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Mario stands out in the leaked Super Mario World Genie | Instant News

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In addition to excellent jumping ability, the main feature of Mario is his hat.He has been wearing that thing ever since Donkey Kong. However, another small part of Nintendo’s ongoing leaks shows that the iconic red cap does not always stick to the plumber’s head. Super Mario World.

Nintendo Subway, Is an excellent resource to follow Nintendo’s leaks, and recently shared some early content Super Mario World A genie depicting Mario without a hat.Very like Luigi Asuka, Unused pilot inside Star Fox 2 Prototype, and Really cool smoking toad, These hatless Mario graphics have never seen the light…Until now.

Although very interesting from a development point of view, if these sprites are included in the final game, they will also change the course of Mario’s history. Super Mario 64, Six years after publishing Super Mario World, Is the first game in the main series, introducing Mario (Mario) lost the game mechanic hat.This will continue Super Mario Sunshine, If the enemy steals his headgear, he will suffer continuous damage.

Of course, this is not a shocking discovery in itself, but it does show that Nintendo’s constant leaks are crucial to clarify and preserve the profound secrets of video game history.Maybe it was created for the unused hatless Mario sprite Super Mario World Eventually grow into Super Mario 64 with Super Mario Sunshine. Say it again, maybe not! However, with each new leak, we can get a more comprehensive understanding of how these games were created, and maybe even iterated in previous developments.


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Brazilian Xbox Host Says He’s Partly Released Due To Fan Harassment, Though Microsoft Denies | Instant News

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Last Friday, Xbox Brazil video host Isadora Basile announced that Microsoft has cut ties with him. In a tweet, he said he had been regularly harassed by members of the local Xbox community since being hired in early September, and that the abuse was part of the decision to end his contract.

My city has been in contact with Basile all week to learn more about the situation.

“In the end, it seemed like I was into too much trouble,” Basile explained My city by email. He said he had been supported by Xbox Brazil during difficult times, but understood that his dismissal was partly informed by fan abuse.

Microsoft, after initially not acknowledging the harassment in two statements since last week, was quoted by IGN today said Basile’s dismissal was “unrelated” to the harassment.

The situation began to publicly explode on Friday when Basile tweeted that his time on Xbox was over. It is a challenging task, he said.

“I suffered from all kinds of harassment, from people saying I was not ‘fit’ for my job to rape and death threats and aggression for exposing stressful situations,” Basile wrote in Indonesia on a Friday night, according to one independent translation.

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Screenshot: Isadora Basile / Twitter

“Thanks to all this harassment, Microsoft decided it was the best [to] cut ties with me as the host, so I won’t be more exposed to this kind of situation. I respect the decisions made by Microsoft. My love for them will be the same as always. “

Basile recounted My city this week that she was notified of her contract termination during a phone call with representatives from her talent agency and Microsoft Brazil. Her work had been contracted through the agency and was doing well according to her estimates, but she was told that Microsoft was changing course. He understood that the decision was at least partly driven by the initiative was announced in August by the Xbox team at Microsoft’s US headquarters to redirect regional communications to a centralized Xbox Wire information channel.

But he said he was also told the Brazilian Xbox was trying to get rid of the presenters altogether, so as not to expose anyone to abuse from the community. It remains unclear at what level this decision was made.

In a statement to My city earlier this week, Xbox representatives dismissed Basile’s claims, reiterating the company’s plans to consolidate official news on Xbox Wire.

“We made some changes to our original Xbox programming strategy in Brazil, resulting in fewer channels,” said an Xbox spokesperson. “We thank Isadora Basile and the talented crew at the agency who helped produce the Xbox News Show, for their creativity and contribution. Going forward, the Xbox Wire portal will be the only source of impactful news and content. The XboxBR channel will continue to experiment with new ways to please Brazilian gamers. “

Xbox Brazil releases files a similar statement on Twitter in Brazilian Portuguese last Friday night.

Microsoft has refused to address the situation further with us when pressed, but provided a different and more direct statement published on IGN today.

“We do not tolerate harassment or disrespect of any kind and we take action to support Isadora when personal attacks on him come to our attention,” said an Xbox spokesperson. IGN. “Last week’s programming changes were unrelated. They are a direct result of our continued efforts to reach more players in more languages ​​with real-time news and comprehensive information available from our global news outlet, Xbox Wire. “

While Basile’s correct announcement had generated true outrage among the people who were annoyed by his treatment, he also informed My city that Xbox Brazil has supported before. For example, when the Xbox fan page on Facebook published posts that objectified him because of his affiliation with the brand, he said that Microsoft immediately removed the page. But this only makes the decision to release it all the more confusing.

“I’m grateful for the time Microsoft and I spent together,” Basile added in a separate email to My city. “That is very fun. There are a lot of great people in the Brazilian team and it’s amazing to have fun with them. “

This isn’t the first time Microsoft has had to contend with its own toxic fanbase in Brazil. Back in June, Vice reported that Microsoft officially distanced themselves from a group known as “Xbox Mil Grau” after public protests about Mil Grau’s racist, sexist, and transphobic online behavior. Despite its reputation, Mil Grau enjoys a relationship with Microsoft which, according to Brazilian gaming journalist Bruna Penilhas, gives members the opportunity to join Xbox chief Phil Spencer on stage during the Xbox Brazil presentation and was even flown to E3 2018 by Mixer, the now-streaming platform. Microsoft that doesn’t work.

Basile’s situation comes as no surprise to anyone who spends a lot of time in the gaming community. The underlying currents of bigotry that have existed in the gaming industry and gaming culture for decades have, in recent years, exploded into unrepentant geysers of abuse against minorities of all stripes. Contingents of outspoken video game enthusiasts get angry once a woman becomes involved in the hobby, and large corporations often fail to effectively leverage their position as leader in this area to do anything about it.

While the spotlight may be in Brazil right now, it is a truly global issue. It will only keep getting worse, encouraging every woman, every black person, every non-cis, heterosexual, white male if the culture doesn’t fundamentally change. And that would be very annoying.


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The Eternal Doom Patch adds a hidden reference to the popular VTuber | Instant News

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Kolon There are many things. She is a cute anime girl. She is a dog. She is one of the most popular VTubers, A subset of YouTube personality With whom to stream Avatar-On the Internet.Now she is an Easter egg Eternal doom.

Apply the latest Eternal doom Patch, players can find a unique new secret Press the chainsaw button four times (Square on PlayStation 4, X on Xbox One, and C on PC) and click on the game’s “Runes” menu.This brings a slightly changed version Eternal doom The logo, now displayed as “Doug Eternity“, referring to Korone and her fan base.

Recently, Korone has attracted attention to the stream She can speak english Struggling Super Mario Bros, But a few months ago, she swept YouTube in a 2016 show doom Reboot. The game’s excessive use of violence and cute, c-humorous avatars combine to produce some amazing compilations, many of which are called “Doog Slayer” by Cologne because of their cunning canine-tooth appearance.

I don’t want to like this, but if Korone can’t help but smile every time he uses BFG-9000 in the warehouse, damn it doom Or made a mistake Super Mario Bros Very like Those ones Protect the animals cross Starting earlier this year, there is something special about conflating cuteness with brutality.


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Control Ultimate Edition is not suitable for Xbox One discs | Instant News

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505 game clarified Control UltimateReleased today, there is a one-time Internet connection requirement on Xbox One to download all the content in the expansion pack.

Control Ultimate, Including all the latest expansions, are over 50 GB, so we can’t fit everything on the Xbox disc,” 505 game wrote. “We have used the Xbox Smart Delivery feature to provide some content on the disc, while the rest is provided via download. After downloading the game, please rest assured that you don’t have to be online to play!”

The official statement went on to explain that due to “compression and other variables”, the physical PlayStation 4 version of the game does not require an internet connection.

These details come from Twitter users Confusion Around the weekend controlThe actual Xbox package states that the game requires an internet connection.

When Kosaku Contact 505 Games about Xbox Series X or PlayStation 5 version Control Ultimate If an Internet connection is required or the compression method used on the PlayStation 4 disc is used, the publisher declined to comment.


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The hedgehog where the fall guy and Sonic meet, well, there are others | Instant News

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in spite of Horror show It is said that it was hidden under the bean-shaped outer wall of the contestants, Fall guy It is a very cute game with some simple costumes.I’m not sure how I feel about coming Sonic the Hedgehog Cross, though.

Fall guy Mediatonic and Sega will announce in a joint live broadcast this morning that they will receive Sonic-themed costumes on October 14. The top and bottom of the clothes are purchased separately. When used in combination, they look completely normal at first glance, but they will feel uncomfortable when checked further.

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The developers of Mediatonic definitely got Sonic’s “One eye, two students” Yes, but I am a little worried about the obvious separation between the upper and lower garments. It looks like a mouth. Do you want to open your mouth? I hope not.

Very like Fall guyPrevious cross-border games similar to games half life, Miami Hotlinewith Team Fortress 2, A single Sonic garment will cost 5 crowns each, which means that the entire garment will bring you 10 crowns. What is so disturbing is the many victories.


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