | Instant News

The savage behind the cover

Screenshot: People can fly / Square Enix

It’s been a week and a half for the trophy shooter Outlander, The game was faltering due to lack of features for 11 days, Server problem, And caused an uproar among players.The latest wave of problems started on Friday afternoon, when developers can fly roll out Patches for PC and PlayStation consoles, as well as the Xbox version, will be released at an unspecified time later.

Then, at 6:17 PM EST, people can fly Say The PlayStation 5 version of the patch will also be available.The next morning, that PS5 patch On the line.In the afternoon, a patch for the Xbox console Was still aliveIt’s okay, but in about 24 hours, there is only cross play between PlayStation 4 and PC players.

Since its release, there has been a significant difference between the role of cross-playing. Outlander. During the presentation, Outlander Supports cross-play between all platforms, even though it is in beta status. Although you can often party without problems, cross-platform juggling players often cause disconnections and unstable frame rates. Square Enix tell Kosaku at that time Outlander Will “have a launch version of 1.0 [the] Introduced a cross game system. “

Rear Outlander After launch, the cross-play between PlayStation and Xbox works, but in Console and PC. Of course, once PC players can officially join the competition this weekend, many console players will not join. The interesting thing is how these things happen.

Currently, cross play appear Fully restored online status. (I am playing Outlander It was done on PS5 and has not yet been able to test it on a PC player, but I played with a friend on Xbox Series X for a few hours last night. We only disconnected four times. ) But other problems still exist.

First, there is the issue of inventory wiping.In the changes in the past week, players Already reported Total wipes: After logging in, they found that all their hard-won weapons and armors had disappeared.Patches released last weekend claim Changed to “The crash of a multiplayer game may cause the client player’s inventory to be cleared.” However, As Luke reported last night, Some players still see their inventory disappear instantly. (People can fly Say, When clearing inventory, you should “force close immediately [your] Game” and reopen.)

People Can Fly is planning to repair at some point in the future, in the form of batch repair of lost equipment.Unfortunately, the developers Say It may only be able to restore epic (purple) or legendary (yellow) tier devices, and permanently assign anything rare (blue) or lower to the historical data trash can. More importantly, the statistics of some recovered gears may not be fully displayed.

then There is also the problem of rebalancing.in spite of Outlander It is a game based entirely on player-to-environment, and there is no public plan for player-to-player mode. Therefore, People Can Fly introduces some nerds in detail. The most worth mentioning is that the Trickster-like high-power Twisted Rounds ability greatly improves the cooling time. These changes aroused anger, and players began to use social media to describe it as “nonsense,””nonsense,””Fucking bullshit,””nonsense“And other similar phrases. (You don’t have to bother to find notes that cross boundaries. Outlander The team has been working hard on weekends for two consecutive weekends. However, even if this is not the case, there has never been a reason for harassment. )

As compensation for the disaster experienced by the player Outlander, The developer will also provide legendary players with legendary weapons and some titanium alloys (the top resources used in the game production system) to the players who log in to the game platform with the highest level of characters. Outlander Before yesterday. Therefore, no, you will not be able to create six characters and obtain six legendary weapons. No idea. (People can fly has not announced the date of this “thank you gift”.)

It’s kind of annoying, because under all this Live a really good game: Rock-solid shooting game with booming roar, fascinating loot search, and Some serious assists. Although you may come up with something at the beginning, this story is becoming more and more important to you. Let me put it this way: Outlander It was the first game in a long time and it made me want to finish the working day so I can start the game. These problems don’t seem to hinder the success of the game-at least not yet. Outlander Yes right now Steam and The second most popular game According to the digital storefronts of the two retailers, both can be used on Xbox Game Pass.

Of course, the problem is Outlander Despite the extra baggage, it can still maintain momentum. If these problems persist, players will naturally bleed, feel frustrated with the arrival of the game, and be burned by fixes that actually cannot solve any problems.But on the other hand Nothing else Play now. Since its launch, People Can Fly has completed yeoman’s work in conveying issues, solutions and timetables to the player base, posting updates or missing messages at least once a day. It remains to be seen how long these players will endure the currently imperfect game.

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Tips for playing peripheral games | Instant News

Outsider tips

Screenshot: People can fly / Square Enix

At first glance, Outlander It may look like a game you have played 1,000 times: a sci-fi third-person shooter, where you can shoot things to get better equipment so you can shoot more things. But there are many quirks that make this loot shooting game more complicated than you think.Since the game was released in early April, some of us Kosaku It took a lot of time. The following suggestions should help you start Enoch’s journey.

Read our review here.

Dying will cut into your world class experience.

Outlander There are two experience bars. First, your character upgrade will work in the standard way: kill the enemy and complete the mission, then it will rise. In the process, you will earn skill points and unlock new features regularly.

At the same time, your world level determines the difficulty of the game. There are 15 levels in total, and each level will enhance the strength of your enemies. In turn, jumping to the world level will increase the drop rate of rare or legendary equipment and allow you to equip higher level weapons and armor. So this is a compromise.

Every time you die, it will cause a small blow to your world level experience. However, you will not enter World Tier. So, for example, if you died at the beginning of world 7 level, then you will not enter world 6 level. You may reduce the progress of the world level to 0 experience points. (By the way: when you try to leave a battle that has already started, you will trigger a 10-second countdown, urging you to return to the battle state. If you hit 0, it is considered death and will weaken your world level experience as a result. )

Don’t forget to claim your world level rewards.

Every time you unlock a new world level, you will get a sweet reward, but you will not automatically get a reward. You have to open the World Tier menu (“Options” button on PS5) and declare it manually. Usually, at least around one level, you will get a better weapon than any other product in the inventory.

Don’t sell your equipment. Remove it.

Selling equipment will bring you a considerable amount of waste (the main currency of the game). You can use scrap to buy weapons and armor from vendors in various social centers, but there is no reason to do so, at least in the early and mid-game. You will find new equipment at such a fast speed, in any case, any items you buy will be exchanged within half an hour.

Outsider tips

To view the number of shards for a specific ability, hover your cursor over the icon labeled “Shards.”
Screenshot: People can fly / Kotaku

On the other hand, disassembling equipment will provide you with valuable resources, which are essential to the game’s powerful production system. Normally, breaking down the gun will give you iron, and the armor will break down into leather. Even better, you can also get fragments with specific attributes from more than a dozen categories, such as maximum health, crit damage and cooldown reduction, and then you can use these fragments to improve these attributes on other equipment. Finally, if the equipment to be disassembled is not part of the Mod Library, you can store the Mod without restrictions for future use. Constantly disassembling equipment means that you rarely, if any, will find yourself lacking the necessary resources for retrofitting (more resources can be obtained in a few seconds).

In any case, you will be scrapped when you play the game.

You can dismantle some rare items.

In your inventory, just check the color-coded box in the lower right corner.

Object! Object! Object!

In the middle of the “First City” area (this is the third main plot of the game), you will open the ability to modify weapons and armor.Period: Adjustment is just the most important thing you can accomplish in it Outlander.

Outlander, Its core is a loot game based on luck. However, thanks to the modification, you can avoid the useless random number generation. You can swap out modules that can change the behavior of the equipment. You can switch the shooting mode of any weapon: for example, if you want to use an automatic sniper rifle to fire a single bullet, you can change it. You can do it, let SMG shoot instead of fully automatic shooting, or shot bullets instead of a bullets. And, if you love-really love-any weapons, you can upgrade them to keep them in line with the character’s progress.


  • Once the mod appears in your profile, it will always exist in your profile. (There is a strategy to select the loot after the mission based on the mods you can add to the library from deleting the equipment, rather than obtaining instant attribute improvements through equipment.)
  • By equipping the same armor module twice, you won’t get the double benefit, so don’t bother to double it.
  • For equipment with two slots, you can only swap out modules in one slot. You can change the Mod at will, but the other slot will always remain locked.

Learn the shorthand of the Ministry of Defense.

There are some indicators about the mod Outlander The explanation is indeed not well done.

  • A small waffle symbol means that you already have the mod in the library.
  • A small wrench icon indicates that you have modified the gear before.
  • Two red squares indicate that you have equipped the Ministry of Defense on a piece of armor, which means you will not get any additional benefits.

You can share mods between characters.

On paper, you cannot share modules between characters. It does not mean that there is no solution. Suppose you want the Gunpowderer to have the “Soul Devourer” mod, but you haven’t tracked it yet. At the same time, your Doom character is full of weapons to equip it. By placing one of the guns in the stash, the firefighter can take it out, remove it, and add it to their arsenal. (Obviously, this technique is more suitable for weapon mods that can be used in different classes, rather than for armor mods that are restricted by armor in classes.)

Honor progress is shared among all your roles.

But you must customize the truck and banner for each truck.

Remember to rob automatically.

Press the d keyboard and you will automatically loot every piece of equipment dropped by the enemy in a specific area. Please make sure to do this before proceeding to the next area. This saves you the time and effort of picking up everything manually, and if you don’t grab them, you won’t be able to buy it again. You can specify a threshold Therefore, you can only choose a certain level of inventory or higher, but there is no reason not to choose everything, because resources are also the key.

Outsider tips

Mining is another convenient way to store basic resources.
Screenshot: People can fly / Kotaku

(Note: This feature will not automatically loot any boxes in the area; you must find and open those boxes in the old fashioned way. However, if a partner opens the box on the other side of the battlefield, they can automatically loot the gear instead of Drag it all the way to its position.)

Don’t skip the hunt.

Soon after arriving in the town named Trench Town, you can hunt bounty (tough human enemies) and monsters (kaiju-sized normal animal version). These hunts will take you to areas you have already walked through-sometimes to battlefields that you have previously cleaned up, sometimes to new battlefields-but you can also pick them up on your way outside of Trench Town. Just pay attention to wanted posters (bounty) and bloody corpses (hunting monsters) to add these tasks to your log. When you cash them back to the salon of Trench Town, you will get epic loot for trouble.

Your ability to spam.

Compared with some other games that can give you space magic abilities, the abilities in this game Outlander Charge in the blink of an eye. Take advantage of this. Keep using your abilities.Not only do they shock people, but they also make Outlander Stand out in seemingly similar third-person shooters, but they will also make you out of trouble more often than your weapons.in Outlander You can heal by issuing damage, and then restore a certain percentage of damage as health. Your abilities can hurt the enemy more easily than the enemy. You do math.

Try to change the ability of ammunition.

They are not as sexy as turrets, time knives and tornadoes, but the ability to change the performance of ammunition is the best in the game. For example, a technician’s blight round will poison anyone you shoot; a suffering enemy will in turn poison anyone near them. At the same time, Trickster can use an action called Twisted Rounds, which can increase the power of each bullet fired. You can imagine how effective this compound is in combination with SMG or LMG. (in First patch Outlander, The plan is scheduled for next week, so People Can Fly plans to increase the cooldown of Twisted Rounds because that’s great. )

Try all courses.

After finishing the prologue once, you can create a new character from the beginning of the first chapter, also known as “the place where the game gets better”. Replaying the same area may sound tedious, but it can be skipped, especially if you skip the cutscenes. (Skip them byPress Circle or B. ) In addition, all four classes are so different that the battles you have fought before feel completely different when going through different classes. What I want to say is that by the end of the “Eagle Peak” area, you will have a good idea of ​​which class might suit your style of play, but, damn, I have far more than three characters, Still undecided.Guess I just need to play this game a lot of more than. okay then!



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Alex Kidd remake looks sharp | Instant News

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image: Alex Kidd in “Miracle World DX”

Alex Kidd Is one of my earliest memory of console games, and I am very fascinated by it I used to let my parents rent Sega Master System on weekends So I can play.So I have been paying close attention coming soon Alex Kidd in “Miracle World” Remake.


It will be launched on PC, PlayStation, Xbox and Switch in June. And… does it look really good?Especially the Jan-ken-pon section looks great, when I had to find out how to spell it correctly, I still found no new ones Alex Kidd game Since 1990, So I am very happy to play this game.

Interesting facts: I learned the word “Z”iggurat” from this game.


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