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The tavern’s food permit was revoked by the Porter County Health Department due to a violation of the COVID-19 protocol, officials said Porter County News | Instant News

PORTER – A tavern closed after the Porter County Health Department revoked its annual meal permit on Friday, officials said.

The Porter County Health Department revoked the food permit from The Steel Barrel Tavern, at 212 Lincoln Street in Porter, said Maria Stamp, a Porter County health officer.

Stamp said it was the result of repeated breaches of coronavirus security protocols and previously issued shutdown orders. Health department officials did not provide further details on the nature of the offense.

However, the Porter County Department of Health has a process to consider restoring an annual meal permit by allowing business owners to appear at a health worker hearing to explain plans for future corrections to suspected violations.


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UK regulators end fraud investigation into BAT | Local | Instant News

“BAT is pleased that the SFO has closed its investigation and the SFO has not taken any further action on this matter. BAT remains committed to the highest standards in conducting its business,” the company said.

It is unclear the status of the investigation by two US regulators whether BAT is in breach of international sanctions, the manufacturer said in its 2019 financial reports.

The regulators are the US Department of Justice and the Office of State Assets Control, a financial intelligence and enforcement agency within the US Treasury. The list of affected countries has not been disclosed.

“The group is cooperating with the investigations of the authorities,” BAT said in October of a US investigation. “The potential fines, penalties or other consequences at this time cannot be assessed.”

“It is not yet possible to identify a time scale on which this problem might be resolved,” he said.

On Friday, BAT said in a statement that “we are continuing to cooperate with the US authorities regarding their sanctions investigation. There are no further updates at this time.”

Campaign for Tobacco-Free Children, a US anti-tobacco advocacy group, has urged regulators and the US Justice and Securities and Exchange Commission Congress to carry out their own investigations into BAT relating to the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.


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Germany: Anti-Semitism commissioner calls for eliminating vestiges of Nazi law | News | DW | Instant News

Germany’s anti-Semitism commissioner called for the removal of 29 Nazi-era paragraphs that remain in the country’s constitution in comments published on Sunday.

Felix Klein, appointed two years ago by Chancellor Angela Merkel’s cabinet, says the worst example is the Nazi remnants of 1938 in Germany’s current law on changing a person’s name.

Jews in Nazi Germany were required under a 1939 rule that stemmed from the law to enter a “typical” Jewish first name, Israeli for men, and Sara for women, if their first name was not on the “typical” list maintained by Interior at that time the Ministry.

Klein, who last year, with Social Democrat Eva Högl and Christian Democrat Thorsten Frei, demanded the removal of these words used to persecute Jews, the magazine said Glass Parliament has sent out a catalog of reformulations.

“The name change law is the most striking of them all,” Klein said, adding that the latest version – dated 2008 and still accessible at Ministry of Justice website – Still mentions “German Reich” and “Reich Interior Minister,” terminology banned by Hitler’s defeated regime.

In last year’s appeal, Klein, Högl and Frei wrote that the occupying Allied Control Council had attempted to overturn the law, but that the law remained in effect under Article 125 of Germany’s post-war Constitution.

“Anyone looking to change their first or last name in Germany today is [still] faced with an anti-Semitic motivated law of 1938, “they said.

Instead, the amendments should declare “the Federal Republic of Germany” and “the Federal Interior Minister,” Klein said. Spiegel in his latest call.

Naturopathic law is also polluted

As a surviving example, Klein cites Nazi-era paragraphs covering current German law on naturopathic healing practitioners, its gambling casino regulations, and joint Greco-German legislation on civil legal aid.

Klein said the goal of the omnibus legislation before the Bundestag was to review and remove all remaining parts of the Nazi era.

In their 2020 joint call, Klein, Hogl and Frei said a further aim was to avoid words that define Germany’s post-war federal interior minister as a “successor” to the Nazi-era Reich interior minister and be punished. war criminal Wilhelm Frick.

It was Frick, who was convicted at the Allied Nuremberg trials and executed in 1946, who since 1930 in the then state of Thuringia has sought German citizenship for Adolf Hitler who was born in Austria but stateless, whom Prussia considers an unwanted alien.

Hitler finally obtained German citizenship in 1932, through the then-adjacent German state of Braunschweig, a year later becoming chancellor of Germany and seizing power.

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Australia, US, UK, Canada criticize the mass arrests in Hong Kong | Instant News

CANBERRA, Australia (AP) – The foreign ministers of Australia, the United States, Great Britain and Canada issued a joint statement on Sunday expressing “serious concern” about the arrest of 55 activists and democracy supporters in Hong Kong last week.

The arrests are by far the largest action taken under a national security law that China imposed on the semi-autonomous region more than six months ago.

“It is clear that the National Security Law is being used to eliminate differences of opinion and opposing political views,” said the four foreign ministers.

The Chinese and Hong Kong governments say legislation is needed to restore order in a city rocked in 2019 by months of often violent anti-government protests demanding greater democracy.

Most of those arrested last week took part in unofficial legislative elections that were later postponed. The authorities alleged the main thing was part of a plot to take control of the legislature to paralyze the government and force city leaders to resign.

55 people have not been invoiced, and all but three have been invoiced released on bail waiting for further investigation. Confidence can make them ineligible to run.

Four foreign ministers say the next legislative election must include candidates who represent different political opinions. Only half the city’s legislature is elected by popular vote.

“We call on Hong Kong and China’s central authorities to respect the legally guaranteed rights and freedoms of the Hong Kong people without fear of arrest and detention,” they wrote.

The statement was signed by Marise Payne from Australia, Francois-Philippe Champagne from Canada, Dominic Raab from the UK and Mike Pompeo from the United States.

Separately, Pompeo announced Saturday that the US is scrapping longstanding restrictions on how its diplomats and others relate to their counterparts in Taiwan, a self-governing island that China says should come under its control.

Action against Taiwan and Hong Kong will undoubtedly anger China, which views such actions as foreign interference in its internal affairs.

The Trump administration, which is in its final days, is the same send Kelly Craft, its ambassador to the United Nations, to Taiwan this weekend. China has sharply criticized the upcoming visit, while the Taiwan government has welcomed it.


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Minister of Law, Home Affairs and Accountability Advisor contacted PM Imran – Pakistan | Instant News

Published in 05 January 2021 5:24 am

The Minister of Law, Home Affairs and Accountability Advisor contacted PM Imran

ISLAMABAD (Dunya News) – Law Minister Farogh Nasim and Home Affairs and Accountability Advisor Shahzad Akbar visited Prime Minister Imran Khan in Islamabad today (Tuesday).

During the meeting, they discussed important legal and constitutional issues, the way forward for solving problems, and strategies for the future.

The Prime Minister was briefed on a strategy to bring the court case to its logical conclusion in a swift and swift manner.

Farogh Nasim explained to the Prime Minister that 99.5 percent of the cases received by the Ministry of Law had been resolved. He said 100 cases were rolled back every day.

The Prime Minister appreciates the speed with which court cases are resolved.


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