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Fazlur Rehman, Mahmood Achakzai agree to stage nationwide protests after Eid – Pakistan | Instant News

Published in April 10, 2021 09:06

Fazlur Rehman, Mahmood Achakzai agreed to stage a national protest after Eid

ISLAMABAD (Dunya News) – Chairman of the Pashtoonkhwa Party Milli Awami (PKMAP) Mahmood Khan Achakzai contacted PDM chairman Maulana Fazlur Rehman and asked about his health. The two leaders agreed to launch a national protest movement after Eid.

In detail, the two leaders discussed the political situation in the country and agreed to stage a national protest after Eid.

Mahmood Achakzai said that our aim is not to remove Imran Khan but to change the system.

Meanwhile Maulana Fazlur Rehman is in a healthier condition and has decided to start party activities on a limited scale.


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All stakeholders participated in the soft launching of the Sindh Livestock Expo 2021 | Instant News

KARACHI – The soft launching of the Sindh Livestock Expo 2021 was held at a local marquee on Saturday. The 2nd edition of the exhibition is being held in Hatri By-Pass Hyderabad from March 13 to 15 2021 by the Sindh Animal Husbandry Department in collaboration with the Ministry of Tourism, Agriculture, Sports and Youth and the Ministry of Information, Sindh.

Minister of Information Sindh Syed Nasir Hussain Shah was the guest of honor at the ceremony while Minister of Agriculture Muhammad Ismail Rahu, Minister of Animal Husbandry & Fisheries Engineering Abdul Bari Pitafi Director General (Ditjen) Tourism Aleem Lashari, Secretary of Animal Husbandry Qazi Aijaz Mahessar, Consul General (CG) from Thailand to Karachi, Secretary General of the Karachi Dairy Farmers Association Muhammad Mukhtar, farmer representatives Shakir Umar Gujjar, Owner of Jameel Memon’s Largest Buffalo Farm and residents attended the ceremony.

Responding to the event, Syed Nasir Shah said that the first edition of the Livestock Expo 2020 was successful and added that it was a complete expo. He said: “I congratulate Engineer Abdul Bari Pitafi and his team for making it happen and hope this 2nd edition will provide great opportunities for farmers and livestock sector businesses to improve their business using the latest technology and modern farming methods.”

He said the Sindh government was putting forward the vision of Chairman Bilalwal Bhutto Zardari and improvements had been made in all sectors.

Minister of Agriculture Muhammad Ismail Rahu stated that the exhibition had raised issues of the livestock sector and added that the livestock sector was one of the main sectors of our economy but was unfortunately neglected.

He said the population in arid areas only depends on livestock. He said that the public and private sectors must make concerted efforts to advance the livestock sector and with this step, not only the country’s economy will improve but also the lives of millions of people can be lifted.

The Minister of Animal Husbandry Engineering, Abdul Bari Pitafi, said that the aim of holding the soft launch event of the Livestock Expo 2021 in Karachi is aimed at attracting livestock sector business companies and foreign diplomatic missions and attracting investment in the sector.

“Livestock Expo 2021 is a bridge between breeders, progressive growers, companies, large livestock sector business owners and overseas representatives,” said the Minister of Animal Husbandry, adding that 44 percent of our population is completely dependent on livestock and whether we can modernize old farming methods, 44 percent of the population can be prosperous.

He said, in the last 72 years only the industrial sector has become our focus, but the livestock or agriculture sector which has become the raw material for the industrial sector has been neglected. He added that the original cattle loaf has great potential and we are presenting 40 goat loaves and 12 buffalo and cow patties at the upcoming expo.

He added: “After the addition of the first Expo, we have learned a lot. We have signed an MoU with Punjab on vaccination of livestock before crossing the provincial border, in collaboration with the Rawal Pindi Dry Zone University for various loaves of cattle and the Sindh government has allocated funds to develop businesses in the livestock sector. “

He said after the success of Expo 2020, Muslim sister countries such as Malaysia were considering importing meat from Pakistan rather than India again.

Previously, Qazi Aijaz Ahmed Mahessar Animal Husbandry Secretary welcomed the guests and explained the intent and purpose of the 2nd edition of the livestock fair. In the end, souvenirs and shields were presented to the guests and contributors as well as the farmers.


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PM Imran Khan will launch the Radius Al-Beruni tourism project in Jhelum today | Instant News

Prime Minister Imran Khan will launch Al-Beruni Radius, a tourism project in Jhelum. Photo source: PMO

ISLAMABAD: Aiming at reviving Pakistan’s heritage, Prime Minister Imran Khan will launch Al-Beruni Radius, a tourism project in Jhelum today.

The historic Nandana Fort is located at Tehsil Pind Dadan Khan in the Jhelum district.

According to the PM’s office, the prime minister is interested in preserving and conserving the site, aiming to turn it into an international tourism site.

The archaeological significance of this site dates back to the 11th century when the famous scholar Abu Rehan Al-Beruni during his stay calculated the circumference of the Earth.

Al-Beruni later wrote a famous book about the area and called Nandana a great center of learning.


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US nuclear deterrent safe, secure, reliable and effective after ICBM test: Global Strike Command | Barksdale AFB | Instant News

BARKSDALE Air Force Base, La. – A Global Assault Command Air Force team launched an unarmed Minuteman III intercontinental ballistic missile equipped with a re-entry test vehicle at 11:49 p.m. Pacific Time February 23 from Vandenberg Air Force Base, California.

The tests show that the United States’ nuclear deterrent is safe, secure, reliable, and effective at preventing twenty-first century threats and reassuring our allies.

“Our country’s ICBM fleet is available 24/7,” said Lt. Gen. Anthony Cotton, deputy commander of Air Force Global Offensive Command. “The operational test validates the readiness and reliability of our Minuteman III. This further demonstrates to our citizens, our allies and our partners that the men and women on the three wings of the missile provide credible surveillance with a strategic deterrent that is safe, secure and effective. “

During this test, the ICBM re-entry vehicle traveled some 4,200 miles to Kwajalein Atoll in the Marshall Islands. This test launch verified the accuracy and reliability of the ICBM weapon system, providing valuable data to ensure a continued safe, protected and effective nuclear deterrent.

“Over the past year, our team of highly professional and dedicated Aviators, civilians and contractors have showcased phenomenal initiative and adaptability while continuing to run a successful ICBM test launch program despite pandemic challenges around the world,” said Colonel Omar Colbert, Commander of the 576th Flight Test Squadron. “Today’s launch sends a visible deterrent message to the world, and I am extremely proud of our team, which includes task force members from the three wings of the ICBM along with core expertise and support from Air Force Global Strike Command HQ, Twentieth Air Force HQ, and Central Air Force Nuclear Weapons. “

The pilot launch is the culmination of months of preparations involving many government partners and demonstrates that even during the pandemic, the AFGSC maintains excessive levels of capability to ensure national deterrence. The missiles originated from Missile Wing 341, with men and women supporting the launch of all three AFGSC missile wings as well as the 576th Flight Test Squadron.

“The task force traveled from all three operational missile wings and carried out a successful test launch. The maintenance members demonstrated the ingenuity and technical expertise that made them the backbone of the ICBM mission, ”said Major Jesse Haskett, commander of the Task Force. “The operator dispatched the sortie on time and provided another reminder of the readiness and reliability of the Minuteman III weapon system. We are all truly honored to undertake this mission together with the 576th Flight Test Squadron and proud to represent the many men and women who support nuclear deterrence missions. “

The ICBM community, including the US Department of Defense, Department of Energy, and Strategic Command, uses data gathered from test launches to continue with force development evaluations. The ICBM test launch program demonstrates Minuteman III’s operational capability and ensures the United States’ ability to maintain a strong and credible nuclear deterrent as a key element of US national security and the security of US allies and partners.

The launch calendar is created three to five years in advance, and planning for each launch starts six months to one year before launch. Pilot launches are not a response or reaction to world events or regional tensions.

Air Force Global Strike Command consists of more than 33,700 Airmen and civilians assigned to two air forces numbered, 11 wings, two geographically separated squadrons and one detachment on the continental United States, and deployed to locations around the world. The order oversees all bomber and Intercontinental Ballistic Missile operations for the US Department of Defense.


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Switzerland- Alpine resorts are offering mass Covid tests to contain new outbreaks | Instant News

(MENAFN – Swissinfo) The canton of Vaud in western Switzerland has been the latest to launch mass Covid-19 testing, with pilot schemes at its three largest ski resorts.

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Starting Friday, the canton is offering free voluntary testing ahead of a week of school holidays starting February 20. The campaign started at the Villars-sur-Ollon resort (which by 16:00 had carried out nearly 400 tests, four of which were positive), and will then come to Les Diablerets and Leysin. The test is offered to anyone over 12 years of age, including non-residents.

The aim is to ‘save the end of the ski season’, according to Vaud authorities, and to avoid clusters of coronavirus such as the one in Verbier in December. Verbier is in the neighboring canton of Valais, which is expected to take part in the test.

Switzerland has kept its ski resorts open despite the pandemic and this has caused tensions with several neighboring countries.




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