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The Emirates NZ team releases the Defender build video | Instant News

America’s Cup: The Emirates NZ team releases the Defender build video

by Emirates Team New Zealand Nov 24 5:15 PM PST
November 25, 2020

The Emirates New Zealand team sailing on their AC75 Te Rehutai at Waitemata Harbor in Auckland, New Zealand © Hamish Hooper / Emirates Team New Zealand

The Emirates New Zealand team has released a rare video showing the construction of their second generation AC75, which was built at the team’s dedicated construction facility on Auckland’s North Coast.

The video is more than just your team’s usual video – it shows the start of the design, construction of the tool and then production, plus comments from those involved, and how the team coped with COVID-19 and the five missing weeks.

For the record, the AC75 took 75,000 man hours to build, and more than 90,000 hours to design. A team of 50 people was involved in the construction of Te Rehutai following the need to catch up to the 8,000 work hours lost from a critical project path due to the COVID-19 lockdown in New Zealand in April 2020.


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Bermuda and Italy were selected to host the first SailGP event of the second season | Instant News

Bermuda and Italy were selected to host the first SailGP event of the second season

by SailGP Nov 23 3:20 AM PST
24-25 April & 5-6 June 2021

Bermuda and Italy were selected to host the first SailGP event of the second season © SailGP

SailGP today announced updated schedules for the first half of the second season, with opening events now set for the island of Bermuda and the city of Taranto in southern Italy.

April 24-25, 2021, the Bermuda Grand Prix presented by the Hamilton Princess will set the stage for an expanded season that is planned to feature nine events. Following the opening, the first Italian Grand Prix will be held on June 5-6 in Taranto.

Although San Francisco and New York were initially set to host the first event after the SailGP Season 2 postponement due to COVID-19, the league changed its schedule to ensure greater certainty and reduce travel earlier in the year. United States Grand Prix | San Francisco will now serve as the SailGP Season 2 Grand Final, and is slated to take place in April 2022.

More than 1,000 km / 640 miles off the US East Coast, Bermuda is not only the main island destination, but has been largely protected from the pandemic. Due to its successful health and safety measures, Bermuda is the ideal place to restart the global SailGP racing championship and host pre-season training.

Once the league restarts in Bermuda, SailGP will move on to Europe – where four of its eight national teams are headquartered – for a series of five grand prix events starting in Taranto. Italy has long been one of the world’s best sailing destinations, and the southern coastal city is welcoming the world’s best sailors for the first time.

As previously announced, the British Grand Prix | Plymouth will then take place on July 17-18, followed by the ROCKWOOL Denmark Grand Prix | Aarhus on August 20-21. Two additional European host cities will be announced with season schedules remaining in early December.

SailGP CEO Sir Russell Coutts said: “After our successful opening season in 2019, cities have taken notice of SailGP, recognizing the economic potential and international exposure that comes with hosting our global events, as well as the community impact of our Race for the Future agenda. driven by purpose. We are pleased that our portfolio of partners where we have grown to include events in Bermuda and Italy. Both venues should provide excellent conditions for both high speed and close to shore racing. This new schedule allows us to plan our first event at 2021 with more confidence while keeping the US show at the end of the season. ”


The Bermuda Tourism Authority will serve as the Official Host Partner of the league’s first Bermudian event and, through SailGP, will highlight Bermuda as a world-class destination for leisure and business travel as well as tourism investment.

Hamilton Princess & Beach Club will serve as Title Partner for the kick-off event. A Fairmont run hotel, the Hamilton Princess is Bermuda’s most famous and iconic hotel situated on the shores of Hamilton Harbor. The West End Development Corporation (WEDCO) is the Official Venue Partner of the Bermuda Grand Prix presented by the Hamilton Princess, while the event has the support of three additional partners: insurance company BF&M, global reinsurance company RenaissanceRe and leading independent offshore bank and trust company Butterfield Group.

SailGP will also work with Bermuda on a common goal of diverse and meaningful social impacts with clear points of engagement throughout the community, including through SailGP Inspire.

As an island region, Bermuda’s sailing heritage is an integral part of its 400 year history; seafaring nation discovered the iconic Bermuda Rig, which is still used on sailing cruises today. Bermuda hosted the 35th Copa America in 2017, providing a spectacular playing field for the competition that first featured a thwarting catamaran that evolved into the F50 used for SailGP.

Glenn Jones, interim CEO of the Bermuda Tourism Authority said: “Bermuda is open, safe and welcoming to travelers seeking a truly extraordinary experience. Holidays to Bermuda provide warm weather, cultural exploration and exciting sporting events throughout the year. Bermuda is extraordinarily proud to have been selected to host the prestigious 2021 season opening event for SailGP, which is fast emerging as the pinnacle of professional sailing. The island’s extraordinary sailing heritage, cultural diversity and global affinity are on full display. The upcoming spring events play an important role in the recovery of our tourism; it is also the ideal season for superyachts to come and rent here, enjoying the spectacular views with front row seats for this dynamic over water event. Last month, the island was hosted Bermuda’s 70th Gold Cup and World Championship Racing Match The 2020 Open, together with the Bermuda golf championship, will be the first PGA TOUR event to welcome live audiences since March. ”


Taranto in Southern Italy will host the first Italian Grand Prix and will be the second stop of SailGP Season 2. The ‘City of Two Seas’ is situated between two bodies of water – the Big Sea and the Small Sea – and the harbor’s unique nature will provide the perfect setting. for an adrenaline-pumping race, against a backdrop that brings together old and new Southern Italy.

SailGP will join the list of international sporting events organized by Taranto. Most recently, in October 2020, Taranto made a stop at the prestigious Giro d’Italia – one of three cycling Grand Tours – and in 2026, will welcome 26 countries to compete in the XX Mediterranean Games.

Taranto Mayor Rinaldo Melucci said: “With 28 centuries of history in the heart of the Mediterranean, Taranto is proud to host teams and guests from around the world for SailGP in 2021. This will be the first stop of the competition in Europe, at the start of our Italian summer. legendary. Founded as a Spartan colony, the city is emblematic of the prosperous Italian art of life and home to one of the largest ports in southern Europe. Its waters will also host contests at the XX Mediterranean Games. Today, Taranto is at the forefront of the deal. new to eco-friendly Italy, and is undergoing a major transition in terms of innovation and resilience. Many people may not be familiar with this corner of Italy, but the light, taste and splendor of the beautiful Taranto is something you want to cherish forever. You are all very welcome. ”

Pre Season Training

Prior to the start of the season, eight SailGP national teams – Australia, Denmark, France, Great Britain, Japan, New Zealand, Spain and the United States – will use the stunning blue waters of Bermuda’s Great Sound to hone their skills during the pre-season training ground. And, for the first time ever, female athletes will be included in training as part of the SailGP gender equality initiative.

In its inaugural season, SailGP attracted a global broadcast audience of over 256 million and an average economic impact of US $ 23 million per venue, increasing local hotels, restaurants and businesses.

Find out more at www.sailgp.com


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Shawano Football will surrender to front row Edgar | Instant News

SHAWANO, WI- The Shawano Football team have found a game for next Friday night. The Hawks (3-1) will travel to Marathon County to face the Edgar Wildcats (4-0). Edgar is ranked No. 1 in Division 7 and was D7 State Runner-Ups last year. They’ve been in state championship game three of the past four years and last won the title in 2016. The Hawks were originally scheduled to play Menasha before the Blue Jays season ended. .

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5.5 Meters Herbstpreis on Lake Thun, Switzerland | Instant News

5.5 Meters of Herbstpreis at Lake Thun, Switzerland – Day 1

by Robert Deaves Oct 9 23:00 PDT
9- October 2020

Marie-Françoise XXI at 5.5 Meters Herbstpreis day 1 © Robert Deaves / www.robertdeaves.uk

Herbstpreis 2020 for 5.5 Meters opens on Friday 9 October on Lake Thun in Switzerland with 12 crew enjoying a tight race day in gentle breezes and under blue skies.

Marie-Françoise XXI (SUI 232, Jürg Menzi Jürgen Eiermann, Christof Wilke) had the best of the day with 1.2 while Skylla IV (SUI 182, Alex Bernheim, Andre Bernheim, Urs Werner) won the second race to lay down the second night. Pungin (SUI 213, Hans-Peter Schmid, Gilbert Dürr, Walter Dürr) is third.

With very little wind forecast, the fleet sat waiting on the YC Thunerse in the hot sun even though it was quite cold because the first snow had just appeared on the mountains at the end of the lake. However, a gentle breeze emerged in the afternoon, reaching a speed of 8-9 knots and only lasted until the end of the second race.

After the general recall, Avalon (SUI 210, Beat Aebischer, Aaron Teuscher, Christof Gerber) led the top round in Race 1 of Marie-Françoise XXI, who took the lead at the gate and led the rest of the leg to win over Pungin and quickly approached Shaolin.

The wind starts to stop to start Race 2 with some major changes to each leg. Skylla IV appeared to be taking the lead but ran out of wind just before the summit, to allow Pungin and Avalon to take the lead. The next two legs are somewhat mixed up with large variations in pressure and many changes of place. Avalon and Pungin dropped to fourth and sixth, while Marie-Françoise XXI and Skylla IV rose. This time Skylla IV has enough pressure to push Marie-Françoise XXI to win the race with Ali Baba (GER 84, Wolf-Eberhard Richter, Hans Wendland, Blessed Kallkowski) coming in third.

For Christof Wilke, of Marie-Françoise XXI, this is the only regatta this year. He said, “We were actually very surprised that we had such a great wind today. We started a little late, but in the end the first race was really fun. The second one is wind dying so it’s a bit of a lottery but in the end it’s okay too, so we’re very happy with the first and second. This is great for today. ”

Alex Bernheim, from Skylla IV said, “In the first race we had good winds and first strong winds, and very bad upwind winds, so we lost a lot. The second one is also very good. In the end we didn’t have enough wind but enough to finish and we managed to get the first win for me and I think the first win for the rest of the crew for a long time. Very happy day. ”

Bernheim took over the helm from his father for the regatta. “For this weekend we thought it was a good chance for me to practice helming so he gave me a chance and I did quite well today I think. But let’s see how it goes this weekend. ”

Marie-Françoise XXI has a five-point advantage while the next four ships are all eight points. The forecast for Saturday is for rain and a little more wind.

Results after Day 1: (two races)

1 Marie-Françoise XXI (SUI 232, Jürg Menzi Jürgen Eiermann, Christof Wilke) 3pts
2 Blame IV (SUI 182, Alex Bernheim, Andre Bernheim, Urs Werner) 8pts
3 Pungin (SUI 213, Hans-Peter Schmid, Gilbert Dürr, Walter Dürr) 8pts
4 Shaolin (SUI 226, Lucien Cujean, Andreas Kindlimann, Hans Von Werdt) 8pts
5 Avalon (SUI 210, Beat Aebischer, Aaron Teuscher, Christof Gerber) 8pts

Full results are here.

More photos on www.flickr.com/photos/fivepointfivemetre


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America’s Cup Rialto: Newsflash – The New Zealand team capsized in strong winds | Instant News

America’s Cup Rialto: Newsflash – The New Zealand team capsized in strong winds

by Richard Gladwell Sail-World NZ Oct 9 4:18 PM PDT
10 October 2020

Te Aihe returns at high speed amidst a rainstorm – Auckland – 1 July 2020 © Richard Gladwell / Sail-World.com

The Emirates New Zealand team reversed their AC75 Te Aihe while sailing in strong winds in the Tamaki Strait, off the southern coast of Waiheke at around 9.30am this morning.

Conditions were outside the wind limits for the American Cup races, with wind speeds recorded at an average speed of 19kts and 25kts, at Passage Rock – believed to be an under-read place where Te Aihe sailed. The ship was quickly corrected and towed back to Auckland.

The reverse occurred in the morning test session after the team launched at dawn – around 6.30am and anchored at 07.40. The reverse incident occurred at about 9:00 a.m., in an area designated as Course E for America’s Cup, and occurred during a high-speed run when the AC75 was loaded at high speed and had just sailed under in what the crew described as a “high-speed plow”, before turning over.

Wind is expected to be at the upper end of the scale for sailing with the AC75, and CEO Grant Dalton told Sail-World they wanted to test what’s possible in terms of top-end speed and to find out if there’s an edge in extreme conditions for AC75, ahead of the AC75 launch. and their second race boat.

Conditions and circumstances would have been fine in the experience of helmsman Peter Burling, after exploitation, in much more severe conditions in the Southern Ocean during the 2018/19 Volvo Ocean Race in which he was helmsman aboard the incoming Dutch flagged vessel Brunel.

AC75 suffered damage to the steering wheel in the incident. Otherwise, Te Aihe will continue training – as happened in their first reversal before Christmas when they practiced for three hours after the incident.

Emirates Team NZ is the first team to admit a double upside. They previously admitted to diving at a high speed of around 50kts, after which the team continued to train.

The US Challenger American Magic capsized at the same location a month ago. Two other challengers have been recorded in “near miss” incidents.

Unfortunately, the upside happened beyond the reach of Sail-World long range cameras.

Challengers are expected to start launching their second AC75 in October, with the Emirates New Zealand Team expected to launch in November.

The first serious offensive for all teams will occur in mid-December with the three-day Christmas Cup or the first and only event at the World Cup America’s Cup. Racing in the Prada Cup starts a month later in mid-January.


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