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Letters: Biden plays a pun. | Letter | Instant News

To the Editor: The president’s latest mistake is his assertion that our constitutional rights are not “absolute”. Is he playing the Socialist Democratic word game or is this his personal connotation of the word absolute? I am sure his use of the word “infrastructure” also falls into the category of dubious words and phrases that would suit cunning politicians’ whims.

There are several sources for our definition of the word “infrastructure” in English. I would like to look at the following two sources:

1. Black’s Law Dictionary, 8th Edition

The framework underlying the systems in particular, public services and facilities (such as roads, schools, bridges, sewers, and water systems) are needed to support trade as well as economic and housing development.

2. Webster’s Random House University Dictionary

The basic framework that underlies, or features of a system or organization; basic facilities serving a country, city, or region, such as transportation and communication systems, power plants, and roads; a country’s military installation.

The above definition goes without saying that President Biden’s proposed infrastructure bill is minimally adapted to its intended purpose and is just another reason for the huge outlay.

For the uninformed – wake up!

Perry Green,

Manchester Center


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PM Imran Khan emphasized electoral reforms in a letter to NA Chairman Asad Qaiser | Instant News

Prime Minister Imran Khan (left) and National Assembly Chairman Asad Qaiser. – PID / File

In a letter to National Assembly Chairman Asad Qaiser on Wednesday, Prime Minister Imran Khan asked him to form an inter-party parliamentary committee to discuss electoral reform and bring transparency to elections.

The prime minister, in a letter written to the speaker, said the recent elections had highlighted “once again the specter of vote buying in a non-transparent way of conducting elections”.

The prime minister, in the letter, highlighted that the treasurer has submitted a bill for “meaningful electoral reforms to remove the stigma attached to our electoral process”.

“I would ask you to immediately form an inter-party parliamentary committee to discuss these reforms and reach an agreement on how to introduce best practices including the use of technology and the introduction of EVMs (electronic voting machines) to strengthen our electoral system and democracy,” he said.

The prime minister said the task had to be completed within a definite time frame so that enough time was given to the agencies concerned to carry out reforms before the next general election.

“In the context of the Senate, my party and I are asking for an open ballot to ensure transparency and fairness given how the Senate election has achieved fame as a major market for vote buying,” he said.

The prime minister highlighted that the government has moved the Supreme Court in this matter and the court directed the General Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) to ensure transparent, fair and free elections and stated that the confidentiality of ballots is not absolute ”.

“Unfortunately, the ECP ignored the Security Council’s decision and failed to carry out fair and free Senate elections,” he complained.

“The sluggishness of our prevailing electoral system including but not limited to the free flow of money to buy votes has been the target of criticism after all the elections with the losing party claiming the results were rigged,” he said.

Prime Minister Imran Khan said the practice was starting to destroy the entire “credibility of all elections in Pakistan” which cast a shadow of doubt over our entire democratic process as well as the functioning of our parliamentary system.

“It is in the interests of democracy in Pakistan to build a credible and transparent electoral system and end all possible venues for corrupt practices that erode our parliamentary democracy,” the prime minister said.


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Irish student letter from New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern | Instant News

A 12 year old Irish student cheered after receiving a personal letter from New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern. Photo / Getty Images

A 12 year old Irish student cheered after receiving a personal letter from New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern.

The young school girl was given a school project during Ireland’s first lockdown in 2020 asking her to write a letter to the chosen leader.

In March 2020, the 12 year old boy decided to write to Jacinda Ardern.

This week, Ardern responded.

His father Philip Bromwell, a journalist for the Irish website RTE, took to Twitter to share Ardern’s letter.

The letter, signed by Ardern, reads: “Thank you very much for your letter. I’m sorry it took me so long to reply, unfortunately it has been a busy few months.

“I appreciate you taking the time to write – your kind words mean a lot and they really brighten up my day.

“I hope you and your family stay safe in Ireland, convey my best wishes to them.”

It was also signed privately with a pen, with the PM adding “thanks again, Lily!”.

Bromwell said Lily was “delighted” at the answer.

“During the first lockdown last spring, our 11 year old son had to write a letter to a school leader. He chose Jacinda Ardern.

“Well, after ‘a few busy months’ (!) For NZ PM, Lily was thrilled to get a personal reply! Great in leads, locks & letters.”

Irish media have picked up the story, and locals have taken to social media to share their love for the response.

“Incredible leaders. And congratulations for your 11 year old son to connect with him. They could not have chosen a more inspiring leader in these unprecedented times,” wrote one of them.

Another added: ‘That’s really cool. Lily and Jacinda are definitely legends. Beautiful by NZ PM. “

This is not the first time Ardern has responded to an international letter.

A 14-year-old student from South India was surprised and delighted to have a “beautiful and personal reply” to a letter she sent Ardern.

Amana Ashraf wrote to Ardern in 2019 to convey her admiration for the Prime Minister, praising him for beating “hate with love”.

In Ashraf’s letter, he asked about the Prime Minister’s daughter, Neve.

Ardern replied by saying that Neve was very kind.

“He’s growing so fast. It’s amazing to hear him start talking [she now says ‘hi’ to everyone she sees!]. “

In his reply, Ardern thanked Ashraf for his encouraging words and said that his expression of solidarity had helped New Zealand.

“Knowing that we have friends around the world, who are ready to stand with us to spread love and solidarity rather than hatred and division, has given us strength,” Ardern was quoted as saying.


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Gillani wrote a letter to Prime Minister Imran Khan, asking for his vote in the Senate elections | Instant News

Former PM Yousaf Raza Gillani (Left) and PM Imran Khan (Right). Photo: Files

Gillani wrote a letter to all MPs asking for their votes in the Senate elections
The PPP leadership also sent a letter to Prime Minister Imran Khan
Senate elections will be held on March 3

PPP leader Yousaf Raza Gillani wants to secure Prime Minister Imran Khan’s vote in the upcoming Senate elections.

According to Geo News, the former prime minister has written to all members of the National Assembly, asking for their votes for the upcoming Senate elections in which he competes as the joint candidate of the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM).

The same letter was sent to the prime minister, who condemned the PDM and accused the Opposition parties of seeking a secret ballot in Senate elections in hopes of bribing lawmakers.

PDM’s Gillani will fight PTI’s Abdul Hafeez Shaikh for a seat in Islamabad for the Senate.

In his letter, the PPP leadership appealed to parliamentarians to pay attention to their character and politics over the past few years.

He stressed the importance of Senate elections and the vote, saying that would have consequences for the country for a long time.

Prior to the Senate elections, the PDM had announced that the alliance was on one page about Gillani’s candidacy as its candidate from Islamabad.

Previously, former prime minister Nawaz Sharif had offered full support to PPP Co-Chair Asif Ali Zardari for Gilani.

Gillani has been actively campaigning to win the upcoming elections. Previously, he contacted the Head of BNP (Mengal) Sardar Akhtar Mengal to discuss the current political situation in the country.

PPP and other political parties have expressed confidence that the government will lose the upcoming Senate elections with PPP leader Asif Ali Zardari even saying that PM Imran Khan will no longer be prime minister after the election.

PTI wants to increase support

The government, on the other hand, has leveled accusations against the Opposition, accusing it of trying to buy votes for the upper house. On the other hand, PTI has also held meetings with allied parties to garner support for its candidates in the upcoming Senate elections.

The PTI last week sent a high-power delegation to meet leaders of its ally Qaumi-Pakistan Muttahida Movement (MQM-P) and the Supreme Democratic Alliance (GDA).

The meeting was held in an attempt to win maximum seats in the upcoming Senate elections in Sindh.

The leaders of the three political parties, which are also coalition partners in the federal government and part of the combined opposition in the Sindh Assembly, agreed to run in the March 3 Senate elections and are considering several strategies for dividing tickets for five seats. from the Upper House of Parliament, including three generals, and one each reserved for technocrats and women, The News reported.

They also discussed steps to curb the horse trade in a Senate poll. The PTI delegation consisted of three federal ministers Asad Umar, Dr Hafeez Shaikh, Muhammad Mian Soomro and former opposition leader in the Sindh Assembly Firdous Shamim Naqvi.


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University of Wisconsin-Madison students translate historical letters from the Pabst family’s German roots in Milwaukee | Instant News

MILWAUKEE, Wis. – It’s a name steeped in Wisconsin beer history, how much do we know about the people behind the name Pabst?

Much of the answers are now inside the Pabst Mansion, the former home of Captain Frederick Pabsts in Milwaukee.

Now, thanks to a local student, the complex roots of the German family are better understood.

Marisa Irwin let her words sink in as she read a letter from Maria Best to her sister-in-law.

Maria is the wife of Captain Frederick Pabst.

Two families deep-rooted in every sip of Wisconsin beer.

Irwin’s German heritage helped him read the letters.

“I grew up in Milwaukee,” he said. “I have spoken German since I was three years old and the Pabst family has been mentioned many times throughout my life.”

The University of Wisconsin-Madison students hold history in their hands. One of more than 300 letters written between Pabst and the Best family from 1841 to 1887

“This handwriting style is called kolinsky and hasn’t been used since 1914 in Germany,” said Irwin. “Most Germans today don’t even know how to read it.”

Pabst Mansion curator Jocelyn Slocum recalls when these letters were discovered 15 years ago, in Oconomowoc at Pabst Farms.

“Fred Pabst Jr. started Pabst Farms at the turn of the 20th century and this was actually found in a cupboard, so it hasn’t been touched for over a century,” says Slocum.

“To get a glimpse into the history of Milwaukee when 75% of the people in the city speak German and many of them only speak German,” said teacher Irwin Viktorija Bilic, who is also a German immigrant.

The three women never thought they would have the chance to get together, helping to translate so much of Wisconsin history for future generations.

Through a partnership between UWM and Pabst Mansion, Irwin and other students have eight weeks to decipher as many letters as possible as part of the Translation and Translation Studies program.

“I have about 25 pages with letters to transcribe, research translations,” said Irwin. “So it literally took me eight whole weeks to do the full project.”

Bilic, who has dedicated most of his life to similar studies, is associate professor for the program.

“Nothing is more authentic than this, reading these letters in German – that’s even the old-fashioned style in German,” he said.

A trip to the past, nearly 200 years ago, when Milwaukee became a resting place for Germans looking for a better life. A city that welcomed the pioneers of beer in Wisconsin Germany.

“You can survive just speaking German,” said Irwin.
These letters served as glimpses of their lives, forever stored on a sheet of paper.


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