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Covid 19 coronavirus: The adult industry in Queenstown is struggling without tourists | Instant News

The absence of wealthy foreign tourists has affected the adult entertainment industry in Queenstown. Photo file / Michael Armadeus, Unsplash

The absence of wealthy foreign tourists has affected the adult entertainment industry in Queenstown, as New Zealanders are unwilling to spend a fortune.

Indulge Me NZ owner Antonia Davison-McDonald said her striptease company had lost 80 percent of bookings due to Covid-19.

Australians at bachelor parties, hen parties and men’s weekends will use the agency to hire topless waiters and order striptease by men or women.

The lack of bookings means five of its staff have moved away from Queenstown as they can no longer afford to live there.

Davison-McDonald said its staff work for Indulge Me NZ as side jobs to help pay their rent or fund their lifestyle, and in some cases the pandemic has meant they have lost their main job.

He and others in the wider adult industry say Christmas tends to be a quiet time, but his business is still recovering from a loss of revenue in August – usually the busiest time.

“This year has been very bad; last August we had 26 bookings and this year we got five.”

Small groups of wealthy Australians are usually paid to have women work on the large properties they rent, while New Zealanders book fewer staff and for less time.

However, Bon Ton’s high-end escort business has decided to open in Queenstown.

Jennifer Souness, who started an agency in Wellington, said without COVID-19 she would have no problem with demand, but wealthy foreign tourists are prohibited by restrictions so her business doesn’t accept bookings until September.

After initially struggling to recruit due to advertising problems with Trade Me, he received numerous applications from “sex-loving” women who wanted to earn money, but Christmas proved lean.

“Talking to my friends who have agencies in different cities, they told me that business is good, but Queenstown is different.”

He felt the transtasman bubble would be “big,” because his company didn’t want to serve the mass market.

An independent chaperone, who did not wish to be named, said he has had a steady number of clients since moving to Queenstown in November, mainly from the older population.

New Zealand’s Sex Workers’ Collective national coordinator Dame Catherine Healy said sex workers were generally made difficult in Queenstown through “hostile regulations” that were incompatible with other countries, and that few sex workers remained.

NZ Sex Workers Collective national coordinator Dame Catherine Healy said sex work was generally difficult in Queenstown through "hostile regulations".  Photo / Mark Mitchell
NZ Sex Workers’ collective national coordinator Dame Catherine Healy said sex work was generally difficult in Queenstown through “hostile regulations”. Photo / Mark Mitchell

He said the sex workers continued to tour the South Island, including Queenstown, but stayed only a few days while proactively seeking clients.

“It is business as usual, but Queenstown is a tourist town so sex workers will rely on domestic men to visit them.”

Dame Catherine said the regulations, which generally prohibit brothels, created “a potentially very threatening situation”.

However, he did thank the Queenstown police for making sex worker safety a priority.

The last old brothel in Queenstown closed in 2008, although illegal ones have been discovered since then.

The Brothel Control Bylaw 2017 prohibits brothels from being on or under the ground floor of a building, within 100m of other brothels or in certain areas of Queenstown and CBD Wanaka.


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The PM is determined to bring less developed regions on par with developed regions: Shibli Faraz – Pakistan | Instant News

Last updated when July 14, 2020 8:01 a.m.

The PM is determined to bring less developed regions on par with developed regions: Shibli Faraz

ISLAMABAD (Dunya News) – Prime Minister Imran Khan has directed all provinces to form a Provincial Finance Commission to bring less developed regions on par with developed regions.

This was stated by Minister of Information and Broadcasting Shibli Faraz when giving briefings to the media after a federal cabinet meeting in Islamabad today, with Prime Minister Imran Khan in the chair.

He said that the Federal Minister for Planning and Development would oversee matters relating to the Provincial Finance Commission in Punjab, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Balochistan.

The Minister said that the Prime Minister had expressed the government’s determination to ensure transparency in the Senate elections. He said the government was working to develop a system to streamline the appointment of heads of government institutions.

The minister said the government was working to establish the Hajj Fund in the Malaysian model pattern.

He said that the cabinet reviewed all decisions taken in the previous meeting and discussed various suggestions related to the implementation of the pending decisions.

Shibli Faraz said people were being provided with solar stoves in Gilgit Baltistan to prevent deforestation in the region. He said the meeting was told that a total of 11,376 Pakistanis were jailed in various countries.

The Prime Minister directs all Pakistani embassies to provide legal support to these prisoners and contact the relevant authorities to ensure their release.

Commenting on the Sugar inquiry report, he said his main goal was to ensure the supply of sugar to consumers at low prices rather than defaming someone.


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The fall in cases due to less testing in Islamabad: official | Instant News

Islamabad-the Federal capital has seen a dramatic decline in the number of coronavirus (COVID-19) instances, the health official said that the recent fall in cases is due to less participation of people in the trials.

In the Federal capital on Tuesday saw a sharp decline in the number of positive cases of novel coronavirus (COVID-19). However, the mortality rate increased again to three people a day. The Director General (DG) health services, Municipal Corporation Islamabad (MCI) Dr. Hasan Orooj talking to the nation said that there were several factors for the decline of cases, including less involvement of people.

He said that although people have also become cautious and lock also worked, but now they are not going to test as mentioned earlier.

Dr. Hasan Orooj said that the number COVID-19 cases because of the low number of trials. He said that before people had to actively go to the test, but now the number has decreased. “Before people were rushing into the city hospitals, but now the trend has changed,” he said. Dr. Hassan said that one reason for the low number of trials is “fear” among them that are not going for COVID-19 test.

He said that previously, the government initiated a campaign in the slums and he is facing difficulties in fulfilling it. In the DGHS said that people should watch for handouts and to take preventive measures during Eid-ul-Azha, as the chances will increase if he avoided social distancing. Dr. Hasan Orooj also noted that another factor low cases is blocked in the regions in the result that contains a virus. He also said that in the Federal capital in General, patients reported from G and the I sector. According to the national team and Center (NCOC) data, 63 COVID-19 cases were reported in the previous 24 hours. Meanwhile, the mortality rate increased again to three per day per person.

According to the company, the number of cases began to decline from the end of the previous month and this figure gradually decreases.

Official figures show that the total number of active COVID-19 cases in the city 13577, while 140 of the deaths were registered and 9403 patients recovered from infection.

The average number of deaths in the city in the previous three days, only three, however, he went down on one last week, said that official data.

Meanwhile, the number of active cases in the city of Federal significance over the last three days left 97, 113 and 85, respectively. The lowest rate was 63 recorded in the previous 24 hours. The cases fall below 100 was recorded after the month of may.


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Financial Advisers Recommend Open States Safely, but Openly | Instant News

Financial Advisers Recommend Open States Safely, but Openly | RiverBender.com


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Axes and AKs: Fashion has a big moment at Nazi LARP in Michigan’s Capitol | Instant News

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Want to know what’s hot for fall? Look no further than the hundreds of trendsetters, fashionistas, human mayonnaise packages, and armed militias who stepped up their belongings – and challenged Governor Gretchen Whitmer and his “sham-demic” coronavirus policy – on the Capitol’s measures on Thursday.

Be careful, Paris fashion week! Walk, New York! Back to your hometown, Milan! This is where Michigan displays the best MAGA, misogyny, and fools. Look at some of the boldest, wetest, saddest fashion statements we have seen in Lansing.

Michigan’s unique libtard weather forced anti-Whitmer demonstrators to wear their best rain gear. And, kid, did they become creative.

A protester even found some vintage inspiration from the first lady and Queen Obama-birther herself, Melania Trump, is wearing a similar outfit Zara’s controversial jacket in 2018 when she goes to visit migrant children who have been separated from their families by her husband’s racist hand-in-chief. Hey, at least they spell “tyranny” properly!

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Want to blend and stand out at the same time? Whos not ?! Just slap the camouflage poncho and hold a weapon that can fire 600 revolutions per minute in public and in broad daylight. Besides, nobody says, “Hey, don’t look at me or my weapon again” like white people … just white people.

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Because many people are forced to coat, covering what we have to imagine to be very suitable for curating, that accessory is the most popular. Not really. The accessories really hate.

Look at this grandfather’s incel! Neither rain nor general courtesy could stop him from tying the rope around Whitmer-inspired Barbie dolls! Also, someone had clearly swept their Tyra Banks “smize!” Fierce! And actually very scary.

Do you know couples who have been together for a long time and love each other so much that they start to look like each other? Yes, we really like the flag-to-flag-from-flag energy of this couple who only shout “missionary sex once every election cycle!”

Another hot accessory trend? Children who don’t know why they are dragged out of the house to stand in the rain without a mask and watch a group of adults with frightening weapons who will most likely learn how to run from when the drill school shoots screaming about a woman who works so hard to keep children like them, and their stupid parents, safe. Don’t have kids? No problem. Acting like that. It seemed quite popular on Thursday.

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For those without spare children, partners or Barbie dolls to damage, all you need to make a statement is just a poster board, markers and messages. Take it from this person who has all three! A teaching aid for his Google search that really tells him how to spell correctly “vaccination” and “deez.” Good luck with your diagnosis of polio in the future!

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Now, for those who have a strong artistic vision, an Exacto knife, some tin foil, and zero clues as to what the prison actually is, accessories can also be used practically. Take these people who cannot defend their constitutional rights as much as they can rely on them. You go, Karen!

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Fashion is meant to push boundaries. The same thing can apply to weapons. This guy does both when he brings a good old-fashioned ax to the crossfire / Trump. And, reason youMr. Who says you can go straight kill in the constitutional graphic hoodie? What an advanced and fashionable way, truly strained to remind yourself and your neighbors about your constitutional rights. Yes, not all of them, only what you choose to enforce using intimidation tactics, weapons, and hatred of a woman in power.

While so many people who attended the Lansing protest were very serious about their fashion statement, imagination also had a big moment. From the DIY mask, DIY signs that imagine Whitmer as Hitler, and, well, just look at this … Pokemon-people.

Remember, friends. Stand for what you believe is always in style. Unless you dress like a child anime creature holding an AR-15. Then maybe, just don’t. And please, until Big Gretch says otherwise, stay home.

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