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Various Persona soundtracks are now available on Spotify and Apple Music | Instant News

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Today, the video game record catalogs of Spotify and Apple Music have improved significantly outside of Japan, in addition to people series.

These soundtracks include person 2, Person 3, Person 4with Person 5And the music in derivative games like that Person Q with Persona 4 Arena Ultimax. There are even a few live albums when people can safely attend concerts.

AniPlaylist, music planning service, First discovered the soundtrack,put it together Huge Spotify playlist Make it easier for non-Japanese users to find specific albums and songs. Although there are so many great things to choose from here, I have listed some of my favorites below.

Of course, like Capcom with Final fantasy Before playing music, to fully listen to these tracks, a valid subscription is required.

Hard to refute people Music, even if you don’t like its high school-based role-playing brand. Each track is a confusing battle theme, the perfect combination of melancholic piano melody and ethereal soundscape, so that they can be used as excellent background music in any situation. Do yourself a favor and spin some of these songs at work.


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Dragon Quest Speedrunners is baking its classic console to trigger a malfunction | Instant News

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A group of Japanese racers discovered the key to faster speed in an unprecedented RPG classic game Dragon Quest III It literally controls the temperature of its Famicom system through heating plates and ice packs.

Dragon Quest IIILike many role-playing games, it’s very long.It may take dozens of hours to play games regularly, and it usually takes more than an hour to complete even at the fastest speed. A major error was discovered in August 2020. By performing a series of steps, including saving the game and quickly switching Famicom’s power switch while holding down its reset button, the game will restart in a failed state, which will maximize the party’s statistics if used correctly.

Such a huge number means that the fault is resolved.

Such a huge number means that the fault is resolved.
Screenshots: Xixi

Since the discovery of the glitch, Dragon Quest III Speedrunners use it to complete lengthy games faster than ever. Japanese player Hitshee posted a time of 22:48 in November and then shortened the time to 22:22 at the beginning of this month. His secret? Increase the temperature of Famicom, usually in the range of 50°C (or 122°F), but sometimes even as high as 80°C (or 176°F) to increase the chances of him making the fault work properly.

According to recent reports Denfa Minico gamer, The player discovers the startup Dragon Quest III Burrs can be manipulated by a variety of external factors, including the Famicom model they use and the temperature of the console, This makes the internal memory more unstable.A favorite place for speed runners Xixi with Bi Yanyan For example, using heat-generating devices such as hot plates, another player named baku_zero uses ice packs to cool Famicom.

At the weekend, Hitshee, Pirohiko, baku_zero and the fourth player named Lime participated Dragon Quest III race In the speedrunning event. They both used on/off errors, and as far as I know, at least Hitshee and Pirohiko used hot plates, the latter set a new world record of 22:07.It is unclear whether the temperature of Famicom is critical to achieving this feat,but I am not versus Extensive experimentation Some of these participants have incorporated it into their strategy.

“do not worry,” Hitshee wrote on Twitter in response to worried commentators. “I am undergoing a security check. I have never damaged the NES console. It is not as dangerous as you think. If the device does break, I will repair it as soon as possible. Even if you think it is not worth it, it is important to us. Research and display.”


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GameStop now accepts “defective” Cyberpunk 2077 returns | Instant News

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GameStop has joined More and more retailers Customers who purchased can be refunded in full Cyberpunk 2077, According to Kosaku.

The memo instructs GameStop employees to accept Cyberpunk 2077 Even if the game has been opened, they will still return on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and mark the game as “defective” before shipping it back to the GameStop warehouse.

Kosaku GameStop has been contacted for more information, but there was no response before the release.

The company’s official return policy states that full refunds usually only apply to unopened products, so this new policy is an unusual exception.Customers who want to return Cyberpunk 2077 This is still required within 30 days of purchase.

due to Many problems versus Cyberpunk 2077On PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, retailers such as Best Buy, Sony and Microsoft have relaxed their return policies. Cyberpunk 2077 Developer CD Projekt also promised that if unsatisfied players cannot get a refund elsewhere, they can be compensated.


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Cyberpunk 2077 developers will now receive any rewards | Instant News

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CD Projekt executives said they were Cyberpunk 2077The shortcomings in the email sent to employees earlier today, Bloomberg report.

Adam Badowski, head of CD Projekt Red studio and game director, wrote: “We underestimated the time and complexity required to achieve this goal, but you still do your best to deliver ambitious special games.”

Cyberpunk 2077 Developers expect to receive bonuses based on their work on the game, depending on how well it performs on the review aggregator Metacritic (a common horrible practice in the video game industry), with an average score of 90+.game Currently sitting at 90, But the figure does not take into account Obviously inferior Versions on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, reviewers cannot play these versions before release.

BloombergThe CD report also provides an internal understanding of the bizarre bonus structure adopted by the leadership of CD Projekt Red. Developers who are considered to be doing well will receive tokens with the studio’s Red Bird logo, and they are told that they can redeem their post-issuance bonuses. Cyberpunk 2077 Well received. The company now says that these bonuses will be distributed regardless of average points, in addition to the profit sharing expenses employees already enjoy.

The report pointed out that there are the following concerns in the CD Projekt Red rank: These bonuses encourage developers to work long nights and weekends Compete with colleagues for pursuit Red bird token. Bloomberg In September it was reported that despite the public’s promise to the contrary, Cyberpunk 2077 Developers Be required to work six days a week As a result, the game will be released on December 10.

“At that time, I myself will go all out to accept this decision,” Badowski wrote in an email to employees since then. “I know this is the direct opposite of what we call the austerity policy. It is also the complete opposite of what I have gradually believed in myself-austerity will never be the answer. But we have expanded all other ways of navigating situations.”

Although i feel good Cyberpunk 2077 Developer bonuses will not depend on key receptions, and the patronage method of issuing these bonuses symbolizes our understanding of the toxic work culture cultivated by the leadership of CD Projekt.


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During the development process, the devil’s soul is filled with rubber ducks | Instant News

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photo: Marcus Brandt (Getty Images)

Just like the original PlayStation 3 game, Demon Soul The remake on the PlayStation 5 is a downbeat, atmospheric game with little brightness or joy. But this is not always the case.

The staff at Bluepoint Games often use the rubber duck model to evaluate various aspects of the game. Demon Soul According to technical artist Collin Harris, the engine played a role in the development process.

“We use rubber ducks to test various techniques and effects,” Harris Wrote on Twitter yesterday Accompanied by a video, some toy animals were scattered in the test environment before the huge duck head peeked into the background fog. “Obviously, things quickly got out of control.”

speak Gaming radar, Harris said, there are too many rubber ducks in the end Demon Soul They chose the “core option” to remove the model from the entire game, rather than inadvertently leaving a model for players to find.

“I can assure you that I personally deleted all duck-based placeholder content,” Harris Add on Twitter.

This is not to say that there is nothing stupid left in the shadows.Attentive players have noticed Several bulbous goat heads hide in Demon Soul Credits, maybe to Similar easter eggs In the Bluepoint remake Shadow of giant. I guess the rubber duck is too obvious to keep in the game, but at least the developers are disgusted with it.

Harris said: “It lasts very interesting and will always exist as one of my favorite game developers’ memories.” Gaming radar.


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