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450 years later, the historic Lord of the Rings bar closes | Instant News

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historic Tavern In the center of Oxford The museum that has served students, scholars and literary masters for more than 450 years is about to close.

It was first opened in 1566 and moved to the current city center of St Giles in 1613. It is owned by St John’s College, which is one of 45 colleges and private auditoriums. Oxford university.

Steve Elston, deputy chairman of St. John’s Department Store, announced in a statement that the tavern will be closed on January 31. He said: “Like many other industries in the catering industry, the lamb and the flag have been hit hard by the epidemic.”

“Transaction data for the past 12 months means that the bar is currently not financially viable.”

Dave Richardson of Oxford Real beer sport Lamb and Flag is one of the most traditional bars in the city, and it would be a tragedy to see it disappear.

“It has no TV, no jukebox, no music. Here, people can talk to each other and enjoy the traditional historical atmosphere. People from generation to generation, students, folks, and people from far away all do this.” He said.

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The lamb and the national flag are named after symbols traditionally associated with St. John the Baptist, and it is rumored to be a receptionist Thomas Hardy, He set his dark novel “Jude the Obscure” (Jude the Obscure) in the fictional Christminster of Oxford University.

Since 1997, St. John’s College has used the profits generated by the bar to provide scholarships for graduate students.It said that those who receive scholarships will not be affected by the closure of the bar and it will directly fund future scholarships


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Paul Lewis: Unraveling the sad New Zealand Cup America mess | Instant News


The racetrack for the 36th America’s Cup is shown with stunning animation. Video / Emirates NZ Team


So the Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment (MBIE) calls chief Grant Dalton – but you’re now wondering if some of the ministry heads might have gone first.

It’s so extreme where sorry this is


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Chrissy Teigen credits New Zealand’s Lewis Road Creamery butter | Instant News


Chrissy Teigen compliments New Zealand’s Lewis Road Creamery butter while making a Tuna sandwich. Video / Instagram of chrissyteigen

During a giant cooking session on her Instagram Stories, Chrissy Teigen revealed how she made her favorite midnight snack – a processed tuna sandwich – which shows a picture of her preferred butter.

Teigen shows off an empty New Zealand Lewis Road Creamery sea salt crystal butter wrapper, melted for use on white bread, in tuna and onion sandwiches.

Chrissy Teigen reveals that she uses generous Lewis Road Creamery butter in her sandwiches.  Photo / Instagram
Chrissy Teigen reveals that she uses generous Lewis Road Creamery butter in her sandwiches. Photo / Instagram

A fan spotted the Kiwi brand on Teigen’s Instagram Stories and posted a screenshot to Twitter, prompting the American model to praise butter even more.

“VERY good,” Teigen wrote on Twitter.

“It brings out taste [sic] into my midnight tuna sandwich. If you don’t slice both slices on your tuna sandwich, you’re … you might honestly be a good person, but you have to give it a try. “

Lewis Road Creamery also shares Teigen’s love on their own Instagram Stories.

Photo / Instagram
Photo / Instagram

Teigen’s post led to some social media users raving about New Zealand-made butter as well.

Lewis Road Creamery general manager, Nicola O’Rourke, told: Heralds the company is pleased to see Teigen, who “is a serious cook”, can “taste the difference”.

“It’s great to wake up and watch our butter explode online. Chrissy is a serious cook and it’s amazing she can taste the difference, which all depends on the quality of our Southern Pastures 10 Star cream,” said O’Rourke. .

Teigen, who is married to singer John Legend, is a model, writer and entrepreneur. Her cookbook, “Cravings: Hungry for More”, is a bestseller.


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Brazil Trade Surplus Narrowed to $ 5.5 Billion in October From $ 6.2 Billion in September | Instant News

By Jeffrey T. Lewis

SAO PAULO – Brazil’s trade surplus narrowed in October as exports declined and imports increased, the economy ministry said Tuesday.

The country posted a $ 5.5 billion surplus in October, following a $ 6.2 billion surplus in September. Brazilian exports fell to $ 17.9 billion last month, from $ 18.5 billion in September, while imports increased to $ 12.4 billion from $ 12.3 billion.

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11-03-20 1326ET


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Croghan Food Pantry in collaboration with Lowville Food Pantry | Community Giving | Instant News

CROGHAN – To allow for more food opportunities, the Croghan Food Pantry is affiliated with the Lowville Food Pantry.

There have been food kitchens in Croghan for 30 years, started by Ellen “Kee” Proulx in the basement of St. Church. Stephen. The Pantry comes under the Lewis County Opportunities umbrella because of its non-profit status that allows ordering from the Central New York Food Pantry. Five years ago, the kitchen moved to a larger room in the basement of the Croghan Free Library, 9794 Route 812. In 2017, Mrs. Proulx’s daughter, Linda Kloster took over the operation.

Mrs Kloster said she had considered applying for non-profit status for the pantry on her own behalf, but after speaking with Daniel Taylor, director of the Lowville Food Pantry, she decided to become affiliated with them.

“They have more access to food than other outlets,” explained Mrs. Kloster, noted several large food stores donating to the pantry.

Through affiliation with the Lowville Food Pantry, the director of the Croatian food kitchen is able to obtain fruit, vegetables, bread and baby items free of charge.

“It saves a lot of money on those items,” he said.

Croghan Food Pantry caters to eligible individuals and families in the Beaver River School District. According to Mrs. Kloster, the kitchen provides meals for 35 to 50 families every month, an average of 43 families per month, including 15 residents of Steepleview Court, senior housing.

“We have seen an increase this year in families with children and elderly citizens,” said the director. “Last year we averaged 26 children per month and so far this year averaged 33. Last year we averaged 19 elderly and this year 22.”

He points out that there are new clients but also some former clients who because of the increased benefits of SNAP no longer need the service.

The food kitchen is open every Wednesday by making an appointment by calling 845-661-3659, sending an email [email protected] or via Facebook https://www.facebook.com/croghanfoodpantry/. The client must meet the income cap – for a family of four, annual income must be less than $ 52,400 or $ 4,367 per month. Consideration is also taken for those facing emergency situations such as medical bills or loss of work. At this time the client may enter the pantry but must wear a mask and gloves along with the measured temperature. The client receives food for five days each month.

Mrs Kloster says people have helped the kitchen. Kylie Simpson came up with a plan to not only help the kitchen but help the local grocery market as well. Ms. Simpson suggests people donate funds to enable clients to buy milk and eggs from Monnat’s Country Store.

Mrs Kloster liked the idea and added bread to the list. With the funds donated, he gives vouchers to clients to use in the shop for the number of food items depending on the size of the family.

In preparation for returning to school in August, the food pantry asks the names of children, grade level and teachers of each of our clients who wish to participate.

“We have generous donors who donate Walmart gift cards to use to buy school supplies for all the children, around 19 students,” said Mrs. Kloster.

Currently, the food pantry is collecting donations of personal care items to distribute to clients in December. Donations of shampoo, conditioner, hair products, soaps, combs, hairbrushes, feminine products, soaps, deodorants, toothpaste and brushes are welcome.

The pantry director said since the pandemic began, the donation of food and household utensils had fallen. He said donated food was set aside for a certain period of time before being stored as a precaution against transmission of the virus and safety precautions were put in place for clients visiting kitchens.

Kloster’s mother said she was grateful to her volunteer team.

“I couldn’t do this without lots of great volunteers I can call on to help unload the truck, help with deliveries to Steepleview or help out in the kitchen if I can’t be here.”

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