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Italy’s ‘Dying City’ is looking for a nod to its UNESCO heritage | Instant News

Calling yourself the “City of Dying” may not sound like the best way to attract visitors, but Civita has learned to make a living from the dead.

And it has held definitive death for so long Italy has nominated it and the surrounding area consisting of steep cliffs and valleys known as “barren land” to become a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Centuries ago, the city was much larger and connected by road to other settlements. Yet landslides, earthquakes, fissures and erosion have reduced their size dramatically and allowed them to stand on their own spectacularly at the top of the spurs.

As the winter clouds thin, Civita looks like a castle floating in the air. On a clear day, the rock on which he rests looks like a piece of cake in layers.

Clay from the inland seas one million years ago supported a layer of solidified ash and magma from subsequent volcanic eruptions.

Civita’s past, present and future is a geologist’s dream, with the massive landslide that occurred in 1114 still being studied today.

“Over the past three millennia, regressive erosion has practically reduced Civita to a nucleus, leaving the square and some of the roads around it,” said Luca Costantini, 49, a geologist who is part of a project to monitor and slow erosion.

In underground caves cut from soft volcanic rock known as tufo, steel rods hold the walls together.

“Our motto is ‘resilience’ because Civita was founded by the Etruscans, going through the Roman era and the entire medieval period to the present day,” said Luca Profili, 32, mayor of Bagnoregio, of which Civita is a part.

“This place is very fragile,” he said.

The fragility is measured in part with an “extensometer,” an external telescopic rod that detects movement.

The surviving Civita dates mostly to the Medieval period and measures about 152 by 91 meters (500 by 300 feet), less than two football fields. The main square is about the size of a basketball court.

Once scattered over a hill about three times its current size, over the centuries the entire neighborhood collapsed due to landslides. The day is accessible via long, steep trails for hikers or golf carts.

The number of permanent residents fluctuates between 10 and 14 depending on the season. Prior to the pandemic, Civita became an attraction for tourists traveling between Rome and Florence.

Street signs direct visitors to “Civita – The Dying Town”.

Stefano Lucarini, 29, bought a restaurant in Civita in March 2020, just days before the first Covid lockdown.

“The timing isn’t right,” he joked. But he is optimistic that after the pandemic, the city can bounce back.

“The environmental risks are worrying (but) we hope that over the years everyone can enjoy this city,” he said.

The mayor’s spokesman, Roberto Pomi, said Italy submitted a proposal for a heritage site in January and expected UNESCO to decide by June next year.

(Reporting by Emily Roe and Cristiano Corvino in Civita, written by Philip Pullella, editing by Giles Elgood)

This story has been published from wire agent bait without modification to the text.

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Glass-Heritage’s game moves to Tuesday, highlighting the spate of matches affected as the season ends. | High school | Instant News

Heritage’s boys squad (7-1) came in after winning seven straight since the opening night defeat to Liberty Christian. It will seek to defend its home ground against the Hilltoppers (3-3), the two-time winner in a row looking to take revenge after dropping a 67-51 decision at home on January 14.

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It was Glass’s first outing, as a new young team in the university ranks who haven’t even tried to find her identity with her point guard, O’Maundre Harris.

“I never saw my team play,” recalled coach DJ Best. Three Hilltoppers – Zach Smith, Camp Conner and Aidan Treacy – were in double figure that night, but Glass faltered in the second half.

Things could be a lot different on Tuesday. Pioneers will face Glass’s team more aligned with themselves, with better knowledge of Best’s offensive and defensive systems, and with more determination.

Heritage, on the other hand, is playing at its best basketball of the season, using turnovers to get a transition bucket and moving the ball well to find an open jumper or get the ball down the lane.

“I’ve been watching Glass from afar,” said HHS coach Tony Crews, “and what I see, as they get more games under their belt, is they seem to be going to be their own, back to what Formula Glass has always been. . “

The crew also likes his team’s current position. Supported by a wide array of players who can make a difference, including Jacobi Lambert, Kyle Ferguson, Bre’Andre Horsley, Pioneers must be a post-season threat in the 3C Region. Win Tuesday and they’ll play Liberty Christian (7-1) for Seminole District supremacy Thursday night, if the Bulldogs beat Brookville on Tuesday.


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The certificate of inheritance will be issued within 15 days, said PM Imran Khan | Instant News

Prime Minister Imran Khan addresses a ceremony in Islamabad, on January 21, 2021. – YouTube

Prime Minister Imran Khan announced Thursday that the inheritance certificate will now be issued within 15 days.

Speaking at the launching ceremony for the Administration Letter and Succession Certificate, the prime minister said the reason behind the corrective action was to make ordinary people’s lives easier.

He regrets that the land mafia illegally took over their plots, while noting that half of the cases pending in court are land disputes.

“We are trying to bring reforms and change our justice system for the better,” he said, adding that it would be another step towards providing assistance to the people.

The criminal justice system needs work

The prime minister said that Pakistan’s criminal justice system needs to be improved as the current arrangements encourage crime.

He said that “once the perpetrators face punishment for their crimes, the crime rate will eventually drop in the country.”

“A civilized society gives a message: Crime doesn’t pay,” he said, stressing the need for reform in the criminal justice system.

A state like Medina

Reiterating his determination to turn Pakistan into a country like Medina, he said: “In the state of Medina, monarchy does not exist.”

The state is based on principles of equality and justice, he said, adding that people do not know that it is a “modern state”.

Based on Radio PakistanThe Ministry of Law has set up a mechanism to establish a Succession Facilitation Unit in collaboration with the National Database and Registration Agency (NADRA) for the issuance of an Administration Letter and Succession Certificate within 15 days of commencement of applications by the legal heirs of the deceased. .

Previously, it usually took two to seven years to obtain a simple Administration Letter or Certificate of Succession, but now it only takes 15 days.

“People-friendly law reform is considered important by the current government which aims to ensure justice through people-friendly laws.

One of the most important pieces of legislation passed in this regard is The Letters of Administration and Succession Certificates Act, 2020. “

The law is important to address common problems faced by deceased heirs in the issuance of Administration Letters and Succession Certificates, he added.


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‘Worst’: Melania Trump’s legacy was brutally ridiculed | Instant News


Viva Fashion Editor Dan Ahwa took notice of Melania Trump’s fashion statement during the child migrant crisis.

Melania Trump’s days at the White House are now numbered clearly despite her husband’s denial about his election defeat.

But as the First Lady quietly prepares to live out of the spotlight, attention has turned to what kind of legacy she’s leaving.

And that’s not all that great for a 50 year old mother of one.

The hashtag #WorstFlotusEver has started appearing on Twitter, with criticism heaping on the previous model by listing their many grievances and mocking its accomplishments over the past four years.

So, what were they so upset about?

Melania’s sad legacy

The majority of social media users called the famous Trump “I really don’t care, do I?” the jacket, which he wore while on a trip to visit children imprisoned under the President’s family separation policy.

“You will be remembered as the heartless birther who wore a jacket that said, ‘I really don’t care, do I?’ to meet the children your husband separated from their parents in a cage, “is just one of the countless summaries of Zara’s online catastrophe.

Another common theme is the divisive all-red Christmas tree that Trump unveiled at the White House in 2018 which is much compared to a “horror film”, while his “tone-deaf” tidies up a finished White House tennis pavilion while the coronavirus claims hundreds of thousands. lives are also highlighted.

Melania Trump introduces the White House Christmas decorations. / White House

Keeping up with the Christmas theme, others slammed the First Lady’s rant about the holiday in the recently released footage, while many claimed she would be best remembered for allegedly plagiarizing Michelle Obama’s speech, rumors of multiple and repeated body use. slapped her husband’s hand at a public event.

Another widespread complaint is Trump’s relatively unsuccessful Be Best campaign aimed at tackling issues affecting children, while many others say he is “the worst FLOTUS ever” for leaving no legacy at all.

That’s a sentiment that was echoed by Peggy Drexler in a scathing opinion piece published by CNN.

“… Whatever Melania Trump’s present attempts to make a legacy, as she is reportedly pondering when she left her East Wing role, she is probably most memorable for not being that impressive at all,” she wrote.

Melania’s next step

The often cold-faced First Lady has shown a beaming smile during recent public appearances – sparking rumors she is secretly happy to leave the White House and continue her previous lifestyle out of the spotlight.

According to a recent CNN report, Trump is desperate to escape the White House, with insiders telling the network “he just wants to go home”.

The report also claims that Trump is busy figuring out which personal items to send from the White House to the couple’s pad in New York and Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, Florida, while the source also said he was quietly asking what. only. possible taxpayer funds that could be allocated to the former First Lady.

Last month, insiders told Page Six that Trump was in talks about a memoir deal that could be worth “big money,” while more recent leaks suggest he could work on a coffee table book in his White House style.

And meanwhile, the end of Trump’s presidency has also sparked speculation about a potential divorce, with former The Apprentice contestant and former White House assistant Omarosa Manigault Newman claiming that Trump is “counting every minute until he leaves office and he could divorce.”

US divorce lawyer Jacqueline Newman, managing partner of Berkman Bottger Newman & Rodd, told Town and Country that Trump can expect to receive as much as $ 50 million (NZ $ 70 million) in divorce settlement.


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The postwar Christmas gifts sparked a lifelong passion for the Italian mastermind | Instant News

Augusto Grilli’s eyes still sparkle when he remembers receiving a small theater and 12 puppets nearly 75 years ago, a childhood gift that sparked a career and lifelong passion.

“It was 1946, the first Christmas after the war, a moment of celebration, joy – a very special atmosphere,” recalls the elegantly dressed Italian man, now 80.

“I got up and among the gifts from ‘Baby Jesus’ was a large box containing a theater and puppets. Love at first sight.”

She turned out to have a talent for making dolls – dolls with ropes – and soon became a star at her school in Turin, northern Italy.

“I used to put on performances a lot, they told me to go to all the classes in elementary school because the kids were having fun,” he said.

But while she enjoys showing off her toys, “no child is allowed to touch them”, Grilli said: “The theater has always been a holy place.”

The small gold and white theater is currently carefully preserved in one of the countless plastic boxes waiting to be brought to the new International Puppet Museum.

Grilli and his wife Mariarosa, 78, dream long, that the museum will open in 2023 in Turin, financed both privately and publicly with the help of various institutions.

“We want to establish a foundation so that this (doll) heirloom is protected,” said Grilli. Photo: AFPi

The Grilli family has a collection of more than 20,000 objects from around the world, from theaters, puppets and glove puppets to shadow figures and silhouettes.

There are about 2,000 from Asia, and some of them date from the 18th century.

As well as hosting exhibitions, the museum will hold shows at the 120-seat theater, host restoration workshops and maintain archives.

The couple came up with the idea 20 years ago, but finally made it happen with the help of their son Marco, who is also a mastermind.

“We want to lay a foundation so that this legacy is protected,” Grilli said, to ensure that “traditions are not lost”.

Wayang kulit has a rich history in Asia and Europe, taking many different forms on both the small and large stage – but Grilli warns it is becoming a lost art form.

Before WWII, he said, Italy had about 40,000 companies of masterminds, but after that, there were only 7,000.

Grilli fixes dolls at the Alfa Theater lab in Turin.  Photo: AFPGrilli fixes dolls at the Alfa Theater lab in Turin. Photo: AFP

“Currently, there are only two or three puppeteers working on string puppets and 400 or 500 working on hand puppets – but only 10 to 20 are worth seeing,” he said.

Initially for Grilli it was just a hobby.

Due to what he calls “paternal demands,” he studies mechanical engineering and keeps dolls to show his friends.

But in 1978, he took the leap and went professional, putting on shows for both children and adults alike, including lyricals such as Mozart’s The Magic Flute or Rossini’s The Barber Of Seville.

“It’s impossible to describe how I feel when I’m on stage, it’s so deep. The puppeteer is part of the puppet, which is part of the dalang, ”he praised.

In his small workshop near Alfa Teatro, the theater he opened at the age of 30 with his wife, Grilli works on his prized dolls.

The drawers were filled with heads, while hundreds of eyes looked out of the old wooden box.

“The doll will break during use,” he explained, pointing to the torn shoe.

Her son, Marco, has lived and breathed this magical world since childhood, and at the age of 14 had his first public show.

Now 47, he has attempted to carve his own path using a hand puppet, and in 2010 was named the best in his field in Italy.

He said puppets were about “the entertainment and expression of the childish part of us all, and our desire to continue playing”.

“It is also a pure expression of an actor sacrificing his ego to spread emotion to the puppet,” he said.

“When you enter this world, you can’t let go of it,” he added, saying he was interested in “bringing the concept of a doll to the future”. – AFP


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