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Voices of silence: The wisdom of New Zealand-based POW Studios and how they escalated the horror of Coming Home in the Dark | Instant News

When a horror film made in New Zealand Come home in the dark premiered on Sundance earlier this year, the use of its voice is perhaps its most deceptive feature. Breaking off the usual jump scare queues and the obvious musical impulse to lure the audience into reaction, the film takes a more refined approach, using naturalistic sound to give a higher premise a more organic feel, essentially putting the audience in the midst of terror.

Not paying attention to the noises enveloping the film is testament to the responsible design team. The sound of a gun, the gravel under someone’s feet, the bells of a convenience store entrance – an excellent final example of film use – all sounds that are often taken for granted in the grand scheme of film showtimes.

Often the heroes of unsung films, sound design teams have a more influential presence on a production than most people realize. The special team behind Coming Home in the Dark’s expert vibe is POW Studios, a production studio located in the heart of Wellington, New Zealand, where their collaborative efforts have supported the production of films such as King Kong, District 9, What We Do In The Shadows, and Lord of the Rings.

While the big budget endeavors have undoubtedly proved attractive, POW CEO John McKay, Creative Director Matt Lambourn, and Artist Foley Carrie McLaughlin – covered the intricacies of Back home… from her Sundance screening – noting that it is small films that provide real joy in their field of profession; the smaller the set and the budget, the bigger the creative challenges and rewards.

A company born out of their desire to create a platform as a collective unit, rather than seeking individual projects, POW is looking towards a new era of New Zealand filmmaking, a booming movement that McKay himself championed following the early interest arising from the success of Peter Jackson Lord of the Rings.

As someone who loves all aspects of film, it has been quite an exciting experience for me personally to learn more details about the film industry. McLaughlin himself was more than gracious to open up to the role of a foley artist and what exactly was used to provide the voice for a film, although, as he readily admits, his role as a foley artist emerged accidentally, only requested by a colleague’s father. to assist in a project in which he was assigned to be the voiceover for an on-screen actor; “Influencing actors with voice”, he noted.

When dialogue and bigger-than-life voices are picked up by sound editors, McLaughlin prides itself on being the one on location to capture the finer voices; the lightest sound emanating from the movement of a piece of clothing or, as she enthusiastically recalled, the crunch of snow under the feet of Josh Hartnett, Melissa George, and Danny Houston on the 30 Days Night, a title he clearly held in his heart.

Noting their love for horror films, Back home… leaning on the mentality of creating suspense, making silence essentially its own character as we witness formidable victim Erik Thomson’s attempt to survive Daniel Gillies’ imposing executioner psychotic grip. And while cinematography and direction can be attributed to the boldness that the film gives, McKay – who has been in the industry for nearly 50 years now – is delighted by the fact that it is his studio work that is really behind the reasons why the film is just as tense. as it is. Silence, as Lambourn puts it, is the best compliment a person can give Back home…, raising awareness that the lack of a musical score might suggest silence, but it is the tiniest organic sound accompanying the frame that increases the discomfort the audience will experience; “Sound design is manipulative”.

Strongly adhering to the fact that music and dialogue alone were not enough to build a world of film, discussing the intricacies with the POW team only further confirms how much effort is put into productions beyond aesthetics that are more accessible to our immediate senses. . There are subconscious factors that we, as spectators, underestimate when watching movies. Eliminating atmospheric noise – cars passing by and crowd noise on a busy road or the rustling of trees in an open forest – would give the process an unnatural feel, even if we couldn’t pinpoint why such a void would be so noticeable.

While still a visual medium, sound and everything it includes are very important. An additive that is supposed to work with visuals rather than fighting, sound design is very much the unspoken champion of film, with POW Studios creating personalities for themselves where they’re in the pockets of choice where budget and excessive narrative are on the side of smaller, more many intimate productions that deserve a lot of attention and attention.

Come home in the dark originally reviewed as part of us Sundance Film Festival scope.


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Air New Zealand is planning a new service between Hobart and Auckland | Instant News

Once quarantine-free travel is up and running, Air New Zealand will introduce non-stop service between Auckland and Hobart as the tenth destination in Australia.

This route will provide a much-needed economic boost to both the city and the respective tourism industries, as well as open up the Kiwi to the absolute wonder of one of Australia’s best cities. Hopefully it will come in time for Dark Mofo, which will take place in the Tasmanian city from June 16 to 22.

In 2019, around 57,000 passengers traveled from New Zealand to Tasmania, so it is hoped this two-day-a-week, four-hour service will stimulate even greater demand between the two cities.

Flights will take place on Thursdays and Sundays to maximize the opportunities for long weekends for travelers.

The route between the two cities is Air New Zealand’s A320neo fleet service. Although prices are unconfirmed, tickets will go on sale once quarantine-free travel across Tasman has been confirmed.

Chris Singh

Chris Singh is Deputy Editor of AU reviews and freelance travel writer. You can reach him on Instagram by following @chrisdsingh.


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Icebreaker’s City Label is a game-changer for the brand | Instant News

New Zealand brand Icebreaker may be best known for their travel clothes that you would wear well outside of any dense concrete setting, but their still-fresh City label follows a different set of rules. While the timing might have been a bit off, Icebreaker’s City capsule launched early last year and instantly became a staple of the brand. Springboard for the idea that “nature moves faster in the city”, each piece in this collection is based on the idea of ​​presenting lightweight and versatile clothing for everyday wear while using the famous high quality and high quality natural merino wool. brand performance. There are only 7 pieces in the capsule, but many more ways to wear them. Versatility is the design record, perhaps best showcased by the collection’s fascinating Cool-Lite Merino Men’s Jacket ($ 550). Now that Australia is heading for the wetter months, having this versatile jacket as a staple in your wardrobe just makes sense. First of all, it has a surprising and unique look, borrowing a few ideas from a stylish hooded blazer and gently blending that with the type of outdoor-friendly jacket you’d expect from Icebreaker. The Cool-Lite Merino Jacket is made with soft merino wool on the inside and lined with Icebreaker’s signature Cool-Lite fabric on the inside – a blend of Merino and Tencel. The highly breathable, moisture-wicking interior and heavy-duty exterior is perhaps one of the best examples of how Icebreaker can marry form and function while still allowing itself to experiment a bit with aesthetics. The rest of the capsule is made up of men’s and women’s clothing, ranging from The Men’s Merino Zip Hoodie ($ 300) to the Women’s Cool-Lite Merino Trench Coat ($ 600) – a big, bold piece that takes the same approach. than the above. jacket. The Icebreaker’s City label is available exclusively in two of their New Zealand stores, but Australians can easily purchase capsule parts online. More to Explore on the AU: Chris Singh Chris Singh is Deputy Editor of AU Journal and Freelance Travel Editor. You can reach him on Instagram by following @chrisdsingh. .

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Keep your travel dreams alive with Trafalgar’s free digital events in March | Instant News

Even an overview of international travel and what it will look like after COVID is still a long way off, but as with 2020, the dream is still important. The problem then is sorting through the deluge of travel talks and videos to find what will inspire you. The answer: well, anything. You can never know what is going to resonate with someone at some point, but at least the following discussions have a good chance of inspiring a lot of people. Because travel talks are how we’re going to make overseas travel dreams come true right now. Award-winning travel specialist Trafalgar is launching a conference series with hosts from around the world, all free events under a program simply called “Ultimate Travel Events”. Plus, they’re giving away $ 100,000 worth of trips to a winner who signs up for one of the free events in March. Emmy-nominated chef Catherine Fulvio, who calls from her family farm kitchen, will share her grandmother’s soda mix recipe. Poppy Salinger, who is opening her residence in France, will provide a glimpse of what to expect in the country and pay tribute to her late husband, Pierre Salinger. Marta Cuccia, one of the last Italian Renaissance weavers, will share how she makes her creations by hand on 500-year-old looms. There are plenty of fascinating digital events planned, each designed as an insider’s guide and an escape slice for those yearning to jump into another country. Check out some of the programs below: Europe (March 16, 20 or 24): covering Italy, France, Scotland and Ireland. Join this unmissable event to discover how you will travel differently and without worry. With special appearances from a Tuscan winemaker, celebrity Irish chef and a member of the Guinness Storehouse team, nourish your traveling soul from the comfort of your own home. Italy (March 17, 23 or 27): A few local Italian friends are gathered to bring you an Italian adventure from home. Meet a Tuscan winemaker who shares his family history, a Florentine chef who shares a simple but delicious recipe and even the son of an Italian count showing you how to taste olive oil on his estate, where Leonardo da Vinci tested. for the first time his flying machine. Ireland (March 18, 23 or 25): Prepare to be captivated by the natural beauty, rich history and cheerful people of this incredible country. Explore the iconic and the unexpected with us, meet celebrity chef Catherine Fulvio, one of Giant’s Causeway expert guides Keith Acheson and Irish horticulturalist and blogger Oognah O-Dwyer. Plus, get a glimpse of the luxury you’ll experience when staying at the stunning 5-star Ashford Castle in County Cong. To register for free events, click here. More to explore on the AU :.

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New Zealand Breakers to set up NBL home in Tasmania | Instant News

The New Zealand Breakers will play a home game outside Launceston later this season as their nomads NBL existence continues.

The Breakers have been in Australia since late last year. They were first based in Melbourne before moving to Hobart, and then returned to Melbourne for the ongoing NBL Cup.

It is hoped the COVID-19 restrictions will ease and they will be able to return to play in New Zealand later this season, but in the meantime Launceston’s Silverdome will be home to up to six games from next month.

The Tasmanian government will invest $ 750,000 to cover operational costs and game days, as well as invest in new permanent infrastructure prior to the arrival of the NBL Tasmanian JackJumpers in 2022.

The Breakers will be involved in clinical and development programs with Basketball Tasmania during their stay in Launceston, in a timely initiative as the state’s push for its own AFL team remains in the headlines.

“Australia recognizes Tasmania’s potential as a player in the national sporting scene and this is another important marker in our plans to secure an elite sport that provides multiple economic and social benefits,” said Tasmanian Prime Minister Peter Gutwein.

NBL boss Larry Kestelman thanked the Breakers for their continued efforts to ensure the season continues and celebrates its step forward into the league’s newest market.

“This is a fantastic opportunity to showcase NBL in Tasmania ahead of the arrival of the JackJumpers next season,” he said.

“We have always said we want basketball to be the number one sport in Tasmania and we thank the prime minister and the Tasmanian government for bringing NBL games to Tasmania this season.”


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