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The PM’s letter to the world represents the sentiment of all Pakistanis: Firdous | Instant News

LAHORE: Special Assistant to Punjab Chief Minister for Information Dr Firdous Ashiq Awan Thursday said Prime Minister Imran Khan’s letter to world leaders following the publication of sketches of blasphemy in France was a representation of the sentiments of all Pakistanis.

He addresses the Ulama-Mushaikh conference, which is organized under the auspices of the Auqaf and the Ministry of Religious Affairs on the fourth day of the week “Shan-e-Rehmatul-Lil-Alameen” here.

He said the United Nations should decide on a code of conduct on insulting the Holy Prophet (PBUH) by the French government, and punishments should be brought for those who insult the holy prophet in the name of freedom of expression in the world.

The special helper said that the life of the Prophet (PBUH) was a shining example for all of us to follow. He is a kindest person, imbued with compassion for both Muslims and non-Muslims. His love, compassion and concern for orphans and widows, the kindness he showed to the poor, the needy and the oppressed knows no bounds. The world has seen many scholars, philosophers and preachers but none as great as Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). He is a role model for everyone in this world. He is the source of light and guidance that can guide us completely. The Life of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) guides us in our individual and collective lives, he said.

Dr Firdous said the endeavors of Punjab Chief Minister Sardar Usman Buzdar had paid off and today we all gather to pay tribute to Prophet Muhammad (SAW). He said the aim of the conference was to promote interfaith harmony and send a message to the world that Pakistan is a peaceful country where the rights of religious minorities are protected.

He said Prime Minister Imran Khan followed the golden principles laid down by the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and sought to bring the affairs of the country forward in the light of the Sunnah of the Prophet (SAW). He said the topics ‘Shan-e-Aqdas’ and ‘Seerat-e-Taiba’ had been included in the curriculum of the Punjab Textbook Council. The Punjab government has awarded scholarships worth Rs250 million to encourage its students to conduct research on topics related to Seerat-e-Taiba in order to present the true picture of Islam and ‘Seerat-e-Nabi’ to the West.

The Minister of Law, Parliament and Social Welfare of Raja Basharat Province, Minister of the Province of Auqaf and Religious Affairs Pir Syed Saeedul Hassan, prominent scholars from all sects and scholars of other religions were also present.


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Video Games and Your Information Privacy | Instant News

Oct. 5, 2020 3:55 ET

Claims made by Dave Aitel and Jordan Schneider in the October 28 op-ed “If You Play Video Games, China May Be Spying On You“It is speculative and misleading. The author gets the facts wrong and ignores Tencent’s commitment to user privacy and data security.

Videogames barely represent the data risk that the authors claim. Games do not typically collect real-life personal data, nor are they used for targeted advertising or content recommendations. And most mobile game publishers don’t have access to sensitive financial data, instead relying on third parties like Apple and Google to process payments.

The author also confuses investment with operational control. Tencent supports and invests in US game developers, but we are not their US game publisher. And US publishers – not Tencent – have access to user data and make content moderation decisions. This applies to our minority investments and some cases where we own a majority stake. Both types of companies are operationally independent and carry out their own US publishing activities.

Where we’re trying to help is with global expansion, especially in China. Through licensing agreements, we have paid billions of fees to our US partners, and we are proud of – and committed to – their growth and contribution to the US economy.

Tencent does publish some of its own games in the US such as PUBG Mobile and Arena of Valor. For this game, US user data is stored on servers outside mainland China and is in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulations and the California Consumer Privacy Act.


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Fenwick Island Lions Club supports the food drive | Letters to editors | Instant News


On Monday, October 19, Fenwick Island Lion Club members assisted in a drive-through food distribution event sponsored by the Delaware Food Bank in Georgetown (Sussex County).

The Food Bank of Delaware is partnering with local community organizations to bring the Mobile Pantry across the state to bring fresh, shelf-stable food to low-income Delawareans. With the COVID-19 pandemic, families are being served in a drive-up style or social distancing.

The October 19th event exceeded expectations; the parking lot at the Crossroad Community Church was full as cars started lining up before 8am. Food banks were set up to provide food for only 1,000 households, and people had to be turned down before noon. Demand for food assistance has increased again due to COVID-19. Many people who come by phone say that they have never needed to do this before. They struggle to provide for their families.

Volunteers worked for more than three hours filling cars with various types of food. Some items are already boxed, and others need to be separated into predetermined portions. Many of the volunteers are “senior citizens”, and lifting and bending is a challenge. Our club members were all delighted with the service they provided but were a little stiff and sick the following day.

A shout out to President Tom St. Clair, Sudden President Linda St. Clair, Charter member Alvin Jordan, and current members Donna and Ralph Carotenuto, Carol Jordan and Fred Moreland for their efforts.

Our club would like to thank the Food Bank of Delaware for coordinating a very successful journey.

As demand for food increases, “extra hands” are definitely needed. Please consider volunteering; You can contact the Food Bank of Delaware at www.fbd.org. “The large turnout for food doesn’t actually work … right?”

Tom St. Clair, President

Fenwick Island Lion Club


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Brazilian Government Protects Its Forests | Instant News

Oct. 3, 2020 2:47 am ET

President Jair Bolsonaro has stated several times that the Brazilian government maintains a zero-tolerance policy against environmental crimes (“Illegal Loggers Undercut Brazil’s Forest Efforts, ”World News, October 29). The words have been translated into action. A special law – the Guarantee of Law and Order decree – was adopted to allow the use of the armed forces in the protection of the Amazon rainforest. Thousands of troops have been deployed for this purpose. In the case of Rondônia, the object of particular concern in the story, Brazilian federal police launched an operation last July against illegal logging in the state. Other similar operations have been carried out, achieving concrete results. In October, federal police also exposed criminal gangs involved in the illegal timber trade acting on conservation and customary land units in the states of Goiás and Pará.

The Brazilian government established the National Council for the Legal of the Amazon, led by Vice President Hamilton Mourão, to fight environmental crimes in the Amazon rainforest and promote sustainable development. A task force, totaling about $ 70 million, began work in May under the auspices of the council. They have seized more than six million cubic feet of illegal timber, and more than $ 260 million in environmental fines have been paid since then.

Nestor Forster Jr.

Brazilian Ambassador to the US



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Letters: Don’t slander Italians with the “Bill Mafia” plan Letter | Instant News

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As a birthright of my Italian heritage, I along with many other Italian (Sicilian) Americans protested against the use of the Mafia name in connection with the Buffalo Bills marketing plan of “Mafia Bills.”

During their years of living in Buffalo and West New York, many people have been negatively affected, at least by members of the Italian Mafia who were so powerful over the years that they had a real influence on the government and legal administrators.

The crime of using Italian citizenship ties to promote team sports harms many Italian Americans who have nothing to do with the criminal reputation of the Mafia and therefore should not be used in the public domain as a way of drawing attention to the popularity of the Buffalo Bills or other public entities.

Native Americans also filed a lawsuit against the team’s name.

Italian-Americans need not be reminded of ties back in time when some Italians banded together in criminal and sometimes violent ways to promote themselves in powerful ways.


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